Easy Steps to Content Curation to Improve Your Social Media Marketing


social media networks have changed the way that internet marketing works it’s become essential to reaching a broader audience as part of your social media marketing efforts you need to post regularly you need to share content on Facebook Twitter and other networks unfortunately it’s not always easy to come up with fresh content on a daily basis and you can’t simply post promotional content non-stop this will turn people away and prevent you from actually establishing any trust with the potential customers generally is the key to the 5:3 to role will help you balance the type of content that you share that means out of every 10 posts – should be personal or help make your connection to your brand three should be promotional or content from your own blog and the other five should be curated content what is curated content this is content that comes from other sources it should be relevant to your industry and your audience so what type of content should you share and where do you find it the first step is to find sources of quality shareable content you can use a top news sites related to your industry or field bookmark these sites for quick reference keep in mind that you don’t want all of your content to come from the same sources use the sites that you bookmark to find relevant topics choose one or two topics per day copy and paste the headline of the articles in a search engine check the search results in order to find other sources discussing the same topic this allows you to find quality content without relying on the same sites over and over another solution for finding content is to make use of RSS feeds even though Twitter has mostly eliminated the need for RSS feeds they can still be beneficial subscribe to the RSS feeds of any sites that you use to share content this can simplify the process of getting new content on short notice as mentioned Twitter has almost replaced the need for RSS feeds so make sure that you include Twitter in the arsenal for finding relevant content use the advanced search feature on Twitter you can narrow your search using specific words or phrases and also choose words to ignore don’t forget that you need to know what your audience is into make sure that the content you curate is relevant to your business you want to share content that you truly believe your followers will find interesting or helpful the goal is to build trust well we’ve covered a few simple solutions for finding content to curate this also a number of tools I can help feedly buzzsumo Storify and even Pinterest could help you in your search some of these tools require a monthly fee while others are free to use you don’t need to use all of the methods discussed in fact using all of them could take up too much of your time consider choosing two or three of these solutions make it a habit of finding your content at the beginning of the week you can also bookmark the Articles that you find and parse through them throughout the week curated content should make up about half of the content that you share on social media this helps build trust with your audience it helps you gain followers which can translate into new customers implement this simple concept and the except described as part of your social media marketing strategy you’ll be surprised by the benefits that it provides I hope you enjoyed this lesson remember to check back weekly for updated videos or click on the subscribe button below to get more of these educational videos as they come out you


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