6 Behind-The-Scenes Tips From The Best Digital Marketing Mastermind Group


Hey guys, what’s up it’s Alex! I am super glad you’re here. As you can see, I am not in my studio in Vancouver. I am sitting in my hotel room in San Diego
where I am literally minutes away from walking downstairs and kicking off our Flight Club
Mastermind weekend. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I
run a high-level mastermind for experienced internet marketers and entrepreneurs along
with my business partner and co-host Glen Ledwell. And this weekend I thought I would do something
a little bit different and give you sort of a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like
to run a high level event, and also share some of the key takeaways that I learned this
weekend. Because taking the stage are some of the most
brilliant internet marketers, entrepreneurs, traffic experts, SEO experts, copywriters,
literally in the entire industry. Now before I go be sure to subscribe because
every single week I release a new tutorial on copywriting, marketing and more. So hit subscribe and I will see you right
back here in a couple seconds. Okay so I’m just about to head down for
day 2 of my Flight Club Mastermind here in San Diego. And before I head down I wanted to share some
of the key takeaways from yesterday’s speakers. Now I can’t say too much because the number
one rule of Flight Club is… “You do not talk about Flight Club.” But I wanted to share just a couple of things
that I think will really help you in your copywriting. So the first speaker who took the stage yesterday
was Dan Rose. Dan is a YouTube advertising expert who has profitably spend over $30 million
dollars on YouTube ads. So this guy knows a thing or two about using
YouTube to drive traffic. And the number one thing he said that
really, really stuck with me is the need for personalized sales funnels based on your traffic
source. So as I mentioned in my marketing trends video,
personalization is becoming more and more important in your marketing. So think about
it… when you’re writing a sales funnel and you’re using the same sales funnel for Facebook
ads, and YouTube ads, internal traffic, and affiliate traffic… Every single person is getting the exact same
message. Whereas, if I’m coming to your website from
a YouTube video I just watched, you might want to think really carefully about that
user experience. How might you personalise that funnel to a
YouTube click? Maybe you would use video on the page, maybe
you would include the topic of the video that they just watched on your landing page, maybe
you would include video testimonials. If someone is used to the YouTube platform
think about how you’ll want to use that in your sales funnel. So, creating personalized sales funnels based
on traffic source. So simple, so, so, so powerful. So the second speaker who took the stage yesterday
was none other than Roland Frasier. Roland is an investor and advisor to companies
like Digital Marketer. The largest digital marketing company in the
entire world. Chances are you’ve heard of them or at least
attended one of their events. They do Traffic and Conversion Summit all
over the world. So what I really loved what Roland talked
about is customer experience. And I think as copywriters and marketers we
don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about customer experience. And one thing he said that really stuck with
me, is when a prospect interacts with your brand, they are looking for inconsistency,
They are looking for a reason to not buy from you. The market is becoming so, so savvy and they
are not tolerant of anything that smells fishy or hypey, or over markety, or inauthentic. So this starts long before your sales page
and continues on way into your customer experience after they’ve purchased from you. So he talks about something called the fab
50 which is essentially identifying the feelings, actions, and beliefs of your prospect at every
single touchpoint in your entire marketing journey. So from the very second they see your first
ad, to all the way to well after they’ve bought from you. Think of every single touch point; your ad,
your landing page, your thank you email, your sales messages, your follow up messages, your
purchase page, your shopping cart, your upsells, your post purchase emails. These are all touchpoints that need to be
completely consistent from start to finish. So I’ll give you an example of a feeling,
an action, or a belief that someone might have the second they see your ad. So what are people feeling the second they
see your ad? Are they feeling comfortable? Do they feel like they can trust you? What actions would someone take as soon as
they saw your ad? Would they click the ad or would hey open
another tab and google your business and see how legit you are? Do they believe you? Do they believe you’re selling what you
say you’re selling? Do they believe they should pay for shipping? So by actually talking to your customers,
yes, actually talking to them… Roland suggests interviewing your top 50 customers. Ask them what their feelings, actions, and
beliefs are at every single point of the purchase process and this will give you invaluable
information on how to improve your sales funnel. Remember, because your customers are looking
for a disconnect, Roland said yesterday that all the copy that happens after the headline
people will read just to see if there’s anything inconsistent. So be consistent, be real, ask people whats
up, and you can tweak your sales copy and messaging to be infinitely more powerful,
trustworthy, and authentic. Now Roland also recommended that you read
the book Be Our Guest, which is Disney’s customer experience method. So it looks like this and I will include an
amazon link in the description below so you can get your hands on that. I know I’m definitely going to be listening
to that on Audible very, very soon. Okay, so now I want to talk about the third
speaker who took the stage yesterday… And it’s my homegirl Amber Spears. Amber is the co founder of East 5th Avenue
Affiliate Marketing which is a boutique marketing agency that represents some of the biggest
personal development and health offers online. In the last 3 years alone, Amber and her team
have generated over $43 million dollars in front end launch sales for their clients. So, she knows a thing or two about affiliate
marketing. And Amber really talked about how the industry
is changing and how people are no longer tolerant of not doing things in a very authentic, very
up front transparent way. And that doesn’t just apply to your sales
pages. As I mentioned before, your offer starts long
before anyone even sees your sales page. So one of the things Amber hears a lot from
her clients is; this offer is dead, it’s no longer converting, I need to create a new
product or write an entire new sales page in order to keep my business off the ground. And, that’s just simply not true. In fact you can create multiple entry points
for one particular offer. Because often it’s the ad, or the landing
page, or the way you’re positioning the offer front end that’s fatiguing and the offer
itself is actually totally fine and still something that’s incredibly valuable and highly
sought after. So create multiple assets, ads, landing pages,
emails, go to town on thinking about all the different ways you can position your offer
to different audiences and you can quadruple your business. Use YouTube, Facebook, podcasting, email marketing,
affiliate marketing, there are so many ways that you can position an offer to new audiences,
without having to redo everything. You just have to be smart and intuitive and
know what your prospect wants. Okay, so I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple
takeaways from today’s sessions and I’ll see you guys real soon. Alright guys, so it is day three of the Flight
Club mastermind and we are about to head out on a beautiful catamaran around San Diego
harbor, but I wanted to check in real quick and share my top three takeaways from yesterday’s
speakers. Just like day one these speakers were absolutely
amazing. We had Alex Mendozian kicking off the day,
now if you do not know Alex Mandossian he is legit an internet marketing OG. Back when I started at MindValley in 2008
his stuff was some of the first that I studied. He’s absolutely brilliant, since 1993 he
has helped his clients, his students, and his JV partners earn $417 million dollars
in sales. And he talked about something that was so,
so powerful, and something that I think all you copywriters and entrepreneurs out there
might wanna check out. So he told the story of advertising executive
Leo Burnett. And you might not have heard of Leo Burnett,
but you’ve definitely heard of some of his advertising campaigns: the Marlboro man, Tony
the Tiger, he was truly the genius behind many of the most successful advertising campaigns. And he had in one year, 62… 62 marketing campaigns fail. And by the way 62 failures means he had a
lot more marketing campaigns which means if you’re failing, or if your marketing is not
working, your copy’s not converting, keep trying. So what he found is that these advertising
campaigns actually failed because the copy included too many adjectives and not enough
verbs. So according to Alex Mandossian, nouns bore
people, adjectives push people away, and verbs actually move people. And it makes so much sense, right? A noun describes a person, place, or thing,
boring. An adjective is a descriptor word which often
pushes people away because think about it, when we’re describing ourselves we don’t
want to say; I’m amazing, I’m brilliant, I’m smart, I’m funny. You know, we’d want to talk about what
we do… And verbs are action words. So I thought this was absolutely brilliant. I actually found an adjective counter online
that I’m going to link to below. But it’s a super cool exercise to run your
copy through this calculator and see how many adjectives you’re using in your copy and
how can you replace those adjectives with verbs. Or words that actually get people to move. Awesome, right? Okay so, the second speaker who took the stage
is Loren Baker. Loren is an SEO expert. He runs a publication called Search Engine
Journal which is one of the most read SEO blogs online. And he talked about how content marketing
is changing. So SEO is no longer about quantity, it’s
no longer about writing a bunch of articles on related topics. What Google is looking for now is quality,
authority pieces that are useful and useable. And the three things that Google looks for
in your content are; Expertise, authority, and trust or E.A.T. So if you do any sort of content marketing
and you have a lot of old posts on your blog or any content that’s no longer relevant… Definitely go back and clean that up, and
merge a lot of posts on related topics into one authority piece that’s longer and includes
more of those elements. Okay last but not least, the one and only
Mat Boggs took the stage at Flight Club. Now Mat is a dating and relationship coach
who has over 590 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Although he wasn’t talking about YouTube
at Flight Club, he was actually talking about the key communication differences between
men and women which was absolutely fascinating. And you know, there was one quote that he
shared that was a really big takeaway for me, and I think this applies not only in your
relationships but also in your marketing. And it’s a quote by Marshal Turnbell and
he says that “The meaning of your communication is the response you get.” So it doesn’t matter what you’re saying,
if you’re not getting the response that you want, or if you’re not getting a response
that’s favourable, then you need to change your communication. And isn’t that true in all communication,
not just with our loved ones, family members, romantic partners, but in our marketing. So if you’re trying something and it’s
not working, and you’re not getting the response you want, try changing your communication. Alright, well I have a boat to catch so that
is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video. Give me a thumbs up below if you found it
helpful. And stay tuned because next week I’ll have
a brand new video coming your way. In the meantime you can check out a couple
of my videos here and here, and be sure to subscribe. I’ll see you next week. Till then, I’m Alex, Ciao for now!


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  2. Great video Alex – maybe one day in August when you are back in Vancouver I could take you Flying ( plane is at Pitt Meadows, we could see Whistler, Tofino, Penticton, whatever ) and tell you about my SaaS split testing software/CMS that could be incredibly helpful for most everyone that runs in your circle. It was initially developed for Clickbank publishers but can be used for any payment method/cart.


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