Chris Trump IMO 1&2 on our farm

Chris Trump IMO 1&2 on our farm

Here we are cruising out to collect our IMO 1 collection. Up the mountain we go. Well we just lost four wheel drive. We just barely made it up and over with two-wheel drive and thankfully heading back down the mountain is a lot easier than up. If we get stuck, this will be a long day. This is our spot. We will go get our collection right up the hill, through the jungle. Off we go. It’s a beautiful day. This tree is beautiful. Yeah. So here is our collection. We got one collection our of here about a week ago. This is our second placement. Uh oh. Looks like somehow it might have got wet. See the line? That’s a bummer. It won’t be a good collection if it got wet, but we’ll see. (You want to hold the camera up?) This was up here for 6 days. This is to keep the creators out. (Collect the trash). Yeah, it looks like it got soaked. That’s a bummer. The last one stayed real dry but I switched up the cover a little bit. So I will take this off, peel this back and see what we’ve got. Oh wow, it is still good. Try and get right up in there. Beautifu. This is still a great collection and moisture may be from the respiration of the biology. I’m pulling this off with it getting wet at night and what not. We will keep this covered and try to keep stuff off of it. Beautiful, right? Sounds like “I don’t know, if you say so”. So cool, the first time I get to see tha.t Nothing wrong with these sticks but we already kind of got their collection. Yeah, the whole thing, all the sprays we do starts up on the mountain, collecting the good biology. There is plenty too. Yeah all fuzzy. Beautiful day. So here we are back in the lab with our collection. Putting it in here our scale is going to tell us how much sugar we’re gonna need. So I’ll load it up. Rice there? Yeah but the dry cook kind of like wouldn’t be popular at the party. You use less water? Yeah, so instead of doing up to your knuckle or whatever with the water you half a fingernail. And it’s just too little to be good but it’s just enough to cook it all. So here we got all our IMO 1 in there and we’re going to mix it with three-and-a-half pounds brown sugar. Here’s IMO 3 and our storage box. I’m going to show Hanson. This is what Shane takes it from. He makes it from here so this is a handful of that finished IMO 2 – little bit on the tip of my finger makes all this. Yeah so we grow this out on the mac kernal and shell that I’m getting from the processing and then it goes in there and make this yummy goodness. blub blub blub. blub blub….. Yum. Want some? No. Me and Shane ate it. So now we need to add three-and-a-half pounds brown sugar to our IMO 1. And that makes IMO 2. We can add a little extra sugar and it doesn’t hurt. But we don’t want too little because then it’ll go active and it will just use the sugar as food rather than drying out all the water and making it go to sleep. Five and a half…. No we don’t need three-and-a-half, we need seven. Oh, so that it will add up to seven Ok. So I zeroed out the scale for the jar. That looks like seven so I’m going to add just this little half pound more just to make sure we have enough sugar. A little scoop there. So now we do a little lomi, massage it. Not too hard but enough, we gotta mix and make all the sugar touch all the rice. That powder that’s coming up is fungal spores. It’s the seeds of good fungus. So I’m not pounding the IMO 1. I’m kind of breaking up the chunks gently so that I can mix it with the brown sugar. But look how tight that holds together. I’m pulling and it’s just solid with the biology. Biology’s body is what’s holding that all together. If that was just rice that would fall apart right? It would just make a pile on the table. You could knock it all over the spoon. So it’s the biology that really makes a cake out of it with its body. Cuz the body is like tubes or straws or string so it’s just like a bunch of microscopic string holding it all together, eating on the rice so it’s all connected. So we just need to really get it evenly stirred. I’m going to mix it in this container but I’ll actually store it in a smaller container, a one gallon one. You can’t mix it in a one gallon because there is not enough room. All of a sudden, what will happen is this will change from, dry kind of looking material to wet. So you recommend glass? For long storage, you gotta use glass or ceramic especially with this stuff. For some of the other stuff you can get away with an HDPE plastic but for IMO 1 and 2, for IMO 2 I really think that you’ve got to have either clay like ceramic like dishes or glass. That’s because it’s really alive and it can have a temperature. Now I will transfer it to a smaller container just to take up less space more than anything. And it’s just a waste of such a big container . It will reduce in size to about a half gallon. The small container is about a one gallon. (So what was the weight of the rice?) The rice ended up at three and a half pounds and so the rice and sugar was seven and I added about a quarter or half pound more sugar just to make sure we aren’t too light on sugar. Because if you are too light on sugar it will bubble and get active. If FPJ has a little bubbling and activity it’s kind of ok. You can add some more sugar to calm it down. But with IMO, if it gets active it actually really ruin it in just a short time. So it’s not as safe. So we just really want to make sure we don’t get too light on the sugar. But we also don’t want to like add this massive amount of sugar. There’s kind of a balance. I put a little extra sugar. I found that the amount I put was about right. So now that is full and it will actually reduce in size over the next couple days. It will kind of sink down but what I’m going to do too is just put a tiny little cap to keep the surface from catching a whole bunch of moisture just from the air and going active so i’m going to put a little later sugar unmixed just right on top of this just to keep it from going off at the top I’m giving the little pressure. not smashing. Kind of with the back of my fingers. You want to open that up VOk, good. That’s just the to keep the surface from getting active on us. Just get the lid on. Tucking it in. Putting it to bed -exactly! Sleep, bridal sleep. Alright so I’m going to clean up and put a cover on it. So always make sure that the top of your lid is clean of sugar. I just washed my hands so I don’t have any sugar on my hands. I’m cleaning off the top because nothing on the outside is appealing to a bug and nothing on the clean paper towel is appealing to a bug or ant. or pest. But if you have sugar on this edge it soaks into the towel. Now you have food and they’ll just eat right through the towel and then they will find all the sugar inside. But if there’s no reason for them to eat the towel, they will just leave it alone and you’re IMO will stay real nice. Make a nice cover and tuck em in. Beautiful. I will label this mauka, obea and the date. That is where was, what trees it was around. This is our IMO 1 collection all finished. Now IMO 2. Some of my other ones area in here. This is one from a little over a week ago. It looked just like that one. Now it looks like this – wet. And this is one from almost 2013. It is now 2016. It smells great like miso. It keeps really nicely if you store it properly and make it properly. That is it. Put our label on 7-11-16 here. Mauka. That’s it. We are done. Thanks for watching. See you later.


  1. P Dub says:

    Your the man Chris!

  2. ben allotey says:

    thanks again Chris, keep them coming.

  3. vincent mina says:

    Love this video collection and process of storing IMO-2 what a beautiful process shared!

  4. Morgrim X says:

    Why do you keep IMO2 for years? I had the impression as soon as it was "ready", you proceed to the next stages. I have just watched the few videos available on this. I really appreciate your efforts doing these videos.

  5. gh fjj says:

    Awesome collection. nice and fluffy. sweet collection box too!

  6. SharkBait FoodTruck says:

    thanks for making this video! super informative compared to other IMO videos!

  7. named says:

    Hi chris,
    i collected a batch but i get a lot of grey green and some reds while most of the fuzz is grey. I do see some mycelium though between the rice kernels.
    You reckon this is bad collection?

  8. growing calidank says:

    You could probably go back and explain IMO 1 to little better just for people that aren't knf savvy

  9. Tumba says:

    the bottom of the box is cedar right

  10. Akil Taylor says:

    what if my imo 1 comes out multicolored when collected?

  11. Trapper Tovi says:

    One more (little) question, is it really necessary to use this very brown raw suger, because where I live its extremely expensive and hard to get, esspecially in bigger amounts. What is the real purpose of it, and is it maybe possible to use substitutes??? As far as i understood it helps conserving the IMO and binds it so it can not oxidate. What about using dirty white sugar, or melasis????
    Love & Light thanks for your work.

  12. Steve's Outdoor World says:

    wow that was a batch good job.

  13. Steve's Outdoor World says:

    how many day did you leave the bow out?

  14. Terran Lusk says:

    What size pot of rice you recommend cooking for IMO? or is it just relative to the size of box you have to place the rice in, bigger being better for more rice? also whats your method of cooking it to get it completely cooked but dryish in nature? Mahalo!

  15. D. Rivas says:

    OMG sir rigth on the money 💚🙏✌🤘👊

  16. kerwin sinagula says:

    sir do you have a ration for IMO in feeds for animals?

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    Man that is beautiful I can't wait to go collect some imo

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    Can u pls share ur whatsapp number..

  19. florie Brown says:

    Hi Chris thank you for this, it has taken me 4 days to listen to your video and write it all out I probably have to watch it again a few more times. Is it possible to make a lesser quantity or is that measurement of all the herb and spices the only amount to do. The combination of all of them together be it a small amount must be quite something. Thanks again for the great explanation.

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    Don't ants ever mess up the rice in the forest from eating it?

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