Digital Vinyl Banner Printing : Set Rollers on Printer for Banner Paper


Hi everyone, I’m Doug Downey on behalf of
Expert Village, I’m here today to show you how to digitally print vinyl banners. All
right, now that we have our material loaded there are a couple of things you have to be
sure of. That your grommet is here, this is your welded edge, from here to here, it’s
a, a thermal welded edge, so that it’s nice and strong, the grommets on the inside of
this edge, so if you want a full bleed your printer usually prints to the inside of your
roller right here, so you have to make sure that you’re set on your machine that you’ve
got lots of area past your rollers and then once your print comes along here then you
can actually trim this to make this as your welded edge, so it makes a nice edge, makes
a nice clean banner or you can actually leave this as a white area here, you can leave this
area on your banner to uh, just to give it some extra strength, so it’s, it’s uh
its either way that you like it. So now over here on the, the set-up side here with the
head, um, one of the things that uh, when I was first approached with this material
was uh, was feeling comfortable to print it you know with low head height with the uh,
with the knife in, so until you get to the comfort level, and we’ve tested it, we’ve
used it, anyway until you get to the comfort level, you can actually take your, your knife
out, you can just unscrew the screw, pulling your knife out, set it up on top, and uh,
and run it at high head height which is uh, which is a lever inside that you can set that
way. So, um one of the things you’re going to think about too when you’re designing
and when you’re starting is that you need to start your print here, right in the middle
of these two grommets because you want to trim this area, you want to trim that area
off, at the start, at the start of your banner so you have to design every two feet because
the grommets are positioned at every two feet, so design your banner at two, four, six, eight,
ten, twelve, whatever and then uh, and then when you set it to print make sure that your
head is started, your base point of your head is started in the middle of these two grommets
and then if you set it at six to eight to twelve feet it’ll end up at the, at the
other end, between the other two grommets and then you just slice it and out the door
it goes.


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