Ad Pits Blacks Against Immigrants


a lot of people one african americans in
the country being more invested in the election were interested in the issues
outnumbers u_s_a_ has come out with an addict and consent from a interesting direction
obstacle sometimes there it’s like the black
americans don’t want to work i worked for my whole life but i got laid off that they are now seeing a new job well-used and that’s why our leaders
appointed middle of a million immigrant workers next year to take jobs when
three million black americans can’t find work we do our leaders really believe that
black americans know what works let’s slow down mass immigration and
save jobs for americans all americans paid for by numbers just a dot org before we get to the substance of the
advice on a say how patronized i feel when somebody who
sensibly has a film crew coming to their home to film an ad is like the idea was
to the store so but i thought of mover on some plates and stuff unit some practice of casual it’s a soul forces sulfate like but we have numerous
case studies here in the united states where harsh immigration laws have led to farmers not knowing what to do with their crops
because they don’t have anyone to work on their crops ok out the jobs that
these immigrants are working hard jobs that americans do not want to do it’s
that simple anybody about that they’re for the amount of they’re getting paid
farmers don’t want to pay the workers add the kind of salary that americans
expect right here is a commercial headache wise a capital allowing a
million people from district twelve to commit
the circular before this is where the government job
disorders eleven people were spotted the search for people at the capitol that’s what this is about writing at what’s up as yet out to deliver the context numbers
u_s_a_ they’ve had some ads in the past before the middle of a questionable they oppose all the women rations the
next it’s not just illegal immigration but legal
immigration as well but i want people from sweden coming either uh… david label but he grew by the
southern poverty law center and yes a lot of people have a problem
with the battle very much like the bad uh… so it’s not just it’s not just the
people won’t do the job that they’re talking about that they’re not
geographically distributed over the entire country they tend to be groups regionally and like the so a
person struggle wants a job that’s fine but if there is at the farm job in
southern california suck doing him any favors let somebody
else coming who’s willing to do the job to add a problem with the fact that they
that they they put this family affairs of is it to support candidates that department a
benefit them i don’t know too much about the organization uh… by if they’d been
labeled as a hate group i’m curious to see what their spots are on the
african-american community and are they getting an african-american
family to push their and tight in the great propaganda with idea that uh…
the black americans uh… have to fight against immigrant americans for the lowest paying jobs i mean how how prophetic is absent black americans and all americans should
be given better access to better jobs with job training what occurred other
programs that foster economic growth rather than saying hey look there’s a
job we can paint was or or or pick fruit go fight for that job done need that hunger games that it is such a
congress that he had some gregarious it that is saying the dickey lists on that this number zero se price one of his
answers to that because the same way superseding researches duty to listed
isn’t this of course let’s look at the at it automatically it assumes that the intelligence of
people that lived in a connect with this proposed family the hat president let the dead are what
immigration to happen the country code just black people all that sequence must be following
that’s it sold but they aren’t the ones sone the loads of sitting black folks have
the sting of the body to that skewed the quiz and the dispositive yet that’s a great pleasure you’re right
that’s the right there completely insulting black americans say hey black
americans you what a city dot the weight because
they’re intact as they come from if that’s what they’re really saying i a m it surprises of the best


  1. Im white and unemployed. Any job that I do want is worked by other white males. The jobs no one will do, the immigrants do. I dont mind, someone has to do it.

  2. I don't recall myself ever denying racism, but there is also racism towards Caucasians too. All I am saying is that African Americans need to move past their history to have a future.

  3. I haven't given you enough credit. Yes I am bitter about the past but I can admit they did a lot of good, they brought in modernity, they brought us modern medicine (though scoff on some herbal remedies as 'esoteric', but that area is swarmed by cons now so I can see their angle), and a lot of technology. I just don't consider racism against whites the same as whites against others. When white people arrived on a land people didn't think "oh how inferior are these guys" – its a white person—–

  4. trait…. or was. More and more minorities have been taking up that perception. So I guess Im just arguing about semantics at this point. There is a lot to look forward to in the future so arguing about the past is meaningless… well no, we should argue to learn from the past so we don't repeat it. But at this point I can respect your viewpoint and not argue with it, it has sound logic, even if I don't agree with all of it. Lets just shake hands, smile, and look to the future.

  5. It isn't the truth but I can see why you would think that. The blacks dont like the hispanics because hispanics in many areas have actually outnumbered the blacks and made them the true minority again. Also, to be honest, we(hispanics) look more white than they do so we have integrated into the mainstream much quicker and easier than they have.

  6. So they are racist? who votes someone because of colour?
    What were to policies that Clinton had that influenced the 'black' vote.
    Was it his welfare reform? Health care? What else?

  7. Your numbers do not add up. The population increases by more than the amount of immigrants every year. This concludes that citizens are doing fine reproducing. While yes, whites do reproduce less, I don't really care.

    When I say citizens, I don't mean "white" people. I mean people that are already here. I don't care what color you are, only that the world is vastly over populated and America had a lot more feral land just 50 years ago.

  8. I don't want to live in a world where every single piece of resource we have is used to house and feed people. No one thinks of how damaging all these people are. The idea that the rule is still "shit out a child in the USA and that kid is a citizen" is rewarding people for doing something damaging and wrong. All that rewarding is making people reproduce like crazy when they don't even have a settled down life yet.

    Awesome setup we have here.

  9. Nope, In a choice between voting for a black guy or a white guy it seems they vote as racist as the people they complain about.

  10. If you're against immigration and call yourself American, you should re-evaluate your interests. And if you still against immigration then you should go and protest the statue of liberty, the very symbol of immigration, put up as a symbol of america so when immigrants would come over from europe it would be the first thing they see.

  11. Ya not being able to pay for food and rent all the while you are working your ass off is a great place to be. We should all trade down to the starvation wages as it will justify the "job creators" to create more slave wage jobs.

  12. Racist for pointing out racism? hmm.
    I know for a fact I'm not a racist, so called me one don't do jack shit.
    It is important people are not blinded by the 'reverse' racism bullshit. Anyone can be racist and almost anyone can be perceived as racist.
    That static was undeniably racist.

  13. the saddest thing is how these hate groups manage to find minorities willing to be in their ads. Are they fooled into it, or are they sellouts?

  14. Another trick to keep us divided. The US government would shit a brick if we set aside the nonsense that keeps us apart and we united, because then we would have the power to take back our America where everyone is equal and prosperous. CEO's, bankers and the Elite need us divided, us slaves are easier to control…

  15. Immigration of workers with advanced technical expertise is the only reason America has ever been a leader in world competition. Period end of discussion. To be against all immigration is a kin to being for giving lead to everyone in their food, your are just going to dumb down the work force and cause us to fail as a nation.

  16. Tiger Woods-looking, upper-middle class guy moving around plates and complaining about immigrants stealing awesome jobs from them, like cleaning toilets, picking fruits and crops… what's so fake about it, John? 😉

  17. Unfortunately this ad is true.. But not just for black Americans. My neighbor teen was actually told point blank that the job he took when an illegal went home was now being returned to the illegal upon his return because he would work for even less! The job was bus boy at a very high end steak house!! Not going there anymore!!

  18. this is just a test. if this had been a real comment, it would have contained some info. (this thing has rejected my efforts to post.)

  19. You should do their homework BEFORE slinging mud at Numbers. This para, from a NY Times article, refers to Roy Beck, head of Numbers:

    Mr. Beck said the charges of bigotry were especially unfair and let a reporter hear a tape of his 1970 wedding ceremony, which included a song he wrote pledging to fight ''race hate.'' He deliberately lives in integrated neighborhoods, he said, and sent his children to integrated schools, including one in a mostly black housing project.

  20. A racist ad? Really? You obviously have an agenda here, NumbersUSA is not a hate group, nor has it been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. You all need to check yourselves, before you wreck yourselves.

  21. What do you think of about the Ad. I am black and I feel that it is a terrible Ad that does insult black people. On the flipside of this Ad, that is if immigrants taking jobs wasn't a problem, then blacks would be villain in that there taking good jobs from whites. The funny part is that this actually happened post slavery. But the issue is that these aren't good jobs that immigrants are taking. There is no upward mobility, little to no benefits, and absolutely no job security. Whats your take?

  22. This ad isn't racist from the source. It's racists due to ignorance on the subject. Also it cuts into a lot of biased opinions. Such as, if immigrants weren't working these jobs then blacks would.

  23. It's not clear what you are saying, but when there have been raids by ICE on meat packing plants that mostly employed illegal immigrants, the jobs have gone largely to African Americans and other Americans after the raids.

  24. Blacks have to compete with immigrants for jobs? How about Americans have to compete for jobs. We live in society where competition is everything. If the issue is about immigrants taking jobs then you cut off their source. The JOB. Make regulations that punish the use of illegal immigrants in a work place. This AD should be directed towards the companies the hire illegals like those meat packing plants and the congress that allows it, not at a specific race of people.

  25. This was a. Very clever ad.

    Because Blacks collectively dont have a problem with Mexicans. Mexicans didnt drag us here on slave ships, Mexicans didnt lynch my ancestors because of their skin color. Mexicans didnt sick dogs on us because we wanted equality. Mexicans are basically in the same boat as me. You (racist) Whites are known for taking the heat off of yourselves.

  26. They want to stop almost all immigration, if not all. That includes entrepreneurs, new graduates with new business ideas. Immigration does not only benefit corporations, it also benefits consumers. Americans love jumping on the bandwagon of 'JOB FOR AMERICANS' but what happens when corps hire only Americans, due to costs, they can only hire fewer workers? That means fewer jobs. If you can afford to hire 100 people at $5 per hour, you can't afford to hire the same number of people for $10 ph.

  27. Also due to higher wages, the businesses will likely put their new costs onto consumers. You think buyers will be happy to pay more for produce? And what will happen if corps simply start importing more food to keep costs down? Even less jobs for Americans…

  28. Its not just farm jobs, there are other jobs (like restaurants) in NYC etc, where immigrants undercut the rates. Also the reason that Americans don't want to do the job is because of the prices above all else. TYK why not look at something more and deeper, such as increasing the rate that farmers are willing to pay, we live in North America and yet we allow jobs to be provided at rates that are definitely not first world. I agree there are problems with the ad but your answer is simplistic.

  29. don't Mexicans eat? don't they drive vehicles? don't the spend the money they receive? don't they create jobs?

    but the jobs they take are shitty jobs, so you can be free to take better jobs. if they weren't there to take the shitty jobs, you'd have to.

    plus shouldn't your problem be with the companies that are illegally hiring illegal immigrant almost slave workers, rather than the workers that merely take the opportunity thus provided to feed their families?

  30. Sure, only white people can be racist. Same story over and over again yet blacks kill more white people then the other way around. Then again, blacks kill more blacks then white people too, so i guess they create that statistic for us lol

  31. FOR EVERYONE'S INFORMATION. Guest worker programs, in which farmers may legally hire as many individuals as they need during planting & harvesting. Did you know?

  32. Virtually unlimited guest worker programs have been in place for decades. I've even toured the farms where some of these folks work. Conditions are difficult but not unbearable. Mechanical devices make the tasks quicker & easier. Hours are reasonable. Some growers utilize prison labor. It is NOT necessary to keep the flow of illegal aliens going in order for crops to be planted & picked. Were you aware? Thank you.

  33. so what if we have a black president racism doesnt magically banish just take a look around its just not as popular being racist as it used to be

  34. excuse me? i dont condone any racism done against you any type is wrong but your personal experience wont even make the scale twitch racism against blacks is no longer tolerated and even so its still evident in the US its racism against muslims and latinos thats currently going out of control because its popular at the moment just look at all teh absurd laws the GOP keeps trying to push for all teh talk of liberty and equality americans have always been xenophobes hypocritical dont you think?

  35. excuse me dont you remember the arizona laws that allowed police to pull people over just fo looking latino? puerto ricans have been deported to mexico for gods sake and if you truly believe the whole muslims hate us because of who we are bullshit then go listen to fox news and rush limbaugh

  36. its not that any border talk is taboo its just that the way many conservatives talk about border control they talk as if they are trying to keep some pest out ad refer to immigrants with disdain even hatred its always been like this always the irish were given the same treatment racism is still live and well in america and will be for a very long time

  37. stop saying African American`s!! they are just black, such an Americanism. No other country in the world uses a reference to prior ancestory to label their people..Imagine if we said African English..or the French saying African French, its ridiculous.

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  39. I'm Black American Socialist ,and I've been against immigration,since the 1990s when I learned how devastating it is to America,Europe and Australia.Only non Caucasian immigrants pose this devastation risk.White immigrants from Europe learn English and assimilate into their new homeland's culture.Latin,Asian,and other immigrants try to force their culture upon America and Europe.They refuse to learn fluent English.They refuse to assimilate.They waive their foreign flags on our soil.They burden us with welfare taxes.They force our wages below standards of living;simply because they pack 10 adults into one small apartment and combine their low wages to survive.That is not they way of American,nor white European culture.We do not wish to live like pack rats,nor third world countries just to survive.We rather deport all of these immigrants, instead of lowering our standards of living.  American Socialist 4 Life.

  40. There we go with the fake ass liberal agenda for black people….job training! I live in Chicago, if you want to know about the liberal idea of job training just look at my city, unemployment for AA's is horribe  These sons of bitches have been using that horseshit line since Clinton. Then when they get power they seem to forget about that job training, but they build more prisons, and close schools.

  41. Myth about ILLEGALS only doing jobs that Americans won't. 5-10% of ILLEGALS are in Agriculture. ILLEGALS go home and apply LEGALLY like my wife !!

  42. We need to stem the tide of all these newborns flooding into this country, taking jobs from all the currently living people!

  43. Its very disingenuos to say that farm jobs are the only jobs illegals take away, what about the const. Jobs, warehouse jobs, driver jobs illegals are taking a lot of other jobs as well, tyt maybe you all should be more thorough in your subject research instead of just repeating the liberal talking points.


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