تسرب البيكسل 5 و تأكيد دعم الايفون 12 للجيل الخامس!

تسرب البيكسل 5 و تأكيد دعم الايفون 12 للجيل الخامس!

We’ll discuss the Flip and its screen, which is made from glass. We’ll also discuss the upcoming 5G iPhones, the dentist who’s angry at Google, and the government that got scammed by an email. [Intro] Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif with a new Science and Technology episode. I am back to Riyadh in the studio and everything’s ok. I brought the new Samsung Z Flip with me. It comes with a foldable screen and cool features. Honestly, the design is cool. We weren’t expecting the device to come with a gold color. The new color is marketed for Europe, but hopefully, we’ll get it here. Tests and experiments have been carried out with the Z Flip. A website conducted a durability test on the Z Flip. They found out that the screen has a protection film and that the screen isn’t made from glass. This is real as Samsung has confirmed it saying that the screen is made from a mix of materials and glass. Samsung also said that the protection film shouldn’t be removed, and if the film is affected by nails, you should head for Samsung to replace it. With the 5000 SAR price, these problems shouldn’t have been. Someone removed the protection film on the screen causing the screen to break form the middle. Could be it that the film on the screen prevent the screen from drying? It is a factory fault? Once you open the box, you’ll be met with a sticker on the screen the stickers says that the screen shouldn’t be scratched, put water on it and that the screen should protected and cleaned. This is because the screen on the device is different than regular screens. This confirms that Samsung know this screen is fragile. And that this screen needs to be taken care of. These problems are still present with the second generation of foldable devices. Samsung announced that they’re willing to cooperate with companies to make different foldable screens for them. Are you with or against these foldable screens, that still need more time to develop? Apps and software develop in a better way, especially, if they are build using open source software. There is an international day for Open Source software. It is in 20th of February, and there will be events to celebrate this day. You can participate in this event by enriching your CV with open sources apps The concept of Open Source apps is very tempting for the technological development. You can participate in the event. Links in the VD for more additional information. Leaks confirm that the upcoming iPhones will support 5G and the antennas for 5G will be incorporated in the body of the iPhone itself. We’ve seen this method before in iPhone 4 and 4s. This method will be enabled with 5G for better signal quality. The second leaks suggests that all upcoming iPhones will support 5G This means that any iPhone you’ll buy will support 5G, but it depends on your area and region. I don’t think Apple will release 5G devices with all of their upcoming devices. Some will support 4G and will be cheaper than those who support 5G. If you buy a 5G device it will still work with 4G and 3G networks. This is called Roll Back. 5G devices will work with older networks. These devices will have hardware and software to support 5G. This means that these devices must be equipped with 5G parts for it work. I receive lots of questions regarding iPhone 11 and whether it will support 5G or not with software updates. This is impossible as you’ll need hardware parts in the iPhone that support 5G. It also requires software too. If these parts are not included in the new iPhones, then it won’t support 5G networks. Let’s discuss the leaks of Pixel 5. The new Pixel 5 will come with a different design. Usually, Google designers provide 3 designs for developers and decisions markers. Out of these 3 designs, they’ll choose one. The new design is totally different than all other phones’ designs. Having a half circle to house the rear cameras is a weird design. Yet, the design is different than other devices in the market. It is not normal to have a design like this in 2020. It is also different than other Pixel devices. The reactions to the new design is negative. But as you said, there are 3 designs and Google will pick one. But what’s strange about it is that it will come with 3 cameras. Google knows now that the ultra wide lens has to be present. Google said that users don’t need an ultra wide camera. But all users criticized them for not including it. I don’t think they will go with this design, though I also don’t think they’ll choose this design, and I agree with Ahmed with having a third camera lens. Google will include a third camera lens. I think having a square camera design like the Pixel 4 is more logical. It won’t be an irregular design. If they go with this design, it could be a bad thing for them. Let’s wait and see. Pixel 5 will be available at the end of the year. US Delta Airways promise that they’ll be better towards the environment. They’ll work on lessening emissions and toxic gases from their cars, especially with the fuel of their jet engines and others. They deposited 1 billion USD for 10 years to enhance their infrastructure, lessen emissions and environment pollution. Their annual profit is more than 100 billion a year, yet they only dedicated 1 billion for this program. – This one billion is nothing for them.
– Especially when it is for a 10 year plan. In other words, they dedicated 100 million per year for this program. They also said that they’ll use a new technology to clean the atmosphere and lessen toxic gases. No matter what they do, Delta has a huge number of planes. The budget is nothing. Apple said they disassembled 1 million devices in 4 years. This 1 million is out of 1 billion probably. Anyway, any initiative is appreciated. Let’s continue with the news. A dentist is angry at Google as as someone gave his clinic a bad review on Google. The dentist is suing Google and asking for them to reveal the name of the person who gave the bad review. The dentist has the right to know who wrote the review and the right for compensations. If the reviewer is lying, then Google must remove the review. We’ve started to see this even in the Arab communities. Competing restaurants write bad reviews of each others. This is also present in companies, services and many other aspects. Some people write bad reviews of other competing services. There are also other comments proving of the first negative comment. Isn’t it very obvious? What’s strange is that Google refused to reveal the name of the person who reviewed the dentist. They said that the reviewer chose not to reveal their name. I think the review will be removed. I hope the dentist’s page will improve. – Let’s ask for a poll about this.
– Are you with the doctor or with Google? Do you think that Google has to reveal the name of the reviewer? Or are you with Google with not revealing their name, despite the fact that the reviewer wrote a negative review of the doctor. The doctor could be right or could be wrong. Let’s discuss the Puerto Rico government, who unfortunately got scammed with 2.4 million USD. They received an email with a bank account asking them for money. It happened in January 2020 and it’s been revealed lately. I want to meet these people who agreed to this transfer. Even governments get scammed. I was thinking that we should make an awareness campaign about emails and how they scam you. (inaudible) But as governments now get scammed, then we seriously should start this awareness campaign. I agree with you 100%. Participate in the poll. No one is safe from being scammed. We have to be very cautious with emails and what we receive. You’ll have to be very cautious while using the internet. Some ask whether there are protection apps, well, if you’re not cautious, then these apps won’t protect you. You should be cautious even with protection apps, even if these apps get frequent updates. You might miss an update and you’ll be vulnerable. Scammers overcome these protection apps. The first wall of defense is YOU. – Who said this?
– Someone. When asked whether I should travel to cover events, 55% said yes, it worth it to travel to cover them. The rest said that I should make live coverage. You have the right with this poll. I personally think it will be worth it to cover these first class events. And by this I mean events where new hardware products will be released. I shouldn’t cover events where cheap devices will be released. I shouldn’t cover events where “headphones” will be released. Hopefully, we’ll keep covering important events. Let’s discuss the latest updates about Coronavirus. Even Facebook cancelled their event in San Francisco. This event is about Facebook marketing and developers. Out of precautions, Facebook cancelled this event, according the Facebook. MWC has been cancelled. This event has different chapters around the year The main event takes place in Barcelona. The second event takes place in Asia. This one will never happen. There is another one held in USA, and it is the smallest event out of the three events. The event in Barcelona has been postponed. We’re waiting for them to release the new date of the event. We’re also waiting for them to announce the consequences. Some companies still have events, and others cancelled their participation. Some companies decided to announce their products but not in an event. Sony decided to release their Xperia 2 will be announced with a video on Youtube. They’ll announce the video on the exact time of the event. They’ll of course send us news about it. Some companies decided to announce their products in a different country, while others decided to announce it in Barcelona. These companies focus on businesses not customers. Huawei and other main companies decided to cancel their participation in the event. We were expecting Samsung to announce a new event where they’d release a new watch and accessories. It is not confirmed yet whether Samsung will release them. Let’s wait and see. With time, we discover that precaution is very important. This virus is spreading worldwide. We should be very cautious. May Allah protect us. This is the end of this episode. Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him. See you later.


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