’80s Ad Breaks Vol. 1 – November 1986


[V.O.] For new Maybelline Mousse Makeup, Lynda Carter. [Lynda Carter] When Maybelline first asked me what I thought of a mousse makeup, I thought: “What a good idea.” Then I tried it and thought: “What a wonderful idea!” I never imagined a makeup could feel so light, so luscious. And because it’s mousse, it glides on smoothly, blends evenly, finishes beautifully. Mousse Makeup. It’s more than a wonderful idea. It’s a sensational idea! [V.O.] Mousse Makeup, new from Maybelline. When you have a cold, [woman sneezes] this is the focus of suffering, where
Dristan gives you extra relief. More than antihistamine and decongestant, Dristan adds a pain reliever for extra relief. At the focus of suffering, Dristan. The painting is by Goya. The rug is by Corazon. And the gourmet cat food is by Fancy Feast. [ting, ting, ting] Fancy Feast. Good taste is easy to recognize. [Movie announcer] “Tai-Pan.” He made China his world, and took a slave as his lady. [Englishman] Do you know about his … “China lady”? [May-May] I do not want to lose May-May. [Dirk, a Scotsman] I will defend her to my death. [May-May] Now, come to me, Tai-Pan. [Announcer] “Tai-Pan.” There can be only one. Rated R. Starts tomorrow at theaters everywhere. Sunday night begins with the award-winning “60 Minutes.” Then, Leslie Nielsen guests, when a sunken treasure leads to romance for Jess. [Man with Maine accent] This old friend of yours could turn out to be a cold-blooded killer. [V.O.] “Murder, She Wrote.” Followed by a daring new CBS
mini-series. [gunfire, fleeing crowd] It was war and destiny that brought them together [Joan Collins] Don’t become intrigued by me. [V.O.] … and a passion to survive that threatened to tear them apart. [German man] I shall have you executed as a spy. Joan Collins and George Hamilton play for keeps in “Monte Carlo,” Sunday. [whoosh] [dramatic orchestral flourish] My Alexander loves my hair to smell as beautiful as it looks So I use new L’Envie parfum shampoo and conditioners, made with their own fragrances similar
to my favorite perfumes, like Giorgio, Opium and others. My hair is surrounded in fabulous fragrance. It shines, it shimmers … it feels sensually soft to the touch. L’Envie Parfum Shampoo. The essence of beautiful hair. [Mom’s voice] For my little stain-makers, [Boy] Greasy. [Mom] I get the Stain Lifter. [Boy] Wow! [Mom] All goes right to the stain and just lifts it away. [Boy] A-L-L. [Snuggle Bear] Wheeee! It’s me! [giggles] Snuggle fabric softener sheets. I get clothes [sniffs] cuddle-up fresh. And they’re never, ever staticky! Snuggle dryer sheets — [Woman in blue] I think a little higher. When my head hurts, no painting looks good. I used to take aspirin or Tylenol, but today I take Advil. Advil contains a non-prescription strength of the medicine in the prescription brand Motrin. Doctors have already recommended Advil over a million times. You see, just one Advil is as effective as two regular aspirin. Advil got rid of my headache. And it
didn’t upset my stomach. Advil. Advanced Medicine for Pain. ♪♪ [Knots Landing theme] “Knots Landing” will continue. Fridays — “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” put their heads together to crack a dangerous case.>>They’re holding all the cards. [V.O.] But when they get down to the bare-bones facts …>>It’s a trap! RUN! [V.O.] … they bite off more than they can chew. [vicious dog growling] And on “Dallas” … [J.R. Ewing] Well, look at this rogues’ gallery. Now what have I got here? [V.O.] A scheming new blonde who has everyone hot and bothered.>>Good thing she didn’t get here five minutes from now. [V.O.] Then — There’s trouble between brothers.>>I’m gonna kill Chase Geoberti. [V.O.] Trouble between lovers. Trouble … at “Falcon Crest.”>>Bring a hankie. It’s gonna be a real tearjerker. This is CBS. Pizza Inn delivers. Here’s how it works. It’s raining. [makes squeaky noises] You don’t wanna go out, so you call Pizza Inn. [affected voice] Hello, Pizza Inn? This is Bob. I want some pizza right away. And the Pizza Inn guy says [affected voice] “No problem.” And he makes a fresh, hot pizza. In comes the delivery guy — “Take this to Bob’s house right away.” And he races through the rain [vroom] and says “Here, Bob. It’s Pizza Inn.” It’s that simple. Or if you want something else. [affected voice] Hey, hello, Pizza Inn. I want some … spaghetti. And the Pizza Inn guy says, “Sure, Bob” — ’cause he knows you by now. “Right away.” Even if it’s snowing — ho, ho, ho! — or if monsters are attacking the city! [vocalized approximation of a Godzilla movie] [Clarice Tinsley] Join us on night patrol for drug smugglers on the Texas-Mexico border, tonight at 10. ♪♪ [Knots Landing theme] Well, Sarah, I’m all packed. I guess you’re pretty glad to have the
room to yourself, huh? Well, I won’t be here to give you advice
or anything, but … Buster Bear’s agreed to stay so you won’t get lonely. Oh, I left you something you really do need. I mean the Stayfree. You know, it really protects you when you need it. Well, take good care of Buster. And Buster … look out for my sister. Now in new shaped, too. [alarm clock followed by woman groaning] [Woman groans] Oh, no, not my sinuses. [V.O.] Sinus headaches are worse in the morning. [Woman sighs] I’ve gotta be my best today. [V.O.] During the night, pain and pressure build up. [Woman] Can’t afford to be drowsy. [V.O.] That’s why there’s a morning sinus medicine. Sine-Aid, with ingredients that relieve both pain and pressure, but nothing to make you drowsy. [Woman] To start this morning’s auction, may I hear an opening bid on this magnificent, classic … [V.O.] Sine-Aid. The morning sinus medicine — now available in extra-strength caplets. ♪♪ [“As Time Goes By” on piano] If only things lasted longer. If only their warranties lasted longer. If only you had bought them with the American Express card. Because from now until December 31st, we will extend the free repair period of the manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, we’ll double it — up to an extra year. American Express introduces Buyer’s
Assurance. Now, if something breaks, it won’t break you. But only if you use the American Express card. Apply now. [air traffic control] Flight 1-2-4, fly runway headed to 3,000, right turns, 2-7-0. You are cleared for takeoff. [jet takeoff sound] [V.O.] Introducing DuPont Certified
Stainmaster Carpet. Stainmaster gives you a revolutionary
new level of protection … against stains and spills that’s better
than any other carpet you can buy today. Because you never know … [Racetrack announcer] Gentlemen, start your engines. [race cars vroom] New Stainmaster, from DuPont Carpet Fibers.



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