BEST Advice for an Online Marketer EVER


today I would like to talk about you and
how you can best serve your people so if you are a marketer that does stuff
online stay tuned I got the best piece of
advice the other day as I was watching a periscope I’ve kind of of recommitted myself to
periscope and watching more scopes trying to watch some every single day so that I
can absorb some really great information from some really really smart and
successful and wonderful people and that’s kind of become a thing again
which I’m really excited about anyways I was watching one and this little tiny
little few words kinda blew my mind the other day he said go where your people
are not where your niche is and that kind of blew my mind and I’ll give you a really
really good example at the beginning of 2016 I dedicated myself to doing one
blab show per week it was I had all these massive plans and it just didn’t
work every time I went on blab something was happening something was stopping me nobody was able to see my content and connect with me and i got tons of messages from my friends and my colleagues and my you know some of the
people that are in my industry saying I didn’t see you I this is too hard either
it’s too hard for me I couldn’t connect for one reason or another it just wasn’t
happening and when I heard this tiny tidbit yesterday of go where you people are not where your niche is it got me to thinking that how am I best serving you in a place where you can’t even see me or hear me or in a place where you can readily and easily find me and know where I am and know
that I’m hopefully gonna be delivering some great content so blab I
appreciate you but I don’t think I’ll be spending much time there so am I a quitter is that what you would call it
I’m not sure I’m calling it going to where my people are so I know many people are on YouTube I know my people are going to be on periscope as I am
completely re- dedicating myself to periscope again shout out to periscope you could find me I’m at lorriratzlaff there I’m at lorriratzlaff anywhere snapchat all my social accounts and periscope as well so if you want to connect with me if you are an
online marketer especially if you are a fifty plus online marketer I have some
new things coming out just for you to serve you to help you succeed I know so many
of you I’m fifty-plus myself and I’ve been doing online marketing and social
media marketing now for an extremely long time I’m not claiming that I’ve
always been successful but I’ve never ever ever given up so I’ve learned
a lot of things and i truly believe from the bottom of my heart that the reason I
have not gained the success that I have so been chasing is A) I’ve been chasing it and B) it’s been my own personal development issues that have been stopping me so you know don’t look at that and go oh she’s not a millionaire yet so she doesn’t know anything well you know what I do and I’m here to share it with you fifty-plus entrepreneurs this is for you, find where you find where your people are not necessarily where your niche is and there is actually quite a big distinction there so that’s my little tidbit that I had to
share with you today so stay in touch with me on periscope of course you watch my videos and thank you from the bottom of my heart for that means the world to me
videos are still my number one method of communication they whatever it is it
gives me great joy to be able to look into a camera and just kind of speak my
mind so you have not yet started making videos and I really encourage you to
start I know my good friend Theresa Siderio she’s really taken on making
videos for her people and it seems to really be making a difference and an
impact isn’t that what we all want in this world is to make a difference even
make an impact that’s what I want I want to help people that’s what I had for you
today my friends of the internet if you have liked this found it useful and
valuable in some way maybe you just like my shirt that I’m finally fitting into
again after dropping ten pounds thanks to Zen Bodi® give this video a thumbs up that would be super super cool share it with with somebody that you think could fine this information valuable stay connected to me if you are fifty-plus entrepreneur if
you are middle age and up and looking for help with succeeding online again I have some things in the works I
hope to launch by mid-february so I’ll be plugging it a little bit here and
there but yes so stay tuned and of course if you haven’t yet subscribed to
my channel click on the little pink lady right down here and you’ll be able to
subscribe right there that would be super awesome that way you can see when my
videos come up until my next video I want to wish for you a wonderful day bye
for now



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