David Dobrik Eats Dirt: YouTubers in Ellen’s Booth of Internet Wonders

Me in 30 years. Ew! Oh, my god. What is this? Oh, gosh. I already saw the jelly beans. I hate you guys. Me with new hair. I don’t like that at all. I feel like I’ve seen
me with longer hair, and I imagined it in my head
that I would a lot better. Why do I look like
Montel Williams? I would not consider this look. I’m sorry. I need hair on my head, because
I have such a small head. Oh, wow, that is a moment. Yeah. I mean, it’s not
a bad look at all. It’s just not my look. Actually, you know what? I kind of look like my old
self, when I was in high school, because I used to
have really dark hair. Baby, this perm and
relax have got to go. I look like I am singing
in Earth, Wind, and Fire. Oh, shoot. That’s what I’d look
like with straight hair. Wow. Who wouldn’t known? Guess the jelly bean flavor. I can already tell you that
this is something I don’t want, because it’s all brown. Oh my god. It’s like a bad
piece of beef jerky. Is that broccoli? Grass, like freshly cut grass. It tastes like trash. It’s pretty good. What is it supposed to be? Is it something bad? I should not know
this, but dirt. Dirt? How do I know this? I used to eat rocks
when I was little. Yeah. That’s a true fact. Oh, it’s pretty good. That’s why it’s so familiar. I had it this morning. Is this also dirt? Yeah, this is also dirt. Thanks, Ellen. How do you pronounce this word? Oh, “gif.” 100%. I’m not even going to
argue about this one. It’s “gif.” “Jif,” right? “Gif”? “Gif”? “Jif”? “Gif.” “Jif.” I think it’s “Jif.” Excuse me. It’s the “gif”
community chat I’m in. Let’s do me as the
opposite gender. I’m so handsome. I look like a beautiful dad. I bet that guy is gay. Yeah. He’s still gay. Still got it. There we go. That’s more like it. I actually look like my
sister, which makes sense. But maybe– I hope my
sister doesn’t see this. I don’t know if she’d
want to hear that. Oh, wow. You know what’s
funny is I wear wigs every now and then in our
video, so doesn’t surprise me. Would I date– would
I date this girl? If her personality was just
as remarkable as I think it is, then yes. Yeah, I knew I was
going to be sexy. I knew I was going to be sexy. My teeth a little jacked up, but
I knew I was going to be sick. Come on, Kalen! Also, something wrong with
one of my eyes, but it’s OK. It’s OK. Look at them cheekbones,
and that nose, and them– where’s my lip? What is going on with
the teeth, y’all? Them is two different teeth. Them is two different
faces on one. My surgery did not go too well. Let’s do me in 30 years. In 30 years? That’s in, like, 300 years. I look like my grandma. She’s still alive. Even though that doesn’t look
like that person’s alive. That is not cute. Baby, I look like a
wrinkled old mess. It looks like I’ve done
everything to my face. Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no. Come on. Really? That looks like me in 30 years? I don’t like that look. Oh, god, that’s scary. Oh, look at my teeth. They look so small. Oh, them lips is crusty. Now, somebody should have
told senior citizen Kalen to put some Carmex on. I’ll do old photo for $500. Damn it. What would you tell this kid? Don’t listen to what all
the kids in high school say about you. It’s not true. Get contacts instead of glasses. Don’t let those kids
on the bus pick on you. Baby, you keep on being
dramatic and theatrical, OK, because it’s gonna get
you a really good coin.

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