China’s Internet Censorship Explained

China’s Internet Censorship Explained

With 618 million Internet users, China’s
population is more connected than any other society in the world. Yet for the authoritarian
Chinese government, this limitless access to information poses a threat to its control
of free expression. To counter people’s access to alternative viewpoints, the government
has developed a formidable system of censorship to restrict the content of media available
for public consumption. When it first came out, China thought the
Internet could be a wonderful thing. But then reality set in. The Internet was
uncontrollable. It shifted power to the individual in unprecedented ways. So, The Communist party’s leaders began
building the country’s second great wall: a firewall of censorship. In 1998, with the Internet quickly gaining
popularity, the Party feared the newly formed China Democracy Party — or CDP — would use
the web as a tool to gather support in a way the party elites might not be able to control.
Thus, the CDP was immediately banned and its leaders were arrested and imprisoned. That
same year, construction of the Great Firewall began. Misleadingly known as the “Golden Shield,”
a more accurate name for the firewall project would have been the “Golden Curtain,”
because it signaled the end of the run for many websites in China. Before long, thousands of domains were blocked.
Users could get through the blackout with workarounds like proxy servers and secure
VPNs, but those were cumbersome and increasingly ineffective against the ever powerful blockade
enacted by the government. Today, you can’t access any Google website
in China including gmail, drive, maps, and this website, YouTube. Facebook, Twitter,
and Instagram are unreachable as is Bing and most of Yahoo! China’s four million bloggers
have to use sites other than Blogspot and WordPress, the two most popular quick-writing
platforms in the rest of the world. China employs an army-sized force to not only
block web content, but also to constantly monitor user activity. There are more than
two million Chinese Internet police officers. If you speak out, or try to defy the Great
Firewall, you disappear. Amnesty International says China “has the largest recorded number
of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world.” One of the first examples of this came in
2004, when Chinese journalist Shi Tao used his Yahoo! email account to send the government’s
latest list of banned topics to a pro-democracy website in New York. China’s response was
swift. It asked Yahoo! for the name behind the email account, the exact contents of the
message, and the exact location where the account was accessed. Yahoo! complied, and
Tao was immediately arrested, charged with leaking state secrets, and — after a two-hour
show trial — sentenced to 10 years in prison. Sending such a strong message to its citizens
that the government has complete control over the Internet comes at a high price. The younger
generations in China think The Communist Party’s excessive control is harmful and insulting. Academics can’t gain access to scientific
journals, business people can’t communicate with colleagues around the world, and China’s
leaders — with their long history of corruption — can’t be investigated. Part of the reason why the government has
gotten away with all this, is because of the country’s feverish pace of economic and
social progress. Since 1978, the average income in China has gone from $200 a year to $6,000.
This 3,000 percent increase has given the Communist Party a huge reservoir of goodwill. But instead of using this success as a foundation
to cultivate a more progressive relationship with its people, the government is continuing
to tighten its chokehold on freedom of expression. In 2011, China’s leaders saw how powerful
a tool social media was to people who sought to challenge or even overthrow authoritarian
governments in the Middle East. And last year, China even experienced this firsthand when
over one-hundred thousand protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong to directly challenge
its authority. In response, The Communist Party’s rolled
out its latest weapon called The Great Cannon, in which it launches devastating Distributed
Denial of Service attacks against websites like, that help Chinese Internet
users get around The Great Firewall. According to Internet researchers, the cannon
allows China to intercept foreign web traffic as it flows to Chinese websites, inject malicious
code, and then redirect the traffic back against specific targets. It’s similar to a cyber
weapon developed and used by the US National Security Agency. But, while the N.S.A. uses
its program for targeted surveillance, the Chinese are using the Great Cannon for aggressive
censorship. The question is, at the rate at which Chinese
are coming online, how much longer will the government get away with arguing that its
heavy handed censorship is being done to protect the people, when it’s so obviously being
done to ensure the survival of The Communist Party? Thanks for watching. Be sure to like this
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  1. Ziyuan Li says:

    Bing and Yahoo can be accessed in Mainland China, and it has always been like that.

  2. Daniel Deng says:

    watching this in china😁

  3. 温璐菲 says:

    Actually I can get access to YouTube or Facebook whenever I want in China , using vpn, and it's not hard to get a vpn.
    The cyber Great Wall is to protect foreigners from crazy Chinese netizens lol.

  4. Circumflêx ÂÂÂ says:

    Fortunately the stupid inventor of that "wall" died of a lovely cancer.

  5. JASON says:

    that is why there is VPN

  6. David Hynes says:

    China and the DPRK are both the same suppress their people.

  7. Chris S says:

    LOL I am watching this in China now.

  8. Luna Tycho says:

    1:55 Pretty sure those guys are just playing LoL, not blocking web content or monitoring user activity.

  9. Leon TicklePickle says:

    Surprisingly Snapchat is unblocked

  10. gaming blox21 says:

    It is true but I can use you tube, google and more in Hong Kong.

  11. # YOLO says:

    Why can't China ask the Google company and others to ban information about the Chinese government instead of banning EVERYTHING!!!! Honestly I am Chinese thankfully I live in Ireland but I went on holidays to China and I have to agree it's HORRIBLE not being able to use Google and YouTube

  12. Deyu Zhao says:

    In the real world, Why do we have police?
    However, in most people's logics today, the internet is a completely free platform, do we need to have police on the internet? Or anyone can do anything on that. There is no such a thing called 'absolutely free speech'. Do not sale this concept.

  13. James Vignali says:

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  14. James Vignali says:

    Who's on first?

  15. James Vignali says:

    What's on second.

  16. James Vignali says:

    I don't know who is on third.

  17. BING toufu says:

    Really can be compiled. I also came one, the United States did not board the moon. Those who know the truth are gone

  18. Luis Quevedo says:

    FB and YouTube is not everything in this life people. If you don’t understand politics you won’t never understand why China bans the western social media. Everybody knows that social media could be used to do good or to do bad. And when you’re one of the most powerful countries in the world you should prevent from your enemies to use this against you…

  19. Rick Campbell says:

    If we're not talking about the Jews, we aren't talking about the problem.
    Jabotinsky was the Russian Jew who brought communism to China.

  20. Asya Karapetyan says:

    most Chinese use this tip to avoid censorship

  21. Roma Sky says:

    This is amazing. But at the same time, democratic countries are in a mess right now. How can we follow such messy democracy???

  22. Torb 1 Trick says:

    =because it’s a North Korea like planet

  23. robspunk says:

    China is not HONG KONG

  24. Tôi yêu vẻ đẹp SEXY SHOW/ says:


  25. Gaurav Bachhav says:

    As i Indian
    I think Chinese people slave of government

    Why not election
    Government want people are slave forever

  26. Brian Li says:

    1:43 isn't even China…

  27. David Ben-Abraham says:

    China, in my humble opinion, does well in censoring information. In fact, even the United-States of America censors information, but does so clandestinely – without attracting too much attention to its practice. China seeks to control dissidents, as also to protect its citizens. Pornographic sites in China have also been banned. Sure wish the USA would follow suit. One of the clever reasons given for Chinese censorship is that it precludes the necessity of dealing with foreseen difficulties arising from "unlimited speech."

  28. facemaster22 says:

    Bing and yahoo ain’t banned

  29. Lillyputian says:

    censorship sucks. good thing every chinese has a VPN

  30. Rob H says:

    China's internet censorship has gotten worse in the past year, and it's only going to get worse.

  31. Brandon Gao says:

    When I went to China, my hotel had it's own server, so I could watch YouTube and use any Google thing

  32. Emily says:

    Hi guys, bypass the grest firewall of China with NordVPN

  33. hongkongsmartboy says:

    Cencership Firewall does not exist in South of Shenzhen river!

  34. Nicholas Heimann says:

    So Yahoo is a communist sympathizing company.

  35. KC_D Lightleader says:

    #FutureNet is the answer because it is the next #Facebook that is UNCENSORED and pays the people in #Bitcoin! Join us for free at

  36. Dialectical Monist says:

    And now that censorship has come to the US. We are losing our country. When the US falls, it will all fall.

  37. Anarcho-Capitalist says:

    Ok you made the issue seem so much worse than it actually is. It is easy as hell for Chinese people to get a VPN, law abiding citizens chose not to do it because they support their government. And although China can take down VPNs whenever they want to, they keep them up because they know that the businesses need them. You also never mentioned the hundreds of different Chinese websites that Chinese people use, such as wechat. I am in no way saying that the great fire wall is a good thing. It's motives are obvious. However, this video is way too hyperbolic about the situation.

  38. Kerry Yang says:

    we will build a wall

  39. DadeReamer says:

    In China, 2+2=5.

  40. Micheal Yu says:

    I Don't need This kind of protection.

  41. ZAHLIN says:

    5:00 at the left side you can see Chinese Ealon Musk

  42. Wolf Rojo says:

    Thanks good they are blocked because I don't want learns Chinese

  43. Gail MacDougall says:

    We are all victims. We are controlled as we have been for 1 000s of years. There are only a few real controllers. The rest are puppets. The only way to win is not to play. Taxation is legalized theft. They have created gadgets that we want such as vehicles. In Oregon, they are introducing a pay by the mile. Soon, we will all be paying for that. We need to stop buying, and stop listening to our "so-called leaders" who bring misery to us. It is time to remove all dependency on grocery stores. We must become independent from everything except our neighbours. We need to work in small clans to survive–not to take from neighbouring clans by the way. We need to reject the Net, the phone, the latest fashions–all of it. We need our freedom. Freedom to feel and realise that all we have is the moment called now. We are living in the past and the future–what about the moment called now. The present is where the beauty and boundless love are.

  44. Azzi says:

    yahoo is a snitch. never use a snitch

  45. Chen Sun says:

    Well, based on what i have experienced in that shXthXle, i can verify the authenticity of the report in the above video clip. 95% of it, if not all, is just true. I also noticed that, some people (westerners or those disguising to be westerners with a fancy name) in the comment section claimed to be the upholders of such an atrocity of the bandits and deem it worthy to sacrifice one's freedom for the stability of their reign. I truly tell you, u bastards deserve no peace and u will all pay with your lives.

  46. SilverHazardX84 says:

    1:00 Taiwan has a different covernment

  47. Bry 117 says:


  48. Nij Jin says:

    The amount of media brainwashed sheeps are amazing….

  49. Y Liu says:

    Like Kishore Mahbubani said: "Western countries now are all opened societies (with their pride freedom and liberty), but closed-minded; China is a closed society (with "dictatorship"), but open-minded." Ironic, isn't it?

  50. Ethan Bai says:

    This is a great video. It is undoubtedly sad that many Chinese internet users cannot access foreign social media websites, especially the popular ones, YouTube, Google, Gmail, etc. This is a control of freedom, and it might take years for the communist party to change the way it is.

  51. Inki Gaming says:

    V P N

  52. Inki Gaming says:

    I hope the Kuomintang annexes the mainland the second the PRC falls.

  53. healthy kid says:

    Why can I use 4chan and Reddit then?

  54. Ju p says:

    Just use VPN…

  55. Jimmy Yang says:

    Lmao I’m watching this using VPN in China right now

  56. Chen Sun says:

    China is a stink egg. Come on guys, time to knock this egg wide open!! and Remeber to let none of the government guys survive this time!! Hang them all!

  57. Not Funny News ! says:

    Sheyot" China isn't the censor"? Welcome to the internet it is why they gave it to us! Bing yahoo cnn twitter youtube google same body different parts welcome to earth the prison planet!

  58. Cookerscuit says:

    I am Chinese and I wanna say F**k the The great fakewow!!!

  59. budwised says:

    thank god that my parents immigrated

  60. Francis says:

    I’m watching this is China lol

  61. Francis says:

    I’m watching this in China lol

  62. Tom Ryan says:

    Just use a VPN. Lantern or BAVPN work great in China.

  63. Jorge E says:

    I love freedom in the West. It's a treasure that is often not appreciated enough. I love living in the free world.

  64. Dane Pacheco says:

    They sure can't censor Eddie Huang

  65. ezio guo says:

    When talking about monitor user activity, I don't thing there is any country is working better than Americans, key word: The PRISM project

  66. Visual Effects Lodge says:

    Im glad you showed me this number "1978" I was born in 1977, did the alphanumerics from the gangsters, check it out!
    Creator of Japan 143. Doron Tyrone Brooks 243, it's a 100 point difference, but I'm turned off by Chinese as of 2017, I took up for them when people said they ate cats, dogs, rats, but after Facebook petition videos, I now know the truth.
    Dog (26] (3) 8.6666666
    God (26) (3) 8.666666
    DTB (26) (3) 8.666666

  67. Sir Mage says:

    Look,Chinese can access youtube or whatever if they want,China opens gates for those who want to view other websites,most chinese do not need google or youtube in their dsily life,they have their own thing going on. So stop judging them like they cannot live without youtube.

  68. nick rivers says:

    Damn commies………

  69. mufasaa hunter says:

    I just want to know if I can play fortnite in China

  70. Red Hiding Hood says:

    Political reasons are not the only ones. Economics are also a big reason for the firewall. By banning a lot of American companies, many chinese IT startups have succeded.

  71. DemonsDontDance says:

    America should learn from this.

  72. 王伟洋 says:

    还好了 没你讲的那么吓人啦

  73. yimeng wang says:

    Well if some countries want to use internet train some little birds. Your governments also want to build a fire wall. No matter the internet can be controlled or not. The most important reason is someone believes China is an enemy, one Party is terrible and illegal, or they just believe the Communist Party is totally bad. So, we build a wall again.

  74. b wolf says:

    Substratum is bringing this censorship to an end. They have proven breaking through the great firewall

  75. H Paul says:

    Another role of the firewall is to make China's Internet development better. Therefore, there are many world-class Internet companies in China: Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Sina Weibo, etc., as well as some small and sophisticated websites such as bilibili. Know, Douban and so on. If there is no firewall and all Chinese use "YouTube / Twitter / INS / Facebook", then Chinese Internet companies will not develop. In a sense, this is a very smart strategy.

  76. Dirk Klapwijk says:


    In 2020 they will restrict the internet ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    China is just a test country to supress the people 🙂 so they can apply this on all of us, near future we will be shut up very soon so enjoy your freedom while you can

  77. XL King says:

    This answer had 29.9k upvoted on Quora. have a look. answered by Robin Daverman (who is not a Chinese).

    You can just search for this on Wikipedia. But let me show you how Facebook dealt with terrorism differently in the US and in China.

    In 2013, a bomb went off in Boston. 3 people were killed. and all immediately jumped in to help with the investigation. They were so eager to help that they even jumped on the wrong person!

    In 2009, ETIM, which was formally classified as terrorism organization by both the UN and the US in 2002, organized a riot in China that killed almost 200 people. Most of the dead were women and children. They used Facebook to set up the riot. The Chinese government asked Facebook to help identifying the terrorists. Facebook said, eh, hmm, just freedom fighters exercising free speech. So the Chinese told them to get the f*ck out of China.
    Later Facebook has attempted several times to get back in, and the Chinese government always smiled politely without budging an inch.

  78. Alyssa Harris says:

    needed this for a paper, thank you!!!

  79. HiXaM JOCULAR says:

    chinese government is very smart they protect their people from western poison ideas and the same give the local social media company to develop its technologies and the mots important thing it's prevent US social media which're a US cyber tools used by CIN for spying on other countries ,it's a cyber war so china protect itself !

  80. op.mellow 07 says:

    Anyone watching this in China??

  81. Spicy Boi says:

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  82. cash parii says:

    Governments Like China continue to be able to control citizen’s access to the internet and social media?

  83. Gamepro5 says:

    Wait so someone visiting a Chinese website can get hacked?

  84. Hengxu Liu says:

    if China ban these websites in us im going on tor

  85. WeMaster Gaming says:

    stupid anti communist propaganda

  86. blyatman Day4 says:

    oh wait , i didn't disapper yet

  87. Lancelot Xavier says:

    censorship = cowards

  88. revelatedsouls says:


    China: bans all use of internet and creates knock-off versions

    E.U: am i a joke to you?

  89. David Hynes says:

    China scared of democracy.

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  91. Dan D says:

    I couldn't access porn when I was in China. Censorship is not a bad thing actually. And Facebook destroys marriages and relationships, good riddance.

  92. Johannan Barrakia says:

    They got us by the balls financially. Next topic please…

  93. Kevin says:

    The China internet censorship in other words is like when the husband has way too much porn hidden his search history and doesn’t want his spouse to find out his collection!

  94. Mike B says:

    What does this sound like? Net Neutrality!

  95. Lysol says:

    Good thing I don't live in China. Censorship is like prison to me.

  96. Harry Chen says:

    When I was in China for the summer break I used obfuscated VPN servers, somewhat slower (the servers are not in China), and takes time to connect (to bypass all the network restrictions), but with fast and cheap wifi it was just fine, even works with 4k 60fps videos, though I do get like 200 ping when playing games.

  97. clovel73 says:

    You have good points in this video and I believe that what you said is true. But you didn’t mentioned the good side of it. Remember that Internet is ruining the life of our kids. Sometimes unprecedented progress= regress. Chinese kids do a lot of social and physical exercise after school whilst we are always in front of a pc. They are innocent more than us. They don’t watch fake news that makes them angry and hatred. They are not exposed to porn and violent movies. I believe there should be a balance not only in China but also in the West.

  98. clovel73 says:

    You have good points in this video and I believe that what you said is true. But you didn’t mentioned the good side of it. Remember that Internet is ruining the life of our kids. Sometimes unprecedented progress= regress. Chinese kids do a lot of social and physical exercise after school whilst we are always in front of a pc. They are innocent more than us. They don’t watch fake news that makes them angry and hatred. They are not exposed to porn and violent movies. I believe there should be a balance not only in China but also in the West.

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