Hey guys. Well… I received a lot of letters and emails
and I would like to thank you all for your kind support. For real, it means a lot to me and it will
make this easier, so thank you very much to all of you. I have one here from Oliver. It says, ‘Dear
André, I hope you get well soon. I can’t wait for you to get back on Goodison Park
and score lots of goals’. Honestly, it’s like a young kid and it means
a lot – especially from a young lad and an Evertonian. From Regan: ‘I’m a Liverpool fan, but I hope
you get better soon’. Thanks a lot. We know how hard it is for a
football fan, especially from another team. It doesn’t matter the colour, so thank you
very much, Regan for your support. I have a few emails as well here… ‘Hi André. I was watching the game against
Spurs at home and I was so disappointed to see you injured that I kicked my table and
broke my toe.’ ‘Best wishes from Ben’. Wow, this is a weird one! Honestly, I feel
bad for you, Ben. I didn’t want that to happen to you. I hope you get well soon. I would
wish that nothing like this would happen to both of us, but thank you very much for your
message and your support. I’m giving best wishes to you as well. A new one… Sharon Richards. It says: ‘You will always have a special place
in our home after treating our Sam to a coat at Everton One last year. You are a brilliant
football player, but what a nice fellow too’. Erm… thank you! Thank you very much. I remember when this happened with Sam. As
I said to all of you before, thank you for your support. A big ‘hi’ to Sam as well. It’s
nice to receive this email from you and thank you – thank you once again. I have a lot of letters here. I will try to
take my time at home with everything. Honestly, guys… It’s almost impossible to put into words.
I feel sensitive and emotional because of what you have done for me. I just need to
thank you all. It’s emotion. I will be back back stronger, for sure. I want to help the team reach the goals we
set at the beginning of the season and once again, thank you. Thank you for everything.


  1. Phil Patton says:

    What a top man your missed by us so much we need u back in the famous blue shirt get well soon andre your 1 boss midfielder proud you play 4 us

  2. ANIT B says:

    Love you Man, here's to a speedy recovery ♥️

  3. Ross บักลี่ says:

    Get Well Soon..from Thailand Evertonian

  4. efc 4ever says:

    Love this guy. This is a true Everton player who gives his all on the pitch

  5. A Geary says:

    Next Silva opens his P45 mail…………..

  6. Frizna Aditya says:

    Come back and make a goal again andre, get well soon

  7. Sachin Hd says:


  8. Mark Vinther says:

    Forever blue, best wishes from Everton-Denmark 💙

  9. GRH says:

    Andre is so nice

  10. Marco Castro says:

    André is a great lad but has always struggled with his luck. Rivalries aside, I hope he gets back on the pitch and show how good he can be. All the best!

  11. aviator2492 says:

    Even as a robotic plastic City fan, I almost shed a tear André .
    All the best.

  12. Skull Fighter says:

    Sack silva plzzzzzzz

  13. Skull Fighter says:

    And this time dont get a crap manager

  14. Skull Fighter says:

    Love you Andre and I promise everton will get better if we get a new manager who’s actually good

  15. 스웨거 says:


  16. Zwollenaar 1987 says:

    Liverpool may be my favorite english club but i sincerily hope that gomes makes a full recovery.

    Get well soon gomes

  17. Ibrahim Santana Farandika says:

    get well soon andre from united fans

  18. 김배려 says:

    바르셀로나 때부터 관심있게 지켜봤습니다. 이제 좀 잘 되려나 싶었는데 부상을 당해서 너무나 안타깝습니다. 하루 빨리 회복하고 리그에 복귀하길 바랍니다. 잘 될 거예요. I am watching you since when you were in Barcelona. I was expecting that you would be best player in this season, but so sad you had an injury. I hope you get well soon and play league again. Everything's gonna be fine.

  19. Michael Cheeseman says:

    Speedy recovery andrè COYB NSNO UTFT

  20. Jon snow 5478 says:

    I love this so much COYB 💙💙💙

  21. Þór Sigurðsson Gylfi says:

    I hope He will be back soon.

    From Korea

    🇰🇷❤Andre Gomes

  22. Kim Mong Chong says:

    Speedy recovery lad 💙💙💙🙏

  23. Kev says:

    Speedy recovery big man !!!

  24. Валерка Гладильников says:

    Also Liverpool fan, moreover fan from Russia, but there is no other side in this situation. Get well soon, Andre! YNWA

  25. Rooster says:

    What a nice feller. Great representative for our club. I look forward to seeing him back in a blue shirt. Get well soon Andre!

  26. The Grader 600 says:

    What a guy

  27. DC Drums says:

    In the short time you've been here, you have become a true role model to all, in and around the game. Get well soon fella.

  28. N R says:

    All the best from Toronto. Canada

  29. Tom Farrelly says:

    love you andre utft 💪💪💙💙

  30. Andrew Connell says:

    Our Generalissimo, him and jean phillipe gonna tear it up in 2020 💪

  31. Confused ??? says:

    Get well soon 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍💙💙💙⚽⚽⚽

  32. ITSYABOYLEWIS_7 says:

    Much love 💙💙💙

  33. Spencer Williamson says:

    Ben made it about him somehow. Just kidding, hope he recovers.

  34. BTClasher ! says:

    At least something positive in a bad time for us evertonians🔵🔵💙💙

  35. Gonçalo Veiga says:

    As melhoras Andre!

  36. jaanu2222 says:

    i am a barca fan , and may god give you strength and i know you'll come back soon and even more stronger 🙂 wish you for your speedy recovery

  37. Cameron Lovelady says:

    He’s a belter

  38. Dan Skiza says:

    Great to see your in the road to recovery Andre ……. hope your not playing in the championship next season when u return .

  39. COOKIE MONSTER 2 says:

    I a Everton fan season ticket holder and your my second fav player well Pickford is my fav cuz I am a goalie and ye I wanna be the next England and Everton’s number #1 hope you will be back on the pitch and I am at every Everton game and your good a rlly good player good passing and everything else

  40. Craig Strong says:

    Genuinely love this guy! You will be back in the blue shirt in no time 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

  41. Gerryn Cadd says:

    What a beautiful man, missing you in the team right now Andre, speedy recovery mate.

  42. Toe poke says:

    All comments from around the world just shows how good of a club Everton is the that's why it's called the people s club the best in my opinion I just wish we had a trophy soon coz us evertonians fooking deserve one lol

  43. Jay Warbrick says:

    Andre is scouse 😇💙

  44. Kevin Mc says:

    Get well soon

  45. Lee Kyle says:

    I'm a Everton fan your my favourite player get better soon can't wait till you come back to goodison park

  46. Unknown says:

    Gomez is a beast at Everton and i hope he recovers quickly

  47. Rhys Jones says:

    Got something in my eye watching that

  48. Kieran Ryan says:

    One love see you at Wembley fa cup final 👍🏻😂

  49. Subham Dangol says:

    Get well soon Andre!

  50. steele teddydog says:

    A true gentleman…can't wait to see you back in royal blue jersey.

  51. Mark Anderson says:

    Missing you on the pitch top player

  52. Steven Astley says:

    More importantly, where is the letter from Son?

  53. bluedart75 says:

    Stay strong André,and speedy recovery 💙

  54. Electrical Gamer says:

    Can I just say “Andre Gomes” what a guy

  55. Iarla O'Broin says:

    Seamus Coleman: Where’s my letters? 🥺

  56. John Pa'a says:

    From a Man United fan Get well soon Andre hope you stay strong

  57. Gary Jones says:

    Love this man

  58. mark gray says:

    You're a true gentleman..

  59. Jimmy Tan HS says:

    Loosing Gana, we lost a big part of our playing team on match days. Then this guy came in and the started to settle again but now that he is out, our team is again unbalanced. Get back soon.

  60. Tony Nesbit says:


  61. Henry Eve says:

    Spurs should do a video of son opening the get well soon letters

  62. Sadio Lewis says:

    Good luck on your recovery Andre break a leg

  63. Dapz Mostanti says:

    🙏🏾🙏🏾 Keep ur head up Andre

  64. Stephen Shaw says:

    Hope you get better andre

  65. ee says:

    GWS Andre, hope to see you playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva etc. at Euro 2020 next year 👊👏👌💪👍🤩😍⚽🏆🏅🎖️

  66. Jem Mace says:

    An example to us as an Everton player play's and acts on the pitch and off it, a big heart and great work ethic. God speed André. We love you.


  67. Jayant Calla says:

    Who dislikes this video respect from Manchester United fan

  68. Brian Sephton says:

    I am gonna guess the 9 thumbs down support Liverpool .How sad is that ?

  69. David Crozier says:

    Classy guy. Get well soon, Andre.

  70. Shrikant Ramkrishan says:

    Get well soon buddy……U r a lion

  71. Grace Kashura says:

    I’m a lfc fan but I hope you get a speedy recovery

  72. Ace Hardy says:


  73. sunny says:

    Get Well Soon Andre

  74. 셀리 says:

    Get Well Soon..from korea

  75. Ryan Fleming says:

    Get well soon. Sorry mate

  76. 게누구 says:

    대한민국에서 당신을 응원하는 한 축구팬입니다. 안타까운 부상장면을 봤어요,..너무걱정되서 몇일을 일이손에 잡히지않았습니다. 근황도 궁금했구요. 잘 회복되어서 경기장에서 멋진모습기대할께요. 안드레 고메즈 화이팅

  77. STORMY TEMPEST says:

    All the best on your recovery kid, But will he be the same player? Time will tell, best of luck on your Rehab.

  78. 김원준 says:

    always support you from Korea 🇰🇷♥

  79. omar yahya says:

    Wishing Gomes a speedy recovery. That was a horrific injury and I hope he comes back stronger. Stay strong Andre. 🙏

  80. omar yahya says:

    I am an Arsenal fan but I have to say this guy is a gentleman. Hopefully he gets back to the pitch ASAP

  81. Lousimo- says:

    he sounds like Cristiano Ronaldo

  82. Mark Fraser says:

    What a great and sincere guy hope he gets back to his best soon.COYB.

  83. Wayne Looney says:

    He is brilliant

  84. Jeff Pape says:

    Glad to see he’s doing alright. Prayers❤️

  85. Anvit says:

    Spurs fan here, get well soon and I hope you get back on the pitch as soon as possible

  86. Let's have another one says:

    I hope you recovery well sorry

  87. Andrew Watt says:

    Hi Andre it’s great to see you got lots of letters from all types of people supporting other teams. Looking for to seeing you back on the Pitch playing for Everton . Keeping working hard with your injury and give updates when possible. Cheers Andrew

  88. BLACKZERO Gaming says:

    Get Well Soon
    Liverpool Fan

  89. Ferran Bosch says:

    quin cabell té el cabron

  90. Chiz Wiz says:

    Well soon mate,Man Utd fan from Zimbabwe!!!

  91. Aboubakar Ibrahim says:

    Thank Gomes⚽️👏🏿

  92. TaZvet says:

    Me fan Gomes😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😪❤️😪😪😪

  93. Sans says:

    God bless Andre such a courages handsome man and I wish you a successful recovery and return to the pitch and get up the league
    COYB 🔵💙

  94. Kim Minseung says:

    Dear Andre,
    I'm from Indonesia, i just say, I hope you get well, Andre. And can do your activities as usual…

  95. Këä Këä says:


  96. Firdaus Daud says:

    GWS kevin richardson

  97. Nader CR says:

    I’m a Real Madrid fan, but i’m also a Portugal fan. Wish you all the best Andre Gomes and a speedy recovery🙏🏽

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