it’s one of my favorite survivalist
emergency tech deals that benefits your device your iPhone and your car plus
it’s a jump starter and it’s coming right up may look odd to you but it’s all about
where you position the clamps great to be with you I’m the YouTube deal guy
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and before we get to the giveaways and all sorts of fun announcements that I
want to make you guys might remember it was last year that I profiled one of my
favorite devices from my clever one of the dominant brands in the portable tech
world they make great power banks and chargers and LED flashlights and when
you combine a power bank and LED flashlight krokodil clamps that are
better made than most of the other ones on the market that are also spark free
and a jump starter and the one that I had didn’t have that really nice LCD
screen the updates for 2020 are phenomenal the price is unbelievable and
I am so excited to show this to you right now now coming off of the
Presidents Day travel weekend or family day if you’re watching this in Canada
although I’m sorry you cannot buy this deal in Canada I’m working to make this
available to everyone but this is a u.s. deal mats daily right now is
where you can sign up to join my email list you’ll save a lot of money and that
is where I announce who has won in addition to weekly right here the jump
charger from I clever which is brand new in an upgrade to last year has a few new
advancements based on the prior model that I featured so as you can see you
got a compass awesome you got emergency SOS lights you get an LED flashlight you
have two USB ports which can jumpstart most tech devices amazing and then on
top of that you get these well-made spark free crocodile cables and a very
powerful jump starter that can handle all sorts of needs
it’ll jumpstart a sedan an SUV a truck anything with a diesel engine even a
boat a tractor trailer you why do I love this well before I show
this to you more up close the predecessor which had just one USB port
and this old cumbersome LED light to show you how much juice was left was for
me peace of mind in my glove compartment I didn’t need to depend on a tow from
triple-a or that strange person in the middle of the night that really wanted
to help me when my car battery needed a boost at a hotel because someone left
the lights on in a car that didn’t have auto shutoff it’s really nice to be
self-reliant not just for safety but at a time of year where for most of us with
cold weather these are really good to have and then on top of that for all the
times where we don’t have our power bank with us or our smartphone battery as
you’re protecting two of your lifelines your vehicle or however else you’re
traveling and then your device itself imagine one emergency kit ready to go at
all times fully updated for 2020 the LED flashlight has three modes you get a red
emergency warning light to notify a traffic responder or call for emergency
services this makes you visible to people very far away you get high
quality safety jump starter cables keep in mind that these cables will also
ensure your device is not subjected to a short-circuit and overload over voltage
or overcharging and then you’re no longer dependent upon some stranger to
use subpar cables on your vehicle that could lead to all sorts of other
potentially dangerous situations it’s small its compact fits into your glove
compartment and this will power and charge iPhones iPads Bluetooth speakers
headsets great for camping and highly durable you also with this get an AC
adapter USB cable a DC cable notebook connectors and of course the carrying
case whenever I feature different jump starters for different brands and I’ve
had so many over the course of the last few years and I’ve showed you how to use
them and actually jump start engines on the spot in my youtube videos and
sometimes hear from people will say oh I found this jump starter for $29 or $39
and my big answer to you is well the reviews are often fake on those as I’ve
proved in earlier videos and then on top of that you’re just getting something
subpar sometimes you need to spend a few dollars more to get something that you
can trust with two of your most expensive possessions your vehicle and
your smartphone that sometimes if it is 10 or 20 dollars more
than the going rate for other competitors there’s a reason why I am
backing this Matt’s daily is where you can find this and if there are
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