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Welcome to the digital marketing news,
I’m Tiffani Allen. And with your first story this week, I am Joshua Nite.
Hey, we’ve talked a lot about audio content recently. Have you noticed this?
Yeah, we’re into podcasts, we’re into listening to playlists you know nobody
makes a mixtape anymore which is a lost art which is kind of sad but what a lot
of people are listening to the Spotify go on I call it the Spotify DH actually
but now people are being spotted on Spotify an alarming rate the platform
currently has 217 million users so this is something that marketers are starting
to take notice of in addition to having all these users they have a lot of
insights unsaid users for example if someone likes to listen to you’re
splitting mexican techno at midnight and not that I do or know anyone who does
that spot if I would know yeah and if that was your target demographic you
could hit them so really this the story that came out recently was just
highlighting the fitness of Spotify as an advertising platform and I think it’s
worth checking out you know they have people who are also on there listening
to podcasts that can be advertised to 64% of Americans 15 to 38 listen to
Spotify so that’s a lot of people if you’re looking to check out that
particular demographic so I would say if you are marketer and I hope that you are
or this show is going to be baffling and boring to you if you are a marketer
I’d say Spotify is definitely worth it look these days I like it yeah I usually
just listen to toto does that count my Emma graphic the dog
no that’s a good plan though next time so other things that are new Josh mm-hmm
search console from the Google that Google um so if you’ve been in there
lately you might have noticed some changes a couple things to say goodbye
to for example the home and the dashboard pages or went out for your
homies when you can just Google’s making room for more comprehensive new reports
we covered this a couple of weeks ago so if you haven’t been in there in a while
check it out you can also still see the legacy View legacy tools and reports and
the Help Center to see you you know what’s left but of course Google is
always changing the way that they are helping us report better so as always
get in there get familiar with it or you unless some help from someone who knows
how and do not more than the google that once was celebrate the Google that is
yet to be true perhaps the real Google was the friends that we made along the
way no the real Google is a billion-dollar
corporation making lots of money monetizing our thoughts and feelings but
I love them and I hope nothing bad ever happens to me because of my deep and
abiding love for that yeah speaking of which how do consumers really feel about
ads I mean when people not not you in particular I’m sorry but you’re not like
a demographic sample you know when people stop being polite and start being
real how they really feel so I want to talk a bit about the Edelman Trust
Barometer yes please do a little thing that happens every year and this year’s
just came out and specifically people talking about how well they trust or
enjoy the ads that we so lovingly craft for them so overall they love it no they
okay well 48% of folks are using adblock right now
that’s up from 38% last year so we are seeing that continue to creep up 47%
said they have changed media habits to see less advertising that’s up six
points from last year 39% up five four five points from last
year have found ways to avoid almost all ends Wow
so not great news for people who make ads my solution of that is don’t make
ads because if something is relevant interesting entertaining provokes an
emotional response is something that people want to see it ceases to be the
kind of thing that they’re gonna want to buck yes so in addition to trying to
find new ways to be on platforms in unobtrusive ways and unblockable ways
like sponsored content an example influencer content we can also work on
making our ads the very best they can be yeah and then people will celebrate them
instead of blocking it where are these click on them yeah yeah many people
celebrate out so don’t see you know something goes viral and they’re like oh
that was beautiful I look Thank You Wendy’s Twitter yeah yeah you’re right
so speaking of places where ads live sometimes mm-hmm good segue yeah um we
found out what works best for brands on Instagram it’s pronounced
ahem there mm-hmm so Quint Lee studied 34,000 businesses and 5.4 million posts
and found these items what did they find they found videos get 49% more
engagement than images oh my yeah you know carousels get 25% more engagement
than images hmm multiple images better than one right okay right right if you
have more than 1 million followers caption lists post get the most
engagement for the rest of us caption between 1 and 50 characters just like a
single letter but really make it an authentic transparent storytelling
letter all my captions will be K yes everyone not even JK know so there’s a
direct correlation as well between emoji use and engagement which we found
interesting more tiny pictures the more people like it any pictures big pictures
all of it together and the larger your following the larger your audience use
for your hashtags which makes sense cuz hashtags are search functionality so
folks already know how to find you you don’t necessarily need to dominate any
other conversation makes a lot of sense so pretty pictures hashtags and more
pictures of better than one a bunch of tiny pictures moving together in a video
kind of thing even the best thing okay turns out so more desolate do you know
what demographic is using Instagram a whole lot a bad idea well Millennials
right gen Z is also using them a bunch and I found a bunch of really
interesting Gen Z marketing statistics to share with you first if you’re like
me you go hey why are we worried about marketing to toddlers fair but did you
know the oldest Gen Z folks are 24 so yeah I know so they’re out of college
they’re in the workforce some of them are gonna be those decision influencers
for b2b some of them are gonna be decision makers very soon
so we need to know what they want and it turns out well first I should say in
2020 they’re gonna be 40% of all consumers so even if you’re b2c maybe
pay a little attention they have 44 billion dollars of their
own buying power right now and if you count the buying power of
their parents some are still doing that’s six hundred billion so we got to
pay attention to these folks all right yeah so one thing that I thought was
super interesting though is Gen Z are still using email we’ve talked about
email a lot email is one of my passion points they are still using email to 58%
check it multiple times a day they also say they’re open to brand
emails as frequently as a couple of times a week the majority said the
interesting thing I thought there was only fourteen point four percent said
that work is their primary use for email really so it’s not just a work thing
they are actually still checking email they’re not just on kick or WeChat or
you know any a tick-tock or any of those weird you know blast Li that’s not one
but it could be you know what they’re doing with their emails what am i gosh
so 82% said they prefer promos and discounts from brands so that’s their
email other communications 42% said they like product recommendations if their
personalized only 20% say links to blogs and other resources are like getting it
for them you know yeah so social medias our preferred channel to engage with
brands company blogs are the lowest makes sense I suppose for links right
that’s a challenge for sure yes that owned media blog they’re not super into
make it a little more exciting maybe add a carousel in a caption mm-hm
two-thirds make at least one purchase per month directly from seeing a product
on social media which makes a lot of sense for that day for sure yeah I mean
I do and two-thirds make at least one
purchase per month from email as well and that’s surprising I know people are
getting people who are like this big I’m sorry you’re that big people who are
this big are getting emails and they’re buying stuff yeah that is amazing okay
anyway that is all the news we have for you today
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