Behind The Scenes: A “Tour” of the VRP Set

Behind The Scenes: A “Tour” of the VRP Set

Hey, gang, this is Matt and we’re gonna
take a look at the set of this very wonderful show we call The Vinyl Reacquisition Project… so let’s start over here with a number of singles I have…
Let’s start with Kreator “Behind The Mirror” that’s the 12-inch single, came
out in 1987, b-side is “Gangland” which is a Tygers of Pan Tang cover song great song…
all of them good stuff. The venom single for “Manitou”… little hard
to find. I bought it when it came out and it has a very long version of “Manitou”… if
you’re used to the more single version, this one clocks in at maybe seven and a
half minutes or something like that… Very awesome… so the Dio single for
“Hungry for Heaven” came from the movie, Vision Quest… if you’ve seen that piece
of crap, you know the only good thing about it was the Dio song… and that is a
radio-only single. In fact, the next one the Keel “[The] Right to Rock” single, also
promo copy, but what’s interesting is the difference in art design. The “Hungry for
Heaven” artwork is very boilerplate, it’s typical for radio singles — there’s not
much to it — the title of the song, the name of the band, a little bit of
information and that’s it. “The Right to Rock” single has full artwork like it was
available commercially but, to the best of my knowledge, it never has
been so it’s interesting that someone went through a photo session and went
through all this framing and composition for this shot that only DJs see and I don’t
know if that was really a thing back then. I don’t know if DJs needed artwork but…
they got it with Keel so that’s pretty interesting. The King Diamond single for
“No Presents for Christmas” is commercially available — or at least was
when it came out — great song, a holiday favorite for most King Diamond and Mercyful Fate fans. That is the cover that probably people know the best: the King
making the thumb-to-nose while having a reindeer over his head… and the back of
it has a standard logo — King Diamond logo — but it’s in red and green. And I think
that might have been a cover to an alternate version but obviously the better cover
is the holiday cover. The Manowar single is for “All Men Play on 10” —
great song and a truth — yeah, obviously, they MUST play on 10, that’s a thing… and
it was interesting about that single is that it’s a gatefold single, which I’ve
never seen before. Who spends the money on a gatefold? Manowar does, apparently.
And if you open it up, it shows a very giant picture of a Marshall stack, which
makes sense cuz it’s Manowar. So, there’s that. The W.A.S.P. single for “Animal (‘F’ Like a
Beast)”… classic, classic single… that and the b-side, “Show No Mercy” weren’t on any
album at the time so if you wanted those two tracks, then you had to buy the
single. And why not? It’s a perfect way to piss off your parents which, if you’re 16
years old, that’s pretty much your job. The Judas Priest “Freewheel Burning” single
has “Breaking the Law” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” live on the b-side.
Great stuff. Defenders of the Faith, my favorite Judas Priest album ever… which
you’ll be hearing a little bit about in an upcoming episode. The last is the
“Tears are Falling” single from KISS — I’m a big KISS fan so clearly I have that… I
bought the single back when it was new… the b-side is “Heaven’s On Fire (live)”
and “Anyway You Slice It” so it definitely came from the Asylum era. Not
much tell us about it… it came out on Vertigo so it’s a British single and
yeah that’s pretty much it for the singles. As for the other things you’re
seeing behind me, the CDs and the British flag are backdrops that are basically
covering a closet. I didn’t want the closet seen so I put that there. Because
you might have been asking yourself, “Why are there CDs on a set talking about
vinyl?” That’s why. And until I buy a shelf that can handle a very skinny shelf
that’s very tall and can handle the vinyl, that’s gonna be there. The Rubik’s
Cube is there of course because it’s the 1980s and the Rubik’s Cubes are
wonderful and infuriating and very ’80s so it’s there. Likewise with Ming the
Merciless… From the greatest movie ever made, Flash
Gordon, came out in 1980. You might know about it. If you don’t, go rent it at
iTunes or wherever the hell you kids get movies these days.
Spiked armband, of course! The chain is real as you can hear. I got it at a
hardware store that just newly opened up in Burlington Vermont — that’s where I
am — and the lady at the counter was fascinated because… I have this habit
basically of having to tell people, especially in retail, when I’m… why
I’m buying something so… I go into this thing about “I do this show” and “it’s on
vintage vinyl, it’s heavy metal, hard rock” and all that stuff and I told her, like,
this whole story. She’s, like, yeah, okay, sure…
so, meanwhile, she’s cutting this chain with this giant chain cutter thing. It’s
amazing to watch — little woman, too, funny as hell. So, that’s why I have that.
The bandanas on either side are from my youth. I probably bought them I was
about 15 or 16 years old and that’s a very long time ago, as you can tell by looking
at me. They’re very faded, very worn and, again,
evocative of a time period for me. Much of this set in general, I think… it’s kind
of obvious… is an evocation of sorts for me. It brings me back into a time period
and it puts me in a mindset to do the show and hopefully it does some of that
for you too. Maybe you see something over either of my shoulders and think to
yourself, “I had one of those!” or “I remember that!” So, I’m definitely trying
to do that because… I’m doing it myself too. So, there you go with that. The Satan’s
Hollow sign above my head is an arcade marquee — and I also have Sinistar, it’s
actually right behind that and you’ve probably seen that in earlier episode —
probably gonna buy a bunch of those and change them out every once in a while. So,
there’s that. Ss for the gas mask… the gas mask is kind of interesting. I got it as
a kit from a relative of mine during the Y2K panic. If you don’t know about Y2K or
the Millennium bug, you can go on Wikipedia, I’m sure, and they’ll tell you
everything. But… that didn’t happen, the big disaster thing didn’t happen, so
I have this gas mask and here it remains on my set. It’s also kind of 1980s if you
think about the Red Scare and nuclear holocaust and the Russians are coming to
get us. So, it kind of fits the theme there as
well. And the horns are from 1999 Halloween… I was at the Museum of Natural
History in New York City and there was a vendor selling them so I bought a pair
along with all the other kids… I guess… so the lights… the lights don’t work anymore
unfortunately but, um, there they are, nevertheless. We should
talk about the bass, actually… that’s a BC Rich Warlock… it is not unfortunately from
the 1980s but it looks like it because it has the white banding around the
sides, which is classic for the older models at the time. And it also looks
like the bass Nikki Sixx had during the Shout at the Devil era and I… dig that and
you might too, so that’s why I have that bass… I have three bases actually. I have
a Peavey Fury and I have an EB3 from Epiphone as well. And you might have seen
those swap out every episode. And you’re going to continue to see that so… that’s
the story with that. A couple other things I might have missed… Let’s talk
about the plasma ball that’s right there. The plasma ball, in addition to being a
sort of Spencer Gifts kind of thing — which is very 80s in and of itself — it’s
also in the video for “L.O.V.E. Machine” from W.A.S.P. You might remember Blackie Lawless
hovering ominously over it and that’s an image in my head at 16 and, again,
evocative so the ball’s there as a sort of wink-and-nod to that video. You should
see the video if you haven’t seen it, by the way. It has… sex nurses writhing on
weightlifting equipment for some unknown reason… kinda like “Hot Rockin'” from Judas
Priest — you still wonder why the weightlifting stuff is in there — and also
W.A.S.P. tries to drown a girl in a tank so… perfectly politically incorrect video,
you should see it, absolutely, it’s amazing. The other thing is the skull… I
should actually just bring this up quickly… the skull is from Markus Mayer. He’s
an artist. I believe he’s German… and this is a
vampire skull… and he actually gave this to me. And he’s on the Internet if you
want to find him M-A-R-K-U-S and Mayer is M-A-Y-E-R, I believe. So, that’s
it! That’s the tour… and a short tour, of course, because it’s a small place. But if
you like anything here, let me know. Maybe you can think of something that
would look great on the set that you know about that I just didn’t think
about. Leave that in the comments. You can also drop me an email, the address is
below. And that’s it! Take care and ever forward!


  1. The Accusation Network says:

    So, what works on the set? What doesn't? What would you like to see?

  2. Seven Darks says:

    Very cool. Love it.

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