5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Why It’s OK To SPAM – Episode 4

5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Why It’s OK To SPAM – Episode 4

Billy Gene>>
Hey, whats up everybody and welcome to episode 4 of Five minutes with Billy Gene and Reena.
And today, were gonna talk to you about something that I think a lot of people have twisted.
[And then maybe when you do like a transition of the screen spiraling; then after this,
I just want you to do a compilation of all the faces Reena makes at me when I do stupid
shit, and well have it as a bonus episode]. [Unrecognizable word], were gonna talk about
email today and why it is hands down the most effective platform on the planet to sell shit
online, and when I say shit Im referring to your product or service, not calling it shit
necessarily but Anyways, you know what I mean on that. So, for example, the problem with
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is that they control your distribution. So, for example,
Reena, if somebody just goes on their Facebook and post to their Fan Page, what percentage
people are actually gonna see that post. Reena>>
1 to 3. Billy Gene>>
Wow! 1 to 3%. So if you have a 100 people who like your page, 1 to 3 people are going
to see that. How effective do you think that it when youre having some kind of promotion
or something like that. Now, lets take something like Instagram, When youre on Instagram, you
are one of no exaggeration thousands of people they follow. So, the chances of someone actually
taking a second to engage in your little Black Friday sale or whatever youre kind of dreaming.
And then, there is, email. Email is awesome, do you know why? Because all of a sudden,
Facebook takes away your account and they ban you, and you cant advertise anymore. And
twitter says you know what, youre done tweeting. And Instagram says you posted an inappropriate
content, youre done. You still have your email list, thats something that you own, no one
can take away from you, and then you can always leverage to sell shit using email.
So, the next thing I kinda wanna talk about is one of my favorite parts about email, its
really the ability to track. And so when I say track, I mean like stalk, like find out
what people are doing. Reena>>
Yeah! So, we we use is MailChimp as our service, we can track when someone opens an email,
how many times they opened it, what they clicked in it, how many times they clicked in
Billy Gene>>Yeah! What time they opened it. And here is
a little bonus trick, HERE IS A BONUS TRICK that Ill give you and this is probably one
of the coolest things that you can do. [Honestly, I dont even I shouldnt should I tell them?
I dont even know, Zoom in, I need a zoom for this]. So, one of the best apps that you can
download and its free [and its free, theres a pay version, but its free], is called Sidekick,
its called Sidekick. And do you know what Sidekick is, its an App that you can use with
Google Chrome that allows you to see when people open your emails, but not used like
a MailChimp or something else. You can just use it with your Gmail account, so what does
that mean? The ex-boyfriend, the ex-girlfriend that you have and youre like: I wonder if
they got that dramatic email that I sent; you can see it, you can see when they opened
it, how many times they opened it, where they were when they opened it, #Stalker. So, if
you are a weirdo, you dont need this, dont download this, I didnt tell you to do it;
but nonetheless, its extremely effective. Now, bringing full circle to the business
world Some examples of when it would be good to know Lets says we had a client in the Business
to Business space, and you get a notification when they open your email, well that may be
the time to send them a second email that says: Hey, so glad you just opened up my email,
do you have time to chat? You dont actually wanna say that, you dont wanna tell them you
dont wanna be too creepy. But nonetheless, thats a powerful tool, right? So, you can
send a follow up email and say: Hey, did you ever have the chance to check out what I sent
you? And theyre sitting there, like, what a great time. So, thats just a quick little
tactic you can use. So, the last little bit of value that well
sprinkle you with is that throughout these holiday seasons, your black Friday, your Christmas,
your New Years specials, you have to understand that with email, its OK to Spam, Its Ok to
spam. The reason why I say it is because if youre offering something somebody really wants,
youre not spamming them, right? So, a lot of times, well deal with companies and do
consulting work and people well say like: Listen Bill, I know its the holidays, but
we only wanna send out two emails and, you know, we just wanna protect our [unrecognizable
word]. Shut up! Shut up! God, Im so sick of hearing them. First of all, there is all kinds
of cool things you can do. For example, like with the MailChimp, one of our favorite things
to do is only sending emails to people if they didnt open the first one, and you know
what I mean. So, if someone doesnt open, sometimes well send an additional three emails, right?
And change the subject every time to get more people to open. And if you dont understand
the importance of why it is to continually engage with someone two things to understand,
people are busy, living their lives, theyre not waiting by your email like when they read
your email, its not like: Oh! This is my to read your email time, I need to focus here.
Shut up! Like people are doing this shit, so you need to consistently remind them. For
example, recently I hosted a Webinar for one of my courses Clicks In To Customers, 997
dollars to enroll. I did about 91 sales in 4 days, and on the very first day I think
we had 23 people or something like that sign up, sign up on the very first day. Now, if
we didnt continue to email them, for the rest of the days, we would have stopped at 22000
dollars pretty much, right? But no no no no no, we continued to engage them with emails
like, last chance, make sure you open this, time is running out; and on the very last
day, how many additional sales did we do ? Reena>>
Ah! I believe it was 33 Billy Gene>>
On the last day and the subject line was something like something It was either last chance,
only couple spots remaining, something with a lot of emergency
Reena>>Last hour?
Billy Gene>>Yeah, last hour.
Reena>>No, that was [unrecognizable word] though.
But, that wasnt the we had a couple Billy Gene>>
Yeah, it was something Anyways, the premise is it was something along in the lines of:
its your last chance, last day to enroll, last three hours to enroll, last hour. It
was like these series of like four emails that were sent and we picked up another 33
grand. So, if we decided that we: Oh my gosh! Were gonna spam them, were not gonna Shut
up! Just shut up. Reena>>
To spam or not to spam! Billy Gene>>
Thats the freaking question, and you choose spam every single time because if your product
or service truly helps people, its never spam, its never spam. So, we would have left like
40, 60, 50, 30 thousand dollars on the table if we lived by the stupid principal that youre
lying to yourself about. You just had Five minutes with Billy Gene and Reena.


  1. Kris Dale says:

    Just love it when you tell people to shut up- SHUT UP! So right every time!

  2. Jeff Moore says:

    Nice tip there about sidkick

  3. San Diego Mover says:

    Sidekick is dead. 😞

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