Ala Modalaindi Telugu Full Movie || Nani, Nithya Menon || Nandini Reddy || Kalyani Malik

Ala Modalaindi Telugu Full Movie || Nani, Nithya Menon || Nandini Reddy || Kalyani Malik

Subtitles by ..::MaGeSh::.. Why are you trying
to running away? You don’t have sense
and my gun has no license. Hello, I got him.
Nu tension please. You can go ahead with marriage
arrangements happily. I’ll deliver him
dead or alive. Keep the cash ready.
Get in. Who are you? Why are we here? Why did you kidnap me? Who are you talking to on phone? Why are you doing all this? When I’ve the gun, how come
you’re asking the questions? If you irritate me,
I’ll kill you. I mean…brother! I need to go there,
and stop the marriage at any cost. I must stop you. Do you watch films?
– I do. Sing a song then.
– I can’t sing. I’m not asking you,
it’s an order! Dragon fly…dragon fly…haw far
will you fly…come to me… stop its I made a mistake by
asking you to sing. I told you I can’t sing. Can you at least tell stories? Tell me a story. Will you tell or not? Once there was a cow with 2 calves,
when the calves were grazing in forest, suddenly a tiger attacked… Cow died, tiger escaped!
Don’t tell me kid stories. Tell me your story. Not the story from your birth,
you’ve a love, story, right? Tell me, how it began. Tell me. My name is Gautham. I’ve met many girls in my life. Bu! Simran… I wanted to surprise her
by proposing my love. I am coming, Simran! But God had planned
a surprise for me. Is Dr.Anand doing the rounds? Yes, he’s already going
around with Simran. Who is Simran?
– His girl friend. Did she trap doctor
while visiting the patient? He might overhear us. Even if hears,
what can he do poor guy? 3 months later… In KPHP colony of Kukatpalli, Sunitha, a 10 year old child is a victim
of abuse in a famous personality’s house, Deeksha, a child welfare
association has brought lo light. Without showing mercy on a child,
they made her to starve, and tortured her barbarically, president of child welfare association,
Mrs. Revathi has condemned the incident. A case has also been
registered with police. Where is it? Never a thing is in its place. Look at this; we can take anyone
to court with this evidence. This is also child labor.
Do you know I can also file a case? Child? You? It is 20 years since I stopped
changing your diapers. Where did you say you
were going yesterday? To my sister’s house.
– But where did you go instead? Do it but take time off.
What will happen to your health? This is iron body, son.
– Whose darling? You go breathless when you shout.
Walk little and your legs ache. I’m thereto take care you,
who will look after me? Oh! I forgot.
You got a wedding invitation. Wedding invitation for me?
Who is that useless fellow? What’s wrong if Simran gets married? She played around with him for 6 months.
What will happen to Gautham’s future? He was the one who
loved and delayed it. We are attending her marriage. That’s it.
– Is it enough if you guys decide? What’s his decision? What is your decision? Do you know what Lord Krishna said
in his ‘Bhagavad Gita’? What did he say? Blow the bugle, begin the war.
Face the problems bravely. What’s not destined to be ours
will never be ours. If not Simran, go for Sania Mirza.
– She’s already married. Then someone else. I committed myself in a hurry.
What’s my range? What’s your range anyway? I haven’t missed her,
she’s missing me. If Bin Laden goes to America,
George Bush will come lo India. I don’t get you man. Whether you get it or not,
we’re going to the marriage, that’s all. Park the car and come. Came on guys. It’s confirmed today, I’ll make
at least two girls to swoon. Are you doing fine, aunty? We’ve to be open with girls. You’re right, but zip up your pant,
can’t see that nasty thing. Aren’t Anand and Simran
look a great couple? True! Look, she’s just
like Deepika Padukone. I forgot the keys in the car.
Need not go now, come with me. Let’s get photographed.
– Come on buddy. Where is the bar counter? Moon has embraced Sun… What a nasty life is yours? Why did you go? Why did the accident happen? Why did they meet? Why should you come lo their wedding? You look like a creep
outside the marriage hall. Heel like throwing up
when I think of your life. That’s it! Just because it’s free meals,
if you eat as you like, this is haw you’ll feel like.
Careful, you may fall. I can smell liquor here,
but this is not my brand. Who is she? I’ve seen you somewhere. Where did it fall? What are you searching?
– My lucky bracelet. What happened?
– it’s missing. Let’s do one thing. You search that side.
I’ll…I’ll also search that side only. Can’t find it. Don’t know where it fell off? I wanted to tell about bracelet,
why you are slapping me? Where is it?
– Here! You bloody idiot! You promised to marry me,
if I get slim in 6 months. I lost 25 kgs for you. 25 kgs in 6 months!
Big hoarding on Punjagutta flyover. It’s you!
No! graphics then! Aren’t abusing him seriously? The dirty face you’re marrying… That girl…
– Simran! Hey stop it! How dare you call Simran with names! Call her as many had names
as you can, bloody bitch. How many more boys’ lives
will you play with! May you go to hell!
May you get ruined! That’s it.
– No jokes please. Cyclone is coming, be careful.
Cyclone… Did you find Nithya, hubby? I told you she’s depressed
and not to leave her alone. Did you listen to me?
You left her alone. Find her yourself. It’s not my mistake. You said he’s your nephew
and made him a doctor, he has rejected your daughter
for someone else. You need to search far
a son-in-law not your daughter. I don’t even consider you a human being?! You’re right!
Would I marry you if I was? Don’t point finger at me,
I hate it, you’re brainless. I should be saying that not you. No use in putting down my linger,
who will stop others pointing fingers at you? What’s going on here?
– Festival Watch now! Yes, aunty, I am that stupid idiot.
– They said bloody rogue. Came on, tell me Anand.
Don’t feel shy. Right, she’s someone else’s lover. He put the patient on stretcher
and kidnapped her. Will there be anyone
more shameless than me? When he proposed, the man who
came after me for 6 months, kicked me like a football. He’s shameless,
so am I. Am I not right? Not only you, we too are
shameless to be here. May you get ruined like
BP and diabetes together! We mustn’t jeer at them!
Wait! I want to go for a drive.
– Which car? I expected something…
Bu( something else happened… I thought I was the only one…
But you too got the boot… Don’t com plain…whatever happened
is good for our lives… There’s wine to drown our sorrows…
Let’s leave it to our fates… Why do we need this nasty
thing known as love? It’s anybody’s wish, forget it… Though you may fall in love…
Never ever marry… Why should you need only
a wife as life companion? Take men as just pass time… Lei them chase you and
spend big bucks on you… And then leave them
to their fates… Why does anyone have lo marry? Leave it for the fools… I’m hungry!
– Did you see the crowd? Shall we do it? You were born alone…
You’ll die alone… In between that, one needs to live… Why are you rushing through the
aisle to the grave oi marriage? No need lo commit the
crime of suicide… Why do we need the life then? Don’t start it all over again,
leave it… I searched the car park.
I can’t find Gautham. I’m feeling sleepy.
I’ll came hack to the room. I can’t anymore, keep the door open.
– Someone’s here! Have you gal up, sister?
Please open the door, sister. I’ve been waiting for an hour,
open the door. I’ll not open, get out. It seems Anand and Simran are
fighting since last night, and they’re getting divorced. Really? Getting divorce so soon? Full fight, even elders are fighting. Are they really fighting?
– That’s what I dreamt last night. You don’t have to be
so disappointed. Your parents were fighting
last night about you. My stomach is upset.
– That’s why, eat something. Where are you?
– Tell me where the hell you are? I am at the lunch.
Come soon. Come sir, please come sir.
– Mother! Mother, everything’s fine here. Don’t ea( sweets,
just because I am not (here. I thought so. SO, I guess we can meet
like this also. But no problem. This time instead of a doctor,
choose an actor or an engineer. YOU fool Instead of Simran or likes,
choose a good girl. For you tool Who asked you lo go to her wedding? You had some ulterior motive, right? Thai she would remember
the pas( and elope with you? That’s why you went (here. No, I didn’t go for that.
– Then? Did you go to arrange
personally her honeymoon? I was in sorrow then… Sorrow?
Are you sad? One just ditched you,
another got hooked up. First meeting you got drunk
and even sang a duel. It wasn’t a duet,
it was a tragedy song. No melodrama please,
continue with your story. Tell me. Before I got out from that shock,
I got another rude shock. Hyderabad Doctor is calling you. Me?
– Yes sir. My reports, doctor? Just got the reports.
It’s exactly as we expected. This is the time,
when you should be brave. How much time do I have? Can we’ve a second opinion? Research is going on
in USA on this, Why should this happen lo me, doctor? Hair loss is so common problem. I am not even married yet. Do you know why you’re losing hair? Because of tension.
– Why are you tensed? Because of hair loss! Why is your face sullen?
Always thinking about her. Why do you boys go crazy for hair?
l(‘s fine, right? Don’t say you boys, no one
but us know that you’re a girl. Bloody!
– Forget it buddy! If you go bald, you’ll be like
Rajini in the film ‘Shivaji’ Girls who laugh too much and men who
are proud of thick hair never be happy, never existed in history. One can’t live without
such compromises anyway. See, already looking sides
are clearing out, if not tomorrow, in near future,
it’ll be clear ground for all of you. Will be fine, buddy. Laugh…carry on,
I’ll go to the loo. Girl..?! Again to throw up? How come you are here? I should be asking you this question. Ladies res! room was lull, that’s why. Whom did you come with? I’m here with my friends
from Bangalore. You? For 3 months your friend is trying
to woo that pink shirt girl. But isn’t working out. How do you know that? You need talent for it.
I know face reading. Face reading, my foot! Gel lost! The girl sitting in the corner,
her name starts with letter ‘P’. Pinky? Less hair more noisy! Anyone who sees her can say that! She’s a big rowdy.
First abuses and then talks. A year ago,
gel involved in a minor accident… How do you know that? Hey donkey! How long boy! She’s my classmate, you know?
it’s been many days since I met you. When did you came?
Why didn’t you call me? Came yesterday.
Staying at my uncle’s place. I’m here for a week.
We’ll go shopping with me. Tomorrow I’m off to my grandma’s place.
There’s some function. Why didn’t you call me
before coming down? There must be foolish people than you,
why not hook up someone with her? I got one.
– Who? You!
– Me? I’ve work, I can’t lake her out. Why that long lace? You’ll get a free car ride
with free petrol. So many facilities even
in recession? Where do you work? His friend Sathya went
into his office, getting angry for stopping her, Madam, you can’t go in.
– Sathya gal furious, with mad anger, Who are you to stop me? Ga away madam, go out. Sathya raised hood like
a disturbed snake. Do you know who I am?
Gautham’s fiancé. Blood was boiling with anger,
body was shivering… Do you know how much
work I’ve got? Design the cards, print it,
distribute to all, I need to arrange for the wedding. If you suddenly stop me now,
you’ll get it from me. Move aside. What did Sathya do
after entering inside… What did she see inside… And to know how that
incident took place… And before you gal to
know what Sathya did… Harsha! What did Sathya see?
What did Sathya do? Let’s see after the break,
if you say it so simple, public won’t be interested.
Terrorize them. What Sathya do after entering inside? What did she see inside? Let’s see after the break! Like that! Modulate your voice low and high! Do anything, viewers shouldn’t
change channel. Okay? Who is she?
– I don’t know sir. Why is she laughing?
– Looks like mad. Like a goat (rusting a butcher,
Nithya gets into Gautham’s car, Are you done? Tell me, where are we going now? That One. That red one too. This one…this too.
– Gautham, let’s go. Didn’t buy anything?
Don'( worry. Every dog has its day!
Fold them. Only window shopping?
Won’t you buy anything? I don’t like anything Do you know what you want to like? I’m clear about what I want.
– My fool clarity. Look at us, we enter,
select, buy and leave, unlike you we don’t sleep in shops. There’s a secret behind
ladies’ shopping. It’s psychology. Have a reason for waste of time too. That’s what you think, the truth is… The matter is… Ever since a girl is burn,
What she should he named? Which school she must join?
What should she study? Whom should she marry?
How many kids she must have? What should be their names? Ladies don’t have any say
in such decisions. The only place we’ve full rights
to decide is shopping. If we like we’ll buy,
if not see another. What I say is Raja.. He’s Raja, shooting is good,
is she the heroine? Yes, came to shop for her costumes. I’ve seen her somewhere.
– My cousin’s relative’s… Oh! In Bangalore wedding!
That drunken girl! Last year we saw this same girl.
– He too said the same. You said she’s your cousin.
– I got mixed up seeing you. Blurted out in anxiety.
– Fresh affair? Pinky asked me to lake her shopping,
when I met her in the pub. Pinky’s friend… Why are you hitting for
telling the truth? Shall we excuse him? Enough boys! You’re too much! I beg of you, don’t make
fun of me in front of her. I’ll pay your pub bill,
please go now. Go! How’s this, Gautham? Stunning! I’m famished. Coming in for a coffee? Is it women’s hostel? My uncle’s house. Your program tomorrow? Don’t say shopping.
I can’t come. Okay then, a different program. Surprise?l Why are we here? Is Commissioner your relative? Do you’ve a criminal background? This little fellow in uniform is smart.
Commissioner’s son? No, he is the Commissioner. Commissioner? Alert, get ready.
Salute] Ready for your order!
– At ease! He’s only up to my knee,
how can he be the Commissioner? Does (he kid even know
to spell ‘Commissioner’? Pinch me. If you’ve any questions,
go ahead. Do you wan! to say anything sir? There are many mad people
in this city. Is this city in that kid’s hands now? Yes.
– Good. Will they give Commissioner post
like a chocolate? Who’s directing this episode?
– God! Law and order will be followed
strictly in the city. He has blood cancer.
He has just a month maximum. I’m a volunteer for
‘Make a Wish’ Foundation. He told me about his dream
when I met him last month. I spoke to the DGP who agree
to this on humanitarian grounds. He’s living his dream for a day. May be this will be
his last birthday. When did you know
about your health problem? Le(‘s all go out. Don’t write about the kid, please. Just write he was commissioner
for a day. He doesn’t know he has cancer.
This is not for publicity. Will he live if we don’t show it? Do you realize what you said now? If this news is telecast
and if he watches it, how will he feel if he comes
to know he has cancer? Don’t hurl a kid for
increasing your channel TRP. Don’t make his life into cash story. He doesn’t need sympathy.
He needs empathy. You’re different today. Different means?
– Different means unusual. Unusual means? Unusual means I don’t know…
something new, and beautiful. How are you driving man? I didn’t see. I’m saying…
– What do you think? Your dad’s road? It’s my fault. What bloody fault,
look at the damage to my car. I’ll have it repaired. What? Do you think
I can’t have it done? It’s such a small dent.
– Is this small dent? What would happen if I’m dismissed? I said it was my fault.
I said I’ll get it repaired. Why did you drive losing
yourself in thoughts? Actually it was my fault… I was talking to him…
– Impossible madam. It was my fault. I can'( keep quiet even
if it’s your fault, madam. Whats your name?
– Yaqub. I am Nithya.
– Okay where are you from?
– I’m form Malakpet. Is it? I’m from Bangalore.
-I regularly visit Bangalore. I’m here for few days. Your car…
– Small dent, I’ll do it myself. I’ll repair it myself.
– Okay Don’t worry madam.
Such things happen. Oh my Gad! Girl is like that only…
Spreads net with her beauty… Oh my God! Boy is like that only…
Drowns with waves of sweet talk… Though smiles bloom like flowers.
it hurts hear! like thorns… Though make big talk,
will every thing be done in action? What a lovely eyes! What a lovely sight!
Aren’t these our treasures? These are praises before falling in love…
Later it’ll become chides… Listening everything with interest
and then say I’m sorry… Making us chase you madly
and then simply say no… You’ve mastered the technique of
using tears as the deadly weapon… You’ve achieved distinction
is using silence as armour… Whether it’s tears or silence,
it always tells the truth… That’s all but never show
heaven in your palms… Are you blind? What a girl, buddy! What a figure! The figure is great like
tender fresh corn. Yes, indeed. Who is he? How much?
– What? What’s the time? Smart ass! Don’t try to act smart! But please don’t tease that girl. Why? Will you beat us?
– She’s mad, Don’t know how long she will live? Grew bodily but not brain.
– What happened to her? Has anyone of you seen film Anjali?
– I saw. Same problem.
Same hairstyle too. You’re right.
– Even doctors have given up. You’re my golden girl…
my sweet darling… No melodrama please. We’ll (ease or do anything, stay away. Humanity is dead, brother! It’s dead. Hands off me! Agreed it’s legal,
but what’s this nasty pose? Can’t you warn before beating? Thai Anjali baby is beating us
without any warning. Anjali baby? Who is that? Oh no! I’m dead! Brother, tell her lo stop. Please leave him, he may die.
– Oh no! She’s a terror. Blood crook!
Who is Anjali? Are you hurl? Where are you hurl?
– Asking details loo! Where? Stop there! Stop! Bloody! How dare you tease!
– Leave me sister… Leave me…
– Listen to me. Where the hell are you running away?
I’ll kill you. Listen to me. I don’t want. What’s in your mouth is
150 calories. What’s on the plate is
750 calories. If you eat all this,
you’ll become a lat slab. And when I call you,
your entire body tums to see! Excess sweets induce hair loss. What are you doing? One with the green dress?
– Yes…you sit properly! Is this how you play with
each other always? Play? Brain fry batch! Brain fry hatch?
– Aren’t you Gautham’s friends? I’ll come back in a sec! Gautham is right here.
– Where? Mother! Did sister call you? It’s been many days
since I saw her, mom. Sister! I was just talking
to mom about you. Mother, hold on the line please.
Is it dream or real? Just now I was… My sister! My sister! “LeGeNd” Kamal Hassan hasn’t as yet retired.
Don’t go overboard. What have you said about me, sister? Just now I was talking to… Look there!
– Brother-in-Law! Do you know who he’s miking lo? Who?
– With mom. Who is this new cook?
– Who else would it be? Brother-in-law!
What were you earlier? Have they made you to cook?
You’re a son-in-law to this family. Why did you tell them
you know to cook? I showed all my talent
when I got married. My bad luck, I got trapped.
– Got yourself committed? Shall I out the onions small? My sister respects you
a lot nowadays. No, cut it big.
– No, small will be better. Why did you ask then? You think there’s no one
for my brother-in-law. I’m there. No need to prepare ridge gourd,
let’s go for a beer. Scared? Sister, you are treating
him like a small boy. You’ll never come good in life. What’s special today?
– Brain fry! Your sister told her. Mother! Mother-in-law is making you work?
Does this happen anywhere? This is not good.
Not good at all. No use in apple polishing
your brother-in-law. Your sister mentioned
only Brain fry. The rest of the story was
(old by your brother-in-law. How much I trusted you?
Did you (ell everything? Couldn’t avoid it. Why don’t you tell
if anything remains? Going to Bangalore,
getting drunk, dancing with Nithya, dancing in marriage,
(ell them everything. I’ll not tell them.
-why? Because you’ve told it yourself. What’s for lunch, mother?
– Who is Sathya? Not Sathya, Nithya
– Who is Nithya? I don’t know who Nithya is. Tell me, Nithya. Nithyanand! When did you come out?
– He changed the name. Who bailed you out? Almost got into the soup.
Tell me now. What are you doing? I don’t know Bengali.
Talk to me in Telugu. What are you doing?
– That’s Telugu! What happened to your language? Come to Chocolate room,
without any argument. I like the way you respect me. I’ll be (here. What’s that look? You did not come to Imax
after promising. Yesterday didn’t turn up
in pub after promising. Didn’t attend Jan’s
birthday party too. 3 times in a row is known
as habitual cheater. No point in talking to the driver.
Owner is our friend. If we need him, if we ask her
to send him, won’t she oblige? Nithya give me your phone number. No cell phone?
– No cell phone? Why? Do you know what this is? If you speak for hours, it’ll
boil your brain like in microwave. Radiation from it will enter your
nerves and kill your blood vessels, Do you get headaches often? He gets is.
– I do get often. First stage confirmed
for both of you. First stage?
– Next stage? Next? Finish! That’s why I don’t use a mobile phone. If you need lo make a call urgently? I’ll use some fool’s phone.
– Fool’s? I’ll use his phone. Thanks for introducing me
to your friends. It was your plan. I’ll come just in two minutes. Uncle has no problem if I drop you
at this hour every day, right? With uncle? I told him you are gay.
– Gay? Gay…’i Kohl…kohl…your dark eyes… Your eyes…your pair of eyes… Are you imagining it? Simple logic. If I go out with girls,
uncle will say security problem. If I go out with boys,
he’ll fear some thing else. So I chose between both.
I said you are gay. No problem even if we are very late. Dogs will bark.
That’s their habit. Don’t get tempted.
Lie down. I’m like your elder brother. I’m telling you from
my experience. Just because neighbour home’s
Julie has good hair, and Snoopy of opposite home
has beautiful eyes, never wag your tail easily. Every dog will gel a day.
You loo would get it someday. So, what I’m trying to say is… Someday, a small dog will
enter your life, that day even if you don’t,
your tail will wag on it’s own. So till then wait without temptation.
You’ve along good future. Mom! Was yours love marriage? Go away son. Then, I’m sure it is!
Please tell me mother. Tell me…tell me… I think first love
may not be that good. Please (ell me, mom. Ours was an arranged marriage. No love affairs before that…’? You carry on. What am I to say? Like everyone I too had
a bride seeing ceremony. Stop! There was a mat, you sat on it
and played a Veena. That was in the film ‘Shankarabharanam’. Not that much! I was wearing half sari,
served tea lo all of them. Did dad fell Hat?
-Wait! Suresh uncle and he were there. Suresh uncle accompanied
dad that day. No, your dad accompanied
Suresh uncle.- Why? Suresh uncle was the groom. Interval cut is great, mom!
Tell me. Very interesting. My parents almost fixed
my marriage with Suresh uncle. Pre-climax is suspenseful Suresh uncle used to decide only
after consulting your dad.- Yes. It seems your dad said the girl looks
headstrong, think before deciding. You…?
– That’s the twist in the climax. With that Suresh dropped
and dad got fixed. Marriage and happy ending!
You know the sequel story. How did you decide dad was the
rig ht guy for you at first sight? A lightning will strike in the sky,
body will gel electrified, heart beat will race.
– Really? That’s in films, in real life
nothing like that happens. Do you know when you’ll
find your soul mate?- When? When you decide? My love, listen to me… I want to tell you
my heart feelings… I wan( to say it today only… Will there be another good day? It began long back…
I realised it now only… May be she too has little
of these feelings only… May be its better if I ask her… would she say yes when I tell her?
Would she say she has no idea? Would she get angry and
(ell me lo get lost? When she tums red like hibiscus… When she says no,
we may mistake it as shyness.. If we take a step further without
getting the doubts cleared… Our honour will hi! the low ebb… May act like not hearing my calls,
may claim to be lost in thoughts… May be she’ll get irritated
and go off mood… May be forgetting this world…
may be like looking deep into the eyes… May be she’ll ind it out
the secret… The name of the girl is mesmerizing… Don’t know to which out of world
it’ll lake me lo… The speed of her thoughts is
refusing to come down from sky… Nithya, when I saw you the
first time throwing up… Why think of that now? Nithya, we had a weird meeting, right? I am leaving.
– So soon? Come to the railway station.
– I’m coming. Why so suddenly? Papa asked me to come urgently.
That’s why I’ve lo. Do you have to go today?
Can’t you avoid it? I’d love to stay for few more days.
But I can’t avoid. You wanted to tell
me something, right? What’s it, Gautham? Remember, our first meeting…
then second time… We met again, right? We met, right? After meeting… I too met you for the third time, right?
We met. We met again for the fourth time. Isn’t that Gautham? You know how unfair it is?
I talk to her for hall hour. She spends 20 minutes of it
talking about you. It was very boring earlier. Then I was bowled over by one
who look care of my girl so well. Why should I feel shy? First time I saw your photo and
said yes, I liked you like madly. Immediately I got you
the engagement ring. Shouldn’t delay such things.
isn’t it, boss? I enjoyed a lot in Hyderabad.
Because of you. Next time you must come to Bangalore. You wanted to say something to me.
Okay, I will call from there. Same story since many generations. When you buy a car you check
the motor, mileage, etc., But when you start dating a girl
why don’t you check if she has a lover or not? You don’t have anything
in your control. I’ve everything in my control with me, That’s how it happened…
how it broke.. Give me the keys to the vehicle. I’d loaded only 2 bullets.
That gun’s empty. Without proposal a girl will not fall.
Without bullet a gun will not lire. You’ve failed in both. Give me the gun. What happened then? Gautham, get up. Gel up I say!
– Go away mother. I said get up, didn’t I? Won’t you get up if I say so?
– Why are you beating me? ‘ Mother…mother…what’s this?
– Acting too much. Won’t you talk to me? Calling me by name?
– Mother…mother…it’s hurting. Will you become a forlorn Devadas? Do you need it at this age? It’s been 10 years
since your dad died. Had I been worried about future?
Would we be like this now? It’s little difficult for us to bear
the lass of close and dear ones. Some spend their life
in bereavement. But some spend the life happily with
the departed soul’s sweet memories. You’re my son, I think I don’t
have to tell you what to do. Mom, shall we go to watch a film? So, when is she getting married? That’s not yet decided. Oh, Sandhya we have lo decide quickly. Girls of this generation
change their minds easily. Don’t give them lime to change. Ll you get a devil as wife,
husband will become philosopher like me. So said Socrates. I’ll talk to you later. Please come upstairs. What happened?
– I feel humiliated. Try to answer people’s question,
you’ll know the pain. No use in criticizing wife on phone. Where is Deepak?
When is the engagement? Did I ask her not lo marry Deepak? Did I ask to break
relationship with Deepak? She did as she liked,
that’s not my fault. It’s not your fault,
it’s all my fault… Left to dad, he’ll even telecast
our wedding live on TV. Gautham does that better.
He anchors a TV program. Does it superbly. Wonder what that stupid
fellow is doing now! Give me your phone. Again to Gautham? I don’t understand, Deepak. No reply to any of my phone calls
or to my emails. Why do you call him and
then get irritated? What? What does that smile mean? Nothing, take it easy. There’s no rule that just
because you are engaged, you shouldn’t like another man. What are you saying? Ever since you returned from Hyderabad,
made 30 calls and 20 messages to him. So what? Then you are keeping count
of 30 calls and 20 messages. Some relationships tum into friendship,
some friendships turn into love, it happens without our knowledge. So you think I am in love with Gautham? I’m just telling you to check it. I’m engaged to you, you suspect that I’m in love
with another man, right? You wan! me to check before marriage? What ii you feel like checking
it after our marriage? If you don’t trust me… How do you know these numbers? Everyone knows the numbers of
ambulance, police and ire engine. Don’t fall on me and creep. If you have the guts
make a girl fall and see. Are you challenging me?
– Don’t over react buddy. Bowl a super girl in this pub,
I’ll give my car. Really? Find the best girl in this
pub yourself, I’ll do ii. You bet?
– I do. Sure?
– Sure! Bet?
– Bet! Give me a minute then.
– Be on it. Find a good girl.
– Look at her! The young heart must
dance in music… Every nerve must rock… Mind must hit the sky…
Forget about all worries.. Everyday must be lucky… Time will not slap far you… Just taking a step forward
will not do… Run along with your wishes… Be care free…
Forget your tensions… Leave you past…
Perceive the world newly… Make take-it-easy policy life motto,
life will always be on high… If heaven comes out from heart… Will you walk along with me? I’ll show you what is thrill… If you float in dreams even in daytime,
what more pleasure you want? I own a fish farm and
100 acres of land. He’s Bharath…your staunch fan. Go man. Stand back a little please.
Give me the keys. Give the keys.
– Car is yours, you fool. That’s my dad’s.
– Just for fun. Come on, take it out.
– I think it won’t be nice. I am not asking your clothes.
Take out money. I don’t have.
– This pocket…this pocket. Won’t you take it out?
– Here it is! Take it.
– How dare you’ve a bet with me? This is mine! Can’t you wait for 10 more minutes, Bujji?
– Bujji? Dating her for three weeks. This is cheating. Can’t you sleep without
fighting with me? Asking about daughter’s marriage
isn’t fight but responsibility, anyway you’re irresponsible, right?
– Shut up. Not my mouth,
make the society’s mouth shut. My had lime I married you. If my cousin marries Simran,
is it my fault, papa? If Deepak thinks I’m having
have an affair with someone else? Is that also my fault? What is your problem my dear? Papa, you and mom’s was
a love marriage. But you are always lighting. If you get divorced,
won’t both of you be happy? You said it too easily.
That is not your mistake, dear. Your entire generations. If you face even a small problem, you either escape from it
or find an alternate lo it. In simple terms, if your mobile isn’t working,
you buy a new one immediately, Same with laptop, if it has
problem, you buy a new one. That’s all, you never the
thought of repairing it. You apply the same solution to
human relationships and get confused. Once you decide to hold someone’s hand
nothing in life should make you let go. You don’t feel like letting it go.
You too know it well. A time will come when you
will understand this. You’ll remember your dad then.
Wait till then. You didn’t eat properly.
At least have this buttermilk. I am talking to you only.
Have buttermilk. See, this is what I meant
don’t feel like letting it go. These over acts only
what I don’t like. Why have we come to
a Veterinary hospital? See there!
– What? See there. Your Bujji is Dr.Kavya. So. you and she… When I come for him,
my job get done. Bloody idiot!
– Get lost! Bharath, I bought a new phone
with your money. Has the infection eased, Chocolate? Continue medicine one more week. Are you coming home on Friday, Gautham? Don’t forget.
– I will come. Sure?
– Sure. Phone for you madam. You want coffee or tea? Tell Raj… Tamil language. So, where did we stop?
Gautham, Nithya, Tamil girl. My friends were angry for
telling them about Kavya. After that one day in Kurnool, Red Cross Society arranged
a flood relief camp, I went to cover the
news for my channel… What a surprise! Ignoring me! You don’t remember the friends
carried the bags after shopping. You’re not my friend. How many phone calls and emails!
Did you reply any one of it? I said sorry, right? Tell me, what do you wan! me to do now? Subhadra was furious
on Sathyamurthy then, Subhadra’s eyes red with anger,
Sathyamurthy didn’t know what to do, suddenly he got a brilliant idea,
Do you know what that was? Tickle…Subhadra laughed! How is Deepak? Will you at least invite me
for your wedding? By any chance,
are you already married? Deepak and I broke up. How? Just didn’t work out, that’s all. Fate decides everything,
he was lucky to escape. Wonder who will be the next victim? How many days since
I laughed out loudly! That’s why, you should laugh. You know you’re very cute
while laughing. Enough, I can’t bear it anymore. Can’t tolerate compliments from you. I forgot about time talking to you. By the time I reach city.
it’ll be very late. Where are you staying?
– Not yet decided. Okay, I’ve decided. Everything is okay, right?
Sleep happily. Let’s meet tomorrow morning. Who are you? What’s this? Going out,
will be hack in an hour. Stay in the room only. If mother sees you,
we’ll be in trouble. He’s Chocolate. Where are you, Gautham? Chocolate, where’s the bathroom? Bathroom? What is it, deaf?
– Has she gal up? Don’t know when she go( up. Came out looking uneasily, poor thing. Poor thing?
You don’t know about her. She’s capable of selling both of us
in Bangalore farmers’ market. She doesn’t look like that to me.
She looks very innocent. That’s where she traps, if you fall
into it, you’re finished. Without your knowledge
staying in your home… It’s not the fault of
poor Gautham, aunty. Got late last night… Gautham told me about you
last night itself. Told you last night only? But he’s an idiot really. He too is his compatriot! Is that you, aunty? Gautham resembles you, right? Features are like me
but characters are his dad’s. That’s what hurts me.
– Why aunty? Isn’t he good man? Isn’t he?
– You tell me. As far as I feel, he’s a good man.
Very jovial man. He appears very care free
but he’s really very sensitive. Go on… Time flies away when I’m with Gautham. I really enjoy his company. I heard it, it seems you’d a
great time together in Bangalore. Did he tell everything? He’s loo much. He has told you all my secrets. Now you’ve to tell me
all of Gautham’s secrets. Gautham’s secrets? Oh my goodness!
How did you handle him, aunty? I enjoy his mischievousness. I’ll be worried if he
doesn’t do anything. Breakfast is ready, let’s have it. I’ll take bath and have it, aunty. Gents toilet, down left side. He’s told me that also. Aunty, close your eyes for
two minutes after Gautham returns, I’ll whack him madly. Your house…your mom…Chocolate… He’ll soon be talking to her dad. Mother, where’s Nithya? She’s gone.
– Gone? Where? Said some urgent work and
left to Bangalore. Didn’t she call you? Is she mad? Why does she came and
why does she leaves? Is Bangalore nearby? My eyes failed ta realise the meaning
the way you see me all these days… That such a love is hidden in it… How am I to bring back
those moments? How am I to convert the
pas( into present? That you’re the companion of life
who will share life with me… That yours was the Est call
that reached my heart… What did I do till now
without realizing this? When I realised it,
I came to know how far we are… Your friends are here
from Hyderabad. I’ve arranged a guest house.
Are 3 rooms enough? If you need anything else,
just tell me. You were right. About what?
– About me. I’m mad…I deserve this. What happened, Nithya? About my relationship with Gautham. Didn’t you ask me to check?
– I felt like that. Then, now and always,
it’s true. Why are you crying for that?
Did you tell Gautham? Why are you delaying it?
– He is marrying Kavya. Who is Kavya? Gautham’s future wife. Actually, I should be beat you. Instead of telling me to check,
why didn’t say it confirmedly? It’s too late now. Why Gautham was in such a hurry? Couldn’t he have waited
till I told him? Proud! Sorry once again.
I disturbed your function. Shall I go now? Have you left, Gautham?
– Yes, I’m leaving. How long will you lake? I was changing shirt to leave
and you called me. With great difficulty I got
my father to accept you. I’m wearing your
favourite blue shirt. He’s very jovial. He appears very care free
but he’s really very sensitive. Time flies away when I’m with Gautham. I really enjoy his company. Bye mom. Is this what you
really want, Gautham? About what? I mean… I’m on the way.
Can’t you hear the traffic jostle? Already crossed the check post. You’re awesome in white dress. Why are you so late?
Was it difficult to locate the address? No problem, just followed
the smell of Sambhar. Father, Gautham! Hello sunny. Happy harvest festival! Didn’t I tell you about him?
Kavya’s friend. Uncle. Mother, come here. Mother, Gautham. Greetings aunty. Get one coffee. Kavya, come with me. My father. Greetings grandpa. What? Your field only. Wish you a happy pongal. Didn’t I tell you about him?
Kavya’s friend. That boy only! I think I’ve seen you somewhere. You too appear familiar. You’re Nithya’s uncle… Uncle, I’m Nithya’s friend. How many limes I had dropped
Nithya in your home? I used to drop Nithya
everyday at your home. That same Gautham.
– The same Gautham. If anyone tells anything
about me to someone else, how am I responsible for it? My reputation is at stake.
My parents’ reputation. What am I to tell
my relatives about you? True. Do you know the difference
between you and me? You are thinking only of ‘l’
I’m saying ‘we’. This is not what I want. Is it true?
– What? Are you really gay? What’s that look for?
I’m not your kind. I’m also not that type. My time was running bad, and Nithya
had lied about me with her uncle. It’s better that you
keep your distance from me. Stop the vehicle.
– Why? Untie me. Get lost! Okay then, I’ll do in the car.
We need to go along distance. No fun please, this gun is loaded. Finish it quickly. Is there a short cut to Tirupathi? Go straight, you’ll hit
a mud road right side, lake that road and
you’ll save 50 kms. Love? Going to marry in Tirupathi? Go. I think you’ve forgotten something. No need of it. Do you trust me now? Not you…but this gun. So Kavya matter is over. Your mother had a brain hemorrhage. She was brought dead to the hospital. We couldn’t do anything. Nothing has happened
to mother, right doctor? How long have I’ve been
asking you to take bath? Please understand. Have milk! I’ll take her home, Doctor. Take me to a movie today, please.
Let’s go today, son. She’s fine, isn’t she Doctor? If you don’t listen to me,
I’ll not talk to you. I’ll not talk. Who will fill the void in my life? Who will lead me to the light? Shall I wait for you eternally? Shall I remain as memory all the life? Looks like I’ll have
a lot of girl friends. A soul mate will be only one. Anyone after that is
pure adjustment only. Is this what you really want? Nithya, please listen to me.
– I’ve to go. Won’t you care my words?
– I’ve to go. You can’t go. Got it? I’ve to o. Papa, I’m going to Hyderabad. I came to Hyderabad only yesterday. Came to know about aunt’s demise. How are you? You? Shall I take leave? I wanted to talk lo you
for quite sometime now. I had to go lo Chennai
after my marriage. I though! of calling you. Forget about it. My parents never approved you. They go! a reason that day
to reject you. You’re happy, right?
– That’s not… Are you happy or not? We met as friends,
our friendship should last forever. It will. Will you make coffee? If you allow me, I’ll have it. Kitchen is there, everything is… Let’s do as you say,
and Nithya is here. Dear, the girl looks better
in person than in photo. Si! down. Take my son’s photo. If you say yes,
we’ll lake you right away. Your parents will come lo
your marriage as guests. Look at him, he’ll be handsome. No need, if my parents like him,
i(‘s okay to me. They’ll never lake any wrong
decision concerned about me. I’ll take leave now. Did you see? There are such
girls too in these modern times. You know that I married her
without even seeing her photo. Nithya, you seem to be very happy. What’s the problem, clear? Did you meet Gautham? What happened? Gautham’s married. What are you doing here? If you eat anything you get,
you’ll die boy. How come this bracelet is her? Pinky, did Nithya come here? I’m going to beat both of you
black and blue. Didn’t she came lo your home
just 2 days back? I was getting late for my flight,
so I gave my keys and left. Where is she now? Where else?
Would’ve gone back to Bangalore. Go back… Who knocked the door? Some girl, wrong address. Where are you now? A rental vehicle,
let’s stop it. Brother lift…
– He’ll not stop. Good man, he has stopped. Brother…black car, black dress,
how handsome… Brother, just had a flat tyre.
Tried to change the tyre. Give me the rod.
– We tried but couldn’t. Do you fix flat tyres, brother? Why are you showing your back?
Where is he? Why did you sit in the car? Take left… Why are you hitting us? What did you comment on that girl?
-Which girl? How many girls did you tease?
– I think he’s that mad girl’s man. Is it? She already gave us
a good thrashing. Why are you beating us again? That was her account,
this is my settlement. Sorry guys, I beat you
in frustration. Why are you frustrated? A small misunderstanding.
She went away to Bangalore. Can’t you call her on phone
and explain it clearly? Laid try.
– Then? She didn’t pick my call. Don’t know whom she’s
beating going crazy. Have you decided like that? Can I say something brother?
– Stop it. Got any friend in Bangalore,
why not call him up? Call him?
– Tell him to go to her home. Hello! Are you missing me so much? Where are you now? If I tell you may get depressed, I’m going on office work
from Bangalore to Bangkok. Go to Nithya’s house immediately. Gautham always puts me in trouble.
Is this her home? Hello! Come here. Isn’t anyone in home? No sir.
– Where have they gone? To attend marriage.
– Marriage? Whose marriage? Bujji madam’s.
– Bujji? Bujji means Nithya.
Is Nithya getting married? Marriage? Where? I’m in petrol station.
– Gautham, here! Take Nithya’s letter. After aunty’s death, Gautham is alone, I came here to be with him, But after seeing Kavya there,
I realized I’m alone not him. Meeting him and then parting and
then meeting again and parting again, don’t know what’s this journey?
I’ll never come to Hyderabad again. Though I missed Gautham in
my life, I still want only him. He’ll be happy with Kavya. We’re going to Bangalore. There are no usual twists
in your life. Try to understand me,
I’ve to stop that marriage. If you want, I’ll come back.
Do whatsoever you want with me. Same age old cow and tiger story. This is life and death problem. Why are you so tensed? She was roaming with you
till recently, yesterday she got engaged to Deepak, now she’s marrying someone else. I feel husband is new but
not men in her life. One more word against Nithya… Is she that close to you? Where? Here! I made a mistake,
I should’ve killed you. Any fool can kill with a gun.
Shall I kill you? He told me that you’re cunning,
Peddi Reddy told me. Peddi Reddy? Who is he? Your lover Nithya’s father.
He ordered me to kidnap you. Nithya’s father is Narayan Rao.
– Narayan Rao? No! Peddi Reddy?
– No. Isn’t your lover Nithya
Peddi Reddy’s daughter?- No! Isn’t it you who planned to elope
with Peddi Reddy’s daughter? Don’t irritate me by asking
the same question, I’ll fire at you, I don’t know
to shoot, I’ll fire at will. In my 15 year career,
never once it happened like this. If you’re not him, who is that man? By the way, who the hell are you? Isn’t it you who dragged me
into this confusion? How am I connected to this?
Why did you drag me into this mess? Why were you in that car? I already told you to stop
Nithya’s marriage. Tell me one thing finally,
where did I go wrong? Bloody! Where’s the fuse?
– This is fine. I think we can’t do it. How long will you take!
– I’m trying to fix it. I need to go to Bangalore.
– Get in. I’m leaving, you come with the car.
– You carry on. A cigarette pack please. Got him. Peddi Reddy will kill me
if he comes to know this. If Nithya marries,
then I’ll kill you myself. I’m in soup. Shut up man! Shut your mouth. I may be anyone,
what bothers you man. I don’t care who ever you may be. We don’t have any connection but
if matter gets worse in my case, I’ll come for your neck. By the way, I’ve killed John. Why did you tell him like that? Nobody can kill a dead man, right?
That’s why I told him like that. Brother-in-law!
– Who is brother-in-law to you? You saved your sister’s husband’s
life, brother-in-law. Where are we now?
What’s going? I’m confused. Where’s the marriage? If you get the other things,
I’ll start offering the players.- Okay. Bye, Why there are factionists
in the marriage? Recently factionists killed
a man in Proddatur. You mean Subba Reddy? Yes, he’s groom’s maternal uncle.
They are here for safely. Suppose if wedding is over? Brother-in-law, sometimes it happens. It happens sometimes? He left before us,
why hasn’t he turned up yet? Where is Gautham?
– Here! Who are you? Lost my job in recession.
I’ll do any job. Go in and do some work. One minute, people are avoiding me
because I’m drunk, brother. Get me a job please.
– Get lost man! Let’s do one thing before
Gautham comes, kidnap the bride. You decide, I’ve decided.
Proceed brother. Come. Why are you telling him
about the kidnap? Who will believe a drunkard?
– Come, let’s go inside. Look, haw she’s feeling shy.
– When are you getting married? You were feeling shy
in your marriage. Why are you so serious?
Can’t you feel little shy? Don’t scold me, brother-in-law. 12 criminal cases are
pending against me. My fool respect!
Can’t do a kidnap cleanly. 12 cases on you and
you claim to be a kidnapper. Mother promise, brother-in-law,
I’m a kidnapper. If you mention my name,
police literally wet their pants. Who wants to hear that nonsense? May be Nithya is
tying the knot there. Thanks sir.
– The sweets are excellent. Who is he making so much fuss?
– Such along rope. Are you the groom? I don’t think he’ll marry. Isn’t the food good? Will you
stop the marriage? Bloody idiot! If they’re heating a man like this
for threatening to stop marriage, think of our condition who
are hereto stop it really. Who are you guys?
Whose guests are you? Bride.
– Groom. Which ever side we may be,
marriage is more important. Okay…where are you coming from? Hyderabad.
– Vijayawada. Which ever place we may’ve come,
marriage is more important. Sir, we’ll meet Nithya once. Bride is getting ready,
boys are allowed inside. She’s a girl! Is he a girl? You carry on dear. You both slay back here only.
Where are you put up now? Kollur.
– Brigade road. I’m staying in Kollur,
I picked him from Brigade road. Brother, rope is ready,
knife is ready, I’ll find a dark room like
in Varma’s film. Next is kidnap,
till then cover him that’s enough. Who is he? My cousin.
– Servant. Are you playing with me? Can’t Gautham tell me that
he’s not married and loves me. Now, I agreed my parents’ selection
and ready to marry him, will you come now to
(ell me to elope? I’ll kill you all.
– What are you going to do now? That is papa…
Gautham isn’t married… Pinky just told me… I thought he’s married
and got confused… Shall I go? Is the marriage over?
– Not yet. You’re saved, o. Take photos next time,
don’t trust number plates. You said love, marriage and
all the best to a guy on the way, he’s 999 guy,
I mean Peddi Reddy’s son-in-law. Love? Going to marry in Tirupathi? Marriage arrangements are fine, right?
– Fantastic. Hey you, this side not (here. Where is the bride’s room, baby?
– Upstairs. A window saree. Come on. Bring the bride please. Nithya, open the door. What does your father do? Catches fish!
– Fish? Catches fishes it seems. Has Nithya jumped?
What happened? Hubby, bride is not opening the door. Stop these people boy!
– Where are you going? Nithya, open the door. What happened?
Isn’t she opening the door’? What is this anti-climax? Who is he? I’m calling you. Slowly…May fall…l…l… Have they kidnapped the bride?
– Kidnap? You don’t know brother. Bride’s friends have
come to kidnap her. From Hyderabad. They’re knocking the door.
– Have they kidnapped Nithya already? Don’t open the door. What’s this? Where’s the bride? What happened to her? Who are you guys?
– Where the bride? One minute! I don’t have the money.
How much more will you buy? Can’t you understand?
My fate I got you. I’ll send money when I get it.
Try to understand. No, No…don’t buy…don’t buy… Uncle, I wank lift to Hyderabad.
Please very urgent. My dear, you go ahead
and buy anything you want. Try to listen to me.
-One minute! Speak one at a time. Who are you guys?
what’s your name? What’s your name? Why are you telling his name?
– My name is also Gautham. Lift and see, not there, here. Tell me, where have you
hidden the kidnapped girl? Actually this is not a kidnap… One minute!
This is foolproof kidnap plan. Once I commit myself,
I’ll not betray the profession. No use, call the police, uncle.
– Call police, DCP Ramchander. Do you know the DCP? No( only me, everyone knows here. Naidu’s son,
Victory Venkatesh’s ‘Gharshana’. I’m in no way connected
with him or (his kidnap. No connection? What’s this brother? Hey elderly man, come here. Question number 1, did you
invite him to the marriage?- No! Question number 2, what was he
doing in bride’s room? Should I’ve to ask him everything?
Won’t you ask him anything? There’s logic in it, brother. How many of your gang
members are here? We are five!
– Five? Five means…
where are the other 3 guys? What are you guys doing here?
Then who kidnapped Nithya? They did it. We’re finished. Give me the jewels. Give me the jewels. Drop me in Hyderabad and
then take all my jewels. Give me the jewels. Don’t cry!
Don’t cry I say! It’s always like this. Whenever I want to meet Gautham.
I’m always in trouble. Gautham? Neither he can tell,
nor I can tell it. When I wanted to tell first lime,
he had Kavya’s photo in bedroom. Kavya? Second time I saw a married Kavya
in his house. What am I supposed to think? Forget it, this will not happen,
Kill me! After that kill Gautham also. What can he do without me?
– Nithya? How do you know? Who are you? I’m your elder brother. Tell us…tell us…
– One minute! We are all caught,
what’s your problem now? Beat us!
– Beat them boys! If you return my gun sister,
I’ll leave. As you please… You know what I want. Tell me. When we met first time, we met.
Second time we met… One minute… Actually I wanted to say that day
in the railway station itself. But Deepak came, committed
a mistake with Kavya… Did you’d it with Kavya?
You didn’t tell me about it. Had it with Kavya… Not that mistake,
you please stay away man. I said I made a mistake
of thinking I loved her. In fact my friends said Nithya
is no good and too short also. Not mine, their feeling. In my opinion you’re
Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore. Aishwarya Rai…
– You’re becoming like Kalpana Rai. You stop eating! My wife. Kill him, it’ll be over.
– I’ll reduce the volume. Tell me. I’ll (ell. I don’t know to say poetically
like in Elms. I didn’t have any feeling when I
met you for the first lime. I thought I didn’t have. When I couldn’t propose
lo Kavya or Simran, I thought the problem was with me, Now I’ve realised,
I never loved them at all. I thought I loved them. I still don’t know how to
express my love to you. But if you’re with me,
life will be fine. If you talk ta any other boy,
I’m feeling jealous. I feel like telling lies
to impress you. I wanted to do something
and stop this marriage. I feel like I want to
fight with you always. If you wear any mini dress,
Heel like beating you. I never knew I had so many negative
shades in me (ill I met you. It’s confirmed, this is love. To (ell you openly, I’m crazy about you! I can’t live without you. Mother promise, I’ll take
good care of you. Tell me those three words too. Means l… You!…- I… You only! Do you want me to clean
the child’s ass? What shall we do?
– Kill him. Sister…sister….. Hey sing a song man! I’m a professional kidnapper,
not a singer. Sing man! That’s how it ended! Subtitles by ..::MaGeSh::..


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  49. Maga Rajan says:

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