Demonstrating a Geofence Application


Before we start coding, let’s take a look at a simple
app that uses geofencing. You can see it here and
it’s very simple indeed. I’ve created a geofence for
the location that I’m in. This is a studio in Mountain View,
California. And I’ve created it with
a radius of a mile. I ran the application before I
drove into the studio today. And then once I got within a mile of
the studio, a notification was fired. And you can see the notification
icon in the tray here. And when I swipe it down,
it says I’ve entered UDACITY Studios, or I’ve entered that geofence of UDACITY. Now, were I to leave this
one mile radius on my way back to my hotel tonight, I would see
a notification from me having left. Now of course you don’t have
to use your notification tray, you could have your activity do anything
in response to the geofencing event. The nice thing about using
the notification trays, now if I’m in my general desktop for my Android tablet,
the notification is still there. So, I was traveling and it showed that
I entered the geofence that I want, and when I touch that,
it relaunches the application. So we’re going to see next how
to build this application and how to use notifications within
a geofenced environment.


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