Another Gary Vaynerchuk Top 10 Rules For Success


– Dwelling on what you (beep) up on is the quickest way for
the next thing not to work. All great stuff, especially
when you’re innovating doesn’t happen right away. Number one mistake so many people make is they care about what other people have. I don’t give a (beep) what anybody has. If I have more, if I have less. It doesn’t matter, I worry about myself. – He’s an American entrepreneur, investor and four times New York
Times best selling author. He’s best known as a digital marketer and social media pioneer. He’s an angel investor or advisor to Uber Birchbox, Twitter, Facebook Snapchat, and Tumblr. He’s Gary Vaynerchuk and here’s my take on his top 10 rules for success volume two. Rule number three is my personal favorite and I’d love to know which
one you guys like the best. And as always guys, if you hear something that really resonates with you please leave it down
in the comments below. Put quotes around it as well so other people can be inspired. Also when you write it down you’re much more likely to lock it in for yourself as well, enjoy. (upbeat inspiring music) – What if I told you this
was the last Monday morning of your life? What if I told you you’d die this week? Would you complain about your crap job or that test you don’t want to take? I doubt it. You’d go much higher level thinking. Well that’s really what it takes. It takes understanding that if
you’re not pumped right now. If you’re begrudging
what you’re about to do. If you’re not looking forward to it. Look, I respect practicality. You got to go through school because your parents want to. You got to pay your rent. You got student loans. I get it. But please recognize the
world we’re living in. We’re living in a world where there is so much more opportunity. This internet thing created
way more opportunity for all of us, way more. And look, you might not even be alive. Like, your mom and dad could have had sex like, three minutes later and you wouldn’t even exist. And you’re complaining. You could have ended
up being a bus, a tree. I just don’t get the mentality of being head down sad
on a Monday morning. I’m going to make Monday
morning my (beep). I’m going to make you
Saturday, Monday morning. That’s what I want to do every morning and that’s what I want from you. Please, take a step back and think about how
awesome it actually is. And then, recognize that
you can attack the world in a totally different way because you are lucky enough to be born during this era. So many people come up to me and say “Gary, it’s so hard.” I look at their Instagram and they’re not posting any
of their content with hashtags which is a by accident
way to pick up exposure in a world where they have no money. When you have no money. When I took over my dad’s business it did $3 million a
year, 10% gross profit. $300,000 before expenses. My first year marketing
budget was $14,000. When you have no money. And I built that business from a three to a $60 million business in five years. I had to make every penny perfect. So I was right about
email marketing in ’96 and I was right, because of
that I had 91% open rates. When Google Adwords came
out, the day it came out I paid five cents a click for words before anybody bid me up and I was super right and that worked. – How much is that luck versus preparation and do you ever get anything wrong? What do you do when you make a mistake? – I get everything wrong. It’s just that I can’t recall it because once it’s wrong I’m
moving onto the next thing. Like, dwelling on what you (beep) up on is the quickest way for
the next thing not to work. Right? – Yup. (applause and cheering) – So I think I do everything. I mean, you know this. This is a fun thing to say. Some people in the back know this. I was a break-out Youtube
star in the first year. 2006, I decided that the right strategy was to leave Youtube completely and go to Viddler because Viddler offered
me equity in their company and I’ve left an enormous
amount of attention. I deviated from my intention thesis to do short-term economics in equity in a company. And I lost. I lost. When D-Rock finally came
into my life two years ago and we started to try
to build up my Youtube for the first time I was sitting on 40,000 followers in a world where I could have had millions if I had just stayed the course. So I make mistakes all the time. I’m re-working VaynerMedia everyday because it’s based on a
mistake I made the prior year. I just don’t give a
(beep) about my mistakes. Everybody else cares about your mistakes. If you’re worried about your own mistakes you’ve already lost. – Sometimes a lot of people
may try a new initiative and then they don’t get
an immediate reaction and they think it’s a failure. – [Gary] That’s right. – I watch your Youtube videos with the Wine Library. You know, you had so
much content out there. How did you stick in there? How did you keep yourself motivated? – Because I believe in my strategies and I’m patient as (beep). Like, all great stuff especially when you’re innovating doesn’t happen right away. This notion of like, “Oh Gary, I tried it. “I spent 500 bucks on Facebook
ads, it doesn’t work.” Well what if your video sucked? What if your product and service sucks? I tend to do things that are very early. That has been my career. When I do things, I believe in them. I stick with them based on intuition. Even though for 18 months nobody watched my wine videos at all I knew it was right, I was right. There’s been things I’ve done that I jumped off of very quickly. I started a Gary Vee app, VeeCHAT. Like V-E-E, like WeChat. That was funny for my fans. Great CRM one-on-one. Didn’t feel right after a week or two. Spent plenty of money building it. Knew, stopped it after a couple months. Wine Library TV, five
years, every day Youtube decided to change it to Daily Grape. InSolar App, you can buy stuff. Subscription for reviews. It was a lot of fun. Only did it for five months, stopped it because it didn’t feel right anymore. It’s always hard to know when
to jump off something new. But I find that people don’t believe in what they’re doing. They hear a guru and they do it begrudgingly because their boss wants them to or they’re like, “Well Gary’s right a lot “So let me do it.” But they don’t believe it. And so then they jump,
they’re looking for no’s instead of yes’s. Everything I do, every
business development every event I do, every time I try a new marketing tactic or sales tactic I’m looking for the yes. – Right. – I’m looking for the yes and if the no punches me well then I’m like,
“Crap, the no punched me.” I believe the majority of people when they try new tactics are looking for the no and you’re going to be getting a lot of subtle no’s immediately. – [Host] Right. – And so I think that’s why that happens. You need to care about everything and it starts with yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “What
do I want to do every day “For the rest of my life?” Do that. I promise you can monetize that (beep). If you love Alf, do an Alf blog. If you collect Smurfs, Smurf it up. Whatever you need to do, do it. (audience laughing) So many people are talking about “I can’t monetize, I can’t monetize.” There’s a billion 70 year old douchebags that are in control right now. But, the number two person that 34 year old lady she’s going to buy your (beep). She’s going to put the
advertising on your stuff. It’s coming. Stop crying and just keep hustling. I am desperate for people to start defining their hopes and dreams and wants and needs on their terms. Not on what I say. I don’t care if you want
to hustle 18 hours a day. I really don’t. I really, really don’t. I don’t care if you want
to buy the New York Jets. I don’t care what you want or need. You need to care about
what you want and need. You can’t worry about what I’m saying. You can’t worry about whoever your flavor of the month is right? Maybe I’m your flavor
of the month right now. Maybe your consistent flavor of the life is your mom’s point of view. Is your older brother who’s
guided you with wisdom but wants you to be a lawyer but you don’t want to be a lawyer. You want to be a street artist. You want to take the chance
of being an entrepreneur. Or the reverse, or the reverse. No one preaches and loves entrepreneurship more than me but I think you see me all the time talking about self awareness, are you one? This is the golden era
for entrepreneurship. People ask me for selfies. This will go away. It may not go away for me but it’s going to go away and you know, entrepreneurship like a rap artist, like a baseball player. Like a heavyweight, nobody
cares who the heavyweight champion of the world is right now. Nobody cares who’s an active astronaut. But they surely did in 1969 and 1954 for heavyweight champ or you know, they change, they change. And it will always change and it will continuously change and right now, entrepreneurship
is in this pedestal. It’s having its moment. And what I’m fearful of is that you watch my videos,
you see my Instagram quotes. And what I want to clarify for everybody is I hope you understand. I am not giving advice to everybody. The only advice I’d like
to give to everybody is to do you. To find what your north star is. To understand yourself. To understand what your
work/life balance ambitions are. How much, what your
financial ambitions are. What your life challenges are. The problems that you want
to try to solve and cure as we all do as humans. Trying to climb those different
mountains in our lives. What makes you tick? That is all that matters. Don’t do, you know I don’t do DailyVee or all these videos for you to be like me. I don’t think anybody should be like me. Boy, there are enormous
amounts of pressures and sacrifices that I recognize are just not healthy or
valuable to anybody else but it’s also not
healthy or valuable to me to do some of the things
that you want me to do. Like, it’s not fun for me to work 9-5. I will break, I will be
as equally devastated as you would be to work
till midnight every day. And so we just need a call to action for everybody to recognize we have to stop judging everybody else. I’m not judging you. I’m creating content for
you to use as a barometer to try to figure out what you like and what you don’t like and I’m trying to provide value through my words, my actions and my content to bring to people to amplify their worlds. And that’s really it. That’s the clarification. Like, I don’t want people to be like me. I don’t want people to do me. I want people to do themselves. And they just have to start
with understanding themselves and not trying to be
like me in this moment or that person the next moment. Or that person the next moment. The people that most win
are in tune with themselves and figure themselves out. The problem is, if you
have the greatest hammer and the greatest screwdriver and the greatest wrench, the greatest in front of you. If you don’t use them properly you will lose. – [Host] Right. – If there’s a nail that I
have to put in that ground but I take the wrench and I hit it when the hammer was right there. It still comes down to the practitioner and you have to be good at your craft. And you have to love your,
if you don’t love sales if you don’t love it, you have no chance. Because it’s so hard, it’s so painful. There’s so much rejection. – [Host] Right. – So those are the things I think about. – So, technology has enabled
as you just said there that the person is equally important. – [Gary] More important. – Right, and going back to– – More important. Like I apologize for jumping in but let me make it perfectly straight. If I go play Roger Federer
right now in tennis and I have the greatest
tennis racket ever made. Like taken for the Mar’s new resources and he took a John
McEnroe 1974 tennis racket he would whip my ass. (laughs) Like, I am crushing sales people that have every sales force,
every one of your competitors 37 features, upgraded, went
to every PRO conference watching this. I will beat their ass in
sales every day of the week. Pure talent. – [Audience Member]
Because you regularly say that failure propels you. Are there any instances in your past truly where you couldn’t get over it and why? – Nope. (audience laughs) – [Audience Member] And that’s why– – By the way, by the way! That’s the same answer for
everybody in this room. That’s what humans are good at. We all fail, we’ve all failed. Like, there are. My parents haven’t been killed, my child. I mean, there’s people that
have their children die. Like could you imagine? Like the (beep) I deal with. Listen, unfortunately or fortunately depends on how one wants to look at it I’m a pretty optimistic guy. I lost three of my four grandparents before I was really, before I knew them. Two before I was born
and one very early on. So, you know it’s easy for me to be happy. I have my (beep) in the right order. The health and well being of my family. And there’s nothing even
remotely close to that. Not even remotely. People have gotten through much worse. This is why I’m trying to
recall our grandparents and our great-grandparents. People were persecuted and killed and like I just, we do
not have real headaches. You know, I don’t know why I have this highly emotional and then
completely un-emotional part of me but I mix them together
to create the balance and that’s what works for me. So of course there’s nothing that I couldn’t get up from. Like every other human
ever besides somebody who now lives in some weird cave that we don’t know about. (audience laughs) You know what I mean? – [Woman] I do. – We are strong as (beep). We’re really (beep) strong. We’re just being sold that we’re not. Because there’s a lot of money. A lot of money in telling us
that we’re not pretty enough thin enough, smart enough, good enough. (beep) that. I want to tell you you’re the (beep) best. Go do (beep). – [Woman] I’ve been feeling a little bit unmotivated and I’ve been feeling like I should be doing something or I should be, just like I feel like I should be pulled in different. I’m feeling, uninspired basically. That’s my question. How do you get, when you lose inspiration or you lose motivation,
how do you get it back? – I get it back by remembering
that you might die tomorrow. – [Woman] That’s true. – So, I’m inspired by practicality and reality and the truth which is it is ridiculously impossible to become a human being. I am one. I have other good things
going for me as a human being. And I’m just grateful. You’re dwelling and looking
at what you don’t have versus looking at what you have. If you actually looked at what you had your health, you know living in America. You know, who the heck knows
what you be on your list if you actually spent all
your time looking at that versus, “I don’t have a million dollars. “I’m not famous. “I don’t have this.” If you spent all your
time on what you have versus what you don’t have you would be the happiest girl on Earth. – [Man] Should I do this on the side or take a gap year and try to launch it? – Both work. – [Man] Both? Okay. – Both work. – [Man] Which one is best? – I don’t know you well enough, you know. You know what I mean? They both work. – [Man] Yes. – Which one do you want to do? – [Man] I would like to
try to take a gap year. – So take a gap year. – [Man] But I’m scared. – Well that’s why you’re asking. – [Man] Yeah, which one will you do? – I wouldn’t take either. – [Man] What will you do then? – I can’t answer that for you. Fear is holding you back. You know what you want to do. The only reason you’re not doing it is because you’re scared of doing what you actually want to do. Right? Are you scared to do it because
your parents won’t like it? – [Man] No, my parents
actually support me. – Okay, so what are
you scared of? Failing? – [Man] Not failing but um, still being in the same place when my friends are at the next level. – Huge mistake. You don’t want the same
thing your friends want. – [Man] No. – So why the (beep) do
you care what they have? Number one mistake so many people make is they care about what other people have. I don’t give a (beep) what anybody has. If I have more, if I have less. It doesn’t matter, I worry about myself. The fact that you’re worrying about other people’s accomplishments is already a losing formula. You need to get rid of that first then you can focus on yourself. – [Man] Thank you. – You understand? You know to be great, I
think you have to fight. And I very much thing that my success is a product of some level of skill. But I do think I win
because I outwork people. I really do believe that. I do believe that 100%. And I’m not sure that if my
dad didn’t set that example that I’d even have the ability to think one could work that hard. The fact that I’ve been
working 19 hours a day every day for the last
20 years is easy for me. It’s the only gear I do right? I was poor, I sucked (beep) at school. It was the only gear I had. You know I think you need to recognize that your biggest advantage is that you’re hungrier
than your competitor and that if you’re not
applying your one advantage which is your work ethic and the hours that you have
to put into your business well then you’re going to come up short. I sit here with enormous assumptions around all of you that you’re just too soft to beat me. Right, but I think that
you’ve had it better. And that that alone doesn’t
allow you to beat me. Somebody will come with the
counter culture point of view and be like, “Gary that’s cool “But I don’t have to work that hard “Because I’m working smarter.” Yeah me too (beep). I work hard and smart, now what? Look, there’s a 12 hour, 10 hour eight hour, 15 hour work day. You can finish a lot of things in those 18, 12, nine hours. Or you can finish medium amounts of things or lightweight things. People focus on too many small details. Way too many people in this room are going to spend the next
30, 40 years of their lives trying to check the boxes on the things that they’re not as good at and that, you’re going to waste a (beep) load of time and lose. I highly recommend, for all you hustlers because there’s a lot of you. There’s a lot of you that are always talking
about, “Gary I do work hard.” And you do, you work for 16 hours. Some people just don’t
have the attention span or the capacity to remember or like, there’s a lot
of things I can’t learn. I was a very poor student because the subject matter bored me. And if I was forced to become great at understanding the great
artists of the 20th century I’m in big trouble. And so I would tell people
to bet on their strengths. You need to bet on your strengths and don’t give a (beep)
about what you suck at. And to put themselves in a position to win with their strengths because that is absolutely the
straightest line to success. Greatness comes from adversity and looking the challenge in the eye and having the intestinal fortitude to kind of, to step up and go after it. (soft piano music) – Thank you guys so much for watching. I’d love to know what did
you think of this video? How do you like our volume two series? Leave it down in the comments below. I’d also love to know what did you learn from Gary today? What did he say that had
the biggest impact on you? What lesson is your favorite and you’re going to apply
immediately to your life or business somehow? Leave it down in the comments below. I’m super curious to find out. Finally, I want to give a quick shout-out to Richard Galvez. Richard, thank you so
much for picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word. It really, really,
really means a lot to me. And I hope you’re enjoying the read. So thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is. Much love, I’ll see you soon. – [COLSAUCE] Amy asks, “A
professor once said to me “It’s better to be a big
fish in a small pond. “Do you agree?” – Amy, this. You know I’m
going to be very upfront on this question. This is a good way to bang out the show. That sounds like a loser professor to me. It’s small time thinking. I don’t subscribe to it. There’s a lot of practicality in it right? It’s a lot easier to be the most successful business man
in St. Louis, Missouri than it is to be in the world right? So I understand the thesis but honestly, that to
me is very conservative not in my DNA thinking. That could be great
advice for a lot of people who are delirious and think
they’re better than they are. Though I love to drive through
self esteem and optimism and I think early in your life you should absolutely
shoot for the highest stars that you can. I think as life moves on and time moves on you need to become more practical. You’ve got bills and kids and all those kind of things. But to start off one’s
career in the first 20 years call it till you’re 40 to be in that thinking. I think that limits. There have been so many people who have hedged and that
settled in their lives and honestly, I’m not
the kind of character that’s going to play
in that kind of sphere. I’m going in a different direction. It’s what comes natural to me. But it’s also because I
think I can be the biggest and the baddest in any game I play. It’s just how I’m wired. I think this comes down to it’s probably very good advice to some and it’s probably
atrocious advice to others. And this is why I continue to say if I can inject anything into anybody it would be self awareness because it would help
you answer this question. Because for a lot of people, it’s probably really solid advice. For me, and for many of you watching this it’s crap advice. – [AshleyFidget] Allen
asks, “As we’ve seen “You hate wasting time. “But how do you adjust on days “Nothing is going right?” – Well there’s no such thing. Luckily, I mean there’s. (knocks on table) I don’t remember a day
when nothing went right. I mean, first and foremost. The way I really deal with it if we want to get zen about this and a lot of you know this. Is, as long as everybody’s healthy everything went right. I always quantify. When business doesn’t go well I default quickly to “Oh business is bull (beep)
it’s all about life.” You know, like how cute my kids are. Thank God my parents are alive. I quickly switch from, I don’t dwell. You know, I’m not good at dwelling. I love speed and I
don’t like wasting time. Dwelling, complaining wishing, hoping. You know, pondering how you wish it was is the single biggest
waste of time in life and in business. Like, the bottom line is we all wish things. I wish I was 6’4, the single
best looking guy in the world and the quarterback of the New York Jets that has won 19 straight Super Bowls. I wish that. I mean I wish that. I mean, I just wish that. I wish that. And in the same way that that’s funny is the same way to wish that
like, that deal went through or that employee took the job or that person didn’t quit or that concept didn’t work out. I mean, I’ve had multiple divisions multiple strategies here
at Wine, at Wine Library. At VaynerMedia that haven’t worked in the last 12 months. Yet, we’re dismantling it. And so much like anything else it’s like the next, it’s the next play. Using artistic stuff, like if
you’re doing a Broadway play. What are you going to mess
up a line and just stop? And just cry on stage? You just got to go to the next line. I mean, you just got
to keep moving forward and so how do I handle it? Easily, I’m a (beep) champ on this issue. I’m a champion. I am an absolute champion on this issue. Meaning like, I’m prepared
for the punches in the face. I expect things not to go well. It’s kind of the way I
prep for a Jets game. Saturday night, nobody
likes being around me because I’m just devastated, it’s all bad. We’re going to lose, this
is what’s going to happen. We’re going to lose. You know, like I’m
subconsciously like that. But unlike the Jets where
I say that outwardly these guys can tell you I’m only on winning on
offense at all times. – [JoeWhitmarsh] Adam asks “I feel like I’ve lost my hustle. “Help, what do I do?” – Adam, anybody who’s losing their hustle has a lot of variables. And there’s a lot of
variables in this episode. This is the variable episode where there’s a lot of contact sports. There’s not just direct answers today. Listen, you might not be passionate about your north star anymore. I’ve been going through something. Let me actually bring
some shattering news here. For the first time in my life I’ve been thinking about weird things like sabbaticals and
building a business school in Haiti for five years and like, I love. Listen, I’m still all about
buying the New York Jets and it’s the process of that and the game but it’s amazing for me
to be in tune with myself. The maturity as you get older. Just like my kids are six and three and they’re interesting. Like they’re interesting. And like, I start projecting. What do they look like at 13 and 15? It would be really cool to like I don’t believe in the school system as much as everybody. Do I just take them and
go do something rogue? Just different things, you just evolve. And you might have just
lost your north star. The thing that you
thought you were going for might not be. It’s why I was always happy that I didn’t want a million bucks or I didn’t want fame or I didn’t want a car or private plane. All these little things. It was fun to be like,
“I want to buy the Jets.” And what that always meant to me was I want the process of buying the Jets. Which means I get to hustle forever because that’s my, that’s who I am. Maybe you’ve lost who you are or what you want or maybe you’ve accomplished kind of. Or maybe you feel it’s achievable. I would be crushed if I thought
what I wanted to achieve was super achievable. I mean, it happened to
me in the wine business. It’s happening at Vayner. Like, as Vayner is becoming a player in the agency world and we’re not like ugh. Now, we’re like oh. Like, and soon we’re going to be like ah. Like you know? That’s not as fun for me. I like being the underdog. I like the climb you know? I like that. So, maybe that’s happened. Maybe you’re just tired. I mean, I think one of the
things that the New York Jets do for me that nobody understands is those hours. Actually, you just caught
something on DailyVee right? Me talking to Jeff. That was the first time I talked business during a Jet’s game in 15 years. I looked at my phone at the wrong time. It was a very big thing. And I only spent a second on it. Like, I am escaped and relaxed. And by the way, I didn’t care about it. Like that’s how excited. Those three, four hours of escapism. Maybe you need some vacation time. Maybe you need to look
at the people around you. Maybe you need a change. Maybe you need to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There’s a lot of intense, different things that could be happening. Or maybe you could take a step back and really listen to this statement. Which is, you’ve lost your hustle because you’ve really are not in tune to why you were doing it. Right? You’re just not in
tune to what you’re doing. That you’re maturing and realizing like, a Ferrari. Or a phat watch. Or court side tickets. Or custom Nikes. I just wanted to show them. You know, is not what you’re living for. And so… You know it’s funny tonight I’m going to the Charity Water Gala. I never thought of myself 10 years ago as somebody who would be
so involved in non-profits. Sitting on the board of
Pencils to Promise, donating. I was you know, I was old school. I’m 40, I’m older. Like, this new narrative
of much better people and that’s what I think you guys all are. I think you’re a much better generation. I grew up thinking I’ll get rich and when I’m old I’ll be
like, giving out money and doing that stuff. So you just evolve right? And so maybe you, like me like I’ve haven’t gone completely like I don’t have enough money. My kids can give away all the money but I can’t, I don’t have that luxury yet. But maybe you want to do non-profit. Maybe you want to build schools for Pencils of Promise and we’ll take you to Laos. Maybe you’ve lost your purpose. So take a good step back, shut down. Shut down for 24, 48, 72 hours. Go away. Go away like this. This is how I want you to shut down. Go to Airbnb. This is the 2016 way to shut down. Go to Airbnb, find a very remote place. You know, time, do I have to go? Oh I’m keeping something,
yeah I’m just wrapping up the show, sorry. Go to Airbnb, find a very remote place that you can get to at a low cost. Like a crappy cabin far
away on a four hour drive where you can just drive because you can or like, somebody will drive you there or hitchhike, I don’t give a crap. Lowest cost, furthest away, seclusion. And just be with yourself and start talking to yourself for real. For like, really talk
to yourself for real. One of the great things I do with myself is I talk to myself for real. And really, nobody is a harsher critic and a bigger fan of themselves than me. And I think that friction
in both directions matters.


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    I knew Gary was going to say #Believe and I knew you were going to like that one the best… lol. Gary always says we need to believe. Great minds think alike.

    7. Go Do Shit! We can get through anything in life. So go do as much as you can and don't fear failing.
    10. Fight. Gary knows that no one will outwork him. Same thing Eric Thomas, Grant Cardone, and all the greats BELIEVE!

    George L. Rosario
    NYC's Hometown Realtor
    Coldwell Banker Kueber
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  17. First of all, I love your stuff keep up the good work. Gary is a fighter and I am learning to fight. I'm 67 years old and lost everything when my husband of 30 years passed at an early age, fighting cancer. My take away is I'm not too old, ugly or any of those things that were holding me back. Thanks, Evan.

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    Awesome content and awesome work too Evan. Well done.

  28. This is a great list of priorities. I had AML and a stem cell transplant. I was only given a 20% chance of surviving 12 months. What I reflected on is being true to your self. I am now 5 years down the track (2018) and very grateful. Always look forward, you cannot unwind the clock.

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  30. My biggest takeaway is to focus on my strengths and don’t give a fudge about my weaknesses. Trust my heart. and know that no matter what failure I face. I really can bounce Back. I have the Akil. I have the work ethic. I just need to. Skid d in myself and my gifts. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I will achieve all of my wildest dreams. And this comment is a tiny step along the journey

  31. I am now watching Gary’s videos every moment that I have I’m starting to talk think and react differently this is the only thing that has ever done this for me I have a long way to go but I’m not worried don’t give a s**t what others think about you or what you aren’t able to do it’s just meaningless


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