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– This screen cast, we’re going to take a look at the Conversion Inbox. You get there by going to MARKETING then Marketing Overview and
clicking on Conversion Inbox. The Conversion Inbox is a summary of all the conversions you have received. So, that would be things like lead forms, phone calls and even order forms if you any eCommerce store. Those sorts of things. They are sorted in order of date and time so the newest is on top and if you want to learn
more about a conversion, you can click on it to see
those conversion details. So in this example this was a Free Quote Request & Consultation form submitted by John Doe. You can see his email there and phone number and the IP
address he submitted it from. Depending on your Quote form or form from your website and the fields that you have on that form. These details will change
to match those fields that your form is on your website so this is going to be different, you know per account
based on the lead form that you have on your website. Now down here, you will see Additional Conversion Tracking Details. This is really powerful cause you can see where the conversions came from and in this example it
came from the program Top Placement Ads and the channel Google Search. So this is somebody that was
on Google Search initially. Which was within our marketing campaign. CPC is the Medium that
stands for a paid search Cost Per Click. The Ad type was a Text Ad. The keyword this person searched was How to grow your brand online. That was an Exact Match search term. So this is exactly how
they typed it into google. It was on page one of
google in the top positions. The top positions are the top three and it was specifically
position number two is where the ad was. It was on a computer or desktop and this is the Geo targeting ID that that person basically where they lived. So this is really powerful information cause it gives you insight into how this conversion occurred and a little bit more about this person so when I call or reach out to John Doe. I know that he was looking
really online about how to grow his brand. That gives me nice insight
to understand maybe how to start that conversation
for this new lead. Also, it helps me understand which programs and channels are performed in the best for my marketing. If a lot of my conversions are coming in from this particular
program and channel, I know that that’s something
I want to invest more in and that sort of things, so really powerful information here. Now with Calls, you have
a couple of other features when you click on this example call. You will see the phone number, the tracking number that
was used for the call, the incoming number which
is their phone number, the duration of the call if it was answered or not and actually you can
listen to the call directly in the platform which is really cool so if you have sales people
on what not working for you, this could be a way to
help do some sales coaching and call coaching and also a way just to audit your call in leads to see what
the quality sounds like and if there is any change
that need to be made in the marketing side to improve on that. You can also leave comments right here as you are making those
analysis of those calls. You can leave notes so you have a better
understanding down the road and those comments are seen right here. You can leave comments
with each Conversions if you’d like to. If you are using the CRM, you can go ahead and add this contact to the CRM by clicking here to create a new contact or you can add to an existing contact, if this CRM already had
that particular contact and they later filled out
another Quote form for example. The Conversion Inbox recognizes that and associates that conversion
with the appropriate contact. You can simply click here to jump right to that contact where you
will see all of their details in the CRM. Which includes the marketing data as well that we touched on earlier. Then over here on the right hand side, you can set conversion
quality per conversion if you’d like. It’s just a star rating system and as you work through each conversion and really just kind of
check for the quality. You can go ahead and give
it a quality score over here and then, up here you
have a nice little summary of essentially what
your overall rating is. This is helpful information to have because if the quality is low, there is changes that need to made in the marketing side
to ensure that the leads and the sales conversions that you are receiving are
of the highest quality. So without this quality score rating that would be hard to understand and so this helps us to be
able to understand that better. You can, of course select
date ranges up here, you can filter your conversions by different types of conversions here. If you wanted to add conversions manually, you can do that here such as maybe you went to a trade show and you really captured a
lot of leads face to the face so not digitally, you would want to add those manually and this is the way to do that. If you want to block phone numbers, so in other words if you
have particular phone numbers that continually call you that you don’t want to be tracked in here from a conversion
perspective you can block those. You can also block duplicates, so if you get one call
from one phone number that’s going to count as a conversion but if they were to call
you again later in the day, that would not count as a conversion so it would still be visible in here so that you can listen to the call but it would not be
considered a conversion so it would be marked a duplicate. So this is a Conversion Inbox, very powerful tool to
understand your leads, to have your lead
information at your disposal to listen to calls, to see where your leads are coming from, from a marketing perspective and ultimately to help your
business drive greater success. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, do give your marketing executive a call. You can also go to for more screen cast
just like this, Thanks.


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