Apollo 15 postal covers incident | Wikipedia audio article

Apollo 15 postal covers incident | Wikipedia audio article


  1. pismo10 says:

    Can't believe they made such a big deal about this..Who cares really..

  2. pismo10 says:

    The fuss NASA made just made them more valuable. Armstrong's sold for $156,000.

  3. Spanky Harland says:

    it all started back during the Mercury missions, Gus Grissom brought with him rolls of dimes and other trinkets on his mission. During Apollo missions all astronauts had their PPK's (personal prefrence kits) where they were allowed to bring personal items on their missions. Al Shepard made tons of money with the stuff he brought to the moon, so it was a way for astronauts to make a little side money….eventually Nasa caught on and warned their astronauts not to go overboard with the personal stuff, yet during the shuttle missions, Nasa had sent postal covers/stamps to be sold when they return to earth…so they did the same thing as the astronauts did..hypocrites !

  4. Jarnoparoni says:

    I have one from the 298 covers – I really like it very much. And what a history they have!

  5. Seneca Cooper says:

    It's not like Astronauts Scott,Irwin and Worden would have gone on another spaceflight anyway cause the Space Shuttle was another decade away from flying plus the Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz crews were already selected so I don't blame the astronauts for what they did and got the fuck out of Nasa which is alot worse today than ever.

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