David’s Tricks to Organize Your Photos – 2019

David’s Tricks to Organize Your Photos – 2019

Hey folks. If you have trouble with organizing
your photos, don’t worry. Today, I’m going to teach you a workflow that I have perfected
over the years that will have your library cleaned up in no time fly. David’s Tricks
to Organize Your Photo Library, coming up next on Tech Talk America. Hey folks. Today, I’m teaching you a technique
that I’ve taught to hundreds. If not, thousands of my clients and today, it is my pleasure
to share it with all of you. Now, before we begin, we do have one very quick order of
business. Over the last several years, it has become increasingly difficult for me to
be able to make these videos in my current production space. It’s extremely crowded,
there’s a lot of interruptions and it’s become clear that the time has come to move to a
larger space. Now, my goal is to build a new production
studio, sometime in the next year. We’re not talking Paramount Pictures here. What I’m
looking to build is something around the size of a two-car garage with high ceilings. Now,
this is not going to be an inexpensive venture and while I’m prepared to pay for most of
the construction, I could really use your help. So, if you’ve enjoyed my videos over
the years, I’d really appreciate your support. You can contribute whatever amount you like,
either through Venmo at Tech Talk America by PayPal, which you can do right through
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PO Box information is listed in the video description. I say this from the heart when I say that
I love my job, I love getting to make these videos for all of you and I would love to
be able to continue to do this for years to come. Okay. That’s it. Self-pitch done. That
wasn’t so bad, right? At this point, let’s get the class started and switch to my Mac. We are going to start by opening the photos
app and then, let’s navigate here to where it’s says “My Albums” on the left-hand side.
I’m going to guess that many of you probably already have a few albums that will appear
in this space. Now, this might sound scary, but my advice is that for this process to
work best, you really need to start with a clean slate and remember, deleting albums
does not actually delete the photos that are in the albums. We’re just basically removing
the filing structure because through this process, we are going to rebuild it in a way
that it’s much more organized. So, the trick here is to just click on any one of these
then on your keyboard, you can hit command and the letter A, as in Apple, that’s select
all, then you’re going to secondary click on any one of these and as scary as it may
seem, take a deep breath and click delete albums. The next step is we’re going to create a basic
folder structure where every folder will contain a year of photos which will then be broken
up and organized into albums. Now, the easy way to do this is to place your cursor just
to the right of where it says, “My Albums”, and then you’ll see a little plus icon appear.
So, let’s click that and select New Folder. And for now, I’m just going to name this folder
“2019”. My advice in general is to start in the present and then work your way backwards.
Also, if you do have a period of years where you don’t have as many photos as you would
for other years, you can also just name the folder to represent a span of time. So, for
example, you could say the 1990’s. Really, it’s about getting whatever structure works
for you. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t for some strange reason, automatically sort these
folders into alphabetical order but the good news is, you can drag and drop them manually. The next step is we are going to begin the
process of creating a smart album for the year of photos that we’re going to be working
with. So, here in the side bar, let’s open our folder for 2019 and once again, we hover
our cursor over these area, so we get that little plus button but this time, we are going
to select “New Smart Album”. Okay, this next part is critical that you copy identically. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.
So, I’m going to ask that you pay a special close attention to this next part. We’re going
to start by naming our smart album and I like to keep things super consistent so let’s just
call it “2019.” The next step is we’re going to click here,
where it currently says “Photo” and change it to “Date Captured”. Now, in this next field,
we’re it currently says “Is”, we are going to change that to “Is in the range” and from
here, you can click into this first field and using a combination of the numbers on
your keyboard and the tab key to jump from field to field. Let’s now manually put in
these dates so that it goes from January 1st of 2019 through December 31st of 2019. And
you should know, it doesn’t matter if this second date has not yet happened. What I love
about this workflow, is it will auto update as the year progresses. After we have set
our date captured, there are still a few more things that we need to do. Let’s click the plus symbol to add a second
rule and you’ll notice that when I do that, before I create my second rule, I actually
need to go up here to the very top and see where it says “Match any of the following
conditions”, we need to change that to “Match all of the following conditions”. I’m telling
you; a lot of people miss this step and if you do, it’ll throw off the rest of the process. At this point, we need to create a second
condition. This maybe a little bit confusing so, let me just set it up and then I will
explain it. We are going to change this next line from “Date added” to “Album” then the
next field, we’re going to change from “Is” to “Is not” and this last field, we’re going
to leave as any. So, what this basically translates to, is we want to see all the photos that
were taken in a particular year, but we also want it to hide photos once they’ve been organized
into an album. Otherwise, you would have no way of knowing which of your photos have already
been organized. So, if everything looks good here, we can now click “Okay”. And the rest
of the process is easy. Now, before we continue, I just want you to take a quick look at the top of my screen
and notice the current number of photos that are in this smart album, just remember that
number for a moment, we’ll come back to it. From here, we can now go through all of these
photos that I took in the past year and now, we’re going to very quickly turn these into
groups of albums. And in order to do this, you do need to know how to use multiple selection
on a Mac. So, if you are already familiar with this, you can skip ahead to that time
code, but for the rest of you, let’s review this technique. Now, sometimes on the Mac, you want to do
something to a bunch of items, whether it’s deleting a bunch of emails, sharing a bunch
of files or in this case, selecting a group of photos to turn into an album. If all of
the photos are consecutive, you can simply click on the first photo in the group and
then, hold down the shift key on your keyboard then while still holding down that shift key,
you can scroll down to the last photo in your group and then click on it. As you can see
here, everything in between has now also been selected. Alternatively, if your photos are a little
bit scattered, you can instead hold down the command key and individually click the items
that you wish to select. I think I’ll use these photos that I took from a recent trip
to Vermont, so that I could photograph and film the foliage with my drone. By the way, if you want to see the final product
of the video that I put together, it’s cool, I’ll put a link down below in the video description.
So, because these photos are all in a row, I’ll just click on the first one, hold that
shift key and then, click on the last one. Now that I have them selected, here’s a simple
hot key to remember, command plus the letter N, as in Nancy, is the shortcut to turn a
group of selected photos into an album. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to rename
the event, since it will take on the name of the smart album, so let me call this “Droning
Vermont”. Now, I want to show you something. Let’s go
back into that smart album and look at the total number of photos at the top. As you
can see here, the number has dropped by the same number of photos that are now in that
album. So, all you really must do, is repeat those final three steps. Select the group
of photos, hit command N to turn them into an album, rename it and repeat. We still have
a few more tricks to go over so don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back after this brief commercial
break. Now that you’ve learned how to use smart albums to organize one year’s worth of photos, now
we’re going to go over how to re-deploy that smart album, so that you can use it for other
years. Once again, let’s switch to my Mac. Now that we perfected this recipe for this smart album, we can quickly re-deploy it for
other years by secondary clicking on this smart album and then select “Duplicate smart
album”. By default, this duplicated smart album will have the same name, which we will
change momentarily, but at this point, let’s drag and drop it into my folder for 2018.
We will need to make just a couple of small changes so that this smart album works with
a different time span of photos and let’s start by just renaming the actual smart album
to make this a lot less confusing, so let’s secondary click on this smart album and let’s
go to rename and change it from 2019 to 2018. Now, to change that actual recipe, let’s secondary
click and select “Edit smart album” and from here, all we need to do is go into the recipe
and change the year. When you click OK, you’re good to go. So, once again, you would just
repeat those same steps of selecting a group of photos, hit command N on your keyboard,
rename the album and repeat. As you go through this process, at some point, you’re probably
going to encounter older photos that were not digital, which accidentally started showing
up in your smart albums for other years. Now, in order to correct this, just select that
group of photos and then go up here into the “Image Menu” at the very top of your screen
and select “Adjust date and time”. Ultimately, you don’t really need to know
the exact date, but this will determine the chronological order of your photos. So, my
advice is to just focus on getting the year right. That way, all your other photos from
a similar point in time will all be grouped together. So, there you have it, if you just simply
follow these steps, your photos will be organized in no time. If this video helped you, you
could help support my YouTube channel and my new production studio by making a financial
contribution of whatever amount you like either through Venmo at Tech Talk America, through
PayPal which you can do at my website or if you’d like to send a check through the mail,
the PO Box info is in the video description. Thank you so much for watching everyone. This
is David A. Cox, with Tech Talk America. Class dismissed.


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  76. Meryk Pheonix says:

    I followed the steps as directed and was able to set up all the albums by year, however, the photos that I successfully moved to albums within the yearly folders are still visible in Photos. I thought that they were supposed to be hidden so I could tell which photos still needed to be moved to a new home in an album. What did I do wrong? Just can't figure it out-

  77. Amber Fennell says:

    Question once you have created your albums you find you need to upload additional pictures will they automatically go into the designated folder for the correct year?

  78. Kristin Kishi says:

    Hi David! I’m learning a lot from you and am very appreciative that your videos explain things so well and get straight to the point. I have a question about deleting photos. I have so many photos that I want to delete so I was wondering what you suggest the best way to do this is? I have already purchased and deleted the duplicate photos but now want to go through and just delete the photos I don’t want anymore. Can you help me?

  79. Lars Anders says:

    Hi guys. I mentioned a problem a while back about not getting all my pictures included when doing David's method. Then I saw a comment here that the problem could be that my Photos Library was out of sync with iCloud, so I tried the method suggested to delete …/Photos Library.photoslibrary and restarting Photos by holding down Option/Command to rebuild the library. Unfortunately, my library did not rebuild. Any advise here?

  80. Regina Richards says:

    I deleted all my albums. Created the 2019 folder and album, as directed. I busily went through my 2019 pictures and put them into albums, when I realized many pictures from 2019, weren't showing in my 2019 smart album. I looked at all the photos, and saw my missing pictures, but they don't show in my smart album. I don't see them in any "album" the system created (bursts, screenshots, etc). So, why can't I see all my 2019 photo', in my 2019 smart album when they aren't in any albums? Thank you!

  81. Randall Pearce says:

    Hey David. Another great video. I’d like to see a video re managing contacts on the Mac as well as iPhone. I have thousands of contacts on my phone and I love have the full list organised on the Mac and then only sync the ones I want onto to the iPhone.

  82. Kat Mac says:

    Following instructions exactly and shows 0 photos on the second condition. Would love to figure out how to get this working. Loved your presentation.

  83. Wendy C. says:

    I’m not being fresh, but you have beautiful eyes!!

  84. Tina Hamilton says:

    When I control-click on an album, I get a menu that says"Get info/Play slideshow/ which then points me to some create options. I cannot get to the album to delets. Tried repeatedly.

  85. Niels Lerche-Lerchenborg says:

    Hi David. Absolutely brilliant video, and I have adopted your strategy on organising my photos. Just one small comment at timeframe 3:35. Click on the folder or album you want to sort alphabetically, then go to “View” on top of the screen, select "Sort", select "By Name"

  86. darksweetgirl says:

    Hi David I need help !! when I put Command N then make new album the picture on smart folder still stay. So I have new album with the pictures and the pictures also stay in smart album.When I delete the pictures in smart album, it deleted the pictures in new album… :(( what should I do?

  87. Adam Williams says:

    does not seem to work with the second condition on the smart album, lose lots of photos when that is applied. followed step by step also. Deleted all albums etc but for some reason when the second condition is applied photos from that year are removed and they are not in an album? Running current version MacOS January 2020

  88. Donnie Neville says:

    Omg! Great video! I wish I could do this on my iPad Pro. Thank you

  89. Jennifer Butt says:

    David when you delete the albums does this also delete my share albums (i have share albums with the family) Thanks.

  90. Fil K says:

    Hi Dave..great video. The problem was I followed your step by step procedure on organizing my photos and everything was great. I did 5 years worth! The next day I went in to google photos to check out the various albums …all of the year albums were GONE! All my hard work ou the door? Only albums showing when I click albums are the general people, places, things, videos, collages, animations, and movies. No year by year album? Any idea where they went?

  91. flukom says:

    Thanks!!! My photos are nice and organized on my Mac, on my iOS devices however………..
    Despite both being called Photos, with the same logo, sharing the same library, the Mac and iOS Photos app differ greatly in their organization and capabilities; the latter being severely limited: no smart albums syncing, no keyword assignment, different organizational structures……Very disappointing.

  92. Mike Cremona says:

    Very interesting if you have an Apple computer. I need to sort my I Phone Photos. Thanks

  93. Joey P says:

    David, while I feel this is an excellent way, I think there are still come "glitches." There are others that have asked the same question about when we add the criteria (Album/is not/ANY), we suddenly go from a big number in our YEAR album to ZERO. What is causing this? I do not have any other folders created. Can you help us?

  94. reinhard lo says:

    Thanks for this great video. Finally I get my photos neatly organized! Btw: I didn't delete all the old albums, but rather created a new folder called "Old Stuff" and moved them into it.

  95. ManZle says:

    Now I wish I'd have these options on Windows 🙁

  96. Bjørn Knudsen says:

    Great video as always, but something doesn't add up. If you look at 5:10, 1st condition is set, 137 items matches this condition. At 6:01, and second condition is set, only 118 items match the criteria set. How come? Shouldn´t these be identical at this point as he hasn't started organising his photos? I experience this issue myself. When 2nd condition is set I see my Mac leave out a whole bunch of photos. Any thoughts guys?

  97. Gerardo Segura-Warnholtz says:

    Dear David
    Thanks much for your tips, all very good and easy to understand. However, I have come across a glitch when trying to create a smart album. After deleting all my old files, and then a new Folder for a specific year and then a smart album, when I indicate the first rule for range of dates, it works. BUT, when I add the next rule for " Album-is not-any". The original number of photos captured under the first rule, drop down significantly (e.g. from 4000 to 700). It seams like the program continues to detect deleted albums that are not there anymore. I've looked on line, and this seems to be happening to other people too. I would happily sign up for one of your private lessons, but for now, this is the only issue I. would need to resolve. Any advise would be much appreciated. !! I will also happily donate to your fund to expand the business!

  98. Richard Szoka says:

    David, Drone video was outstanding, and music fit perfectly.

  99. 0JReynolds says:

    I have a question. This is my first time putting photos on a Mac. Do I have to list them by year? I usually have my files listed by name of the people the photo pertains to, can I still do that? Sorry if this sounds silly, I’m just learning to use a Mac computer. I’m going over as many of your videos as I can to learn.

  100. Ivo Jesus says:

    Really useful! Thanks a lot!

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