A kid’s response to spam messages | Dana Mneimne | [email protected]

A kid’s response to spam messages | Dana Mneimne | TEDxYouth@WellspringLC

Translator: Gaby Esther Salazar Fregoso
Reviewer: Robert Tucker It was dark Saturday night, when I was alone and I was eating my Nescafé cheesecake
– that’s the best part of my story – and my parents were out. Then comes a message on my phone,
and it made the sound “ding”. I opened it and found out
it was talking about a hunter who goes inside your room and kills you if you don’t send this message
to twenty contacts. I got so scared, so I did as they said. Except I forgot and only sent it to ten. So, when my parents came back, I told my father to come
and check if I was still there. So, at night, when I was trying
to go to sleep, I felt someone go inside my room. I thought that would be my father, except I noticed
the creature had long hair. I thought, “My father does not
have long hair.” It came, it took me by the neck,
I jumped up to scream. Then I noticed it was just my sister. (Laughter) I think you’re all wondering
why she took me by the neck. Well, it’s her way of loving me. (Laughter) Another time, I got another message
which was telling me to go check “Charlie Charlie
are you here?” on YouTube. So I did. I found that it was talking
about an Indian ghost who has all those devils on his side, and if you played the game,
and you weren’t polite to Charlie, he’ll go inside your room and kill you. So I played the game,
and tried to be polite to Charlie, but I wasn’t very sure. So, again, I told my father
to come and check if I was okay. So, when I woke up, I was still alive. A third time, I got another message. But this one actually made me
happy and excited, not sad and frustrated. It was talking about wishes. You got to wish any what you want, but only you have to send it
to ten contacts. And within an hour,
your wish will come true. I did as they said, and I waited –
first hour – second hour – third hour – I’m bored, I give up. I got so fed up of those messages,
and I wanted to do something. I was thinking so much. Then, it come to me, I know what to do. I could make my own message. I made my own message,
I was also talking about wishes, but instead of only sending it to ten,
you had to send it to 105 contacts. I sent it to one of my friends, and she was like,
“I don’t have 105 contacts – I don’t have 105 contacts!” Then I told her I made this one. So we both agreed
to stop creating those messages. For me to sleep better,
and for you to sleep better, let’s all stop creating those messages. Thank you. (Applause) (Cheers)


  1. Mohamad Mneimne says:

    I love it, 🙂

  2. DJ Doodles says:

    Thank you Mohamad for loving it😂😂

  3. wesley wegener says:


  4. Thomas Y says:

    I would have found it funny if she said that you should make 105 friends and then your wishes will come true.

  5. Leo says:

    she's stupid

  6. Masterzz says:

    2:15 dat face doe

  7. Logan Brewer says:


  8. tintinismybelgian says:


  9. unlokia says:

    Drop the irritating, chirpy, over-used whistley music FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

  10. Joseph says:

    Marzia when she was young (pewds girlfriend)

  11. soccernugget34 says:

    6 million subscribers


  12. Quinn Reynolds says:

    12th. This video sucks though lol. 6,000,000+subs and this is what you post.

  13. Didnt Happen says:

    Oh my lord she's cringe worthy

  14. DizzProductions says:

    this is the proper thing to do.
    not enough revenge.

  15. Felix says:

    So many people are insulting her, but seriously, she's a little kid and she put together a presentation for an audience which was then put on youtube and viewed six thousand times.
    That girl has far more courage than any of these anonymous commenters immaturely berating her.
    I don't see how she's 'cringe worthy' or 'stupid'. As kids, we've all believed things that we don't believe in any longer, some of the most common being the tooth fairy or Santa, but you don't see anyone calling all the children who believe in them stupid despite the belief being along the same lines as this.

  16. Prompted Hawk says:

    To anyone calling her stupid; I just want to say that this kid could become a good speaker. I mean, sure, she was a bit stiff with her movement and the pacing of the words and the speech was a bit off, but she's 11 years old and she managed to keep it together. From my experience, the first time I talked to about 200 people my leg was literally kicking and twitching out of nervousness, and she managed to keep it together in front of a smaller audience, sure, but also in front of a camera that would later go on to bring a good 7,000 people to watch.

    Meanwhile the people shitposting about it would most probably not be able to do just that.

  17. gotohell says:

    how about she just stops giving her number to idiots ..stupid kid..

  18. II. Gyula says:

    2:15 The face says it all.

  19. Animation Airlines says:

    Never tell a kid to do a grown up jobs

  20. Rigel says:

    That was terrible.

  21. aakash dabas says:


  22. FijneWIET says:

    Why is the girl on the stage?
    She has nothing interesting, clever or funny to share.
    Did her parents push her to do it? (like those horrible beauty pageant mothers)

  23. zxKAOS1 says:

    She already sounds more coherent than people twice her age.

  24. Prince Righty I says:

    This girl speaks on a TEDx platform yet I'm eager to present my idea on one and some stupid people say this girl is incompatible to stand there. I really want to speak and present an idea of mine. Any ideas of how can I be a presenter?

  25. Zachary Damascus says:

    I for one completely support the quest to make sure everyone gets a good night's sleep 🙂

  26. Elder scrolls V :Skyrim says:

    this is cringe

  27. TechPanda says:

    Omg In the thumbnail you see those ninga stars?Ya just made one and had it right in front of me xD Edit:I know it doesn't really matter 😛

  28. sarcasmo57 says:

    She was right about the cheesecake.

  29. Ninja Boy says:

    The sad thing is that she believed the scam and she is around 11 years old like what 11 year old cares about scams.

  30. Suk-Yan Kan says:

    So this is basically a gullible child version of James veitch and less funny

  31. Dan Watt says:

    Well who's the sound guy????

  32. 0MindSwept0 says:

    I got to be honest, I was expecting some James Veitch approach to this…oh well

  33. I only want to make a says:

    alright, so is no one commenting on the fact that the "(un)folding the present" thing at the beginning looks like it says "cuntfolding" at a quick glance? am I the only one?

  34. Seer Of Balance says:

    She looks around my age 11-12 and kids around my school give 0 fucks about copy pastas and here is a girl talking about spreading them and the dangers that come with it I feel that this is staged and she doesn't really has a problem with the topic I'm sorry if this is legitimate and she really got affected by this but it seems staged
    I mean no1 I've met is that gullible

  35. SuperMustache555 says:

    Stop calling it "cringe" or any of that.
    She's a small girl speaking in front of a ton of people and to the internet. She had few mistakes and the speech had a great message and was fairly funny. It's much more than anyone in the comments was doing at 11.
    Also, have some human decency and don't comment that to anyone under 13 or everyone anyone at all for that matter. Especially when young, kids can be effected by mean comments in real life and over the internet and it may result to depression or suicide.

  36. crazyjazy02 says:

    She's got a point. Chain messages are annoying af

  37. Mohammed Eissaa says:

    People throwing shade, but i'm willing to gamble almost all of you didn't do anything productive like this with your time. Even though productivity as a kid is having fun, she's doing something that could matter and is cheerful enough to see she's having a childhood, chill with the hate and shade. adorable tbh, cringe when she looks back in 10 years ofc but who wouldnt xD

  38. Andrew S says:

    Hi from Japan. I listen to TED everyday, having a bath. No matter what comments posted, how listeners' attitudes are, first and foremost, I would like to respect her courage to give a presentation in public.

  39. Tim Schill says:

    I was expecting something like James Veitch… 🙁

  40. SevenThirtySix says:

    11 year old
    3 minute speech
    Mumbles, speaks too fast and misses some words and mucks up a couple of times
    Gets on TEDX
    The jokes aren't funny
    The dialogue is boring, it's just the exact same thing, spam messages to forward to a 100 contacts. No comedy whatsoever.

  41. A Racoons Wagman says:

    She kept it together ok, mumbles a lot, not funny but she did well

  42. lord darkmoon says:

    It was probably from a cousin that was outsourcing

  43. cyroyarn Plays says:

    One time a random guy working at nike asked me to join a giveaway. I just said "frick off, what if this was sent to a little kid? They would be tricked easily." And blocked him.

  44. Chance Oliveira says:


  45. Avin Saraji says:

    She is SO adorable

  46. Thomas Thetankengine says:

    So I'm 12 and I'd just like to preface this comment by saying that I actually do do work to help underprivileged people (it's called wfuna:mission possible) and have been for a couple of years now and I can directly see the change that I'm making in the lives of 50+ people.

    Now, when I saw this video, I was expecting something to be either comedy, along the lines of James vietch (idk how to spell his name), or about spreading a lot of social awareness about chainmail, but this video had neither. The jokes were mediocre at best and the content even worse. She's really only spread more chainmail than she's stopped.

    Stop using the fact that she's 11 as an excuse, she's not fit to give a ted talk. It honestly doesn't matter if the people criticizing her can't give as good a speech because we aren't giving one, are we? If you're giving a speech on such a strong platform, then there are bound to be expectations and standards, that have to be adhered to, regardless of age. Don't. Defend. Her.

  47. inkypxrchment says:

    I actually liked this, I laughed.

  48. Brotato Master says:

    That’s… that’s not how that works…

  49. Ben G says:

    I hate messages like that, i got them all the time and i used to get really freaked out.

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