🥁📢Como Recuperar tu Cuenta de Hotmail / Outlook Hackeada SOLUCION DEFINITIVA🥁📣

🥁📢Como Recuperar tu Cuenta de Hotmail / Outlook Hackeada SOLUCION DEFINITIVA🥁📣

Hello how are we friends we are back
once again with a new video tutorial if you are someone who has problems
to access your outlook or account hotmail and has already followed the steps that you
they ask for microsoft, you’ve seen tutorials in youtube you do not even have how to check
your identity because you do not have an email alternative or maybe you could not
receive the cell code in your phone because it’s a number that
you no longer have at the moment then stay until the end because I have the
solution to this problem and before start I invite you to subscribe to this
channel since we upload high videos value that may interest you
related to technology and business online so let’s go with the intro and
we started ah here he found me in my hotmail account
I want you to see what happens at the moment of placing my password will take me
at this step where he says that maybe someone is using my account then we give him the blue button and look that asks us to receive a code of
security but to that number that is there I stopped using that number
three years and I have no way of retrieve it so I selected the option
below and we give it on the blue button like this that we are going to verify online so that
supposedly with this at the time of place an email
alternative allows us to recover our account I know that maybe you
you do not have an email alternative
do not worry now let’s see the solution so you can see how I do it
for or as he says to retrieve my account then let’s place here
these what are these captcha or these characters we click on next and good if you
fixed above appear with red letters which says that I have sent many
codes now and try it tomorrow and that was because of the despair I did not know
what to do and good if you put some alternative email is going to
get something like that where you have to copy this security code and you
You go back to the page and you hit it. Good after I followed all the steps
says here that unfortunately the system determined that the information that
I gave him was not enough to validate my account so I am the
owner of this account then says that microsoft takes security Y
customers’ privacy very much in serious and according to microsoft the best thing that
I can do is send a new form if I give you a click here
Well, it takes me to where we are they placed an email that is the account that
I want to recover and again place a mail different from mine and here place
again the captcha so good if so far nothing
what you have done has worked for you to enter this link that I’ll leave you in
the description of this video we are going to look for the attention phone number
to the client of our country here you all the numbers of all the
countries if then we are going to locate ourselves do not the north america section
and central america which is this part let’s move downwards since
we have to look for it in order alphabetical and I am in Mexico
so let’s find the letter m and here is what I’m going to identify and
if you look at the central part I This phone number appears to which
we have to mark and with this the steps to contact the technical support of
microsoft for the call to tell how I can access my
polar savings account because someone supposedly on the dates that
someone entered my account and already has a form and I still can not enter and I
gives a way to verify the account that is through the cell phone or more than that
number that comes there to see me cure account that number for like three
years and I already change it I already looked for several ways after having that conversation with the
microsoft staff I had to give them an additional email
to my hotmail account that I’m recovering then I in this case you
I gave my gmail account and well here I They sent if you noticed I was sent a
form that we have to fill out this is in order to ratify the
ownership of the account already as it says here is of great value to answer from
Successful way to the requirements requested below says that already
that if the result is positive, password reset link
will be sent to the contact email that you have indicated in the form
recovery otherwise you can not recover your account so much
be careful with this you have to be as sincere possible and place the information
required, what I recommend is that this form just answer it
right here in the mail or not what copies or lopez in the word what I
I did was click here where it says in answer then all this you have to
copy it look I copied it from here from here to here the right button
copy and good as you have copied it
you just paste it here and you can start good I had stuck it
you can start filling here the form for example mail
electronic so here you put it you put the name good your mail
hotmail.com or if it’s outlook then you you put sound.com and then here your name
well here you write it, do not blah blah blah name date of birth country and everything
there is nothing else important that you I want to say is that before
place the ip that by the way here is a link before you place an ip is
important that you know what to fill This formulary
locate yourself where you often used your outlook account ie
if you habitually entered their outlook or hotmail accounts from your
house on a desktop computer what more advisable is that you keep doing
the same as you do in your same house Do not fill out the form yourself
home or in the same place where It’s always going to come in because it’s
I say this because if you go in this moment to the house of your friend of your
cousin of some relative then there it comes at the moment that you are going to give it
click here where he is maggi p then s & p corresponds to
site where you are currently located then as an ear they will review this
form then the most recommended is that filling it is where always
you entered your outlook account This way they will approve the
then account simply here the control vol right button paste and so what
you do not change color or size so leave it as is and continue
filling all the questions since you have finished completing this
form what you have to do is click on send when they
receive your form already answered they will decide if they approve or not
they approve your email if once they see that if you are the owner of the
account is to say to be positive you result then they will send you a
new email with a link of password reset and that
wait will be sent to this same mail that is indicated and
Then I’ll show you here the good form the link that I
they sent to me is a link of reset look here is the
link let’s go in good maybe the mail says to reset the
good account password will be in mail click on the link to
continuation and good here is going to be very simple because you have to place only
our mail that we want to recover and we give you the blue button the next to
place next our new password
I recommend it to be a password totally different from the one you already have
good to your original account because the hacker or the person who stole the
account then you already have that password gonzález in next and here is going to be very
simple because if you want you can enable the verification of the two
steps that is to place your new number can be done at once or if yes
you are short of time click on the button next blue and that is to say what can be
then there is no problem because of that so we give in next and now we have to
place now if our mail electronic recovery the who in
next and we put the new password we go a lens haining what tells us that the
change of security information that we send will be completed
until the 14th but says that you do not worry and you can log in
your microsoft account and already normally your account is already restored
very well we continue giving it in next and now we are going to come to our
information here in the your tab info
now we come to the tab everyone’s account here in the final step
let’s give it where it says more action and the one where it says view inbox
inbox gonzález a click and finally we have fully recovered our
account we are already within our hotmail or outlook account and already by
Last in your alternative mail is going to get this where they congratulate you and you
they say that it is already confirmed that you are the owner of this account and good
I hope that it really worked for them this information that has served him
he liked to be like that, you know, leave a like share subscribe to the channel
activate the bell and therefore a taste of save you say goodbye to you adrián duéñez
until next time they pass an excellent day greetings ah


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