AppFlood: Android and iOS Cross-Promotion


You’re a developer and you’ve just built
app now how do you get users? how do you make
money? sound familiar? meet brian typical developer ready to market his
new app he joins ad network x which promises him
new users but brian would have to spend
thousands to rank in the app stores to top it all off ad network x takes a thirty percent cut for every dollar brian spends or earns and since ad network x sometimes pays those users to download his app they don’t stick around luckily for brian there’s another option
called AppFlood AppFlood connects bryan to thousands of
other app developers looking to promote each other’s apps through free
advertising by trading users with other developers
brian can grow his app without a bunch of cash in addition to exchanging users
developers can also buy and sell users through advertising just like on ad
network X but without paying any commission yup, AppFlood is the only network where
developers keep one hundred percent with all the extra money brian can
decide to reinvest it back into AppFlood to get even more users or just keep it
for himself it’s time to join brian and wash away
the middleman


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