Black Mail (1973)(HD) Hindi Full Movie – Dharmendra, Raakhee, Shatrughan Sinha -(With Eng Subtitles)

Black Mail (1973)(HD) Hindi Full Movie – Dharmendra, Raakhee, Shatrughan Sinha -(With Eng Subtitles)

Number five, turn it. Turn it more. Avert your eyes,
otherwise you will become blind! Good. Very good. Electricity is supplied from
this place, and it’s in darkness. These days power failures
are increasing day by day It is due to lesser rainfall.
– It’s very unfortunate for this… …country that it still
has to depend on rainfall… …for development,
that too in this twentieth century If the same thing goes on in America,
the people there… …will drag the electricity
board to the court. This is not America, although
I hope that we will be far ahead… …of them in the coming years
– Impossible for next 500 years This will take place
in next 20 years itself. Good night, sir.
– Good night. Good night.. good night.
– Good night, sir. Good night.
– Good night. Bye, sir.
– Bye. Hey, has Mr. Khurana eaten? No, sir. He doesn’t even feel hungry. Good night, sir.
– Good night. Uncle -Don’t disturb me
as I am not feeling hungry at all. But I’ll go for dinner
only with you tonight For six years your father
used to pay my salary. Now you are doing
it for last two years. But you are not paying me
to have food and relax.. ..but to do something
worth mentioning. Uncle, you change
your words every moment. Yesterday you told me
that my father used to pay you so that you can do some research. It may or may not come with a result. Didn’t you say that to me? Yes. Actually doing research
itself is sufficient, no matter whatever
time has gone into it. It’s a kind of addiction… …a kind of love where
the researcher gets lost So you should keep reminding
me that I should achieve something… …from my research so that
it benefits you, me and the Nation. Now go and sit there quietly. And food?
– I’ll have food with you. Come Kailash. Asha, see who has come. Kailash, my son, keep coming
to us sometimes. You stopped coming to our
place since your father’s death. We are also your own.
Please keep visiting us. Why are you so late, Asha? Ask him about this. He was walking as if
he has a sprain in his ankle What’s the use of walking
fast in the darkness? Anyway, she luckily got
saved from being hurt twice. Therefore I say, it’s always
better to stay at home and play.. …or talk instead
of going out in the dark. Don’t consider me
as a man with old ideas. But it doesn’t take time to spread
rumours in small cities like this. Sorry, daddy.
We will be careful, Daddy You didn’t sleep?
– You woke up at the right time. Come here. Here. Uncle, is the fire caused by the Sun? Yes, by sunrays. Oh, fantastic!
How will it be put out now? You can guess about the
power of sunrays from this. If this fire is caused by
the sunrays of hundredth of a second what a huge fire will be
caused by sunrays of 1 second And in one minute..
– 60 times more than that. You’re right. We can preserve so much of energy
in this battery in eight hours that we can lit all our bulbs for one year My God! You have grown quite intimate
with Asha in these few days. One day all my property will go into the
hands of the person who will marry her. And Asha told me, you are that person. Why don’t you get
a little serious, Jeevan? Therefore you should come
to the office and look at our work If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you that Yes.. yes go on. There is no future for your factory. Why? But the production of the factory has
grown by 20% since you have come. Still there is no future. In this city itself, one person is
engaged in a research for past ten years success of which will
make all these obsolete The batteries coming out of his
factory will be 20 times lighter… …and 10 times cheaper
than your batteries. It won’t be needed to keep on the
charger for 24 hours for charging it. And to charge them you just need to
keep it in sunlight for just two minutes And it won’t keep getting
discharged often like this. Motors will run on it
for years together. As soon as it comes to the
market your battery.. ..will face the same condition,
sir that the bullock cart.. ..faced when cars came up. And you’ll face that situation like
a beggar in front of a king. But how do you know all this?
– Kailash is my friend. Three hearts.
– Three spades. Three no trumps.
– Double. Redouble. Pass.
– Pass. Pass. Hey, what made you do redouble? Three no trumps was your bid? Hey I bid three no trumps
on your three hearts. What made you call three hearts? Jeevan, one heart bid was also yours? Hey, I bid one heart because one
has two and half bids of heart! What do you have?
– I supported you. Supported? Supported with 2-6 and 8? I’m tired of being your partner! Do you know anything apart
from quarreling? You doomed us, got us beaten,
won’t I even quarrel? It’s strange man, this cards
game is not a bet of life! Whatever bet it maybe,
why to lose?! Look, you are shouting and
my throat is getting dry. Find some other partner! Hey, he doomed and
got me beaten and.. he says to find
some other partner? You people play. Cold beer.
– Yes, sir. A cold beer for me too.
Sir will pay the bill. Sir will pay for sir’s bill.
Take it in advance, otherwise.. ..after drinking beer, he’ll ask
about the bill and the beer. Is it?
– People come to a club for relaxing. This wine poses efficient
expert even here. You play such excellent bridge,
will you tell me.. ..who is the donkey who taught
you how to play it? – You. You forget so soon.
– I see. First made me loose inside and
now made me a donkey here. What are you looking at, man?
Bring beer. – Yes, sir. Here. Drink it. Cheers. Cheer.. What are you looking at? What my eyes were longing to see. Hey, is there something like that? Don’t look there, she’ll suspect. We won’t even let her know that
we are looking at them. This is not for your eyes!
Not for anybody’s eyes. My eyes keep looking only at
her while asleep and awake. Is it so, son?
The matter is so serious? But her eyes are so indifferent,
as if I don’t exist. Oh, I’m dead.
– What happened? She’s looking here. You don’t move, keep sitting! At least tell me how her eyes are.
– Shy girl. They’re so sharp,
Jeevan that it penetrates through me. And so deep,
that I get drowned in them. My dear, let me have a glimpse. You are forbidden to see.
– Forbidden so forbidden okay. You were supposed to get married. Oh, that man is so fortunate,
with whom she is talking. The wicked one is grinning at her.
And my heart is aching. She looked here once again. Jeevan, if I loose my sense
then take care of me. Rather take care right
now she’s coming here. Man, if she comes and
stands in front of me.. ..what will happen then?
– You are such a coward. I become so in front of her. What could I do,
love happens to be like that. When she comes in front
I get dumbfounded. And when she goes away,
then I talk to her.. my heart for hours.
– Hi, Mr. Kailash. Hi, Miss. Did you see my daddy?
– Well, your daddy? What if not. Oh. Perhaps you are busy,
I’ll search for him there. – Fine. Hi, Miss. Asha.
– Hey, Mr. Jeevan. Daddy was supposed to
come and meet you only? Yes, so come, have a cold drink,
he might be here, any moment. No.. no. If daddy comes here,
then tell him.. ..not to forget the appointment
at 5 o’clock. He won’t forget.
I mean to say I’ll tell him. – Okay. Jeevan, you know her?
– I even know her father. Even I know her father,
buddy and from childhood. But I could never dare
so much that I could.. ..say so simply:
come, Miss. Asha have a seat. Have a cold drink.
– Son, you can run the factory well. But some matters are such that.. ..seeking expert opinion
is very important. For example when she came here.. You show how she came, go. Come on. Now come towards me. Come on, man!
– What’s this? Miss Asha, what a surprise,
you’ll have a long life. I was just talking about you
please come.. please come. No.. no, I won’t let you
go today. Be seated. Waiter! What will you have? No.. no, you must have something. What are you saying?
Fresh orange juice. Juice is very good for complexion. Fresh orange juice quick. Miss. Asha, what to tell you? Last night I was thinking about you. You know there’s magic in your eyes? When they look at me,
it penetrates.. ..directly from here to here. And, Miss Asha,
when I look into them, I get drowned! “I lose myself.” “In the depth of your juicy eyes.” “In the depth of your juicy eyes.” “I lose myself.” “You give colours to the flowers.” “And brightness to the Sun.” “The water sprang out of your hairs..” “..created a garland of stars.” “Your lips revel.” “Your lips revel.” “In the pleasure of my kiss” “I lose myself.” “In the depth of your juicy eyes.” “In the depth of your juicy eyes.” “I lose myself.” “Your movements makes..” “..the leaves in the garden dance” “And your glance causes fire” “Your cheeks burn” “Your cheeks burn with the heat
of your passion” “I lose myself” “In the depth of your juicy eyes.” “In the depth of your juicy eyes.” “I lose myself” Look, Professor Khurana,
your end has come. If you don’t find out the
formula by the morning.. ..then this poison will
become your death. Don’t think that I’m kidding. If you want to stay alive
then get to work. Go.. go. Come on..
come on.. come on! Come on.. come on! Found.. found! Brother, found.. found! Big fellow, found! Found.. found! Found! Kailash! Hey, Kailash! Kailash, found!
– Who’s dead?! Found not dead.
– Who’s found? Don’t ask that, come with me! But uncle, your clothes?
– Clothes? What clothes? I mean where are your clothes? What clothes are where?!
– That you didn’t put on. Ha?! Hey! Where’s my pant..
where’s pant?! Bring it here! Come on, forget the clothes!
Come quickly with me! Uncle, my clothes?
– Which are your clothes?! That I didn’t put on. When I didn’t put on, then
how could you put on! Come with me! Look.. look! Look.. look! Thank you.. thank you. Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. Uncle, the whole world
is praising you. And you are still sitting with
these diagrams and all? What’s the guarantee
of old age, son? I’m afraid my new found science
would end with me. What are you saying? That’s why I’ve written the
whole formula in there. So that any scientist
could read them.. ..and generate power from sunrays. Son, these have to be kept
very safe. Tomorrow the good and evil eyes of
the world will be on this formula. Greetings to you, sir. We’ve come from foreign land. Is this your letter?
– Yes. I am Antonio.
– Nice to meet you. Thank you.
– You alone come inside. Thank you. We want the formula for generating.. ..power from sunrays, at any cost. But why did you bring
along so many men? Sometimes so many men are
required for such jobs. If somebody gets suspicious then? Nobody will get suspicious. At present, International
golf championship.. ..matches are going
on in your country. And we have come with the excuse
of participating in it. Francisco. Diego..? What’s the matter?
No poems in praise of my beauty today? Didn’t your deserted
orchid blossom.. ..on my arrival like always? It seems today I’ll have
to recite poems.. praise of your beauty. Shall I? Something is the matter for sure. This strange look?
This changed mood? What’s the matter? Asha, if we get parted in
the journey of life then? So you were thinking that. Don’t. Because we couldn’t get parted. Suppose, while moving on,
if my feet turn to someone else? Then your feet will get broken.
You understand? You aren’t taking it seriously,
Asha. So leave it. Jeevan, what happened? The matter is such,
Asha that it couldn’t be told.. ..if I wish to tell,
and not telling will be betrayal. Look, Jeevan, come whatsoever.. ..but, you don’t you betray me. I also think so, Asha. But I don’t understand how to
tell you, if I have to tell. I couldn’t even think
that someone else.. ..apart from you could
be my destiny. But there is some compulsion
as such, Asha.. ..that for the last few days
I’m running away from you. Asha, I.. Asha.. How I fooled you? Crazy girl, if my joke
made this of you then.. ..what would have happened
if this had been true? I see, so this was your joke?
– Yes. Move out of my way. ‘Oh, angry girl, wait a moment,
I’m lying on your way.’ Keep lying.
– What? Hey, what’s the programme
this evening? I have no programme with you.
– But I have with you. I heard that roses of 20
colours have blossomed.. SIMS park. Shall we go to see?
– You go and see. I will see for sure, but along
with you. At 5 o’clock. Won’t you meet me there?
– No. Still I’ll wait for you.
Won’t you meet me there? – No. Still I’ll wait for you.
Won’t you meet me there? – No! Still I’ll wait for you!
Won’t you meet me there?! It’s the biggest discovery
of this decade.. the field of power this year. India will enter a new phase. And all this is your
hard work, Kailash. Not mine, it’s uncle’s hard work.
– Certainly.. certainly. Mr. Khurana, you’ll receive the
Noble prize this year for sure. Kailash, congratulations.
– Thank you. Congratulations, Kailash.
– Thank you. Congratulations from me too, dear.
– Thank you, Jeevan. Come here. Let God make you successful
like this in every field. And by every field,
I mean.. every field. Buddy, if I have the well
wishes of friends.. ..then it’s okay otherwise,
the field you are talking about. I’ve no chance there. Even when a friend like me is there? If you had given a
hint earlier then.. ..I’d have called her here today. Enough.. enough, you bluff a lot!
– I bluff? You challenge my self esteem? I see. What are you doing at
5 o’clock this evening. I’m free. I’m let off in the factory.
– Very good. But do you know how
many colours of.. ..roses have blossomed in SIMS park? How are we concerned
with those roses? We are concerned, buddy! Be there exactly at
5 in the evening. Among those roses you’ll find
such a blossoming rose.. ..that will make your
life blossom as well. You’ve come?
– Well.. well, yes. It seems you.. you’ve been
waiting for someone else. I? Whom would I wait for?
I.. I came just like that. While strolling..
for watching roses. You are talking so nervously,
like I.. like I often talk. You’ve come alone?
– Whom would I come along with? You must have to meet someone. So you wait for her, I’ll leave.
– Look.. Miss. Asha, if you don’t like
my company, say it clearly. Don’t make excuses and leave like this.
– Is that so? So then.. here I sit. The sun feels so nice.
– Yes, because it’s winter. Have you ever wondered that
if the sun of the daytime is stored.. ..then nights would
neither be dark, nor cold. How could that be possible?
– Why not? This is what’s happening
in my powerhouse. You come and watch someday.
– I’ll come. I’ve heard a lot about it. Miss. Asha, we have
venerated the sun.. ..for thousands of years
considering it God. But nobody understood
the boon it bestows. In a few years you’ll see that tiny
suns will light up at night.. every house of every village
in this poor nation. Then this nation won’t remain poor. There’ll be no poverty at all. Mr. Kailash.
– Oh. Excuse me I.. I forgot. Will you allow me to leave now? Well, could I meet you again?
– Why not? Do come home sometime. Bye. Wow, son. I believed you to be dumb. But you made such a mark
in the first meeting.. ..that you got an appointment
at home. Hey Jeevan, all this is happening.. ..because of your kindness, buddy. What are you saying, buddy?
My life is at your service. I am the friend of friends.
– You are a true friend. Okay, tell me, when are
you going to her home? ‘My Asha.’ ‘Asha’ ‘Asha, this name has
become my life.’ ‘Whichever word it appears in,
I find that word so lovely.’ ‘And the words that it
doesn’t appear in..’ ‘..that word seems useless to me.’ ‘Asha, my life is bound to it.’ ‘And I’m bound to Asha (hope).’ To Mr. Mehta’s house. Sir is not at home. Is Miss Asha at home?
– Yes, sir. You be seated, I’ll inform her. Who?
– That sir from the power house. Oh, Mr. Kailash, you? Sit, sit. You said I.. I can come here any day.
– Why not? Sit and say what you will have.
Tea, coffee or? Actually just now I..
– If you say yes to tea.. ..then I too will have
a cup along with you. As you say.
– Hariram! Hariram!
– Yes? Two cups of tea quickly.
– Very fine. Daddy has gone to some meeting. Perhaps he’ll come home late. In his absence..
is it right for me to sit here? What are you saying? Daddy doesn’t consider
you an outsider. Say something.
– What shall I say? Anything, talk about something. Well, I don’t know what to say. That so, that day
you talked so much. Miss. Asha, I don’t understand
why I become.. ..speechless when I meet you. If you count my heartbeats now,
it would be double. Is it? Why so? Miss. Asha, you know I keep
writing letters to you? Is it? But I never received any? That’s because whatever
I want to say to you.. ..and fail to say, I make a note of. But I never dared to
post the letters. I feared you’ll get annoyed. Look, so many got collected.
– Hey, so many? Today I was about to burn them. Then I thought perhaps.. ..I’ll leave.
– But have tea and leave. No, I’m afraid after reading
these letters..’ll throw the tea at my face. Listen, Miss Asha. If you wish to beat me up
then do come and beat me. But don’t express your anger with
silence, it’s my request. “You are near my
heart at every moment.” “You are near my
heart at every moment.” “You tell me the sweet things of love” “You are near my
heart at every moment.” “Your movements can only
be seen by me every evening” “You also come in
my dreams every night.” “When I breathe,
I can feel your fragrance” “It brings a nice message to me.” “My heart beats also sing your songs.” “You are near my
heart at every moment.” “I saw you in my house yesterday” “Looked as if you were telling
me to bind you in relationship” “What are these dreams
and these relations?” “Even though they are not ours,
they seem so.” “I keep thinking and
tell with fear that…” “You stay beside
my heart every moment” “You will be thinking as
to why I should love you so much” “You will think why I should
be behind you like this.” “Only those who love can
understand the other lover” “Only those who burn
in love know the joy in that” “You keep coming in
my dreams to disturb me.” “You are near my heart
at every moment.” “You tell me the sweet things of love” “You are near my
heart at every moment.” Asha, how wonderful. Someone has said it right, that
heart connects to heart. I recalled you and you.. Asha, what’s the matter, my dear? Your eyes indicate that
you kept awake all night? Okay.. okay, I understood. You would have been
thinking about me.. ..and the night got
spent in thoughts. Asha my dear, love is
supposed to happen.. it happened,
and as it happened, so it happened! Come and sit.
– Jeevan, do you really love me? What a childish question
madam has asked. You should have sat in
solitude sometime.. ..and asked this question
to your heart. I asked. And I asked repeatedly. But, every time my heart
answered the same. But, I should ask you too.
– Then listen. I love you so much..
I love you so much that if you ask.. ..I’ll bring down all the stars
from the sky and.. This doesn’t make sense,
it’s nonsense. Think hard and say. What do you think the
feeling of love is? What is love for you? Love is a thorn that gets
broken only by touch. This is the whole story of love. This is not your answer.
This belongs to.. ..the poet who wrote this poem. Hey.. My queen seems to be puzzled. And I.. I see signs of destruction. Today, I feel that if poetry is
taken away from you.. ..which actually belongs to others,
then for you love is, no.. no. Love is no.. no?
Is it so? Then watch. What nonsense is this? Oh, my dear, this is the way
of love without poetry. What’s wrong with you?!
– Nothing at all. All this is the intoxication
of love.. of love. Jeevan, what’s this? If you come near me,
then I won’t come here ever again. Come on sit. Sit down. I’ll sit, dear but
tell me something. Why are such awkward questions
being asked to me today? A lover has written a book on love. Someday I’ll give you
the book to read. Do read it,
you’ll learn what love is. What’s it?
Who’ll drink tea now? Take it. Sir, an enquiry has come
from Czechoslovakia. They ask, can you design such
a solar power house for the.. of Paraguay, that supplies
power to the whole city. If yes, then be kind
to send the estimate. Mr. Das, with the amount of orders
that has started pouring in.. ..we’ll have to train at least
100 top graded engineers. Yes, sir.
– You do one thing. Yes?
– Consult Mr. Khurana and place.. advertisement in the newspaper. Sir, Miss. Mehta has
come to meet you. Who Miss. Mehta?
Tell her I don’t have time now. Hey listen, is she Asha Mehta?
– Yes. You? Come.. come.
Come, please come. Mr. Das, pick up all these, quick.
– Yes, sir. Thank you, Ms. D’Souza. Thank you. Why are you standing out,
come in please. I could not believe at all that
you are really Miss. Asha. Me? No, I’m not Miss. Asha,
you are mistaken. Miss. Asha, my heartbeats
have doubled. You come.. come sit. Sit.
– Where, on the table? No, not on the table you.. you
sit on the chair please. No this.. this..
No, you sit on this chair! Sit here, on the boss’s chair. Now order me.
– Now, Mr. Gupta. Yes? – An interest has risen
in my heart today. Sorry? – That I’d go to
see your new power house. Of course sure.. sure.
I’ll show you the power house. First tell me what will you have:
tea, coffee, or a cold drink? Nothing, just now I..
– Look if you say yes for coffee.. ..then I too will have
a cup along with you. I understood. I’m not looking, so that doesn’t
mean that I’m not watching. Uncle, I didn’t want to disturb you. You didn’t want to disturb,
it doesn’t mean.. ..that you are not disturbing.
Who’s the girl? This Mehta..
This is Miss Asha. Asha Mehta. Hello?
– Live long. Is she a scientist?
– Science.. Scientist? No, she is not a scientist.
– Then what is she doing here? She has come to see all
this, uncle.. your wonder. Have you finished showing
your wonder? What’s my wonder, uncle? You see, child? Asking
what’s my wonder, is his wonder. Oh simpleton, you brought
the girl till here.. ..and don’t know how
to show your wonder? Child, you teach him.
– Well.. I? You too don’t know anything?
– No, sir. Well this is so good. Neither you know anything,
nor does he know anything. So you both teach each other,
both of you’ll come to know. Uncle.
– What? There’s nothing as such. Is it, child? There’s nothing as such?
– No, sir. It’s so unfortunate, such a nice
couple and nothing as such. Doesn’t matter! If there’s
nothing as such.. ..then make something as such! Go.. go.. go. Go.. go. “I saw you in my house yesterday” “Looked as if you were telling
me to bind you in relationship” “What are these dreams
and these relations?” “Even though they are not ours,
they seem so.” “I keep thinking and
tell with fear that…” Miss. Asha, could there
be something as such? No, Mr. Kailash. Your letters. They’re very beautiful. They indicate how beautiful would
be the soul of the writer. I am the unfortunate one. Last month’s sale was 80,000. This month the order is
not even for 10,000. What’s going on? Sir, these days there’s demand
for only one battery.. the market Kailash Gupta’s
solar powered battery. Jeevan, you were right. I foresee my factory closing down. Sir, now there’s only one
path for your escape. Whereas it will be the
path of my ruination. Getting Asha married to Kailash.
– What? No.. no.
Asha will get married to you. This is my decision
and Asha’s as well. Think about it. If Kailash
and Asha get married.. ..then Kailash’s victory
will be your victory. Kailash is alone in life. Asha will be the owner
of everything. Or you may say, you will be
the owner of everything. But.. but what about you, son? I had been in this dilemma
for so many days now. That shall I care for Asha’s
and your happiness.. ..or should I care for
my own happiness. I am a very selfish man, Mr. Mehta.
But not with you. Certainly not with Asha. But, if Kailash doesn’t agree then? You let Asha know about this. If you say so, I’ll talk to Asha.
– No, Jeevan. If a girl refuses once,
then the matter ends. All right, then adopt austerity
and become a sage. But, dear if you want to win
in the field of love.. ..then, endure blows,
one after the other. But don’t give up.
– I cannot do this, Jeevan. I fell in love, that’s my mistake. She refused, it’s her wish. Then love that is obtained
with force, has no value. Buddy, your brain has
gone for a toss. But if you work as per
my brain, then.. ..winning over Asha is
as simple as a nip. Asha has refused, hasn’t
established any commandment! She could say yes tomorrow. Come on, call her.
– Call her? Have you gone mad? Yes.. yes, I’ve gone mad.
Come on, you call her. No, buddy I won’t call.
– You don’t, I’ll call. Jeevan? What are you doing? Don’t call, Jeevan. Jeevan!
– Quiet! What are you doing?
– Be quiet! Hello? Yes. Talk.. talk. Hello?
– Say hello please. Quiet. Hello?
– Hello? Mr. Kailash?
– Well.. well, yes, I’m Kailash. You have a long life,
I was just thinking about you. About me?
– Why? Is it prohibited to think about you? It’s not prohibited.
But it felt strange to hear this. It seems you felt bad
about something I said. No, it’s not so. But, Miss Asha
the lamp that the storm.. ..failed to blow off, got blown
off with someone’s mild puff. Mr. Kailash, that lamp you’ve lit.. ..has such a pious brightness,
keep it lighted. It should go to the one
who it is destined for. Did you see, son?
Teachers are never wrong. But my dear, it’s just the dawn. Don’t lose hope till
the sun comes out. And if I go out for a few
days for work.. ..then don’t behave austerely
and leave. Keep calling her. Asha will be yours..
will be yours.. will be yours. Was it Kailash on the phone?
– Yes. That day he even came to meet
you, I suppose? – Yes. Perhaps he likes you. I don’t know. He is a good boy.
Even his father was a spectacular man. Royal. If he had been alive today.. ..then I’d have made your alliance
in that family. Jeevan is also a good boy,
but not in comparison to Kailash. Not in mannerisms, nor in wealth. Not even in family background.
Didn’t you ever consider him? Daddy, my relation with
Jeevan has been.. Yes that’s true, that’s true! Even then, if Kailash had
been my son-in-law then.. To consider the fact,
what’s there in Jeevan? After all, he is my employee,
he could be made to understand. What do you say? No. Jeevan. Jeevan? He has left.
– Where? Everything is written
in this letter. ‘My dearest Asha,
my heart is breaking..’ ‘..into a thousand pieces
while writing this.’ ‘Your heart too will get
shattered while reading.’ ‘But what to do?’ ‘Compulsion is making me
write and I am writing.’ ‘Asha, I had two loves in life.’ ‘One is you and the
other is my future.’ ‘Love asks to shape the future.’ ‘Future asks to leave love,
this small town..’ ‘ go to Europe and
become something.’ ‘I’m leaving.’ ‘Asha, I’m leaving,
but my love is left with you.’ ‘I don’t have the right to
say that you wait for me.’ ‘Because perhaps,
I won’t be able to ever come back.’ “Asha(Hope)” “Asha(Hope)” “Asha(Hope)” “Asha(Hope)” “What has happened to you, Asha?” “Don’t call me Asha(hope)
as I have become a disappointment” “Asha(Hope)” “The evening was lost without
being able to open out my heart” “The night came with the
happiness of a wedding procession” “With the happiness
of a wedding procession” “What’s the use of Spring,
after the heart has lost its wishes” “These are telling us the
way towards blossoming flowers.” “The way towards blossoming flowers.” “Let people say whatever they want,
I am now a joyous thing” “Asha(Hope)” “Why has my destination moved
away after coming in front of me” “It went back as it was
shy of the new destination” “It was shy of the new destination” “I will arrange the dreams
in my eyes now” “As the weather changes
with the passage of time” “I have now understood the
language which I never heard” “I am Asha(Hope)” “What has happened to me?” “I am Asha(Hope)” Congratulations. Come. Come. Congratulations..
– You ditcher, what congratulations! Why didn’t you attend
the groom’s procession? I made a mistake, forgive me.
Congratulations. Lets drink, buddy. Drink so much tonight that
nobody remains in senses. I am happy that my friend is happy. Hey who emptied my glass?! Here you are.
– Your identity? What’s the need for my identity?
Fill up the glass. No.. no, I don’t drink
from a stranger. Don’t mind.. don’t mind. Look, I’ll drink with
my son, call my son. But your son is trying to escape.
– What? Hey, catch him!
Catch him.. catch him! Catch.. Don’t let him go, catch him. I was just talking with them. You’ve to spend your whole
life with her, my dear. So spend this night with us.
– What are you saying, buddy? Why torture the poor fellow? Don’t you see the desperation
showing on his face? Oh..
– Let him go, buddy. Someone is waiting desperately.
– No.. no.. no! No mercy will be shown tonight. Son! Son..
– What happened, Uncle? They all are being
so wicked with me. They fill up my glass
and they drink it. Hey, bring the whole
bottle for uncle. Yes bring the whole bottle. Yes. Pour some more please. Here you go, uncle.
– Pour some more. How much will you drink today? Yes. Okay.. okay.. okay.
All right.. all right. Son, aren’t you my tiger?
– Yes, of course. Yes, so close your eyes
and gulp this in one go. How could I drink so much? Hey, look.. look, he is in
this condition now.. then what will he do inside! Son, if you get a little tipsy,
then you’ll get tipsy over tipsiness. When it was my wedding night,
I got so tipsy.. tipsy that when I stepped
inside the door, I fell down! I’m very happy today..
I’m very happy! Never drink this,
it’s a very lousy thing. What will you say
after going inside? Why? Something is needed
to be said? – Yes. You’ll say something,
she’ll say something. Enough.. enough, man. Let him go. Jeevan, if you’ve to meet me,
then this is not the way. Come from the front door,
let me be informed. Then I’ll meet you. I assure you, Asha I won’t make
such a mistake ever again. Asha, just tell me.. ..was it all a drama
that you had been playing with me? Aren’t you ashamed? Should I remind you of that letter.. ..that you wrote to me
and left for Europe. If you rejected me
for your future.. ..then why did you come back? My letter had the same impact
on you, as I wanted. That you start hating me. I wrote to you that I’m
going to shape my future. And you believed it, that a future
is dearer to me than you? Then what else should
I have believed? Your daddy didn’t tell you anything. Well it’s good.
If your daddy had told you.. ..then today you’d have believed
yourself to be a betrayer, not me. Asha, your daddy must have
thought that the walls of.. ..Kailash’s house are made of
gold and the roof of silver. Hence the happiness that
you can enjoy here.. could never enjoy it
by living with poor Jeevan. Because I used to love you,
hence I wasn’t selfish. I believed it’s my duty to
think of your well being. So I agreed with your daddy. On one side were you, your
happiness and your peace. And on the other side was
my friendship with Kailash. Kailash used to love you,
I couldn’t see him suffer. Love and friendship were
the two grinding stones.. ..and I got ground in
between with pleasure. Jeevan.
– Asha, your tears say.. ..that you have not forgotten
your Jeevan yet. It’s all right. It’s not so easy, Asha to
forgot someone so easily.. ..whom you have loved dearly.
But you’ll have to forget. Asha, you’ll have to forget. There’s no use of these talks.
Now you leave from here. All right, Asha. I’ll leave. But don’t be upset by thinking
how my life will get spent now. I’ll spend my life with the
memories which are yours. Only yours. Does a wedding night
happen like this? Even I thought otherwise. Did I make some mistake? Perhaps, I made a mistake. Are you repenting the marriage?
– Yes, Asha. Even you are repenting. What are you saying?
I swear on my husband. Don’t swear on your husband. Husband is a lie, the swearing
will become lie. Husband is a lie?
– It’s true that I used to love you. But Jeevan too used to love you. And the biggest truth is that
you.. you used to love Jeevan. Then why did you betray me
by breaking Jeevan’s heart? Asha, why did you betray me, why? The circumstances are such.. ..that whatever I’ll say today,
will appear as a lie to you. But God knows I didn’t betray you. It is true that once I loved Jeevan. That’s why I refused to marry you. Weather you believed it
or not, I lost my heart.. you even before marriage. Jeevan is just a memory for me now. I promise you,
I’ll erase that memory as well. I wish I’d have come to
know that for the sake.. ..of my friendship, Jeevan
is sacrificing his love. Then I’d have sacrificed my love.. ..and got my friend married to you. But he.. he won the race. Asha, it is true that
I got married to you. But I.. I won’t be able to accept you,
even if I try to. Then shall I go back
to my father’s house? No. Now you have equal
right to this house. Apart from me, you own
everything here. So then, do you want that when
the servants wake up in the morning.. ..they’d see that when
their madam has come home.. ..their master has started
sleeping in the library? The servants won’t see all this. The servants will see
that master and madam.. ..lives in the same room. But from today,
this will be your room. And mine.. Mother Ganga, you present
the garland. Madam, we welcome you on
behalf of the servants. Here.. here.. here.. here.. here. These are the keys of this house,
you take charge of them. Asha, this is mother Ganga. Since my childhood,
she’s been with me. Both were sleeping
in separate rooms. Oh, dear! Today, you have come home
for the first time after marriage. Dear, you should have called me. I would have
come to take you. Kailash didn’t come along with you? Daddy. Look here. Dear.. Sometimes girls weep out of
happiness too. But she.. She won’t talk frankly with you.
If you say so, I’ll ask her. Asha, your father is disturbed
seeing your behavior. And you can’t guess
what I’m undergoing. Aren’t you happy with this marriage? Asha!
– Jeevan! I don’t need your sympathy. And don’t dare to
touch me next time. I was just trying to..
– It is not your concern.. know whether I’m happy or not. That Asha who knew you is dead! And this is Mrs. Kailash Gupta who
is happy with her marriage.. ..content at her house and
considers her husband as her God. Asha, you have misunderstood me. Seeing your tears..
– These are my tears. There is no need for a stranger
to get disturbed on seeing them. Next time, knock on the door
before you enter my room. All right, sir. Sir, Mr. Mehta.
– Mr. Mehta? We’ll discuss later. Very good, sir. Good morning. Father!
– Live long, son. How did you come today
all of a sudden? Why? Should I have taken an
appointment before coming? I didn’t mean to say this. Listen dear, Asha is my only daughter. I’ve brought her up
very affectionately. I had married her off
to you thinking.. ..that she’ll live more
happily at your house. Did Asha tell you that she
is unhappy at my house? No! She didn’t make
any complaints. But.. Then you guessed it yourself that I
thrash her, hit her and starve her? I didn’t know that you
are so unruly. Father, if you want that I should
respect you forever.. ..then I request that you don’t
interfere in my family matters. This is not only your
family matter.. is the question of
my daughter’s life too. If you ever feel that your
daughter’s life is getting.. .. ruined at my house, then
you can surely take her back. So these are your intentions? Don’t forget this. Asha is an equal
partner of everything you have. A law also prevails in this country. If I knew earlier that Kailash
will prove so deceitful.. ..I would have brought Asha
from the marriage pavilion. Asha’s life is ruined and our
plan has not been fulfilled too. You have accepted defeat
very soon, Father. Your plan will definitely succeed. If Kailash wants to drive
Asha away from the house.. ..then Asha won’t return
empty-handed. Yes! You have returned home early today? Asha, do you have any
problem in this house? Who has told you this? What have you complained
about me to your father? Who told you this too? Now, I understood why
your father made.. his son-in-law,
instead of Jeevan. Because he wanted to become an.. ..equal partner in my
prospering wealth. Do you want to say that I married
you in the greed of wealth? I’m not talking about you,
but your father. My father didn’t force me. I’ve married you willingly. I don’t believe that.
You wished something else. Mr. Kailash! If you want, you may
throw me out of the house.. ..but I’m not ready to hear
such taunts from you. So next time when you take my
complaints to your father.. ..then tell him that its better if
he doesn’t give me legal threats. Well said! Young man
is making progress! What fun people are unable to
enjoy in seven years of marriage.. are enjoying
in just seven days? Dear, keep him under
control from now. If you loosen your grip,
he’ll make big dramas. Why? So you were scolding
my daughter? Uncle, how can I dare to do this? She tells me to shut up immediately. She does the right thing.
Well done, dear. Don’t feel bad if he grumbles. He used to yell in front
of his father too. What’s this, uncle? Will you
reveal all my secrets? Asha, you go inside. Come on, come on.
– Why will she go? I am revealing your secret
because of her. Let her go, Uncle.
She’ll bring hot tea for you. Tea? Is this the time for tea?
It’s 1 o’clock. Uncle will have lunch and go. That too prepared by his daughter. Why, dear? You’ll feed me, won’t you?
– Why not? What vegetables are
available at home? The food is already cooked
and ready, madam. Doesn’t matter.
We’ll have it for dinner. I will prepare the food for lunch. Gangama..
– Yes? You please knead the flour
to make fritter. Listen, take these vegetables
and peel the potatoes. – Okay. Here. And where are the spices? Here are the spices. Serve him first.
– Uncle, you eat it please. Dear, here. Serve your husband first.
– What’s this?! Come on!
– The elders should eat first. Now feed him with your hands. Uncle, I’ll eat with my hands,
I’m not a kid. Of course, I know. Some
time earlier you were.. ..talking like elders, right? Dear, pick up this fritter
and feed him. Come on, feed him. Pick up the fritter, come on.
Very good! Pick up a fritter.. yes!
And put it in his mouth. Very good! Kailash, dear, now
you feed her with your hands. I will eat later. – No, no!
You sit here. Come on, sit here. Sit down, dear. Come on,
feed her, son. Feed her! Very good! Well done! Listen dear, even the
animals survive. But he is called a man who
lives with intelligence. And wisdom is guessed by how
one behaves with each other. According to this, marriage is the
biggest test of wisdom for a man. Because one has to make a
lot of research in this. Whoever fails in this test,
even though he makes an.. ..atom bomb, he can’t
be called intelligent. Tell me, can he be called? Yes? Can he be called human? Yes? So you got it now, right? Okay, now serve one plate for me. Oh, yes, one more thing. There should be a joyful child
in this house within a year. Or I’ll leave my 2 mischievous
kids here, okay? Here. Now you both eat in this and
I’ll eat in this one. Very good. Come on. Eat now. Eat. Very good. The food is very luscious. Sir, both have compromised. Goodbye, sir. Sir, the salary of the
workers is increased.. ..and they have been given the
bonus of three months too. The workers are very happy and
they are praying for you. Huh? What are they asking for? “My eyes have began to
dream some colourful dreams” “Don’t know whether
love will bloom or not” “My eyes have began to
dream some colourful dreams” “I become shy,
thinking he will come just now” “I am scared of thinking
about the outcome” “If we meet today, then I’ll
think that my life is changed now” “My eyes have began to
dream some colourful dreams” “Don’t know whether
love will bloom or not” “I don’t know how to
pacify an annoyed lover” “Please teach me about love,
my Bindia (mark in forehead)” “I have already become my lover’s…” “Then why isn’t he still mine” “My eyes have began to
dream some colourful dreams” “Don’t know whether love will bloom..” “My collyrium has been
wiped away by my tears” “My heart is broken
now after yearning for him” “My love is like my shadow” “Which I can never hold with my hands” Hello? Yes she is here. Who are you? I am her friend here. It’s your friend’s call. Hello? – Mrs. Gupta, I’m sorry
I had to lie to your husband. Actually, I’m a doctor and I’m
speaking from Jeevan’s house. Jeevan has attempted suicide.
– What?! Don’t worry, he is alive.
But he is still lying unconscious. One letter of your name has
been found under his pillow. Its fine if you come now,
or this letter will reach the police. No, please wait.
I’ll be right there. What’s wrong? What happened? She is very ill.
– Who? My friend. The doctor says she
may not survive tonight. Oh! Then you should go immediately.
– Yes. Come on, I’ll take you.
– No, why are you taking the trouble? I will go with the driver. I’ll try to return soon, okay? You wait here, I’ll be right back.
– Okay. If I didn’t reach on time it would have
been impossible for him to survive. Who had called you? Just think that my destiny
brought me here. You had mentioned about some
letter over the phone. Yes. Being a woman, I didn’t
want your family to be ruined. That’s why in spite of
being a suicidal case.. ..I didn’t inform the police. ‘Asha, I have curbed my love for
the sake of your well being.’ ‘But after the way you repaid me
for my sacrifice yesterday..’ ‘..I don’t want to live anymore.’ ‘I am leaving this world.’ ‘I’m returning the few photographs..’ ‘..which were the support
of my life.’ He has written about some
photographs. – Yes. Here they are. But I didn’t get these snaps shot.
– Really? Then were they shot automatically? Please believe me. I will believe you,
Mrs. Kailash Gupta.. ..but will Kailash
also believe you?! You have done the right
thing by tearing it. But when you get their negatives,
then burn them. Negatives? – I’m sorry,
those negatives have reached.. ..such persons who will
demand a price. I am ready to pay any price.
I’ll give them any price. They won’t return the negatives,
even at the price of a million. But what do they want? They demand the formula of some.. invention at your
husband’s factory. Listen to me,
give him that piece of paper.. ..and save your married life. This is my card.
I will wait for you. You go now. What if anyone sees
you so late at night? Go. Well done, Sweetie! Hey! How is your friend now? What’s wrong, Asha?
There is no hope for her survival? Asha, control yourself.
Why are you weeping? Asha! Asha! You love your friend so much?
Come with me. We’ll have one cup of coffee,
everything will be all right. I don’t want to have coffee, come,
sit with me and talk. Talk now.
– You tell me. What should I tell? About yourself, your business,
factory and the formula. What do you want to know? Where do you keep the formula,
at the factory, or at home? Asha, this is uncle’s
responsibility. I never cared for this. So, has the formula become useless.. ..after the invention
of electricity? No, this is not the matter, Asha. The formula through which
we make electricity.. the entire world
wants to buy it from us. And if this formula goes
in someone else’s hand.. ..he will start making electricity,
then who will buy from us? What are you thinking?
– Nothing. Nothing. You are thinking something, Asha. When the formula is so valuable.. ..then why don’t you
keep it with you? I’ll keep it with us from tomorrow.
I’ll keep it with you. No! I didn’t mean to say this.
I was just.. Asha, you are little disturbed,
please take rest. I’m going out for some
important work, okay? Senior Antonio, make arrangement
for the money. Because you’ll get the formula
within two-three days. Senior Jeevan, bravo!
I’m proud of you. You are a great man and that’s
what I like about you. Let me kiss you! You haven’t shaved your beard. Senior Antonio,
I didn’t shave because.. ..I’ll get the formula with
the help of this shave. Oh, really, sir! I’m feeling very happy
seeing you fit today. But why did you do this? You tried to end your valuable
life so easily? My life was valuable when
you were with me, Asha. Jeevan, you always thought
about my well being.. ..but what has happened to you now? God forbid, if something
happened to you.. ..and if the police
got that letter.. you know what would
have happened to me? Yes, Asha, I’m very sorry. But I fail to understand, where
did those snaps come from? Why didn’t you take these snaps? Not these. Those photographs
with dirty poses.. ..which I was shown yesterday. Our dirty pose?!
– Yes. Who showed you?
– That lady doctor. Which lady doctor?
– She who saved your life. I don’t know anyone. Ask the servant, he
must have called her. I’ve given leave to the servant,
four days earlier. Then who was that lady doctor
who called me up.. ..gave me your letter and
showed me those snaps? Here is her card. Jeevan.. Jeevan, please help me. She has told me clearly that if
I don’t give her the formula.. ..of Kailash’s new invention,
some people.. ..will hand over those
snaps to Kailash. You know, I’m doubted every moment. Some snaps are such which
can ruin my married life. No Asha, your home can’t
be ruined in my presence. I’ll never let them succeed, who
have plotted this against you. Perhaps I’ve got a new life,
because of this today. Keep faith in me after
God and go home. Asha, go home. Poor girl! Okay, do one thing, take this card.. ..and go and sit at your dispensary. Did you have breakfast? You had gone to meet your friend?
– Yes. The same friend whom you went
to meet at night too? Yes. Is Jeevan your friend’s name? Pardon?
– Don’t lie to me, Asha. You had gone to meet Jeevan, right? You went to meet Jeevan
at night too, didn’t you? Asha! Please forgive me. Asha, let it be if you don’t care
for my heart and emotions. But why are you spoiling my
name, respect and status? I have not done anything
which will defame you. You have done, Asha.
You have done, you have done! No, my God is the witness,
I haven’t. Daddy..
– Dear, I’ve seen everything with my eyes. Now, I won’t let you stay here
even for a day, let’s go home. Now, this is my house, daddy. I have to live and die here. I’ve married off my
daughter to a beast. Daddy, if you’ll abuse him,
then I’ll go from here. I praise your loyalty, dear. But this man is not worth this.
– I am going. The servants will ask
you for refreshments. Dear, Asha, wait. Okay, I won’t
say anything about Kailash.. ..but tell me, why have
you risked Jeevan’s life? Some goons have kidnapped him
and threatened that if.. ..they don’t get the things they
have demanded from you today.. They will not only send the
negatives of those snaps.. Kailash, but they
will kill Jeevan too. Dear, Jeevan has done
many favours to us. No price is more valuable
than his life. What are they asking?
Give me, I’ll take it. Who had come to you?
– I received a call. You don’t worry. I’ll do something. Dear, you have done
a very good thing. But I think, you have
exaggerated the matter. Let’s give the formula to the goons
if they want it. – Pardon? Dear, it is a piece
of paper after all. And in return for it you want
to save Jeevan’s life.. ..and more than that, yours
and Kailash’s happiness. But, Uncle..
– No ifs and buts. I’ll get ready and be right back.. ..then we’ll go to that
doctor’s dispensary. Papa, can we come inside now?
– Come, dear, come. You talk with your sister,
I’ll be right back, okay? – Yes. Sister. Doctor Shetty. Come dear,
this is the one. Oh! Mr. Ramakant Khurana,
you and here? I’m very glad that you know me. We never expected that
we’ll get such a.. ..big invention’s formula
from the scientist himself. But will I get any reward or..
– Can we check the formula? First I will check those negatives.
– Sure. Here it is.
– Thank you. Here, dear. Take it. All right, dear?
– This is the one. Bring it here.
– Please wait. Let us also satisfy ourselves.
– We are not satisfied yet. Dear, what is his name?
– Jeevan. Oh, yes, Jeevan. Where is Jeevan? Now!
– Untie him first. Untie him. Ask me if you don’t
understand anything. What do you think?
– I think it’s appropriate. Asha, I tried my best to help
you in life in some way. But instead I’m being burdened
by your favours. Dear, you take him and go.
I’ll make them.. ..totally satisfied and then return. No, sir, we are fully satisfied.
You may go too. No, sir, show it to more men, so
that you don’t have any doubts. We don’t have any doubts. So give me.
– What? The negatives.
– Oh, yes. It is a wonderful formula.
Where will you sell it? We’ve made a deal
with 20 countries.. ..but we intend to make a deal with
every country of the world. Excellent! How much
money will you earn? We have not calculated yet.
But it won’t be less than a billion. Antonio, you are the biggest
fool on earth! I beg your pardon, doctor. This formula won’t be sold
for 100 pennies too. What?!
– It is absolute nonsense! It is fake.
– What are you blabbering? Nonsense? Sell it to a junk vendor. It will be useful to make small
packets to sell groundnuts. Mr. Jeevan, this is not possible!
– Stop it now! Now this Khurana will
be in deep trouble. Laxmi, why have you
kept the house dark.. ..why didn’t you switch
on the lights? Dear Suraj! Dear Kiran!
Where have they gone? Kiran! Suraj! Why, Khurana, what
did you understand? How did you come here?
I can hand you over to the police. Oh, sure! By involving the police you are
risking your children’s life. This is our personal matter,
it can be solved with love. Where are my children?
– Where is the original formula? I don’t have it.
– But you can get it. Get it?
– There is no hurry. We’ll call you at 8 am tomorrow,
till then you think.. ..whether the formula is dearer
to you or your kids. Hello, Uncle. – Dear, please
call Kailash inside. – Yes. Uncle, you are here so early?
– Yes, dear. Now, I want you to take care of.. ..your belonging which
was kept with me. What’s this, the formula?
What’s the matter, Uncle? That which is safe with
me is safer with you. No son, even the most powerful men.. ..become the weakest
at some moments. I want to always be
trustable to you. What are you saying today?
– Go and keep it safely, dear. Go. All right, please wait till I return.
– Yes. Dear, a man’s intentions
changes within no time. Where has he gone?
– He went away. You.. you and here?! Where are the kids, Uncle?
– Children? Suraj! Kiran! They must be playing nearby. 8 o’clock! – Were you going to
receive a call at 8 o’clock? Hello? – Mister, it’s 8 o’clock!
What have you decided? Listen brother, you are
doing an atrocity to me. I don’t have what you want. Oldie, so, you are
trying to cheat me? I think you don’t care for
your children’s life. I give you time till today evening. The formula should reach
me at 5pm or may be one.. ..of your children’s dead body
will be thrown at your door. Dear!
– Your children will return, uncle. Brother Vinod, seeing
this certificates.. ..I feel the boy is
quite intelligent. You send him tomorrow morning,
I’ll hire him. But tomorrow is Sunday. Okay, you send him on Monday. Asha! What’s wrong? Will you tell me what
happened or just weep? Jeevan! Jeevan! No, Asha. I can’t bear
to see you weeping. You are under my oath, tell me.
What’s wrong? Tell me. Since I’ve gone to that house,
I’m weeping non-stop. I was humiliated day and
night but I tolerated it. But now the matter has become worse. How did Kailash dare to do this? Till today I’ve showered
love on him.. ..but now I’ll show him why
a woman is called a serpent. Kailash is very proud of the
formula of his new invention. I will shatter his pride to nothing. But that formula is already
given to those goons.. order to save me. That was not the real
one, it was fake. Really?
– Yes. The real formula is
in Kailash’s locker. One of its keys is with me too. I will steal that formula. Asha, I’m scared to tell
you my feelings.. ..I think what if you
misunderstand me? Jeevan, can we ever misunderstand
each other? Tell me whatever you have
in your heart. Tell me. Asha, my heart says your
marriage was a mistake.. ..and we both are punished for it. But it is a bigger mistake to
tolerate this punishment, Asha. I want that you to come
to me, forever. Yes, Asha. I’m not wealthy like
Kailash, but I have a heart.. ..full of love, which he can
never get in this birth. Jeevan, do you still have
the same love for me? Asha, I’ve proved my love by
attempting suicide. – Jeevan! Yes Asha, your Jeevan.
– Oh, Jeevan! Not only in this birth, but every
birth, Asha. – Oh, Jeevan! I swear! What will you do by stealing
that formula from the locker? You know the old scientist in
Kailash’s factory.. – Yes. Those goons who took you have
kidnapped his two kids. Really?
– Yes. – But why? Because of that formula. They say if they don’t get the
formula, they’ll kill the kids. They dare to say this?
I’ll kill them. Never! I won’t allow
you to go there. I’ve already risked your
life once because of me. But we’ll have to save
those kids, Asha. What do you think? They would
have taken those kids.. the same place
where they took you? Definitely! And I know the
way to that hideout too. Really? Then can you inform
them to bring the kids.. ..and I’ll hand over
the formula to them. Why not? But.. but where
should I call them? To the jungle behind Kailash’s
house at midnight.. ..when Kailash must
be sleeping soundly. And he’ll always keep on sleeping. And Jeevan will take his Asha
and go far away forever. Oh, Jeevan! When will this night
arrive, when will it be midnight? I am so impatient.
– Asha, my Asha. Not now, at night. Why are you checking it,
it’s the same. The same for which you have
played such a big drama. For which you played with
my love and life. For which I was supposed
to be cheated many times. Asha, you never understood
the depth of my love. In front of that love this formula
is just a pile of papers. If you would have asked
me jokingly too.. ..I’d have offered it at your feet
like the veneration flowers. I kept you in my heart like
an idol in a temple. And today you have shattered
that idol. Asha, I beg of you, don’t
give any false statement.. ..and stoop lower in my eyes. Take it away. If you want something
else, then ask for it. But if you want to live in
this house after today.. ..then I’ll have to
leave this house. You have got me right, Mr. Kailash. You have understood me correctly. In spite of this, you are not
kicking me out of the house. This proves that you are
not a man but God. I’ll settle your image in
my heart and go from here. I’d be very thankful
if you give me.. ..some time to pack my luggage. Turn the car around.
– I will. Asha, my heart was throbbing, I was
wondering: will you come, or not. Where are the kids?
– Did you bring the formula? Yes. Where are the kids? They are there. But first,
we’ll have to give.. ..the formula to those ruffians. Tell them that if they
want the formula.. ..they should bring
the kids here first. The formula is in my bag.
– All right. Hey! If you want the formula then
bring the kids here first. Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! Don’t weep. Keep patience. Sister, where is our daddy?
– Come on, let’s go to daddy. Come on, sit in the car.
Hurry up. Go. Formula please! Jeevan, remove the formula from
this and give it to them. Take it away. Where are you going?
– I’ll be right back. Driver, as soon I alight,
you drive the car.. and take it
directly to uncle. Okay, madam. Tell me, Mr. Jeevan, where
will you elope with me now? What are you saying?
– Move away! Your game is over!
– What are you saying?! Which game? Everything is a game for you. Love, friendship, loyalty,
everything is a game. You considered me, my father
and my husband as a toy. In your greed you ruined all of us. Sir, this is empty. It is empty?! Asha, where is the formula? So, you want the formula?
– Yes. Here. Take this. And this. Asha, no one can deceive
Jeevan Like this. – Jeevan! Kailash! Leave me! Let me go! Kailash! Got it, inspector? Go to
the Coimbatore street. Check till Kunnoor.
Search every nook and corner.. ..and then inform me, okay? ‘Your precious
belonging is under the pillow.’ Hello?
– It’s his voice. Talk to him. Mr. Kailash, you
didn’t do the right thing. It was our personal matter,
by involving the police.. have needlessly
risked your wife’s life. Well, the matter has
still not become worse.. ..if you wish it can
be solved with love. Thank you very much. But with
whom shall I have to act with love? With me. – Listen, if you’ll
reply to my each question.. ..after asking Jeevan, a
lot of time will be wasted. Tell that coward that
if he is a brave man.. ..he himself should talk to me. Hats off to your intelligence,
Mr. Kailash. And hats off to your friendship,
Mr. Jeevan. I will accept your
honours when I’ll get the.. ..formula of your
invention in my hands. Why? You still didn’t get it? Listen Kailash,
leave this drama to us. The formula is in your locker. And think that
Asha is in our locker. Why shouldn’t we
exchange the lockers.. ..and strengthen the
bond of our friendship? I will not kill her, Kailash. But I can see that Asha
is still that beautiful.. ..and my heart is still that young. The desire I was unable to fulfill
earlier, if you force me, then.. Jeevan! Forget about
touching her, if you even give her.. ..a dirty glance, then I
swear by my ancestors. Even if I’ve to search for you for
a lifetime, I’ll surely find you. Then I’ll make such a
condition of yours.. ..that even the angels
will shiver looking at it. So, you still love
her so much, right? Then we’ll
definitely get the formula. Tell me, when shall
I send my henchmen? You come here and
Asha should be with you. My men will come and
you’ll give them the formula. The formula will be checked,
after that Asha will be sent to you. Be careful not to do
any cheating this time. You stand at the door right at
12 o’clock with the formula. Got it? Fire! Fire! Run! Run! The mansion is on fire!
Help! Help! Run! Run! Fire! Fire! Run! Run! The mansion is on fire!
Help! Help! Run! Run! Fire! Fire! Run! Run! Fire! Fire! Help! Help! Help! Help! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Help! Help! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Help! Help!
Bring water! Bring water! Fire! Fire! Help! They are deceived!
– Your scheme has been successful. ‘The reason why it
caught fire is unknown..’ ‘..but Kailash Gupta and three
servants are burned to death.’ ‘Mrs. Asha Gupta was not
present at home during that time.’ ‘Government has sent
some officers from Delhi.’ ‘Until they don’t
find out its mystery..’ ‘ citizen is
allowed to go there.’ ‘Police is on strict guard there.’
– Oh! ‘It is guessed that
government is in search..’ ‘..for some important documents.’ Now, you must have understood.. ..which are those
important documents. Before our guests
from Delhi reach here.. ..we should get that formula
at any cost. Tonight itself. Uncle, they have arrived. Listen,
everyone come here. I’ll go from behind and hide
in their car dickey stealthily. And you all handle
everyone except one or two. Don’t worry. We’ll
manage everything. Dear, is it right to
risk your life like this? Uncle, it is the question
of Asha’s life, I should go. Listen, dear, if it
takes you more time.. ..I’ll start searching for
you along with the police. All right, do as you feel right. Give me the stick.
– Here. Listen, you go there.
– All right. And you go there. Come on. Catch these rogues! So you
came to get the formula, right? Let me go. Leave me. Let me go for God’s sake. I beg of you, have pity on me. What if we let you go? Will you
go to hell to meet your husband? He is dead!
– You are telling lies. Nothing can happen to my Kailash. You are definitely playing
some new game by lying to me. Okay, consider it as our new game. Someone is here, sir. Where did you leave me and go away? I can’t live without you. I am doomed. I’ve become a widow.
What should I do? Kailash! Kailash! Let me go. Leave me. Asha, be careful. Petrol is over! Come with me. “Two bodies have united
and have blossomed together.” “Now even if our life goes,
we will have no regrets.” “Two bodies have united
and have blossomed together.” “Now even if our life goes,
we will have no regrets.” “Even though belated,
atleast happiness came into my life.” “Our love has been
tested through fire” “See our union which has
blossomed amidst the cyclone” “See our union which has
blossomed amidst the cyclone” “Two bodies have united
and have blossomed together.” “Now even if our life goes,
we will have no regrets.” “We will have no regrets.” “The lips are the
same and so is the smile” “Till now,
I had controlled my wishes.” “Let us forget the past, my beloved.” “Let us forget the past, my beloved.” “Two bodies have united
and have blossomed together.” “Now even if our life goes,
we will have no regrets.” “We will have no regrets.” “We will have no regrets.” Shut up! If they are
hiding in the jungle.. ..then set the jungle on fire. But if they escape this time,
I’ll make your life miserable. Now get out! Get lost! Don’t you worry.
We’ll get your formula. Please.. please go
and search for them. Dindayal.
– Yes, sir? It’s very late. We should take the
police’s help and go to find him. You are right, sir. Asha, get out. Asha, you wait here. – Let it be.
It’s better to leave right now. No, Asha. I’ll
regret it for a lifetime.. ..that I didn’t teach
this rogue a lesson. Mr. Jeevan, they are not here. Not here, look there. Not there Jeevan, here. I didn’t want to
confront you like this, Kailash. Nothing will happen
according to your wish now. Now that will happen what I want. The competition is
not among two equals. I have 20 men with me and
this pistol in my hand too. The competition is not
between One man and 20 men.. ..but of friendship and fraudulence. The gunpowder within
this doesn’t understand.. ..friendship and fraudulence,
it just kills the other person. If the bullet wanted to shoot,
it would have shot by now.. ..perhaps it is more
respectable than your eyes. Listen, Kailash, murder and
bloodshed is not a good thing. You know what I want, the formula. And don’t you know what I want?
– What? Call all your sinful henchmen!
I’ll deal with them too. Get lost! I don’t
want anybody’s help. Get away please. Get away. Everyone move back. I want to catch these
rogues alive. Surround them. Jeevan, give it to him.
Go back. Kill him. Hands up! No one will
move from his place. Look, Jeevan, so
many people have come.. welcome you and your gang. I’ll always regret it, because
they will surely make you get.. ..the punishment for being
a traitor of our country. But who will punish
you for cheating.. ..a friend like me and
a Goddess like Asha!? Jeevan! Buddy, what have you done!?
What have you done? My greed has left me
unworthy to be your friend, Kailash. Jeevan! Let’s go, dear. “You will be thinking as
to why I should love you so much.” “You will think why I should
be behind you like this.” “Only those who love can
understand the other lover.” “Only those who burn
in love know the joy in that.” “You keep coming in
my dreams to disturb me.” “You are near my
heart at every moment.” “You tell me the
sweet things of love.” “You are near my heart
at every moment.”


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