EGCO342: Phishing Email

EGCO342: Phishing Email

Hi Have you ever heard of the words “phishing email” ? For this video clip we would like to show you a simulation of the real situation that was happened to my friend. And after watching this video clip, we hope that all of you will be more aware of this kind of email. So, Let’s see Parimaa!! it’s your e-mail. Quickly come and see. Okay mom, just a second. Ahh it’s from apple company about game purchasing. But! Hmm..I think it’s a bit strange. Something goes wrong with this email. What’s happened? Everything on this email seems like the apple’s one. But look at here mom. This email address seems like the unofficial one. Ahhhh! I see This is called a phishing email. Phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive e-mails or websites. The goal of this “phishing” is to obtain personal data such as social security numbers, passwords, and PINs from unsuspecting victims via the Internet and sell this information for financial gain. This is so terrible! This phishing email looks very similar to the real one. So, that means in my case if I don’t be aware first, I may lose my personal information. And, they can use it for whatever that they want. Absolutely I’m glad that you look at every detail of your email first before you submit or click on something. So, “please do remember” to do the same thing as today before you submit your email to whomever, Okay? Okay, mom Good girl! And, that was the real circumstance that was happened to my friend. We really hope that her real experience of phishing email will make all of you be more conscious before you reply any emails. After this, let’s check every single detail of every e-mail together. by the way for now we have to go already thank you all for watching us bye bye

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