Conversion | Digital Marketing


For a digital marketer conversion can mean any action that he wants the target group
to take in the online world. If you sell something online, conversion may
mean a sale for you. However, if you don’t sell online conversion
can mean a different thing for you. For example: if you are an automobile manufacturer. Of course, people don’t buy cars on the
internet. They may book a test drive online but they
won’t buy cars online. At least not today. So in that case your conversion can be – somebody
signing up for a test drive on your website. Because, in this case your marketing objective
is not to sell online but to convert a user in terms of getting a test drive booked by
him. Similarly if you are launching a new kind
of product in the market, conversion for you may mean that the users should watch your
how-to-use-the-product video. And, in case you are trying to spread awareness
about your product then somebody downloading a brochure from your website may also be a
conversion for you. So you can define what conversion means for
you based on your marketing objective.


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