Conviction, Not Compromise! (Ron Paul’s First 2012 TV Ad)

Conviction, Not Compromise! (Ron Paul’s First 2012 TV Ad)

In the 1980s they did it to Reagan – a debt
ceiling compromise, Democrats promising spending cuts, but delivering only tax hikes. The 1990s
brought more compromises, more broken promises and more new taxes. This August, the next
chapter will be written, a defining moment. $14 trillion in debt, millions unemployed,
the dollar in decline. We know where they stand. But will our party’s leaders repeat
the mistakes of the past? Will they choose compromise or conviction? One candidate has
always been true, Ron Paul. Cut spending, balance the budget, no deals. Standing up
to the Washington machine, guided by principle. Restore America now.


  1. Yabuturtle says:

    @crankspider101 Our economy will crash if it is raised. You'd like to believe it'll crash since you claim to know macroeconomics even though you really don'y. Obama spending over and over especially overseas and the wars we have in Lybia, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen, doesn't work. You don't solve a debt with more debt. If you have a credit card maxed out, you don't go out and get more shit, you take care of the problem.

  2. VictoryStrike says:

    Over a thousand years of economic policies and such tactics and no politician seems to understand these lessons? Bullshit on your part, go read up on history and put the pieces together. It's not the number of zeroes that are at the end of a dollar that gives its strength, but by what it is backed upon. Paper will always go back to its intrinsic value, which is nothing aka zero.

  3. Yabuturtle says:

    @crankspider101 What happened to balancing the budget? Why is that so taboo? Don't raise the debt limit, cut the spending. Are you possibly an idiot? I don't believe all of the republican propaganda. I don't like Republicans or Democrats and the only reason I go for Ron is because he's really more of a Libertarian than a Republican. I don't know want to know Obama's stimulus is. He already managed to mess things up, chances are whatever he's planning will also mess things up.

  4. PK Singh says:

    @junkers1337 so true my friend,this is an epic comment

  5. bob ladder says:

    i respect ron paul. he is a man of principle. i wish we had hundreds of people in the congress like him.

  6. millgiass says:

    That's a pretty epic commercial. XD

  7. gobblygook90210 says:

    @democratsaresmart so only the government creates things in your mind? Guess that before the invention of government people did not exist. Interesting.

  8. psi says:

    @democratsaresmart He says how he's not going to create jobs repeatedly. It's not the president's job. He is a free markets advocate, get government out of the way so the private sector can do its thing. The private sector isn't an evil entity, it's made up of individual consumers with choices, and many producers competing for your business. It's crony capitalism that has government giving handouts to a few private corporations.

  9. ChrisPCrunchy says:

    @stockdizzle Stimulus can never help anyone because without protection for your industries, tarriffs on imports and protection for your standard of living all that money is just going to be spent on imports and go straight offshore. Any benifit is very temporary and only increases taxes, debts and makes the situation worse long term. If you study the work of the fabians you will see that all western economies have been gradually white anted and set on a course for third world status.

  10. MakersMark723 says:

    @democratsaresmart Liberal much? Move to china and work for 2 yuan an hour since you believe the Gov't should create jobs. Besides, you liberals will fit fine in a communist society.

  11. tripfunkmonster says:

    End the illegal wars, cut the DOD budget significantly, repeal the Bush Jr. AND Reagan tax breaks for millionaires, NEVER bail out banks again, take the power of printing currency back from the criminals at the Fed, put tariffs on imports, end private financing of elections, regulate the Satan worshippers on Wall St., dump the demipublicans and stop fighting each other & attacking democracy you whining fuckin' bitches!!

  12. ShulkThyme says:

    @MrTitiez how has it become too "high taxed"? Taxes are the lowest in decades under Obama.

  13. Austin Kim says:

    @xoxak888 I completely agree with you! I have always thought he was too "radical" because of the media, but actually listening to him and reading, I've come to really respect his principles and actually found a TRUE conservative. We all need to do our part to get him noticed by all those misunderstood and uninformed people! Ron Paul for 2012!!!!!

  14. Memelord McMeme says:

    @derpdaderp1234 because it's true

  15. Memelord McMeme says:

    @millgiass I was going to say, this must be the most epic campaign ad ever made.

  16. Memelord McMeme says:

    This almost brought a tear to my eye, truly epic, and 100% true. Ron Paul must win the election to ensure americas future.

  17. Memelord McMeme says:

    @charyoshi1 He's cutting the overall federal budget by 40%, you wouldn't need new taxes.

  18. muddykipz says:

    Damn near the only man with balls in the entire Congress.

  19. charyoshi1 says:

    @RainbowManification Yep, no new taxes needed here. Not like we're 14 trillion in debt and climbing or anything. Obama's plan would have saved 4 trillion, Ron Paul's only fixes 2.1 million of the problem while fucking over government spending all over the place. Obama's tax plan only would have affected people with over $250,000 and would have raised 4 trillion. The main thing that the government needs to stop spending on is military projects. Don't you fucking tell me we dont need 2.9 trillion.

  20. Memelord McMeme says:

    @charyoshi1 I don't think you comprehended me very well, so I'll say it again, this time in all caps. HE WANTS TO CUT THE OVERALL FEDERAL BUDGET BY 40%. THAT IS 40%. ELEMINATING THAT WOULD ELIMINATE THE FEDERAL DEFICIT! yes 40% of the budget would mostly be cutting military spending also.

  21. jjj0309 says:

    Even ED supports Ron Paul.

  22. charyoshi1 says:

    @RainbowManification Eventually, over a longer period of time than a tax on only the richest in america would deal with it. Or, heres a CRAZY plan. Do both to minimize the effect on either of them. Also, it doesn't matter how much of it he's mostly taking away from the military, because people are getting fucked out of social security and medicare.

  23. Memelord McMeme says:

    @charyoshi1 the medicare system is shit anyway. Social Security creates a welfare state.

  24. charyoshi1 says:

    @RainbowManification "Fuck the disabled, sick, and the elderly, I'm too busy saving money for the multi-billion dollar corporations who's dick I suck because they pay me bribes out the ass"

  25. pantsuck10 says:

    Ron Paul



  26. Memelord McMeme says:

    @charyoshi1 Ron Paul takes a dump on special interest, I now think your genuinely trolling. Ever wondered how people payed for surgeries before medicare? Ever wonder why doctors charge up the ass for routine checkups? Because of medicare, and medical insurance in general. Read his book The Revolution: A Manifesto.

  27. Memelord McMeme says:

    @BlueSilkSwordFTW You have to remember Paul isn't really a true republican, he's a libertarian running on a republican ticket because no one would vote for a libertarian.

  28. charyoshi1 says:

    @RainbowManification you're still saying that we need to force the burden of debt on the sickly/old instead of millionaires/billionaires

  29. Memelord McMeme says:

    @charyoshi1 How? are we going to tax the old and sick up the ass? Ron Paul is going to balance the budget with no income tax and instead with a system of balanced fair taxes. He explains all this shit in his book, go read it.

  30. charyoshi1 says:

    @RainbowManification By pulling all of your money from the federal budget, you leave the states themselves (and their citizens) to pick up and fill in the hole left where the government used to cover costs for things, especially medicare and social security. This money could instead be coming from the pockets of the richest people in america, but taxes = nazisatanrape to republicans for no real reason.

  31. LightExavier says:

    @ImNotVoting4RonPaul Lol. Keep trying boy. As long as the economy is worse, Obama keeps printing worthless money and we have pointless wars like Libya Obama won't be winning anything.

  32. Sheepy says:

    Why is this man still trying?

  33. doublexnchuck says:

    @Sheepytown because he does not give up. which is one of the reasons why this man needs to be POTUS

  34. millgiass says:

    @veryn If he was thrust center stage vs Obama and picked a strong running mate he would win.

  35. Memelord McMeme says:

    @charyoshi1 First we could get rid of the fictitious interest rate from the federal reserve, that cuts $1.6 trillion from the deficit. We have a military presence in 231 countries, We really don't need to be in 231 countries, end our current wars. We wouldn't need to be taxed so damn high with 40% of the federal budget gone. Social Security is going in the shitter, it's a lost cause, medicare hurts the healthcare system forcing healthcare providers to charge up the ass.

  36. copy pasta says:


  37. Sheepy says:

    @doublexnchuck This man is as likely to be President of the US as Jesus is likely to come back from the dead. He can't even get the Republican vote, despite being registered as one. On every election he always comes up shortest. Ron Paul supporters live in a fantasy world where you think he can stand a chance in the elections and that an Anarcho-Capitalist society is actually going to fix the economy!

    "I mean, hell, it worked for Somalia, it'll work here! Right? Right? Oh…"

  38. doublexnchuck says:

    @Sheepytown yes last election it was not gonna happen. his ideas seemed too extreme to too many people (even though he was right and telling the truth). this year he is one of the front runners next to mitt romney and bachmann. the reason why the economy is in the sh1t right now is bc of the federal reserve, our govt is too big and they are over regulating our resources. there was just a recent raid on a supermarket bc they were selling raw milk. guns drawn and all.

  39. nyso85 says:

    Everyone knows Ron Paul is NWO. There are videos of him flashing the sign of the devil

  40. Memelord McMeme says:

    @derpdaderp1234 I see what you did there.

  41. Memelord McMeme says:

    Why does Paul have such a strong supporter base but not top of the polls? hmmm…….

  42. therorysnake says:

    woo ron paul

  43. papapudding says:

    Michael Bay lulz.
    Is Ron Paul a decepticon?

  44. oooowwwwdddd says:

    hahaha… Ron Paul, you aint got a chance, and neither does America – or whatever the NW0 socialists decide to call it

  45. dafabcion says:

    @RainbowManification because our media is full of liars

  46. CSpan1993 says:

    @RainbowManification 45 13 year olds on the internet does not constitute a "strong supporter base," but thanks for playing.

  47. Rev. Jim Jerrick says:


  48. Daniel Berezovsky says:


  49. Memelord McMeme says:

    @CSpan1993 obvious troll is obvious

  50. Memelord McMeme says:

    @galenhenn You mean balance the power of central government?

  51. Yabuturtle says:

    @CSpan1993 I think you're joking right? Oh wait you're just a typical ron paul hater, and like all of them, you can't offer any actual reasons as to why he shouldn't be president. The only reason you got on the top comments page is because of your multiple accounts.

    Ron wants to get rid of the Fed reserve, income tax, patriot act, stop the war on drugs, bring back personal freedom, bring troops back, and he has a consistent voting record to prove it. Vote for Ron

  52. Macwylee says:


  53. CSpan1993 says:

    @Yabuturtle I think you need to screw on your tin foil hat on a little less tighter, because it's affecting the amount of blood that's coming into your brain.

  54. Jayhawkblue says:

    God Bless Ron Paul

  55. Romeowasbleeding1 says:

    Much respect to ED for supporting this video!

  56. JayVex says:

    Sweet Jesus is this real? I honestly can't tell.

  57. lb8068 says:


  58. Memelord McMeme says:

    @galenhenn The rich and famous already has it….

  59. Ole Drippy says:

    man, this ad is Ron Paul trying to reel in support of the dumb conservative masses. as a Libertarian supporter of Ron Paul it is a smart move, but I worry that this is going to mean that he is "compromising" with traditional republican ideology which isn't going to work. Look at Obama's campaign, and what happened to all those promises of hope. This is a messed up system if it is suppressing the voices of popular opponents of the status quo. I am just making a point, not saying that'll happen.

  60. I'm Fishdogpigsquirrel says:

    lol Americans u dun goof'd

  61. Memelord McMeme says:

    @galenhenn yes they do, shut up.


    DOW down 500 points today thanks to Ron Paul and the rest of the tea baggers. You don't try to balance the budget when unemployment is 9.2% dumb ass! The time to balance the budget was 2004-2007 when the economy was at full employment. You are a irresponsible piece of shit.

  63. Memelord McMeme says:

    @galenhenn The politicians arn't rich?

  64. quest847 says:

    i hate these ads… dramatic shit

  65. Steelchick66 says:

    @KingToads Fuck em. watch what happens when Ron Paul doesn't get into office. Watch the economy! At least we can say we tried to change things…and these dumb people can enjoy their choice. Just ask people how the CHANGE is working out? Debt is higher than ever, unemployment higher than ever, Inflation at it's highest and the Dow just dropped 500 pts the most since 2008. If Obama and this government are so trusted right now why is it the people are not spending their money? RP -2012

  66. sunset261 says:

    fuck ron paul. He wants to abolish the income tax and wants america to be isolationist.

  67. bozzi90 says:

    @jackanoryjames whats that?

  68. sunset261 says:

    @jmfigone209 "oh heaven forbid we keep more of what we earn" sure if you want the coutry to have another debt cieling crisis i guess that's okay. Our government's debt is towering and his economic plan to get us out of debt is to cut off one of our government's primary sources of income? give me a break.

  69. sunset261 says:

    He would have us remove our troops from afghanistan allowing the taliban to resurge and in all probability take over again. He would have us remove our troops from south korea which norath korea might interpret as a victory and could possibly lead to NK thinking they have the upper hand possibly leading to an attack on south korea. We can't just bring all of our troops in and expect things in those foreign countries to stay how it is now. It just doesn't work like that.

  70. sunset261 says:

    @jmfigone209 yep just abolish the entitlement programs, it's clearly just that simple. Nevermind the amount unemployment would rise and our economy would fall if we did that. Now i would be okay with turning entitlement programs over to the states like clinton did but getting rid of entitlement programs altogether is not a good idea to me.

  71. sunset261 says:

    @jmfigone209 "we've been in afghanistan for about 10 years now, its time to come home" and sure let the taliban take back over and subjugate women again. But i guess that's just not our problem. South korea plays a major role in global economy as well. NK has nuke's and is really just looking for the opportune moment to use them. Withdrawing all of our troops from NK may give them that moment. Things in foreign policy aren't as cut and dry as many would have you believe.

  72. sunset261 says:

    @jmfigone209 oh yes they can just do it themselves! of course i see now! all that time the taliban oppressed the people of Afghanistan it was merely just because the people WANTED to oppressed. The taliban couldn't give less of a fuck if we "set a good example" the only thing that can stop them is force. South Korea pays us by reducing tariffs and signing mutual security agreements with us. If u.s. moved out of SK not only would NK see it as a chance to strike, SK military would be weakened.

  73. doogleandalix says:

    @vehilli Please , people, register online today as a REPUB if you want to vote Ron Paul in the critical primary. MANY supporters cross party line and DEMS will NTO be allowed to vote Ron Paul if they live in closed primary / closed caucus states – check fairtax dot org . Not everyone realizes this so why take a chance on not being able to vote for him ? Change to REPUB today and pass it on – we need to help him get the nomination ! Pass it on and thanks

  74. sunset261 says:

    "you're a crazy war freak". Insults are only what the weak minded use when they can't support their arguments. I'm anti-war. I'd love world peace but pulling all the troops in, covering our ears and going LALALA doesn't make the world's problems go away. In fact, the violence would be just as bad if not worse, the only difference is that it will be foreigners getting killed instead of U.S. soldiers. Again, south korea DOES pay us via highly reduced tariffs.

  75. sunset261 says:

    @jmfigone209 I was saying how i disagree with his policies, not baseless ad hominem character attacks.

  76. sunset261 says:

    @jmfigone209 I don't think you realize that foreign policy is much more complicated than you think it is. We can't just pack up and leave places. We have to think about all the negative impacts it's going to have on us and the countries we are in. leaving SK would possibly give the north the opportunity they need to attack SK. and if they do we will have to go to SK anyways to help them due to our mutual security agreements. Leaving SK is simply not a good idea if we want to prevent war.

  77. DZN-Master says:

    i wish he could be president of USA for 2012. he is the man world need

  78. Yabuturtle says:

    @vehilli There wouldn't be a debate at all. It would just be Obama uttering nonsense, while Ron completely destroying him. There'd be no contest between Ron and Obama.

  79. omegapoint0 says:

    Obama ran on a platform of "change."

    How much "change" do you see?

    As Dr. Paul would say, "more of the same old same old."

    If you want "more of the same old same old" welfare-warfare state, vote for the latest psychopath.

    If you want real fundamental "change," vote for Dr. Paul.

    Even if Dr. Paul stopped campaigning and never uttered another word, he should receive 100% of the votes.

  80. omegapoint0 says:

    In other words, Dr. Paul was decades ahead of his time — and the populace is FINALLY catching up. Because the populace is FINALLY waking up to Dr. Paul and the truth of his message, phony politicians such as Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are attempting to garner support by aligning their views with Dr. Paul's message.

    In reality, Republican candidates such as those phonies and are bought and paid for by the establishment and are therefore for the status quo, NOT real change.

  81. omegapoint0 says:

    For more than 30 years in Congress, Dr. Paul has relentlessly championed the US Constitution, individual liberties, sound currency, and a peaceful foreign policy.

  82. Bob Malooga says:

    you americans soooo need this guy!

  83. Bob Malooga says:

    @joechien0218 i would love to argue, but you are completley correct:-( it is a shame. There founding fathers has such a great plan, now the grandkids have turned it to crap:-(

  84. TheCatsLastWord says:

    @joechien0218 I am tired of people calling Americans stupid. Please, shut up… I HATE people who generalize, it REALLY gets under my skin. If you say MOST Americans, or the American media…Okay, fine whatever. But not all Americans are the same, or according to you NO Americans would endorse Ron Paul.

    And we've heard this "dollar is going to collapse" BS for years now and now everyone is out buying gold. You're obviously one of those anti-american, doomsday conspiracy theorists.

  85. TheCatsLastWord says:

    @joechien0218 And don't bother responding, I am just going to hit the delete button when I see your comment come up in my inbox.

  86. tony69774ucrazy says:

    all who want ron paul to win, you have to talk to all your older relatives and friends who do not spend much time on the internet. All that i speak to doesn`t know of him, or very little about him. we need to get his message out since the media won`t!!!!

  87. hammerandnails777 says:

    If we love our freedom and this country, there is no better choice than Dr. Paul!
    If we don't vote for him, we deserve what's coming to us!

  88. Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles says:

    @thenewmike2012 ….You're completely disregarding all sorts of psychological and social factors that prevented that from happening. You can repeat the same exact situation and I bet most people (including yourself) would do the same thing if they weren't told they were being studied. Try to explore other possibilities, and social factors before jumping to conclusions. Just my .02 cents.

  89. Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles says:

    @thenewmike2012 Understandable, but he denounces secret societies and is clear of all connections to the terrible groups that are manipulating our government and media. He's for smaller government and sovereign money. That gets my vote. What you want is perfection and unfortunately you won't find it here on Earth. I can use one slip-up against the guy, or even a few (as I'm sure he's said/done many things politically incorrect) but the fact of the matter is, he's the ONLY non-establishment pick.

  90. videomakerman1232 says:


    That'll destroy the incentive of the poor becoming wealthy if they are super highly taxed.

  91. TheComputerEngineer says:

    GUYS SPREAD THE WORD TO VOTE. It could be one vote away! Change peoples minds by debating intellectually without using slander. Be respectful, debate and change their opinions. If they do not listen, someone else who sees what´╗┐ you are saying will eventually look up Ron Paul and see it themselves and change their opinion about him. We need to get larger. Do not be hostile´╗┐ because then they will believe that we are all ill-informed voters. Read up on Ron Paul, and debate with people. Thumbs up<-

  92. videomakerman1232 says:


    You are making this too simple. On a government like Obama's the rich have to pay more on EVERYTHING. That's discrimination. We are over that already but it doesn't seem like so.

  93. TheXJthatCould says:

    without ron paul, we're screwed….

  94. TriforcePlayer2 says:

    This man would allow Iran to have nukes so fuck you Ron. You'll never be President.

  95. crankabit says:

    Read the Constitution. (Then you will understand Ron Paul)

  96. dclaver2 says:

    What i like about Ron Paul's channel vs Rick parry's is that Paul lets you you post comments on his videos and channel. The like and dislike bar also says a lot.

  97. dav .delagneau says:

    O brave new world !
    It's idiocracy now.

  98. kmgentil says:

    @Yabuturtle everything obama says this year will be illegitamized because of his lack of applying the old ones he referenced to last election, i agree with u!

  99. Tim Pettengill says:

    I have a bunch of Ron Paul Bumper stickers coming in the mail in a few days, up for grabs. If anyone wants one, send me your mailing address to [email protected] and I'll send you one. One Ron Paul supporter to another.

  100. Joey Vuotto says:

    hoo hah cherry soda!

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