deli paper pages for junk journals

deli paper pages for junk journals

feeling a little art craft crazy
hi I’m Donna from our craft crazy and today I’m going to show you how to make deli paper pages for junk journals I’ve got a couple of
different ways the first way is to just use a stencil so I’ve got some very
lightly colored butterflies on this page and I’ve done it deliberately like that
so it’s just nice and soft I’ve used two full-size twelve by twelve stencil sheet
to do this and some distress inks this one here I’ve gone in a bit darker so it
shows you that you can have control using this method so you can go from
light to dark and if you were to fold that over and cut it where you want it
you get a really lovely page for your journal that’s one method the second
method is to show you how I used the deli paper and a tissue napkin so I’ve
just lined the back of the the napkin or the tissue paper and I’m not sure
everyone calls it different and I’ll show you how I’ve done that as well
still gives you a nice light page and it looks pretty good in your journals now
this is a continuation on how I use the deli paper to make some envelopes so be
sure and watch that video as well okay so what I’ve done is I’ve made a hinge
here with my stencil just by putting some washi tape here so I’m just going
to turn that over get a piece of the deli paper and just line it up there and
just use my and just used my washi tape to hold
that down close that back over and I’ll just gently start coloring now I’m going
to use a light color first so this is the TD distress ink and I’ll zoom in so
you can see it a little bit better all right so I’m just getting some of the
distress ink on my brush and I’ll start in the center if you want it to be a bit
darker you can hold the head of your brush and I’m just gonna start swirling
that around it’s up to you see how light that is it is up to you to how dark you
want this it’s like I said you can do it like and you can do it dark there’s some
lighter bits and some dark bits and you can control it using these brushes these
are makeup brushes and using these brushes you can control where you want
your color to go so I’ll keep going with that if you want to take a bit of color
off put it on your stencil first but just start coloring I start coloring
lightly all the way around and get as many as the butterflies as I can just
lightly up here I’m going to fade it right out lightly without putting any
more the ink on let’s have a look that’s too light so I need to come back in a
little bit darker keep it light and keep checking it so you can see whether or
not that’s how light you want it just add a little bit more a little bit at a
time and that’s I’m pretty happy with that and just keep doing that all the way
through your stencil it doesn’t matter what stencil you use
this method will work now this big butterfly here I’m going to make lighter
and darker so I’m just going to get my brush and go towards the edges and just
keep loading it up with the ink and just staying around the outside of the
butterfly it doesn’t matter if you get some of the other butterflies because
that’s the hit and miss look that we want okay
have another look so you’ve got the nice light in the middle and dark on the
edges so continue on until you’ve got all your butterflies done just swing
that over like a page and that gives me a good look at how I want now this is
nice and subtle so I’m pretty happy with that I know that I can use that as a
page in my book you can use as many colors as you like but if you just want
something nice and subtle like that just keep that at a lighter color so that’s
the tea guy the faded butterfly pages this is a rose stencil which is going to
give me this one here same again if you depending on your pages how big your
pages are you sort of know that they’re going to fit where they’re going to fit
so you can put your flower or your prominent piece of artwork exactly where
you want it this time I’ll use the antique linen like some off to light
work out how dark I need this to go so I’m going to start off lightly perfect a
little bit darker there and very very light there just have something very
subtle for your page now I’m going to put a few butterflies on this one but
I’m going to do them very very very light and I’m not going to do them
anywhere near where I’ve got the flower so I’m just going to put a very slight
hint of the butterflies perfect and there is my next page I was to fold that
where it’s going to be a page that shows me that I’ve got some rows there and
some butterfly on that side and a little bit of the faint faint butterfly on this
side I love doing my pages like this they turn out really really nice and it
just gives me another look for that deli paper now I’ll show you the next method
which is just dragging some color across your page I’ll just hold this down again
this time or use the antique linen and just drag that across the paper come
down the other way let them go crooked don’t try to be straight just be as
random as you want to be now you’ve got to let this dry before you go in and do
your next step so we’ll let that dry and we’ll come back and and put some more to
it now that’s dry it’s a little bit damp there but it’s still dry enough for me
to use so I’m just going to add some of this text stamp and I do want it to be
random so I don’t want it to be like a neat stamp so I’m just going to use the
vintage photo and I’m going to plonk that down on here and just press it
randomly and each time I do this it’s going to look different because of the
you know the no care factor of how I’m doing it so that’s the start of a nice
background piece of paper you can stop there or you can keep going but if you
fold that over you see what the page would look like so that’s another method
and a way that you can color a background piece of jelly paper or your
pages now I’ll show you the next one which is using the deli paper plus some
napkin or tissue I receive some happy mail from Heather at ideas to come so
I’ve used two this one here would be nice it’s just a
color that would suit this so I’ll use this so you just open up your tissue and
you’ve got to remove the backing of the tissue and we call them napkins in
Australia so I know that lots and lots of people use this method
well this method of of the tissue paper that is I’m not sure that I’ve seen
anybody do exactly what I’m going to do with this doily paper so the thinner
this is the better this will work so I’m just going to get some sticky tape and
just check and see that this is has another ply to it and if it doesn’t it’s
not going to lift up which means it’s only a two ply tissue so you just get
some sticky tape and when you press it on there it’ll lift off another sheet if
there is another layer there this one hasn’t so it’s only a two ply piece. so
now what I’m going to do is I’m going to get some spray adhesive and I’m just
going to spray this surface and then lay these tissue over the top and from a distance I’m going to spray
very lightly don’t need much at all now like I showed you I just used the
helmers spray adhesive and this is pretty good it dries clear and you can
move it around before it grabs and once it you can yeah you can reposition it
and then once you’ve got it where you want it it’ll dry permanently so I’ll
just put my coated sheet there and I’m just going to get my tissue
I’m gonna work out the best bits that I want and I’m just going to lay it over
the top like I said it’s repositionable you put it where you don’t want it just
move it so I’m going to start from the center and start pushing it out so I can
try and get rid of some of the creases that are in the tissue that’s why I like
using this spray glue because you can reposition it to get it right because
everything we do that we is hand done and adds a bit of character so just once
you’ve got it where you want it just continue to smooth it out you’ve got a
little bit of left over so you just cut that off so I’ll just leave it like that and
there’s my page ready to be cut so if I roll that over that way I’ve got a page
so just then needs to be cut to the size of the page in your book say this book
that the signatures that I’m making this is one signature you put several
signatures together just get a letter size page or a four if you’re using a
four I’m just making this particular one in letter size and I can see exactly
where I want to place this to get my page I can still use this for some collage
and just cut all the way around okay so there’s my page the Dahle paper
on the back then fold your page over and as you
normally would crease it down and you’ve got a page
which is just something that a little bit different and if you want to set
that page next to another page of just the deli paper that would you know
transition really well it would look nice I’m just going to crease that down
and then I’d work out again where I want this page to be cut that out and you’ve
got an extra page and that gives you another page to add in your signature
just gives you something that little bit different and that is just works they
put two of these like pages together or you could move them apart you I think that looks pretty good just as a
bonus here’s another page style that you can do get your deli paper get the full
sheet and just fold it up at the bottom to form a pocket like that and I’ve just
for decoration purposes I’ve just put two holes in there and use my rib
reinforces on both sides just to add a bit of interest and run a bead of glue
here and just put a stamp over that just to cover up where the glue went and it’s
as easy as working out where you’re going to put it and you only need a few
dots you don’t need to go crazy with this because it’s just going to hold it
into place just want to clear glue go on anything over the top see how if you
only use a little bit it will grab and it’ll not look so obvious that you’ve
glued it so there’s another page idea for you from plain just something a
little more jazzed up what I’ve done with this one is made a matching a
matching tag to go with this signature and you would pop that in there and
there’s the matching tag to the cover of the signature
and it looks really nice being able to be seen through this Dahle paper and
that’s the other side so there’s a bonus page for you just gives you something
that little bit different give it a whirl if you’ve got a pile of deli paper
get your stamps out get your distress ink out and start coloring those deli
pages… i’m Donna from art craft crazy thanks for watching and bye for now


  1. MyImaginationsUK says:

    Love all these ideas! It’s fun to use household stuff, it feels like free supplies 😁 napkin one was my fave because I never have a clue how to use them up. Tfs x

  2. Rosa Raptor says:

    Those were some really nice page ideas 👌🏻 thank you so much for sharing 🤗

  3. Melissa Fancelli- Cox says:

    I love the subtle color of butterflies. The one with pockets is neat too. In all honesty I just love the sound and feel of this paper. It'd be cute for gift wrapping also..Thanks for the tuturiols!

  4. Auntie Em says:

    Beautiful ideas for journal pages. I haven't seen deli paper here in Canada but I will be looking for it.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. Maureen Pratley says:

    what do you use to clean your brushes with

  6. Maureen Pratley says:

    where do you get the paper from

  7. Vicki Lanegan says:

    I love your ideas! TFS! 😊❤️

  8. Karen Betts says:


  9. Barbara Noble says:

    Lovely deli pages! Thank you for that idea Donna! xx

  10. Kathy Alber says:

    new sub here – some great ideas 🙂

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