Digital Ocean install mysql server


Hello in this video tutorial, I am going to
create a droplet in Digital Ocean and install “mysql” and configure “mysql” server on the
instance that I’m creating on Digital Ocean. So, as usual we go and create a droplet, we
click on the green button, we give a name. I’ll call it TBTest. I select the smaller
size, since this is just for the testing. I go with the selection of, region we’ll leave
it as it is, coupon two, I take the 1-12.4.5(32 bit), then I click on “Create Droplet”. The
email just came, so the password is sent to my email. So, I will just go ahead and get
the password and try to log in using SSH with Putty. The instance is created. I’ll just
try to SSH now. So, I will accept the certificate and log into the system, with the password
that I was provided. So I just go ahead and change the password. New password. Okay, we’re ready to go. Just The command that I need to run, apt-get install, mysql server. Yes. Okay so this is almost completed, I just have to enter a password for the root Repeat the password. Okay, almost there. I can simply go and write “mysql”, it requires username and password. So I will
go type “mysql”, user E’s root and dash “p” for the password. So, dash root dash p for
password. Enter the password, I just go ahead, show databases. I see all the databases. Use
“mysql”, is one of the databases there, information schema. mysql performance schema, are three databases. Let’s go, type use mysql to go inside the database mysql, show tables and then I can
see all the tables. Select everything from user . So, that’s all. Quit to accept this



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