5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Digital Marketing


how do welcome to another episode of
five business rules I’m Monika I’m Nicole and today we are talking about
five signs it’s time to outsource digital marketing you might be sitting
on the fence right now not sure if you can continue doing it on your own or
heck it’s just time to hire someone to do it so these are the five top signs if
you can answer if you’re like nodding along to like all of these you know the
answer time to outsource one and one of the biggest one of the reasons people
come to Jansen communications no time I have no time to do everything that needs
to be done marketing-wise for my business so it’s such a fine line when
you start a business right because you have to do so many things and you need
all these extra skills to grow your business but you don’t the money to pay
for it so naturally you do it in-house naturally I do it in-house and so but
this is the type of thing as your business grows and you have more and
more that you need to work on running your business providing services that’s
when you start to think about putting something in so that you could free up
some of your time right it could end up being more expensive for you to actually
do it yourself than to hire someone to do it for you because the time that
you’re spending on marketing you’re not spending with clients or or you know on
client deliverables or billable hours basically yeah don’t get so much so
caught up in what it’s going to cost you to pay somebody think more about okay
what revenue are you losing by not if you you know if you charge 100 an hour
and you can find somebody that you paying 30, are you losing $500 instead of just paying somebody for that because
they might actually do it faster. and better. okay another sign you’re getting zero
engagement no one’s opening your emails or clicking
through to your website from your emails on social media no one’s liking no one’s
commenting one sharing the stuff that you’re
putting out there is just landing with a thud so this is where sometimes just an
outside voice can help you figure out what can you do differently what can you
do better what is your audience actually really working more and sometimes it
doesn’t have to be a huge engagement if you really enjoy doing social media that
does not mean you have to outsource social media but it would be a good idea
to talk to somebody and get their perspective on why things are not
working more yeah getting that outsider’s perspective is
so valuable especially coming from an expert who does this all the time it’s
an eye-opening really and it can make a huge difference okay so the third sign
you’re not generating any leads so you’re putting stuff out there
maybe people are are downloading you know they’re downloading and stuff on
your website they are opening your emails they are taking actions but those
actions aren’t translating into these people turning into leads and then and
then somehow like contacting you like they’re kind of getting stuck in the
sales funnel so one of the things that I see more often than not is that people
put all the time to do these emails and then there’s no nothing that’s a call to
action this is what we call something that’s a button
call me now email me sign up here essentially you tell people what you
want to do and you make it very easy to get in touch to buy to purchase whatever
it is and so sometimes you’re so busy you want to check that box you want to
do what you know you feel like you should be doing but they’re also
again it might be simple fixes yeah to adjust to help you kind of push that
over the edge exactly your conversion rate sucks so again this kind of piggy
piggy backs on not getting into any engagement or generating any leads so
let’s say you’re getting people into the sales funnel right they go all the way
down to the bottom you know the sales funnel narrows that you qualify people
or people drop out and they’re getting stuck on the bottom so they’re not
converting after all of that effort then they’re not converting into a sale and
becoming a client so there could be a couple
reasons for that one you gave away the farm you gave them so much information
that they don’t need to hire you because they can go do it themselves on the
flipside maybe you just teased them so much that you gave them little bits but
you didn’t give him enough to say hey you know you’ve got the secret sauce
you’re gonna help will make a difference and so again there’s somebody that can
either give you feedback help you do a little bit crafting or even just
experiment a little bit more pay attention they know how to look at
analytics and pay attention and what will make a difference and have ideas
that can make a difference and start generating results again if sign you
can’t keep up with maintenance so this is a big thing actually when it comes to
your website your website needs to be maintained or it can break and stop
working which is a nightmare for any business but you can’t keep up with your
blog on your website you can’t keep up with social media marketing lord have
mercy it changes all the time what should I be doing I don’t have time to
post you know it goes back to the no time but really this is this is once you
get started and and just being unable to keep up you know like you’re just a
hamster running in a wheel and you’re not going anywhere
and this goes back to to time and it pushes into the idea that
you don’t have the expertise you don’t need to do this a lot of these things yourself. you have really important skills that you need to concentrate on your business
and you don’t need to worry about updating plugins and some of that and
some of it might be you don’t really know like I’ve had calls and said I
pushed a button and my website it’s gone so maybe it’s a matter of you’re not
quite sure what to do and maybe you just you know you don’t need to spend your
time on something that an hourly employee could do for you
exactly alright thanks for watching bye you


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