Creative Targ3t on Hinduism | ITS4U | Amogh Deshapathi | Nationalist Hub

Creative Targ3t on Hinduism | ITS4U | Amogh Deshapathi | Nationalist Hub

It’s Amogh Deshapathi some people are commenting without seeing full video Whoever thinks my words are wrong … If you think of the logical and practical side of the sentiments, you will understand my words a little better. In the meantime, as we talked about the sentiments, demeanor, the feeling that we are not even on the screen, the Hindus think that this is what the Hindus think. For Example Red Lable, Red label is a wonderful tea powder … when you drink it you begin to love even how much hate it is … how creative and how heart touching those ads are They released three ads First ad of Red Label This is the ad that came during the Ganesh festival A Hindu comes to the shop for making statues. He sees statues A maker is an old man. Old man expands the uniqueness of each statue very well to that Hindu. Namaz listens before the finalists say, “Select a statue and pack it.” The Muslim takes the hat in his hand and puts it on his head and kneels to Allah. Immediately the Hindu shocked .. he said I will take the statue tomorrow and if I go away I will have tea. The old man offers tea to that person, he turns back and takes tea Will you come tomorrow to take the Ganpati idol? No, He says pack now. The hatred of the Muslims turned into love by drinking tea. What a Creative add But, if we think practical, a Muslim, he is making idols in honor of Hindu customs. He explaining Hindu traditions. That is what any Hindu should be proud of. In West Bengal, Assam and Odisha, Durga and Ganapati idols are mostly made by Muslims. Once Google it, you know that information. Is there a case anywhere that Hindus do not buy idols from Muslims? Nothing is a problem if they do only one advertisement. But every ad they make is targeting only one community. Now let’s do another Creative Ad Explain from Red Lable creative thoughts. The husbands of a Hindu wife forget the keys of the house. There is a Muslim house next to it Muslim girl said, don’t worry about the key…
Come to my home… wait in my house. but, they said, we will not come into your house. Again she called them, but, they said we won’t come If she goes in and leans in she made tea. Those Hindus turn to the smell and grow in love grows in love and goes in with his wife to sit on the wall and wait Just say one word Muslim, but did the Hindu even go home ?? Hindus will go to masjid and dargah also. For example, who watches this video, How many Hindus have Muslim best friends? But they don’t show the friendly nature type of ads because of their target was different. Creativity has not gone away with this, even Kumbh Mela, which we all boast of, is shown by the Hindus as badmash in one ad. Another creativity boosted, taking an old father and son to Kumbhamela. The son left his father in Kumbh Mela. He is going too far away from his father. he came for leaving his father in Kumbh Mela Later, Chai gently changes his mind and goes to his father. We don’t know what happening in practically. I would say that is practically what happens. You should definitely listen When Shahrukh Khan posted on social media a photo of his daughter with Ganapathi’s statue, all of you know about this issue but some Muslim elders clashed. They scold badly. Mohammed Kaif well known Indian Cricketer, he shared yoga sun salutations photos on social media, you are not a Muslim. In Madhya Pradesh, a Muslim read a Ramayana, some Muslims taunted that family Salman Khan has been boycotted by some Muslims for praising Narendra Modi as a great man in Gujarat. We saw so many social media stories/posts. I think those types of people need Red Lable tea. Even within them hate and love grows If it happens all type(Hindus, Muslims) of people will be happy don’t target one type of people Likewise some websites for business, some mobile apps are making dolls of gods. Please be careful with those types of people and companies.


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    Well said

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    చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు అన్నయ్యా కానీ మన గొర్రెలకు మాత్రం ఇది అర్దం కాదు.హ్యాట్సాఫ్ అన్నయ్య.

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    This Video if Redlabel Management Sow. They Put Police Case on you. Delete This Video.

  18. Emmanuel Gali says:

    Bayya your explanation is very nice👍👍, but RSS lanti vallu dhadi chesedhi nijam kaadha… Please do on that also…

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    all Indians are brothers and sisters Jay Hind

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    Jarigedhi veru
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    సూపర్ బ్రో….మీరు ❤️ చాయ్ ముందు వలకు తపాలి

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    Bro your right I want to give a suggestion there is some news channels who are telecasting debates on religions issue's post video about that and some are taking about caste reservation please tell them they should try to remove caste system from India they should try to give reservations for poor

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    E hindu , muslim em ledu bro money unte raju lekunte peda anthe rende kulalu
    Hindu, muslim, Cristian kaadu
    Dabbulu unnollu, madhyataragatollu, dabbulenollu e mude mathalu anthe….

  45. Hruthik Hrithik says:

    Maa villages lo yevvariki elanti alochanalu ravu nuvvu Hindu nuvvu muslim ani meerenduku balisi kottukuntaru ..

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    Nice analysis& perfect observation.

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    దీనికి క్రిస్టియన్స్ ఎంత సీన్ చేయాలి మరి…
    యాడ్స్ ని, సినిమాల్ని వాటిలాగే చూడండి. ప్రతీదీ భూతద్దం లో చూసి అనవసరమైన రచ్చ చేయొద్దు

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    Ayina e hindu muslim entidi bhayya manamdaram indians
    Okka sari gulf countries ki velite appudu arthamautundi manam enta lukky fellows ani gulf lo mana indians ki cast feeling chacchi potundi bhayya

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    Bro na friends sircle lo dadapu 95% hindu sodarule vunnaru

  73. Sultan Salahuddin hussami Mohammad says:

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    America American
    Russia russian
    Japan japanese
    China Chinese
    Hindustan hindu

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    ఈ సోదంతా ఎందుకు…
    ముస్లిం ల చేత నువ్ భారత్ మాతా కి జై అనిపించ గల వా…. నువ్ చెప్పిన షారుఖ్ ఖాన్ లవ్ జిహాద్ చేసాడు…అమీర్ ఖాన్,సైఫ్ అలీ ఖాన్,సల్మాన్ ఖాన్ తమ్ముడు,జహీర్ ఖాన్,అజరుద్దీన్ వీరందరూ… indirect జిహాద్ అయిన lovejihad పాటించారు… ఉగ్ర దాడులకు వీరు స్పందించరు.. అంతర్లీనం గా ఆనంద పడతారు…

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