BEST 5 TOOLS for FASTER Organic Social Media Growth 2019


What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going share with you
my top five tools that I use for social media growth. If you are familiar with me, or my channel
or my social media or whatever I say here on YouTube, you will know that I’m all about
organic growth. That’s why, if you are looking for tools to
buy bots, buy followers, buy whatever you need, then this may not be the video for you. If you want to learn how to grow organically,
or how I did it and the exact tools that I use, then keep on watching. All right, so the number one tool that I recommend
to anyone, especially if you are a YouTuber, is to TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is a Google Chrome extension that
allows you to get a serious competitive edge when you are trying to figure out how to optimize
your videos and how to choose the best content possible, to push out on your channel. With TubeBuddy, there is a free version and
a paid version. In the next couple minutes, I’m actually going
to share my screen, so instead of me telling you all about TubeBuddy, I can actually show
you. All right guys. I’m going to show you the power of TubeBuddy. Once you download TubeBuddy, you can either
choose the free version or the paid version. I personally have the paid version. You guys can just Google which one you think
is best for you. When you have TubeBuddy, what it helps you
on, is actually finding content that is searchable, and also it helps you a lot with keyword optimization. Let me give you an example. Let’s say I am in the fitness niche. I’m a fitness blogger, or fitness YouTuber. I’m thinking about posting content on helping
people to lose weight. How to lose weight, let’s just say. Once I put this into the search bar, it’s
going to tell me on the side, if it’s really worth pursuing this piece of content. In order to really know whether or not you
should pursue a piece of content, is if it’s something that is highly searched for, and
if there’s not that much competition. In here, what you can see, is that this topic,
how to lose weight is highly, highly searched for. The competition is extremely high, meaning
that there’s a lot of content already that exists. That’s actually gonna make it a lot harder
for you to rank. You might not want to pursue this topic. However, on the bottom here, it also shows
you related searches. For the people who search on how to lose weight,
these are also things that they may be searching for. Let’s say how to lose weight fast without
exercise. Let’s see how that goes. How to lose weight fast without exercise. Okay, let’s see the ranking here. Now, you see that? The ranking is actually a little bit better. This actually might be a little bit better
to pursue instead of just how to lose weight. You don’t wanna just create content that’s
searchable, but you also wanna create content that people can find right away, meaning that
your video is going to be ranking on the first page. That’s kind of everyone’s goal here. Another thing that I use TubeBuddy for is
to actually do more keyword research, especially on my competitors videos or other videos that
are ranking for the topic that I’m thinking of creating content on. Let’s say I go to this video here. All right, so I’m on this person’s video. What TubeBuddy is going to tell me about,
is the tags that this person is using. This person, she posted this video back in
July. She has over a million views. I’m curious to know what keywords that she
used. TubeBuddy will tell me that. If I actually click show search rankings,
it’s going to tell me what they rank for in terms of their keywords. With this person, she’s ranking number four
with the keyword, one week diet. That means that if you actually search up
one week diet on YouTube, she’s going to be the fourth video. She’s also ranking number eight, for how to
lose weight fast. The reason why this is helpful, because it
can inspire you to target better keywords, by looking at what other people are targeting
and what’s working for them. I can give you another example, just directly
from my account. I hate my job millennial. That’s a keyword that I’m targeting. I show up as number one, because I’m optimized
for this. When you click on this video, you can actually
take a peak at the keywords that I used back when I created this video. You see that I’m ranking number one for a
lot of turns. Quit my job, corporate job, why I quit my
job, quit my job with no plan, quit my job in entrepreneurship. So on and so forth. The reason why I love to use TubeBuddy is
just the fact that I truly feel like I have a competitive edge and I have insight on what
other people are using and what’s working for them. And then, I’ll be able to adapt it to my own
video. I personally think that TubeBuddy is my favorite
tool, in terms of content creation and keyword optimization. I definitely wanted to share that with you
guys. Just a disclaimer. TubeBuddy is something that I personally have
paid for. I also have an affiliate link that’s going
to be in the description box and the comment section below. If you actually find that this tool is helpful
for you, or that you find any of my content on my channel helpful, then I would definitely
appreciate you using the affiliate link, but if not, that’s totally fine. To help you even more, I also have a YouTube
optimization guide that’s absolutely free for you to download. I’ll leave it in the description box and the
comment section below with my other tips, in terms of how you can really up your YouTube
game and optimize your channel to the fullest potential, while also using TubeBuddy as kind
of your secret weapon. Definitely download this guide. It’s going to help you so, so much and give
you that competitive edge. Again, I’ll leave it in the comment section
and the description box below, for you to download. All right, the second crazy amazing tool that
I have up my sleeve, is a tool that I’ve mentioned before on this channel, because I love it
so much. That is, Keywords Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere is a Google plugin extension,
that is absolutely free. What it does is that it actually helps you
with keyword research. Not only this, in a bit again, I’m gonna show
my screen, so that you can see it live in action and how exactly it can help your content
game level up. All right guys. I’m going to show you the magic of Keywords
Everywhere. If you are familiar with my old videos or
my older videos, you’ll know that I’ve talked about Keywords Everywhere before. However, if you haven’t yet, I’m going to
show you how amazing this tool is. Let’s say you’re on Google and you’re thinking
about posting some content. Let’s say you are, I don’t know, a fashion
blogger, and specifically you’re in sustainable fashion. Let’s start with that keyword. Sustainable fashion. I’ll search that. Now, not only is Keywords Everywhere going
to tell me how many times a month this keyword is searched for, which is going to help me
gauge the popularity of this. If you actually couple this with TubeBuddy,
it’s perfect. You actually can understand how popular a
keyword is, and also how competitive it is within YouTube. Keywords everywhere works on Google as well. It’s just perfect to be able to see how many
times a month is this keyword searched for. Not only this, it’s also gonna give me related
keywords, meaning that when people search for sustainable fashion, related keywords
are also sustainable fashion India. Why is sustainable fashion important? So on and so forth. You also can kind of see what people are also
searching for on top of searching for sustainable fashions. The people who are searching for sustainable
fashion, we now know they’re also searching for fast fashion grants to avoid. They’re also searching for alternatives to
fast fashion, benefits of sustainable fashion. Having this insight is really going to help
you increase your content game, and help you grow faster on social media, because you’re
ensuring that the content that you’re creating is searchable content. It’s actually content that people are looking
for and tools like TubeBuddy and Keywords Everywhere is really going to make sure that
you are a data driven content creator, and you’re not just creating things out of your
bum, and you’re actually creating things that make sense, that you know at least one person
on the internet cares about. That’s why I wanted to show you Keywords Everywhere. The third tool that I have for you is perfect
if you want to up your Instagram game, specifically if you want up your Instagram Dm game. That third tool is Flume. Now, what makes Flume different from just
going on is the fact that you actually reply all of your DM’s right
from your computer, which is amazing. Again, instead of me telling you, I’m just
gonna show you. Let’s get right into this tutorial. All right. I’m going to quickly show you Flume. It’s just a little app that makes the difference. Already, right from the get go, on your desktop
you’ll be able to see Flume right here. When you click on it, you’ll then be brought
to your feed. You can actually see your entire feed in grid
view. Then, you can also check out your explorer
page if you’d like. This is what it would look like. What you can also do that’s really great is
you can also search for items. Let’s say you are doing your hashtag research. You can actually search for hashtags here. Let’s say I search for girlboss as my hashtag. I’ll be able to see right from my computer,
all of the hashtags, how big these hashtags are, all in one view. It helps so much, especially if you are someone
who’s downloaded my Instagram guide, or if you’ve watched my video on how to grow organically
on Instagram, this is a really nice way to fine tune your hashtag research and save a
lot of time. Another thing that I love about this is, conversations,
so that I’m actually able to respond to my DM requests. Something that’s awesome that I can do in
the conversation section is, I can just quickly filter and show unread only, so that I can
really make sure that people I haven’t responded to yet, get responded to. I can also check out if they’re only from
my friends. I can filter that out as well. That’s why I really like Flume. Obviously, all these functionalities you can
do right from your phone, through Instagram. It just makes the difference to be able to
do it, which in a way will help you with Instagram growth, for two reason. Number one hashtag research is gonna be a
lot easier for you. Number two, one key thing especially if you’ve
watched my personal branding video, something that I really encourage people to do is to
actually create connection with your followers. If you’re able to cut that time in half and
still connect with people the same way, but faster, that’s definitely going to help you
a lot in terms of building a strong personal brand on social media. All right. The fourth tool that has really helped me
in my business, especially with Instagram is an application called, Later. Now, I’ve mentioned later in earlier videos,
specifically this one, but I’m going to share my screen and actually show you even more
functionalities of Later. All right guys. One tool that I really love using is Later. I’ve talked about this application before. I actually created a YouTube video, showing
you step-by-step how to schedule content, using Later. I won’t go too much in depth on the things
that I’ve already talked about previously in my channel. If you’ve missed that video, I’ll link it
somewhere here, so that you can watch it. The gist of it is, is that Later allows you
to plan your feed, just like this. It allows you to schedule your posts, but
it also allows you to auto publish, so that you actually don’t need to do push notifications. You can literally be posting in your sleep. You don’t have to worry much about it. With the auto publishing feature, you can
also automatically tag people in your posts, you can automatically tag the location. You don’t really have to do anything. That’s something that you can do in the free
version of Later. Definitely check out that video that I mentioned,
in order for you to get the full tutorial. What I really wanted to show you is that if
you actually take it to the next level and pay for Later, I think I have a business account
now. I’ve since upgraded. Once you get into conversations, what you
can do is reply to the comments in your photos, directly on your computer, which makes it
so much easier. As you know, with the Instagram algorithm,
you wanna make sure that you have the most activity happening in the comment section
within the first 30 minutes of you posting, in in order for the Instagram algorithm to
favor your posts and for you to increase your chances of showing up on people’s feed. What makes it really easy when you have Later,
is you can see all of the comments that are coming in, regardless of what photo it is,
so that you can respond to people right away. It’s really helped me in terms of being on
top of Instagram engagement, which will then help you grow faster, and also help you get
a better, closer relationship with your audience. In the analytics tool, you can see an overview
of how your account is doing, and later we’ll actually show you some cool graphs in order
to monitor your growth. The reason why I have gaps here, is because
I actually just recently upgraded my account. That’s why it’s missing some information. That’s fine. What you can also see here is just an overview
of how your posts have been doing, just from a really birds eye view, which is nice to
have. What I really like is, actually looking at
the audience analytics. A lot of this information you can actually
see on Instagram in the analytics alone. What I really like about Later, is that it’s
just a little bit more detailed. Again, it’s a very nice feature to have. For instance, if you are someone who is struggling
to figure out what days and what times to post, yes you can look at the Instagram analytics
tool and figure that out, but on Later, it’s actually a lot more specific. It goes right down to the hour. I know that on Sunday’s that’s kind of when
I have the most followers online around afternoon. That’s actually when I usually post my YouTube
videos, and when I usually post my Instagram posts as well. I really have followed this, in terms of gaging
when I should post my content, to maximize my engagement levels. This definitely has been really helpful. Another thing is looking at your demographics. These are things that you can already get
for free on Instagram. There’s not much, nothing that special here. You can see where your audience comes from
in a map view, so that you’re not just looking at the top five on Instagram. You can actually see all of it, which is really
helpful. I can see how many people are in Egypt, I
can see how many people are in Algeria. This is just a really cool feature to have. I can see exactly how many people are in Brazil,
especially if you do influencer work, or you just really wanna understand your audience
a little bit better, this is really helpful. You can also see top cities and top countries,
which Instagram already gives you, but what Instagram doesn’t give you is the language. If you are someone who posts content in multiple
languages and you’re not sure which language you know, you should predominantly do content
in, it’s really helpful to have this feature. You can actually follow hashtags. For instance, if I am someone who is a very
niche account that re-posts content, what you can do here is, you can actually search
up hashtags. For instance here, I already searched up girlboss
for the sake of this tutorial. It’ll show me all the different types of posts,
that have popped up under the hashtag #girlboss. If I’m an account that’s constantly re-posting
content, this is really helpful for me. I can click it and then I can just add to
my library on Later, and automatically schedule it to repost within my feed. This is a really helpful feature to have. Lastly, I also wanna share with you guys some
last few functions that I think are really cool, is on Later, you can also schedule your
stories, which is really helpful, if you need help with that. If you also need help with finding hashtags,
Later can also help you as well. Let me give you an example. Let’s look at this photo here. Again, if you need help, or you wanna learn
more about how to schedule and automate your posts, then definitely check out my video,
where I actually give you a step-by-step tutorial. If you actually click on hashtag suggestions,
and let’s say I’m in the beauty space and a really highly used hashtag in the beauty
niche, is Hudabeauty. I’ll put Hudabeauty in the keyword function. I’ll click suggest. What Later will do is it’ll actually spit
out other hashtags that they think is relevant to this hashtag. Because I searched Hudabeauty, what’s showing
up is also #wakeupandmakeup, #anastasiabeverlyhills. What else is there? #dressyourface, #makeuplover, #fashion, so
on and so forth. Some of these are decent hashtags. Obviously use your judgment. If you want to learn more about really optimizing
your hashtags, then definitely check out my video where I talk all about how to grow your
Instagram following organically, and download my Instagram guide, where I walk you through
this. This obviously isn’t going to be an entire
substitute to your hashtag research. I would not recommend that you take all of
these. A lot of these are actually quite general. However, if you just need a little bit more
inspiration and you wanna take your hashtag research to the next level, then Later is
a really way to do that. All right. How are we feeling right now? I’ve given you so many amazing tools that
have helped me in my social media game. I wanted to show you the last and fifth final
tool. That is your analytics. Oh my goodness. I feel like so many people do not leverage
their analytics enough. In a bit, I’m going to show you how you can
up your content game by just looking at your analytics. All right guys. Right now, we are on my Instagram feed. We’re gonna select one of my photos. When you click view insights, you can actually
swipe up and see even more data that’s being collected by Instagram. What I love about this feature, is that you’re
able to see how people actually found your posts. In this picture, you see that 69% of people
were not following me. This is great to know, because of those 69%
of people who aren’t following me, I can actually have an idea of where they came from. This is also a great way to gauge whether
or not your hashtag strategy is on point. How you can tell if your hashtag strategy
is good, is if a lot of people weren’t actually following you, and if a lot of them found
you through your hashtags. That’s a really great signal that you have
optimized your hashtags fully, and that it is working. Now, we’re gonna leave this page. Let’s actually look into our analytics section
of our profile. Again, you need to have a business account
in order to access this. Something that a lot of people don’t know
is if you actually click on the bars, it’ll show you the exact numbers, which is obviously
really helpful. One thing that I really like is looking at
the content, and understanding the analytics on this. What a lot of people also don’t know is if
you click on the top, you can actually filter it. You can have an understanding of stats like,
how many profile visits did you get per photo. You can also understand other things like,
how many were saved, how many were shared, how many website clicks did this post specifically
drive? This is gonna really help you track key KPIs
within your business. I feel like this is going to be super helpful
for you. Now, I only touched the tip of the iceberg,
in terms of looking into your analytics. Make sure you subscribe and hit the notification
bell, because in the next video, I’m actually gonna do a deeper dive on how you can read
your analytics, so that you can make the best decisions for your content and for your social
media game. That being said guys, as always, I really
hope that you enjoyed this video. I feel like these tools have been essential
in terms of helping me out with social media I guess and giving me a little bit more of
a competitive edge, and also to keep me really organized and intentional when I’m creating
content. I hope that at least one tool that I shared
with you was helpful. As always, I hope you have a great day, a
great week, and a great life. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye guys.


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