15-Day Business Builder Challenge Legendary Marketer Review | Legendary Marketer How it Works

15-Day Business Builder Challenge Legendary Marketer Review | Legendary Marketer How it Works

okay hey guys chances are if you’re
coming to this video you’ve heard of legendary marketer but you want to find
out some more information is it a scam is it something you should look into I
will answer all of those questions just hang tight watch the rest of this video okay guys this is Ben Arkell with passiveautomation.com thank you so much for checking out this video I want
to walk through and talk to you all about a legendary marketer I know you
have some questions and I want to answer them start off I have a article I wrote
on my website on passive automation comm it’s a review of legendary marketer
talks all about what it is so first I want to basically answer the question
what is legendary marketer so basically if you go to this review legendary
marketer they’re declared mission is to help people start an online business or
a girl and existing business using online and cutting-edge marketing
strategies Kay so there’s lots of different material that legendary
marketer has provided us one of the things that they’re most well-known for
currently is they have a 15 day business builder challenge let me kind of take
you into that real quick if you go to legendary marketer then challenge is
there’s a let’s see here yeah there’s the 15 day business builder challenge
I’ve taken the challenge and guy that we honest with you it’s incredible okay for
the amount of money it costs you will never have another opportunity to learn
how to start an online business at such a high and deep level then you will with
legendary marketers challenge and it cost seven dollars like it’s almost a
joke so you give like not have a smoothie one
day and then pay for the challenge but I want to briefly kind of walk you through
what the 15 day challenges and what it talks about day one as it says here the
number one secret to building a high ticket high profit business online and
actually when I went through it took notes so day one it talks all about
sales funnels it’ll I think actions day one Dave Sharpe who is the
owner of legendary marketer he brings in russell brunson of clickfunnels to talk
about what a funnel is how to use a value ladder which is you basically
bring a customer in at a low ticket offer that you can increase the value of
your offers and keep providing them more and more talks about the purpose of a
funnel in day one how the purpose of your funnel is you want to cover your ad
costs so you have a little upset off at the beginning to basically bring in
clients for free and then any upsells after that can be strictly profit okay
so let me give me a drag that in here so those day one day two let’s just click
through here just so we can see the title I don’t want you guys to have any
questions about what it is so day two talks about the core for the top high
ticket business models online and the core four basically he talks about see
if I can play this and find it Corina did you want a business model realistic
right let’s see here yeah it talks about three profit
activators which helps you increase your profits one you can get more clients to
you can do repeat business with those same customers or three you can sell
higher to ticket products to increase revenue so again that value ladder
principle and he mentions for businesses that are best for making the most income
online one is doing affiliate marketing to digital products three coaching and
consulting and four masterminded events so when you take this challenge I want
something I want you to know is you get so that you get assigned an advisor so
this is my advisor Jackie essentially what the advisor does they kind of after you’re invited to after your first day
if you look here schedule a one-on-one business call with your advisor okay
what they want you doing is you know want you connecting with an advisor
because the advisor can walk you through your business plan kind of what you’re
doing they can give you some recommendations but at the same time
something I want you to be aware of is that advisor is also trying to sell you
packages what they have the products here these business blueprints now
there’s no I was concerned that kind of an introverted person didn’t know how to
talk on the phone I hate being so too when I go to the mall which is very
infrequently it’s like the last place in the world I want to be because I know
someone that come out of cubicle or the a little display and try to sell me
something like I just don’t want to be sold to and so I didn’t really want to
schedule this business call but buddy mind you also those legendary marketer
Chris Vaughn he said look I called and they were totally low-key they’re gonna
ask you if you want a bundle because what they do what paper by is you know
they mentioned these these core for businesses affiliate marketing digital
products and masterminds and coaching and
consulting legendary marketer telling you look these are the four best ways to
make money and a lot of it okay and they give you a step-by-step
how to do it right step by step training and each one of
these cost $2,500 for all of the information and but they do offer all
four of them for twenty five hundred bucks
so like a you’d pay 10 grand by buying each of them one at a time later on or
you can get them all in one price for 2,500 bucks so keep that in mind as
you’re taking this knowing that they’re gonna be calling and asking you if you
want the bundle that’s something to keep in mind so day three which is really
cool I just see that notes they have so Steph is one of the trainers and she
walked through setting up a funnel and going to warrior Plus which is an
affiliate network finding a product using click funnels and using Aweber and
autoresponder and she talked about congruence in your phone meaning that
your funnel leads to an offer that all is congruent has like the same colors
and same themes and also add a three there’s videos of all the team members
which is really cool to kind of see who they are
and to learn from them so that’s cool day for its how to master the inner game
of wealth let me see effect notes here yeah it talks about like the money
mindset and poor people are the shrewd greedy ones because they don’t provide
any value to the marketplace they don’t give right the rich people are providing
jobs and investing money that was something that kind of really stuck out
to me and also the mindset of instead of I can’t afford this like how can I
afford it right so when you’re asked do you want to buy a blueprint
saying I can’t afford this you say how can I get the money right that was said
of those it it’s it’s something that you’ll need to learn if you’re gonna
make money online is you need to learn that you can’t just say I can’t afford
those I can’t spend money you need to look at spending money on your business
as an investment and take it seriously and and kind of let go right because in
the end what is your goal do you really want money do you want to hold on in the
money I don’t think anybody wants to make money for the money right you want
to make money so you have freedoms we’d be travels to you can give so don’t
never hold on to the money because that’s not what you want right so let go
of the money and invest in yourself so day five and again guys seven bucks you
can work with your advisor and try to get a couple of these done a day like
it’s 15 day challenge but I think it took me a four or five days because I
kept doing a bunch and talking to my coach and said hey can you unlock these
because I really am I really want to get this done a day five talks about your
business plan I’m gonna see my notes here where do I put four day five I
think day five actually I don’t see notes so I think it was more of you need
a plan right and so the plans that they provide these blueprints it’s
essentially another sales pitch to you guys to consider heavily these
blueprints because it’s a very detailed step-by-step this is what you do this is
how you set up everything okay and so day five was kind of more of a recap of
that day six let’s see what a day six talked about okay day six was testimonials so I think
day six was another SL on the blueprints but saying you’re never not going to
need a business plan and a blueprint so some people are like I don’t want to
spend the money on this because I can’t like look you’re never not gonna need a
blueprint so you’re gonna need it but then they also had a bunch of
testimonials from people who have gone in legendary Margaret I’ve had success
and I really enjoyed those like I’ll be honest we may even want to listen to him
at first but then oh my god let’s watch one then I watch one of my god wants
another one and there was another one so I ended up watching them all and they’re
really good day seven is when should I quit my job
to build my business full-time so they answered this question when you should
quit your job some of the notes I took Nathan Lucas is the one that actually is
in this video if you don’t know who the Nathan Lucas is you can find about
freedom influence or calm basically he is if you look here let’s actually go
find this report he is not reported sorry leaderboard all the time he’s the
number one all-time affiliate for legendary marketer okay so he kinda goes
through he worked in the armed services okay and he did the military and so he
used in almost all this part time and he couldn’t quit any other job a lot sooner
but he had obligations for you know for the military and so he kind of answers
this question of when you should quit your job and he talked about a story was
his so cool how on a recent vacation he had he made more money passively so
basically he put everything on autopilot and he was on vacation in his vacation
let’s just say it cost fifteen thousand bucks he made twenty so that’s when he
felt really good but good things he was doing because he made more
money on his vacation passively than he spent on his vacation which was pretty
awesome so Nathan Lucas you don’t know who he is
he’s a really good guy to model he’s on YouTube every pretty much every
day posting a video right his video leads to a funnel and guess what that
funnel is that funnel these two legendary marketer he’s providing value
he’s a free free ebook I don’t even think is a free course he just tries to
get traffic & leads legendary because he knows that the training within legendary
is awesome and people will take it people who want to know how to make and
build a business online they can kind of part all the confusion and see okay look
I can do drop something I could do MLM I could do e-commerce but these four
methods that can fill it marketing digital products coaching and consulting
masterminds and events these ones make the most sense they bring the most
margin and so Nathan knows that he said as he sends people through these funnels
with legendary marketer and you can’t them talking to you a coach like good
things are gonna happen okay that’s day seven day eight is what are high income
skills and why do I need them so a just talks about different high income skills
it kind of leads into day nine where they kind of break them down and day
nine high income skill one is lead generation okay so your objective every
day should be lead as many people as you can into a sales funnel right you want
to capture their email and get them into the sales fun over stuff they’re being
sold something something which will provide value to them okay and you know
what is their pain what do they need how can I give that to them solve an issue
for them with the lead magnet and give them a piece of you know a piece of that
answer and one of the people on legendary marketer if you look here one
of the things that are offered one of the products is that mark
Club which I’m in you basically pay 30 bucks a month or you can like pay
one-time fee of 297 marketers Club mark harbert here you know he has 13 videos
in his training and he’s big about video he’s like I want to get a video of me in
front of the face of one of my email one of my you know clients one of my leaves
as fast as I can because I can make a connection with them okay so day ten so
you know day one there’s 23 minutes on the lead generation how to get leads how
to bring people I rate traffic in day 10 let’s go here is copywriting and I’m
gonna see what notes I wrote being in the read persuasive words writing emails
that conferred so I guys I gotta say this day 10 training on emails that
converse was fascinating okay Steph did a training again talked about four
primary steps I’ve an email like one it must get delivered two it must get seen
three must get read for must be clicked just really cool breakdown right then
talked about the anatomy of it an email of the subject line the opening sentence
the story the lesson learned and the call to action and I said you know you
see I wrote here as I’m as I’m going through this train myself I’m like
awesome email tips it was incredible and Steph talked about how she doesn’t
like she’s not like a salesy person she like doesn’t want to do that but she
said always be pointing right so always be leading someone to a solution that
could help them in their business and their life always be pointing them to
something because that’s where people will you know follow your finger and
then they’ll see what you’re pointing at and it will benefit them at the end of
the day we want to help people what right you want to provide them with
things that make them their life easier we want to provide people with things
that makes their business easier to run and you talked about six types of hot
selling emails there’s a story check those two hips question answer
something that controversy popular references and curiosity
and she breaks down examples of all of those but again guys this day 10
training was worth 97 bucks okay just one day it’s worth 10 times 15 times
that you paid for the whole thing I was blown away and I was like and I
really when I went through that training on day 10 I really fell like man I need
to learn copywriting Menino’s better because it was fascinating really good
stuff you know one of our tips was with Question and Answer she’s like always
make sure that the answer is yes because it there’s just some psychological
things she kind of went into a little more but there’s yeses at least to a
more positive outcome okay so day 11 was the third and last high income
generating skill that sales and presenting and so they go into this
little bit that T’s pleased and sees how there’s actually 10 step to like really
good sales and presenting and they kind of go through those but again as you
guys can see this training is really good because it’s it’s kind of casting
all the minutia it’s like look these are the four businesses that can generate
the most revenue right and these are the three ways to activate profits okay and
these are the three high income skills relief there’s it’s it’s they’re
teaching the principles and they’re drilling down deeper and in the blue
blueprint bundles it’s like BAM you know step by step where you’re supposed to do
let’s go back here day 12 just to see what day 12 is they told was about what
you should outsource when you go up here to my dad 12 notes yeah so what pieces
are necessary for you to succeed and it’s really important
– russell brunson also talks about this and is one funnily challenge doing what
you can do bit outsourcing the rest and using other people’s talents and it was
time and you dedicating time on what you can do if you don’t want to do something
outsource it you can’t pay for the outsourcing finery that you can okay so
dave thirteen talked about other people’s money it’s OPM right using
opium to build your business you need to act like this is a business and borrower
if you need to so I’ll be honest with you k full discloser
didn’t love I understood the video and the right date explained it but if you
look here you know there’s there’s a hidden money checklist and I didn’t love
it okay it talks a lot about creative ways to
like make money now that looks like yeah I don’t love the information here just
because they’re really heavy on like hey you need to borrow money borrow money
borrow money and I I’m a Dave Ramsey guy and I don’t think you should ever go
into debt and so I kind of don’t agree with you know leveraging the whole farm
or selling off your 401k to buy a blueprint so that’s just my personal
belief what I do believe in is I do believe that if you want something you
shouldn’t say I can’t afford it you should say how can I for it okay quick
story my wife there is a conference she wanted to go do it on a Saturday morning
it was about like learning how to exercise properly she’s had problem with
her knees and where they’re hip and there was no sex side nerve and so she
was thinking about some of the way she was exercising were contributing to her
pain and so she’s like I’m gonna go because I’m gonna on the right ways to
do these exercises and these are certain ways you can do it and I’m like yeah
that’s great there’s 100 bucks which I get
my Concentra bucks saying I can’t go I’m like well why don’t you two say instead
of saying I can’t go hundred bucks why don’t you say I want to go how can I
find $100 and she did she said okay I want to go how can I go and she was
cleaning out the room downstairs a few days after that and she found some
homeschool books for math that we had never used and she’s like I bought these
and they were super expensive I’ll try and sell them online and she sold them
online and got out of a bunch of work okay if she had said I can’t afford it
she wouldn’t have been able to afford it she wouldn’t had the money she wouldn’t
have done anything about it but because she said how can I afford this she was
looking for ways to afford it and so like doors were open instead of closed
and kind of like the universe or God or just her own will just made it happen
right and so Dave 13 talks about that it’s a lot about mindset it’s like look
you can’t keep expecting different results if you do the same thing so you
had I not tell yourself this bundle is $2,500 I can’t afford that you say 2500
bucks how do I get it so there’s another story
about Jane smiley he’s my coach with Mentor lab if you need a coach let me
know I’ll tell you about it he talked about a story he gave a presentation at
the conference he was selling this $10,000 packet well $2,000 packets at
the end and after the presentation someone came up and said hey I came from
Mexico I really liked your presentation can I have her can you give it to me and
James like I’m not giving it to ya I wouldn’t be doing you any favors
and so what he did he said look if you want it go get it you can find the money
in so what the guy did the guys left the conference and went into neighboring
neighborhoods and knocked on everyone’s door is like hey I’m at this conference
that came up in Mexico I really want this
I need $2,000 to purchase this program I really want it is there anything I can
do around your house like a new yard work and he’s small tasks for some money
and guess what he raised the money that day okay one because some people were
like felt not bad but like yeah I’ll give you you know so they’d given him
ten bucks to take out the trash they even 100 you know because they saw his
worth ethic they saw his goal and they wanted to help him achieve it so don’t
you gotta change your mindset like I spent more money in the last six months
than I’ve ever spent on business stuff but I realize it’s an investment and I
realized that I’m gonna take I’m against a short cut on stuff that would take me
years to learn by myself okay so Dave 14 talks about how to avoid
launch of premier syndrome let me see my notes on this one yeah so like you know
the importance of goals commitment working harder Nathan Lucas talked about
this you talked about the massive action talked about his YouTube channel where
he was doing a video to a week and he just wasn’t seeing things happening and
he was like you know this is he’s about to give up but then he’s like you know I
need to take massive action so he doubled his goal so he was doing like 4
videos a week so whatever your current goal is double it right massive action
make stuff you gotta take massive massive action and then let’s go check
out at day 15 I think was just a wrap-up yeah and it’s like hey let’s get that
first sale let’s see if hadn’t you yeah so it Dave gives a final sales pitch for
the blueprint tells you about the affiliate side of things and the
Facebook group and I gotta tell you guys okay I’m an affiliate and when you were
accepted to be a Philly you have to apply and there’s an application process
and for some people it takes in here from a day or two to
to be accepted they don’t accept everybody googled bio in and once you’re
accepted there’s this training and I have to say guys the training was
incredible like Matt Hetzel step by step here’s an intro here’s some terms about
internet marketing this is legendary affiliate program here’s some compliance
the intro what a sales funnel is get your frequent finished trial clause or
review get your domain name how to edit click funnels pass I think your lead
capture page to have do your emails telling your story it was just like
incredible stuff there was like step by step by step Matt was saying frequently
a positive video go do this and come back okay very helpful awesome
information like top-notch and that’s why I’d recommend these other trainings
these other bundles because these guys are top notch like you know it takes all
the guesswork like what do I do next ah like I’ll tell you what you do you go
through one one two four nine and do it all like talk to a Facebook page
creation setting up you know ad campaign to get likes to your Facebook page and
setting up your facebook business manager your Facebook pixel how to do an
ad and this is actually where I’m at right now is writing an an ad for
legendary marker to start pushing some paid traffic but this affiliate training
was incredible okay absolutely and cuddle excuse me absolutely incredible
so again the other products there’s at marking your club let me just jump in
there real quick I’m telling you about a few things that
now this marketers Club is something that you have to pay again I think if I
show you my yeah I paid thirty dollars a month and that 297 I think I might have
change that but I also pay extra to be an affiliate but let’s go back it’s not
let’s go back here to the products to the marketers Club when I show you a
little bit about this they have interviews with Kevin
Harrington mark harbert Nathan Lucas and then Nathan goes through his journey
that two hundred fifty thousand subscribers how he did that it’s a you
know it’s a two and a half hour training on YouTube which again which you’re
probably gonna want to use to be successful David goes into you know how
to sell I think this is from other conferences it’s all online but one of
the coolest things they have here is this master club live replay training so
every week they do a master Club training and you know their lengthy I
mean they’re an hour and fifteen minutes really kind of go through how to be
successful legendary marketer how to be successful with other affiliate systems
the thing I like that I want to wreck emphasize to is legendary mark in the
past maybe got a bad rap because people felt like legendary was helping people
learn how to personalize Andheri but they really changed that too
especially on their bundle for affiliate marketing it’s like look this is how you
build an affiliate marketing business to push any offer and they very rarely like
ever mentioned pushing legendary marketing stuff which I thought was cool
so these trainings I mean these are invaluable trainings that Matt Hetzel
and I really like Matt he’s he’s a good guy he’s the director of their training
and a high class guy okay so guys what I wanted to do
I just wanted to let’s see what else oh there’s a traffic rolodex bundle as well
which I have not bought yet I’ve heard is really good what I’ve heard about it
is it kind of goes through all the difficulties and actually outsource
these trainings so like Facebook ad agencies like they
go through the training of how to create a Facebook ad or how to do a thing ad or
Google ad so a lot of times people spend money like a thousand bucks on a course
to learn Facebook ads or Google Ads or I wouldn’t do that right you can get it in
here this traffic rolodex bundle you can get it for 247 bucks that’s what I do to
kind of learn that stuff to answer your questions people have like it’s
legendary marketer or scam it’s not a scam what is a scam is people coming in
and taking this challenge and then doing nothing and expecting to make money
right you’ll know what you’re supposed to do after you go through this
challenge as you buy the bundles you’ll know what you’re supposed to do people
who take massive action end up on the leaderboard right so let’s go in here
again let’s just check out these people so leaderboard so they got a rank these
are the Platinum affiliates Nathan Lucas Jay Brown Kyle Oh what I can tell you
Nathan JT and these two right here guess what
mm I’m sorry Nathan J Todd alehrer they’re on YouTube and they’re killing
it okay so you wanna have success in the imaginary use YouTube mark actually
sorry marks on YouTube – right Jacob wasn’t as much he was more of a paid ads
guy some SEO stuff but now he’s building a huge YouTube page as well so these are
the gold affiliates Chris miles he’s on YouTube as well he’s incredible he’s the forget his name on YouTube he’s got
something about his son but yeah if you guys want to learn more about making a
business online highly recommend you take at least the 15 day challenge again
I’ll have a link top description of my video it’ll say my number one
recommendation for starting a business online it will be this
there a marketer 15-day business builder challenge because I think it’s just the
best way to start it’s the quickest way to learn you can get it all done and set
them to 10 days right they might make you rate the 15 depending on your coach
but if you press them and say hey I really want to learn this stuff you can
learn it give any questions about legendary marketer I’m just I’m myself
I’m just kind of getting going with it it’s been you know a month or two I’m
having people come to my funnel I’m having people sign up my main goal now
is to educate people or let them kind of see what’s inside so they’re not worried
about what its gonna be in there you know confuse about what it is so my goal
now is send lots of traffic have them move to the challenge have them see the
benefit something that’s really awesome the affiliate side wanted to point this
out so if you join us and affiliate and I think if I go let’s go here real quick
– legendary calm you go down here fill it that’s not that one that’s good out
here – affiliate there’s a basic affiliate so you can be
accepted as a basic or a pro so the basic is free and you’re in 10 to 30%
commission on anything right but if you do the pro it’s 40 to 60 percent
commission but the cool thing about the pro as well is you get you know
additional streams of income from places like this and I’ll show you exactly what
I mean so pro streams of income as people are
going through the 15 day business builder challenge they’re going to learn
about click funnels that are going to learn about an email autoresponder and
so what I’ve been able to do because I’m a pro affiliate I have this click
funnels link ok and so anybody who signs up as a 14 day trial will have my
affiliate ID and actually I just sent someone through and they actually signed
up for click funnels through this ok and then get response this is my affiliate
link as well they’re anywhere ever this is my affiliate ID be there send light I
don’t think they’re accepting new affiliates but I am an affiliate so I
have my sunlight in there so if you’re Pro not only do you get 40 to 60 percent
commission on anything you send through but I can get click funnels trials I can
get other autoresponder trials and it’s just awesome some other additional
things you get yep it says private traffic sources that I mean it’s nothing
to write home about I’ll be honest we did it says Pro top earner training what
you get is these actually haven’t even watched these so you get access to more
training which I I will I will definitely look into and it gives you
some recommendations on some people like Igor and like yes I guess you guys have access to
interviews about solo ads and kind of a great through of how that works but I
wouldn’t say that you know it’s too valuable to meet but these ones
integrating your own autoresponder and additional streams of income from like
clickfunnels accounts awesome because yes listen if you send something through
that 15 minute business builder challenges are excited like yeah let’s
do this they signed a four click phone on the side of an autoresponder
clickfunnels is 97 bucks a month and you get 40% of that it’s 38 bucks and I said
let’s say they do an autoresponder for 20 and so you get like you know five
bucks that’s 43 bucks a month from one person and that’s recurring every month
so I highly enjoy the legendary marketer have loved shooting this video for you
guys give any questions about Lansing air market er if it would be a good fit
I’ll be completely honest with you you know I’d love to have you sign up in
that link I’ll give you some bonuses if you guys look at my website anybody see
here anybody who signs up these are the bonuses I gave you I gave you some
software that I can break down and talk to worry about it some sheriff funnels
will click funnels some of the best affiliate programs you’ll want to be
sharing with people and getting people to sign up for I can give you some ad
swipe so you can kind of see of other people we’re in add some of the top
earners in the film ARCA ting world what they’re using the at kateri the exact ad
copy some other bonus bonus things you can offer to other people i’ll give you
access to my boxer master and this is scott intercept scott anderson some what
I do boxers with so I will give you access to boxing me back and forth
psycho walkie talkie app any questions you have so a few sign up with legendary
marketer through my link these are some of the bonus
that it would give you should just reach out to me if you’ve done that but been
Arkell pass of automation calm but love you hit subscribe and hit the bell
notification so you can be apprised of my next video and until then have a good
night and we’ll see you soon

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