3 Email Marketing Tips To Put Your Business On Autopilot

3 Email Marketing Tips To Put Your Business On Autopilot

3 Email Marketing Tips To Put Your Business
On Autopilot Whats good wealthbuilderz and today we are
talking about email marketing tips
that can put your business on autopilot Before we get into the whole email marketing
thing lets make sure you have a few things in place Make sure you have a nice high optin page
Make sure that you are receiving your own emails
cause if your not receiving your emails then
its 100% your subscrbers won’t receive your emails either. So now that we have that settled
lets figure out how to put this on autopilot 1. Always have a welcome email
When some subscribes to your email list they want a welcome email and actually need one This email should have
a introduction to your self or brand Make sure you include a statement
of what they can expect from your emails and how many times
you are going to email them But don’t try to sell them until
the end of
the email 2. Work On A Follow Up Series Your follow ups should go out daily
at the same time the person subscribed because thats around the time
they would likely read your emails 3. Make A Long Follow Up Series
Most people make a follow up series thats about 10 -15 emails long
going out once a day. I reccomend 24 emails going out
at once a day. For 24 days straight
no breaks The reason is it takes a person 7 exposures
to your business before they think about buying So with that being said
you want to give maximum exposure to your business. There you go my 3 Email Marketing Tips
to put your business on autopilot. Until next time its yah boy Devaughn
for Wealthbuilderz TV signing off for
3 Email Marketing Tips To Put Your Business On Autopilot Do Remember Wealthbuilderz
Make More Save More
Build More.


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  3. Dawn Van Naam says:

    Great tips thank you

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