30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

Good to know. Okay. I just let go of like half of you so… *sighs* Why am I nervous? Um… A string of first dates, and by dates, I mean like grab a beer and then you kind of talk a little bit, start to ghost each other and then he’s like the first one to watch me on Instagram and that’s it. And then you never talk again. It’s weird going from a life of dating apps to it being in person. So I’m a little nervous but like excited nervous. I can hear them. ‘Sup dudes? Oh God… Okay *laughs* Oh my gosh. Thank you. Oh man… Producer: You all ready? No. Producer: Alright. Begin. So sorry! That was *so* awkward Producer: To the matches- if you were on a dating app, and you would swipe no, please leave now *Heartbroken*…Good to know. I’m not hurt…it’s okay. I just let go over like half of you so. Hey Hi I’m Lauren, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Do I start immediately? Nice to meet you. I’m Javier, nice to meet you -So, what do you do for a living, what do you do? -I’m in the military. -Oh awesome. -Are you not from around here? I’m not. Do I give off that vibe? No, I just- I just feel just a tiny accent. Just a tiny, tiny accent. Oh no! Yes well, I am from Ohio. So, what is there to do in Ohio? Nothing. Well no, we have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame We got… you know, that sounds really boring. Sorry should I say it with a smile? It’s got the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! You were kind of funny earlier. When we were in that half-circle. my sense of humor is a defense mechanism So you want to your kids to make varsity? Yes, you know, my kids will be athletes -Packer fan? -Patriots. -Ugh! Oh, and we’re playing each other. Tonight! Ugh! Oh, well, I love The Office, if that’s a hobby -You go to church? I noticed your cross necklace. -Yes. Still trying to look for a church right now So I’m like Church hopping. flying drones is what I’m doing. I break drones and restyle them. Yesterday I was just having to to race in a competition for it. Nice! I have a son. Oh that’s awesome, how old is he He’s sixteen months. I mean I kind of got catfished once. So did I! okay, but like by a completely different person or they just didn’t look the same? She just looked nothing like her picture. Yeah, I don’t know what kind of apps these girls are using. It’s filters! They’re magicians. Yes, I’m like really into movies Oh, I’m a film-maker. Oh, awesome. This is important. Top three movies? Network, Independence Day, Lion King. Okay. Those were three completely different… Okay. Gotcha. They’re very connected I mean..sort of? Lion King? It was nice to meet you! Nice to meet you Nice to meet you. nice to meet you, too Too tall. it’s crazy that regardless of who I talk to, it was.. there was always something in common. That was really cool Um… I don’t think so. Is that bad? Producer: No, not at all Um, I think I’d really enjoyed them all as people and I picked them all because I do find some part of them attractive But I just didn’t feel like that all-around connection that I was hoping for I think I need to put myself out there more I think I’m more of the person that’s like “I’m too busy let’s like wait till it happens” So maybe that’s something I need to do. It’ll just be less of a priority using apps and more of like interactions with people. So I’m just gonna lay off the apps for a little bit Cause even in person that was hard. Like, that was rough. Producer: Thank you. Thank you. Oh man… You

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