1. Ajay Banner says:

    its good

  2. Alba Flores says:

    thats actually true he or she literally texted me which idk care

  3. Pearl Tupas says:

    Omg! I just got one and all about a freaking email delivery? And I replied him. I thought I won in a giveaway but it's a spam!?

  4. Kyrstin the awsome wolf says:

    I just had this happen

  5. Jacob Doolittle says:

    I got a email to him he wanted to meet me

  6. Alexander Sacul says:

    Saludos Brother😎💪☝️✌

  7. Max Max says:

    Brother plz give my clash of clans I'd please brother….

  8. Delem Golovanov says:

    Hello, I am from Russia. Noreply wrote to me. Can you add Russia subtitres?

  9. Hey there! says:

    Lol i got a email from pewdiepie 😂😂😂

  10. Wendy Irene says:

    I got one

  11. iProjectile says:

    He said lazerbeam sent you a friend request I went to view details to look it up a d i found this

  12. William Suárez Alfaro says:

    Hello me friend

  13. Niall Fifa says:


  14. Alejo Ruben Romero Martinez says:

    Porque me mandaste unensaje

  15. Montana Bennett says:

    He texted me saying he was Mr beast

  16. OneLove T.v says:

    hi bro

  17. Matt From Wii says:

    I got one saying one of my favorite youtubers was trying to add me as a friend

  18. Special Kay says:

    Mrbeast added me but when I saw them and I looked back and it said suspended user I declined

  19. Libby Elstone says:

    He just sent me an email a pretending to be Rebecca Zamolo giving me a request to message on YouTube

  20. kwaii bon bon says:

    He said that I got a friend request from the dolan twins I freaked out but realized it fake I'm sooo sad

  21. Draws Stuff234 says:

    They emails me saying sssniperwolf wanted to add me as a friend on YouTube

  22. TheRealLowz says:

    I did something real stupid and gave my information what now?!?!

  23. Trena Henry says:

    I got James Charles

  24. Laura xD says:

    I got a friendrequest from Tana mongeau

  25. mr monkey says:

    Mrbeast sent me a friend request

  26. Clive Cavanough says:

    pewdiepie would like to be your friend

  27. Cmoney2117 says:

    So it’s fake?

  28. killian says:

    This noreply email copystriked my videos

  29. Candy Vlogz says:

    He or she emailed me and didn't say anything 😂😑

  30. No Name says:

    I got an email from Jake paul and i didnt reply

  31. a gáàby says:

    I do not accept that! I took a spam from you! dude why did you do it ??? I did nothing! face because

  32. GOD FATHER says:

    I get a friend request from eminem from this email😂😂😂

  33. Yarthanda Ninga!! says:

    Bro they give me a copy right takedown how

  34. code _0 says:

    He sent an email to me

  35. ꧁Mąńûęl꧂ 027 says:

    Me acaba de llegar un email con ese mismo nombre >:(

  36. فن ديكورات الراقية للجبس والجداريات says:

    تم الاشتراك اعيدها

  37. روتانا كليب says:


  38. روتانا كليب says:


  39. ray oscar says:

    I like it congratulation

  40. ray oscar says:

    But one iknow we will join the group of good doctor s

  41. Andreas Holzmann says:


  42. Sakshi Sharma says:

    Singga k sath shott krna chati hu

  43. GameBot says:

    They sent me a adult content mail

  44. sapna Chaudhari says:

    Please Mere corporate video ko Hata Do main ab kabhi e corporate video Nahin dalungi please help me

  45. Tendencia programa tv says:

    Spanis cada vez que el ver un vídeo tuyo el dice que el video el es autor

  46. Jaden Mitchell says:

    Idu anything they said

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