’90s Ad Breaks Vol. 18 – November 1998


[WB Announcer] Tonight’s “Dawson’s Creek” is brought to you in part by Lee Dungarees. [Movie trailer V.O.] In a world where integrity is in short supply … And determination is found in small packages marked “Do Not Open Until Christmas” … Stands a man 14 inches high … With a backbone the size of Missouri. ♪♪ [trumpet fanfare] Buddy Lee is … Buddy Lee in … “Buddy Lee: Man of Action.” ♪♪ A Lee Dungarees production.>>”Godzilla” is now on video. Have your friends over for the ultimate monster jam. ♪♪ [boom!] With “Godzilla.” Now on videocassette and DVD>>They are ageless masterpieces of majestic beauty. And now they’re yours to create, with 3D Sculpture Puzzles. Breathtaking sculpture puzzles you build, layer by layer … Revealing the shape, the contours, the beauty of a whole new dimension in puzzles. The American Eagle … Mount Rushmore … And Elvis. Magnificent puzzles just waiting for you to create. 3D Sculpture Puzzles. A masterpiece in the making.>>Never had one of these before.>>No, don’t!>>WOOOO-HOOO!>>Ooh! [giggle]>>Ladies!>>[flustered giggling] Don’t worry. There’s plenty of beef and spice to go around! Hee.>>Hmm, not bad! [“Macho Man” Randy Savage V.O.] SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!>>Eat me! [intermittent motor sounds] [some kind of EXTREME screaming?] ♪♪ [motor sounds] [WB Announcer] “Dawson’s Creek” will return on The WB. [PlayStation chime]>>[with vaguely European accent] Planting tulips in the winter can make for a very exciting spring. But first, the bulbs must be prepared- [Crash Bandicoot, via megaphone] Hey, you! Yeah, you in the sweater! Save yourself from the grips of old age and boredom. Step away from the table and put the shovel down! [crash] Gardening and tulip bulbs! Bor-ing! Yawn, yawn.>>[indignant] Excuse me?!? [Crash] Oh, somebody’s pretty sassy, I- [gunfire sounds in game] [game controller clicking] Ooh, you go, girl!>>[chime] PlayStation. Premiering only on video, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s brand-new movie, “Billboard Dad.”>>A personal ad on a billboard? It’s a California adventure gone wild! [both laughing]>>I’m liking this!>>”Billboard Dad,” for sale only on video. Rated G. ♪♪ [old-school cop show style chase music]>>Now that the Bunny has the new Advanced battery, it’s a whole new ballgame. [Bunny beats drum] ♪♪ [Hummer kicks up gravel] You have to be prepared for just about anything. Ain’t that right, boys? ♪♪ [Bunny beats drum]>>New Energizer Advanced Formula. No battery lasts longer. [WB Announcer] On “7th Heaven: Beginnings,” a visit from Grandpa …>>What are you waiting for? Run, run for your lives. [Announcer] … turns the man of the house into a little boy.>>I can’t, my parents are right down the hall. It’s just->>[exasperated sigh] And you are what, 12? [Announcer] Spend an extra hour with the Camdens. “7th Heaven: Beginnings” on The WB Sunday night. ♪♪ ♪♪>>The Women’s World Cup comes around just once every four years. ♪♪ So we practice, and we train … [players’ chatter on the field] And we train … ♪♪ It’s a long time to wait. But fortunately, time flies when you’re having fun. ♪♪>>Look under Sprite caps and you could win free Sprite. Or a $25,000 paycheck. [Grant Hill] Two words, kid: savings account. [Kobe Bryant] Nah. Let Kobe take you traveling. [Grant, scoffs] Yeah, you know about traveling. You do it all over the court! [Kobe blows raspberry] [Grant] Think steady, long-term growth. [Kobe] I don’t know what’s weaker, your advice or your game. [Grant] Weak? [Kobe] Yeah, weak. [Grant] Hey, don’t make me come over there! [Kobe] ‘Scuse me? [Grant] You want me to say it again?>>Guys, I kinda have to get home. [Grant] Anybody over here talking to you?>>No. [Kobe] I didn’t think so.>>The Sprite Salary Cap Game. [Grant] You heard me. [Kobe] I don’t think I did.>>What you do with the money is your choice. [Grant] Oh, I think you did.>>Sisters with one special bond: They’re witches. Shannen Doherty. Holly Marie Combs. Alyssa Milano. “Charmed,” tonight on The WB Wednesday. ♪♪ [WB Announcer] “Dawson’s Creek” will continue on the new WB Wednesday.>>Okay, I’ll be back on Tuesday, the numbers are on the fridge. I color-coded all your meals so you won’t be confused. The blue one is a beef dish, B is for beef. The pink one’s a pork dish, P is for pork. You get the idea. The green one is for vegetables. It should be violet for vegetables, but I thought you might see violet but think purple and interpret pork … which would defeat the whole purpose of convenient color-coding altogether. Four minutes on high, stir halfway. [car honks] Bye, guys!>>So what do you guys want for dinner, blue or pink?>>Did somebody say McDonald’s?>>I hope Mom color-coded breakfast too! ♪♪ [ominous]>>Twister! [girl screams] [boards rattle]>>Kitty! I left my kitty outside! ♪♪ [trumpet fanfare]>>Buddy Lee! ♪♪ [tornado winds howl as fanfare continues] [Kitty meows]>>Oh, wait. Kitty’s not outside! [howling winds] ♪♪ [somber piano]>>Man … [kids “ooooh!”] What kinda jeans are those? [Movie Announcer, over fanfare] New Lee Dungarees. Buddy Lee tested. Can’t Bust ‘Em.>>Thursday, on a special all-new “Wayans,” Sean gives Marlon a lesson in drug abuse.>>This is your brain. No, wait, let me get a smaller egg.>>But sometimes, temptation outweighs what’s right. Then do what I do, bro. Smoke a joint.>>The choice Marlon makes now could cost him his dreams>>This ain’t no joke, Marlon.>>A special all-new “Wayans,” Thursday on The WB.>>Hi-yah!>>There’s only one hero who possesses the strength …>>WHA?>>The skill … [boing] [screams]>>And the courage …>>Ooof!>>To save the world singlehandedly. Glover! Strength? Glover’s got the magic and the moves to match big bad bosses! Skill? Glover’s got the brains to solve mind-boggling puzzles! And talk about courage, Glover’s got the [HONK!] to handle any challenge. “Glover.” For Nintendo 64 and PC CD-ROM. Gotta love the glove! [Secondary WB Announcer] On The WB’s new Tuesday. Buffy’s hidden love finally revealed. [Giles] We know Angel is alive. [Announcer] Her friends will never forgive the pain he’s caused. [Faith] I’m gonna kill Angel. [Xander] Can I come? [Announcer] An all-new “Buffy.” Then – when an innocent date goes too far … [door slams]>>Did you force her? [hand slams against tray; silverware, glass clatter] [Announcer] … she will confront her attacker.>>[forcefully] I didn’t rape you. [Announcer] An all-new “Felicity.” After “Buffy” on The WB’s New Tuesday.>>Charlie Sheen’s back for his best girl. [Phoebe] This is me. [lightning SFX]>>[screams like a little girl]>>[studio audience laughter]>>Next “Friends.”>>Thursday at 6 on WB 33.>>Here at Magic’s testing facility, gameplay technicians simulate every possible battle.>>Call in the Orgg and the Raging Goblin. What? The Goblin’s out sick? Well, we’ll have to proceed without him. Send in Bob … from accounting. [motorized door opens, then closes] [siren goes off] ♪♪ [ominous music as door opens, siren continues] [THUNK!] [Bob shrieks and cries repeatedly] [Orgg roars] [Bob cries out] [Orgg roars louder] [blood splashes glass] [techs react in surprise as Orgg continues to roar]>>I’d say the first round goes to the Orgg. [laughs]>>Magic: The Gathering. Beat your friends.>>A styling tip from John Frieda. [John Frieda] Blow-drying removes moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and dull. Here’s how to transform brittle, stressed hair into shiny, supple hair instantly. Watch this. Use a small amount of Frizz Ease Secret Weapon, spread through your hair and brush. Instantly, hair appears glossy and conditioned. It’s fast, it’s easy … And it makes a big difference.>>Frizz Ease Secret Weapon from John Frieda.>>Ever help a stranded motorist?>>Uh, no. [laughs nervously]>>Give blood?>>No.>>Volunteer work?>>Oh, well … no. [nervous laugh]>>Mm-hm.>>But I did make a donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities. [nervous laugh]>>[unimpressed] Oh, the phone thing.>>Donate $20 to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater North Texas … and Southwestern Bell will give you a free Motorola StarTAC wireless phone … plus unlimited local weekend airtime for one year.>>I like puppies. [makes puppy noise] Go with someone you know. Southwestern Bell. [crickets, water lapping] ♪♪ [Spanish guitar] ♪ The touch ♪ ♪ The feel ♪ ♪ Of cotton ♪ ♪ The Fabric of Our Lives ♪ ♪♪>>Get ready to taste life for the first time, people! [whoosh] [Cuba Gooding Jr.] Watch out, now! You want to taste life? Then take a big swig of this. New Pepsi One. [glug, glug, glug] This one’s got it all. The most awesome cola taste that’s bigger than the wild blue yonder! But only one calorie. You wanna taste one?>>Yeah! [Cuba] You want one?>>Yeah! [Cuba] You want one?>>[all yell “YEAH!”] [Cuba] Come and get it! [Cuba yells “GO!” before chucking each can out of the plane]>>You got one for me? [Cuba] Put your tray table up and prepare for takeoff, my man! [laughs]>>New Pepsi One. [WB Announcer] They’ve been offered drugs before. Monday, one of them will accept. An all-new “7th Heaven,” Monday on The WB. ♪♪ [stately trumpet fanfare] ♪♪ [choir joins in]>>Never had one of these before.>>No, don’t!>>WOOOO-HOOO!>>Ooh! [giggle]>>Ladies!>>[flustered giggling]>>Don’t worry. There’s plenty of beef and spice to go around! Hee!>>Hmm, not bad! [“Macho Man” Randy Savage V.O.] SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!>>Eat me!>>So how would you tell your boss if you … were pregnant?>>I think I’d have a little explaining to do.>>[laughs] C’mon, help me out here.>>There are days when a woman needs exceptional strength. Secret Ultra Dry.>>You know, he’s gonna wonder if you’re coming back>>And I’ll tell him I’m planning to. Which I am.>>All right.>>Unless I decide to stay home.>>Well, whatever you decide, we’ll work that out.>>The absolute best type of dryness protection there is. And pH balanced for a woman’s chemistry.>>Maybe we’ll both stay home.>>Let’s not get too carried away.>>[laughs] [thunder] [Announcer] Every 200 years …>>Please, you’ve got to help me! [thunder] [Announcer] … she returns to wed.>>Her child would be a pure demon.>>We can stop the wedding. [Announcer] One weapon …>>That’s gone. [Announcer] One chance … All-new “Charmed,” next on the WB Wednesday Night. ♪♪


  1. oh man i miss the anouncer voice saying " WB 33" instead of "CW" and "on the WB's new Tuesday." Brings back memories. Dawson's Creek, Buffy, Charmed, I miss those shows. Need to rewatch.

  2. The WB: November 11, 1998 Schedule:
    8-9:00 – Dawson's Creek – The Dance 9-10:00 – Charmed – The Wedding From Hell

  3. I still have all my tapes from when I recorded Dawson's creek and buffy and angel and Charmed but do not know if they work anymore.


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