Electronic Cat Toy: Robo Fish Cat Toy Unboxing Video Blackhole Cat Littermat YouTube

Electronic Cat Toy: Robo Fish Cat Toy Unboxing Video Blackhole Cat Littermat YouTube

(light upbeat music) (toy splashes) (toys clicking)
(Jenny laughs) – [Jenny] We got somethin’ new in the mail today, Floppycatters. What’s this one, what’s this one? This one comes from the folks that make the BlackHole cat litter mats. The name of the company is Moonshuttle, and this is a new
product they’ve launched, which is Robot Fish. There’s a four-piece pack (laughs). I’ve been telling them that we were gonna unbox this. They sent us three boxes of them, so I’ll probably give a box to Amy to try out with her cats. I don’t think I’ll give one to my mom, because previously when
I’ve tried robotic fish with my parents’ cats, they haven’t been game. But my cats really like ’em. So there’s the BlackHole Litter Mat logo. And these are the fish. Let me see if the other
ones have the same fish. Oh they, oh yeah, they vary a little bit. Super cute, I like this one. So I’ll probably open up this pack. Looks like it comes with
a little screwdriver and some batteries, so I’m gonna have to figure out, oh, there’s already batteries in them. So years ago, my friend
Michael in Australia got one of these robotic fish and put it in his outdoor fountain, pond type of thing, but the pond didn’t have any fish in it for his cat Valentino to go after. And that encouraged me to
go looking for robotic fish. And so we have experienced
robotic fish in the past, but just not recently, I haven’t played with them. So they’re usually water-activated. As soon as you drop ’em in water they start swimming around. So I will go ahead and do that. In this video it’s, this is more of a fun cat toy, especially if you have an outdoor garden or something like that
where you can drop ’em into. I’ll probably just fill
up water in my sink and then use that water after the cats have played with it to clean off my oven pieces. I have a gas stove, so not my oven but my gas stove has pieces and parts that you can take off to get
the grime and buildup on. So that way I won’t waste the water that I use to fill up the sink to drop the robofish in. Here’s the fourth box
with Chiggy’s whiskers. So you can tell they vary a little bit. Like this fish and that fish are the same, and then this one and that
one are the same (laughs). What are you (laughs)? So I’ll probably pick this one, I think. And then it’s got
directions or a description on the front of the box. It’s not for children. It’s for cats and dogs only. A battery is included and will last approximately 30 minutes. To maximize battery life, avoid using it continuously. Automatically moves in response to water. If the toy does not stop automatically then you can remove it from the water and use the after, the end (laughs). If it doesn’t stop after you
remove it from the water, my experience is you just dry it off and it will stop, but it’s telling you you
can use this little tool, which is a little screwdriver
with a Phillips head. And then it just gives you the components, made in China. I don’t think there are any other, no, no other instructions. All right, let’s go play. All right, my cats are
gonna come pretty quickly. Actually I’ll angle it this way. My kitchen’s a little bit of a mess ’cause I’ve been out of town. But here we go. I’m gonna drop all four in at once. (toys plopping) (toys clicking) Oh, and they have LED
lights too, by the way. Yep (laughs), so like I said we had robotic fish in the past, but these (laughs) have the lights, which is really cool. (toys clicking) What do you think, Louie? You gonna dive? Make ’em dive. This is actually kinda cold water, so I wonder if they react differently in cold or hot water. (toys clicking) (Jenny laughs) So it’s just something fun, you know, something different for your cats, especially, I always think of indoor cats not having as much stimulation
as an outdoor cat does. Oh, Chiggy, you gonna come up? Come on, come see. (cat meows) Chiggy never comes up on the counter. Charlie, as you saw, never hesitates. What thinkin’? Are they movin’? Where they goin’? My cats haven’t had any
interaction with real fish. When I was a little girl, my cat Rags, we had fish. I got a fish tank at one
point in my childhood, and so he had a little interaction. But my cats have never
had exposure to fish. So I’ll just put it on the counter (toy clicking)
and see what happens. The only thing when we reviewed a different kind of brand
(laughs) of these earlier, that was something that you, this is definitely under supervision, that you would want to play with these with your cats, is I think the tail, yes, the tail comes off. So in, cats aren’t able
to spit anything out. It’s one of the big differences between humans and cats. They can pull it out with their paws, but they can’t like spit it out. So you just wanna make sure that if, like right there. (toy clatters) If he were to pull off that tail then we’d have an emergency
surgery on our hands if he were to swallow it. So just make sure that that doesn’t happen when you’re playin’ with them. (toys clicking) (Jenny laughs) I could watch cats play all day. Okay, so to make them stop. They obviously are water-activated, so my experience has been you just dry ’em off, they stop. So I always dry off these Robot Fish on like a terrycloth towel. Now a lot of people do different things. You could even maybe put one in your cat’s water fountain, to see what would happen. You could put it in a bucket of water if you don’t want ’em on your counter, you know, in the kitchen. You’d obviously use a different sink, maybe one in your bathroom if you’re okay with them on the counter in the bathroom. But a bucket of water
is pretty traditional, and (laughs) there is a curiosity in me that if you already have
like a goldfish pond or something like that, you could always stick one in and see what your goldfish do. But that was a, I mean I
don’t know if that’s safe or if that’s okay for the goldfish. So that’s up to your discretion. But I know if I had one I’d give it a go. (toys clicking) Look at his paw. I do think it’s pretty
cool that they give you some extra batteries and the
tool to replace them with, so that you can obviously extend the life of the Robot Fish. And these kinda batteries usually are on the more expensive side of things, so it’s nice to have the replacements before you have to go to CVS and buy some replacements. All right guys, well, be sure to subscribe to our channel if you’re interested in
our final product review of these robofish. I’ll include a link to where you can buy the BlackHole Cat Litter Mat Robot Fish in the About section below. Let me know if you have any questions or anything you want me to address while we’re reviewing. Thanks so much for watchin’, and we’ll see ya next time. (toy clicks) (Jenny laughs) (toy splashes) (Jenny laughs)
(toy clicks) See if I can get them to do it with every single one of ’em. (toy clicks) (toy clatters) (toy splashes) (light upbeat music)


  1. Keeping Up With The Kitdashians says:

    They are keeping them entertained watching them but it all depends if the cat likes water or not. Have a Pawsome weekend fellow cat lovers ๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿ’•

  2. 0Tweaky0 says:

    Get a cheap plastic round gold fish bowl. They could then watch from the side.

  3. Floppycats says:

    BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cats: https://amzn.to/2WIVbNi

    See our final review of these swimming robo fish here: https://www.floppycats.com/blackhole-litter-mat-interactive-swimming-robot-fish-toy-product-review.html

  4. D Lee says:

    Cute ! I personally wouldn't have them because my cat has enough trouble with the "no getting on the counters" rule ! He gets into too many things, plus leaves hair everywhere . ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I know what you mean about those batteries being costly ! I ordered my cat a robot "bug", that crawls around on the floor, in circles. The bug itself was around $10. They didn't provide any extra batteries or screw driver. But I thought ahead, and ordered an 8 pkg of extra batteries. The batteries die really fast !! And they aren't super easy to install.
    Thanks for the really cute video ! Your cats are STARS ! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐Ÿ’•

  5. Jesus lover of my soul. Awesome God. says:

    Lol, awwww so happy to see ur sweet angel cats.! Love ur angel cats. Beautiful colors of fishes. Watching ur sweet angel cat is my cat therapy.!

  6. Patti Johnson says:

    Super cute & adorable & fabulous & pawesome product unboxing video, Jenny honey! Great product! What fun! I don't allow Miss PSB on my kitchen counters and she really has shown no interested ever in getting up on them (it's just a space issue as my small galley kitchen is jam-packed on the counters). She used to lay in our bathroom sink as a kitten but now she is too big to be on our very tiny bathroom counter and hasn't shown any interest in getting up there for years. I do wish we had a bathtub, though, instead of just a shower stall. We are going to relocating to one of the new, remodeled apartments here in our complex (as we've been in this apartment for almost 10 years and it needs to be overhauled with new carpet, new linoleum and a paint job, etc…) in the next few years and hope to get one with a bathtub/shower combo! If we are successful in that I will definitely get some robo fish for some supervised playtime with Miss PSB. I think she would get a kick out playing with them in a bathtub and also batting around some pink pong balls in an empty tub, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 Looking forward to your final product review on this one very much!!! Hope you got some great outside time in today with this super fabulous weather we are having. I took another long lovely walk and Starbucks-ed afterwards. LURVING THESE TEMPS!!! Big hugs & lots of love!! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 <3 <3

  7. Dawn Cierelli says:

    So cute jenny…..thanks for the video

  8. Gloria Deliciosa says:

    ADORABLES!!!!!!! I have thought for years when a cat is hanging outside they do not eat Salmon and goats for meat etc, they eat juicy tiny fish and mice & baby rabbits. SO why not give them Mouse-Mousse OR Wabbit Stew Gold-Fishies OR Birdie-PotPies made from quails or eggs. We had an outdoor cat that we adorped from a farmer near Millen GA and she grew goards. She had field mice galore and she never even fed her barn cats. He even ate baby rabbits and our yard still had a plenty. He never even needed flea treatments EVEr and lived to be 18…and I think he got into some antifreeze so vet suggested he be put down due to back legs being paralyzed ๐Ÿ™ He might have made it to 20 because he ate a natural diet. We also had tiny gold fish in the pond where he also drank "some" water, but he was pretty much a low/maintenance kitty. I feel it was due to him having been raised by smart adult moms from many gens who did not have all the stuff our cats are fed and given junk food basically, like our human kids are now too!

  9. Ivan Morato says:

    Can you do a video by putting all of the robotic fish is in the tank

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