Electronic Visit Verification Info

Electronic Visit Verification Info

If you receive certain home and
community-based services from Ohio Medicaid your caregiver will participate
in a plan called Electronic Visit Verification or EVV EVV is an electronic
system that verifies when your caregivers visits begin and end EVV
helps Ohio Medicaid know your caregiver has delivered your services and ensures
that Medicaid will pay your caregiver for delivering medically necessary
services your role is to confirm that your services has been provided a DV
will be used by home health aides and personal care aides nurses and home care
attendants participating in EVV means you will have a device in your home that
your caregivers will use to check in and out it is quick and simple
the device looks similar to a smartphone although it does not have smartphone
capabilities in fact the devices only function is to verify that services have
occurred you will receive the evv device by mail when it arrives you will be
required to sign for it you or someone in your home should then
plug it into an electrical outlet so that it’s battery can charge we
recommend that you keep your EVV device in one place and plugged in so that you
always know where it is and so that it’s battery remains charged however if you
need to receive services outside of your home you can take your EVV device with
you your caregiver will use the device to check in when he or she begins your
services and check out when he or she completes them your caregiver must do
this in order to be paid by Ohio Medicaid your role will be to confirm
that your services were delivered and your caregivers check-in and checkout
times if required you can confirm your caregivers hours by using voice
confirmation or a digital signature if required if you have a stylist in your
home you can use it instead of your finger the evv device does not cost
anything to either you or your caregiver Medicaid’s contractors and data will
train your caregiver on how to use the device if and when you no longer need
home and community-based services the vendor will send you a container to
return the EVV device at no charge to you the provider can initiate this
process thank you for participating in Ohio’s EVV program it’s one of the many
ways we are trying to make Ohio better if you have any questions feel free to
call our consumer hotline at


  1. likeo 2k corner says:

    So this device is for the client not for the provider.

  2. April Tackett says:

    This is absolutely a waste of time and does not apply equally to all people who receive Medicaid services.

  3. gojin4 says:

    I suggest all the officials including president trump and governors checking in and out everyday just like humble caregivers.

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