1st Steps to Social Media Marketing 4 Realtors


hi my name is Kerry Keith and I am the
founder of curator for realtors I’ve been a real estate agent broker for
almost 29 years and I know firsthand how time-consuming it can be to market your
real estate business on social media not knowing what to post not sure how to get
a following and trying to figure out the best way and platform to market your
business within your community plus you may be wondering if you need social
media and is it really worth it well the number one reason why you need social
media is there are 3.2 billion users worldwide on social media and what does
that mean for a real estate agent is that buyers and sellers are savvy and
they are on social media and they want a real estate agent who not only has a
following but knows how to navigate it effectively to market their brand and
their listings social media doesn’t have to be daunting we’re here to share the
answers to all your questions in doubt so that you know for certain that you
need social media for your real estate business plus we’ll have all the tools
and materials to navigate it effectively and with purpose right now you might
think that it’s just too difficult to post and create and engage with your
followers every day but you just want to post your just listed just solds our
open houses and that is enough but what if it didn’t have to be that way what if
you had curated photos that were designed exclusively for real estate
agents plus prompts and a detailed calendar that is going to help you
engage and double your interactions and your followers you might have already
tried to post on social media without the results you were looking for and not
knowing if you are doing the right thing for your real estate business and your
brand you wonder do I really need this content every day do I really need to be
posting every day to get the traction that I’m meeting or you might think that
you need to hire a real estate social media manager to help you with your
business or a marketing expert but if this all sounds familiar we get it we’ve
all been there so many real estate agents have thought the exact same thing
and the little voice of doubt and fear in your head but I’m here to tell you
that it is worth it I knew that creating the content was the first hurdle so that
my agents would have the images and prompts then I knew that having a
detailed monthly calendar of which image to use prompts to use that day and
examples of how to engage with their followers would make it super simple for
them to use their own personality within the images and the content and create
their own unique brand it was the only way to make it easy for them to post
consistently once my agents got past their objections and began to use the
content they started to see growth not only in the amount of followers but with
how many people were interacting and engaging with them from their posts
doubling sometimes tripling their engagements so if you’re ready to build
your real-estate brand like my agents well you’re going to love what’s coming
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