Battle IO – Host Server on Digital Ocean (Master Server Integrated)


First, you have to create droplet at DigitalOcean Choose your droplets spec, I’d use Cheapest Ubuntu x64 Then choose data center region Then set a host name and create the droplet Then wait till it finished Then, your host information will be sent to your email Including with password which will be used to access the host machine Then access to the host machine with host information, with command $ ssh [email protected]{ip address} There are IP Address, copy it from Droplets list in DigitalOcean Then enter the password which sent to your email Enter the password again Then enter new password twice Next, go to build the server Before build, you have to set Machine IP to Spawner Then set Default Exe Path to where you’re going to place the build file, I going to place it with name Build.x86_64 So I set it to ./Build.x86_64 Then set Server Ip to Connection To Master Then save the prefab and scene Before build make HomeWithMsf scene to be the first scene in build Build it as Linux, with Architecture as x86_64 because I’ve choose Ubuntu x64 when create Droplet. And set it as Headless Next we are going to upload server files to the host Enter IP Address, Username (root), password and port as 22 Then upload server files to the host After uploaded all files, set permission for the build file as 755 Then we’re going to launch the server Go to where server build files located Then enter command $ ./Build.x86_64 -msfStartMaster -msfStartSpawner to run the server Then test to connect to the server in Unity Editor Turn off Auto Start In Editor option to test it as client Then press play button to test



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