DUB the DEW | Mountain Dew Vs. The Internet

DUB the DEW | Mountain Dew Vs. The Internet

In late 2012, Mountain Dew held an online contest… ‘Dub The Dew’ They said “hey, internet… you choose the name of our new apple flavored drink, let’s put it to an online poll.” Rumor has it their marketing team was already set on a few names like… ‘Tempest’ or ‘Electric Apple’ or ‘Xtreme Apple’. However, 4chan soon found out about the contest, and they had their own recommendations. ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ was the number one pick. and ‘Gushing Granny’ was a close second. Plenty of other creative names were put forward too, here’s a quick montage. But that wasn’t all… Mountain Dew’s online security was lacking, Exploitable flaws in their voting system allowed people to vote as many times as they pleased. It also turned out there was no input validation on their site. Soon, avid fans of the new ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ beverage were changing elements of the webpage. They added ‘Mountain Dew salutes the Israeli Mossad for demolishing 3 towers on 9/11’. and made the Rick Roll video autoplay when people visited the homepage. If audience engagement was what they were looking for, the marketing team had run a great campaign. But…in the end, they also had final say over the name. ‘Apple Mountain Dew’ was the…chosen name. [sigh] After the competition, those who were unsatisfied with the name started a petition on change.org. It got 70 signatures and then it just died out. More cataloging to come.


  1. Gelrald Oldo says:

    Shoulda called it mount-n- do me.

  2. Daniel Rocha says:

    9GAG meme drink

  3. Stinkyremy says:


  4. Judge Tater says:

    Apple mountain dew sounds delicious

  5. The Spine Lizard ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ says:


  6. That Montage Nerd says:

    literally anyone: online poll
    4chan: quick-saving

  7. Why youtube why says:

    Pepsi XD

  8. Broseph H says:

    I haven’t laughed at a video this hard in quite some time

  9. Snake_XIX says:

    Hear hear! After a long hard day’s work; is a man not entitled to an ice-cold refreshing glass of h*** did nothing wrong?

  10. Jelly Bingey says:

    Soilent greeen hahabaha

  11. Henri T says:

    This entire thing felt like a game of cards against humanity

  12. cristian leiva-ramirez says:

    I personally enjoyed mein fuhrer's fapjuice

  13. cloudcolumn cat says:

    Simple is Best

  14. CombraStudios says:

    While reading the candidate names I stopped to take a closer look at "the game".

  15. Kai Krassin says:

    My favortie name is An Onion

  16. Nano Phoenix says:

    im done, i would use half those names as a new steam tag

  17. mechaart says:

    "Apple Mountand Dew you" wouldve been a good name

  18. D3ltaz0n Gaming says:

    I prefer Apple-Quaeda

  19. Alex says:

    You mean to tell me Mt. Dew is apple flavored? Wouldn't have ever guessed that myself

  20. Isaac Bailey says:


    "Dead puppies."

    Must be the one drink they sell at the Dead Dog center.

  21. Why not? says:

    An Onion.

  22. Depositron says:

    FUCK.. I just lost the game

  23. BIG PUMA says:


  24. Not Sandwich says:

    "Lets do another poll!"

  25. Fei_Ling Bob says:

    Rick rolled

  26. Zhuofan Zhang says:

    1:33 That name at the bottom of the screen numbered 13 is a good one.

  27. ComedicPotato ! says:

    “The game” ahhhhHhhhH

  28. Joe Morton says:

    MMMonitized!!!! IMHO

  29. Kirkland Signature says:


  30. MetalSlugzMaster says:

    Lmao of all the content on This channel it's always the online naming campaigns that kill me. I cant stop laughing when I read the comments!

  31. Radioactive Buffalo says:

    “How do you like them apples” would be great in reality

  32. Kyle Yuen says:

    The only time the company won against 4chan

  33. T Prime says:

    Any poll's a goal.

  34. SonOfA_Blank_ says:

    1:04 fuck u i lost

  35. Caige Malinowski says:

    Soilent Green is surprisingly clever

  36. BeachBum says:

    What I would give to see Chase Elliott wearing a fire suit with Gushing Granny on same for his car

  37. Joel Kelvin says:

    “The Game” I hate the internet

  38. Tim Kunken says:

    The game? What’s the ga-

    O H S H I T

  39. Mtn Dew says:

    Moist nugget

  40. James Deegan says:

    apon seeing the name "dub the dew" I could see the regret before I clicked

  41. Jack Anderson says:

    0:50 mmm yes lets name the dew someone’s yahoo account

  42. Russian Bot. says:

    Apples make cider.

  43. Calm1 says:

    God damn it, I lost the game again..

  44. Ieuan Griffith says:

    Outside Xbox?

  45. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Honestly, I would’ve gone with How D’ya Like THEM Apples

  46. Nun with Dual Berettas says:

    I'm furious that no beverage is officially called 'Liquid Swag".

  47. Julia Guyton says:

    Wait hear me out

  48. Kyle Benjamin says:

    This just made me lose The Game

  49. Tatanga says:

    am i the only one who thinks its fucking hillarious to have an email adress as a drink name?

  50. holeheadmole says:

    I voted for Shrek Spit

  51. ZparityTheMystical says:

    Grandpa Historian's Apple

  52. Flywingcpy says:

    I just lost the game

  53. Generic Protagonist says:

    "The Game"

    Fuck you

  54. DINGLE BERGEN says:

    Nazis: oh you mean dub the jew?

  55. Buggy Bugson says:

    Out of all of the names, suggesting they call it "Pepsi" made me laugh the most

  56. superanimeniac says:

    There were some legitimately good names here. 'gushing granny' is surprisingly good, 'how do you like DEM apples' is hilarious…

  57. Michael Butler says:

    NASA decided to do this to name 20 new moons they found orbiting Saturn. I think we all know how that'll go.

  58. Turboturk says:

    Why didn’t anyone up with something that sounds similar to mountain dew, like ”Hunt the Jews” or something?

  59. nic decker says:

    can the internet just be deleted now

  60. Anti-Nihilist _ says:

    Soilent Green by far was the best


    I still think “Pepsi” was the funniest suggestion.

  62. Azrael A. says:

    Anyone know where you can buy this flavor?

  63. Jack Goulden says:



  64. Jubei Sarutobi says:

    Can ya boi cop a shlop?

  65. Multi says:

    They could’ve at least gone with “How do you like THEM apples” that’s the most pc name the internet has ever come up with 😂

  66. Jacob Overturf says:


  67. Naya G says:

    Food wishes music!

  68. nlol, executive memer says:

    i have a feeling “poison” might’ve made it had it not been surrounded by the other memes

  69. elisttm says:

    1:07 i lost the game

  70. Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach says:

    They changed the name from "Apple" to "Electric Apple" and can only be bought from Villa Pizza in America alongside Extreme pomegranate Mtn-Dew, but that was discontinued in 2015.

  71. Lando Roma says:

    The Game

  72. Groot says:

    Business is professional, mountain dew is a business

  73. Eduardo Memije says:

    What are you drinking?


  74. Amal AlFaris says:

    Sooo, no body suggested"Mountain Jew"??

  75. Fliipp says:

    Moist nugget

  76. 【OverBored】 says:

    granny mist lol

  77. person says:

    you're voice is gold

  78. Peregrination says:

    I'm learning a lot about 4Chan from this channel.

  79. Totally not the flash :3 says:

    Gushing Granny is actually pretty good in my opinion.

  80. Arina Konova says:


  81. Ruji Haj-ei says:

    Fuck I lost the game.

  82. Mihovil BeckV says:

    Soilent green was lowkey genious though

  83. Didokell says:

    Why do people do online petitions like who the hell actually expects for anyone to take it seriously

  84. Jax Figliola says:

    E x t r e m e a p p l e
    E L E C T R I C A P P L E

  85. Amer Aljabr says:

    Dew marketing campaign had a GREAT idea

  86. Wendy Nerd says:

    "4Chan found out" is the "Zeus was feeling horny" of the internet.

  87. Herr Schnitzelnazi says:

    I'm gonna go buy a big bottle of I did nothing wrong flavored dew.

  88. Living Ironically in Europe says:

    Gushing granny op

  89. Kyle Predmore says:

    Ok cmon "how do you like them apples" is actually not a bad name 🤣

  90. Ahnan Imuz says:

    I am extremely impressed to say that the French closed captions for this video translated “fapple” as “masturpomme”

  91. tanguy51000 says:

    fuck you i lost the fucking game again because of you

  92. neil spires says:


  93. EKKO says:

    Dub the Jew

  94. 7tonsofsalt says:

    poison seems accurate

  95. Dr. Zombine says:

    Soylent Green is people…!

  96. David says:

    Just Sipping On Some Hittler Did Nothing Wrong. What About You?

  97. Ben Cooper says:

    You son of a bitch. I've had a harder time playing the game recently more than ever for some reason.

  98. Crazy Bobert says:

    Anyone else hate that gushing granny was 2nd place to a sentence middleschoolers find funny?

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