Consistent and Persistent Online Marketing | Clix


It’s really not a secret to understand that
you need to be consistent and you need to be persistent. It’s not something that you can easily just
do one thing and you’re done. We equate it a lot to a diet plan or going
and working out. You can’t just go to the gym, do ten situps,
do ten pushups, and you’re good to go for the next year. It’s about persistence and consistency. It’s the same thing. If I’m going to approve that we’re the authority
or our clients are the authority and whatever topic it might be, we have to be consistent
on convincing and persuading all of the search engines that we’re the most authoritative
and relevant website on whatever topic or topics that the queries are about. And that is not done by sprinkling some keywords
on a website and doing some of the technical components of on-page SEO. It’s done through persistency and consistency
and really understanding what we are trying to do and that there is no finish line in
everything we’re trying to do. Things are gonna change. Updates are gonna happen with the search engines. So there is no set and forget in our business. Our whole model is very fluid and we make
sure that our clients know that and the prospects understand that we’re gonna come up with a
game plan and I will guarantee it will change.


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