Be Internet Awesome.

Be Internet Awesome.

I couldn’t imagine what the
world will be like without Internet today. It’d be nothing but chaos. – I’ve tried preparing him for
the real world. I’m not with him 24/7,
so I can’t protect him all the time, can I? – Kids are inherently curious,
and on the Internet, there’s so much knowledge
and information that I need to make sure that
as an educator that I’m teaching them the
skills that they need to start to look out
for themselves. The Be Internet Awesome program is designed to teach students
in a fun way how to be safe online. You’re on a web page and you see
a button that says “Click Here and you could win a million
dollars!” What do you think would happen?
Yeah, Matthew? – Get scammed. – Maybe you’d get scammed.
[laughs] Ethan.
– Whatever you’re on could get a virus. – What do you do if someone you
don’t know tries to follow you? – I block them, because I have a private
account. – Excellent. – We’re about to journey into a
place that’s called Interland to learn how to be Internet
awesome. – Yes. [indistinct chatter] – 100 points! – Good job, Zaire. All right! – You got it. – What they do online now is something that’s going to
follow them for the rest of their lives. The lessons we’re doing and the
activities that we’re doing in the classroom are making an
impact. They are developing the skills
that they need in order to be able to keep
themselves safe online. – Most likely it’d be real. – [laughs] It’s fake.
Look how Internet is spelled. – Then I would have got phished. – [laughs] Yeah. – Nowadays, the Internet is the
way people see you. – Anybody can post anything on
the Internet. And sometimes those things
that they post are not okay. – Be respectful to others.
If somebody gets hurt, try to help them. – If you come across something
that’s either inappropriate or, like, bullying
or just anything that makes you feel
uncomfortable, you should tell somebody. – Be Internet Awesome. [bright music]


  1. itsafeature says:

    awesome but a bit cringey

  2. Sack Boy says:

    while the other company is busy about the Appocalypse

  3. Tes so says:

    internet guide: never give your opinion, you are now safe

  4. RazzyT says:

    no. INTERNET BAD. FIRE GOOD. LIGHBULB IS WIZARDRY. Google I thought you were better than this

  5. D W says:

    You mean so much x rated videos

  6. Willie Chalmers III says:

    I'm concerned with the last girl that said "I'd you find something that… makes you feel uncomfortable on the internet, you should tell somebody." Yes, I get what she's trying to say, but there are number of different ways to interpret that statement.

  7. Afridi Hassan says:

    A very nice And much needed initiative. Thanks Google.

  8. Itz willow says:

    in the future this children will be triggered femanists and vegans

  9. The Robot Guy says:

    I dont see any benefit from this, especially teaching kids how to block ads when google are the ones who sponser them.

  10. Kong Kwan says:

    They need to also teach older generations who are new to the internet. They have no idea what spam or scam looks like. They just believe everything the internet say and forward false information.

  11. Vynlazer says:


  12. Jonathan Jacobus says:

    This is awesome! 😀 <3

  13. Shubham Patil says:

    Here before Google closes down the comment section.

  14. Nikolai Voelcker says:

    awesome video

  15. Yevhenii Horovyi says:

    Now compare this with your school.

  16. Arly Thatcher says:

    I learned all in the hard way

  17. NoNick says:

    Lesson 21: "How to write a strongly worded complaint on Blizzard's PvP forum."

  18. Emma H says:

    Gunacl = Google

  19. Tricked Guru says:

    Be smart,
    Be awesome,
    Be cool…,,,

  20. Soum says:

    Teaching students to block random person is teaching them be rude and mean. This affects their psychology. However it is good for kids not to respond to unknown people but when kids nowadays have fake profile pics, It's hard to detect it's a kids account or adult

  21. Lumi says:

    on another note, we had a half year how-to-write-in-a-15-year-old-version-of-microsoft-word-class. this was so stupid that most people secretly alt-tabbed to

  22. a Tilla says:

    Wow Google! Thanks! Google makes world better… Really good ideas for better future…

  23. abinet alemu says:

    i thing the dumest thing google can do!!! try to look cool

  24. Nikolenuurd says:

    How can you get hurt on the Internet of all places?

  25. Uday Singla says:

    Who's here before 1M views?

  26. tarq171 says:

    !!MY SCORE IS 1050

    ,STEP UP YOUR GAME KIDS you can win against a pro

  27. Michael Leng says:

    Great innovation! I love kids, therefore I love…what you do for them.

  28. Vipul Petkar says:

    This video is NFSW

  29. bruh says:

    They're teaching them how to block ads, lol, when Google makes most of their revenue from them.

  30. Ďuďu Fridák says:

    "is designed in a fun way"
    shows footage
    Dam', i got one of those unpleasent recalls when i saw that Breadwinners was voted #1 show for kids.

    Hýlp, Zarna Joshi uploaded another video, should i tell it to someone, like for example to some lovely pedophile i just met on a street ?

  31. Leon Stansfield says:

    I wish my school had teachers like this. that actually interact with the students

  32. potato guy says:

    This is racist google (triggered XD)

  33. Wooktent says:

    0:05 I like this idea of learning through the internet, but it is just sad that they think that. These kids actually think that life is all about the internet, thinking that it would be chaos without it. That is just purely sad.

  34. QuattroRMT says:

    Wow, you need to educate people in school how to behave in the internet? I remember how my parents told me not to talik with a strangers online and that's it. The rest I figured out by meself.

  35. Frank Mendoza says:

    Google stop being so awesome, geez.

  36. Alex C Machumi says:


  37. Rose Robertson says:

    Aside hurt neck tgxqfb magic witness northern cousin down under

  38. MaleiCk Salah says:

    Thank You, Google,
    been always a worry for me, and that's a beginning for the relief.

  39. MarCor says:


  40. Max Lazarev says:

    This is cute, I guess

  41. casiporvida says:

    This guy sounds so much like Jeff Kaplan

  42. Longshot says:

    so basically cancer

  43. Ago KG ` says:

    I love this game its awesome and helpful

  44. TheBobcheto says:


  45. þøħ€ says:

    "What they do now will follow them for rest of their lives"

  46. Félix Boulerice says:

    This is great but any plans on making this ressource available in french?! Unless I missed that information somewhere on the website.. :p
    Either way this is an amazing ressource that I'll be sure to share with my students!!

  47. Vinnie Sims says:

    Amazing job, Google Team!

  48. LukeV. says:

    They're on the deep web

  49. GrandmaSocksHVH says:

    So we have to teach kids common sense now nice

  50. Vestin says:

    "Teach kids how to stay safe" instead of _"Make everything safe for kids"_? I LOVE IT!
    "BE Awesome" instead of _"You are already awesome; no need to improve"_? Brilliant!
    Who knows, these Z-generation kids might just grow up to handle problems their parents needed trigger warnings for…

  51. sodlock says:

    I wonder what would I see when I gets old.

  52. bot says:

    0:43 actually bill gates when he was young

  53. Susie Sun says:

    That's very nice not only for children, but every one, super!

  54. Randy Tasajaya says:

    This is desperately needed, not only in the US, but all over the world. And more importantly: not only for kids. IT-literacy has to be a thing, just like reading-literacy. The internet has became a too big part of the human life, and the possibility of it being misused can only grow exponentially.

  55. Roshan Rai says:

    good way to educate..👊✌

  56. Shobhit Gosain says:

    I strongly believe that there should be a certain age from where children should be allowed to interact with smartphones or computer. Before that they should only be allowed to read books, play and enjoy.

  57. Deshbhakt says:

    very nice information

  58. Nessly says:

    Wow, curriculum has changed so much in such a short time, it's mind boggling. It's important that the youth are educated in tech seeing where the future is headed.

  59. Fido Dido says:


  60. kelvin Lin says:

    the last part is oddly satisfying , the part where it says be internet alert, smart , safe , kind , brave , awesome !

  61. Pinotion gaming says:

    How to Internet: make memes and never give your opinion.

  62. Gilberto L Hernandez says:


  63. just walking around says:

    Don't use the internet because then you get harassed by Google! Okay google.

  64. Leonardo Martins says:


  65. Talib Khan says:

    I don't see any benefit from this video

  66. Alfonso Roque says:

    mariana gainer

  67. the crawling spleen says:

    muh internets

  68. 77Fronni says:

    very nice

  69. guitar my luv says:

    I liked this program very very munch.Even i had a try and is very nice and let me know how to be internet awesome

  70. Lastri Cantik says:

    lastricantik vidio bokep hot zyx

  71. Lastri Cantik says:

    lastricantik vidio bokep hot zyx

  72. İlke Uygun says:

    183 perverts disliked this.

  73. Time Inline says:

    💌awesome kids❤

  74. King of Something says:

    U need to stop worrying about pleasing minorities and start worrying about pleasing everyone, everything u have videos on is gay pride, racial discrimination, so on and so forth

  75. World Of Bablities Dev says:

    Google how do i remove repiles from people

  76. Dennis O'Neill says:

    Alphabet's favorite letters in the English alphabet are f-a-s-c-i-s-t c-e-n-s-o-r-s-h-i-p and Eric Schmidt must admire Goebbels. Hitler would be so proud of Google. Show up the fascist censors, and thought totalitarians who run Google.

  77. Dalton Woodrum says:

    i was in the trailer but not vid that was my teacher mr.piercy

  78. mahmod Farag says:


  79. Vladik Y. says:

    Just look at the Code

  80. Monique Hawkins says:

    Cool facts 😇😇

  81. Xclan Moaz says:


  82. Arcanjo Barros says:

    Bom dia e mu todo legal

  83. Ryan Hewett says:

  84. Naitik Nahta says:

    Awesome 🙂
    Google you are 👍 🙂 🙂

  85. Xavier Andrés García Moyon 1990 says:

    Un muy opinión internet usen't kids Alone , in group so so

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  95. Jonathan Soto Gregg says:

    This is good.

  96. Paul Colson says:

    There is so much wrong with this video it isn't funny…. However I know this comment will be hidden , That's ok at least Google will read it. Or here's an idea , Leave the comment public if you got nothing to hide.

    Kids should NOT be subject to the internet period. Funny how the first kid they show is staring down at a tablet while being obese, NOT cool …. Kids should be outside exercising NOT being groomed to be the next Liberal voters.

    I find it unhealthy for the Mother to say "I am with him 24/7" and lets him get obese THAT is simply NOT cool man.

    Also love the slogan here , However I took it differently because I am not blinded by Politics and big Tech…

    To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship so they can explore the online world with confidence.

    To make the most of the Internet = Of Course what we don't censor first…

    kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions = To vote the way we tell you to…. Be the gender we tell you to be.

    Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship = You mean Citizenship ? The status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or belonging to a nation ? Sure you do….

    so they can explore the online world with confidence. = Why not stay out of the picture and let the children explore being a normal kid building natural confidence in His or Herself enjoying outdoor activities exercising and exploring nature (not from a lighted LCD screen) That is just robbing them of their childhood.

    Having said all that …. You can ban me , It won't change my life whatsoever. I'll be just fine. I lived 48 years before you I can live the rest without you…. My choice not yours.

    You have a nice day : Sincerely , Paul A Colson

  97. benjamin kirby says:

    this is so stupid.

  98. benjamin kirby says:

    this ad is going to bread some of the dumbest kids ever

  99. benjamin kirby says:

    i've never wanted there to be a school shooting so badly before.

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