Email Marketing For More Sales

Email Marketing For More Sales

– I love social media as much as you do. But we can’t ignore the fact that email is a powerful business tool. While it’s one of the oldest
tools in digital marketing, it remains as a key marketing solution to capture and secure business leads, build email lists and increase
sales for other subscribers. Email marketing remains as
a force to be reckoned with, while we focus on
social, we can’t discount the effects of effective email marketing. Similarly, you can fine-tune
your email marketing by combining it with one key concept. User generated content. Before we cover integration
of user generated content and email specifically, here’s something that can help you easily
create your email campaigns. Check out my email marketing planner. This email template will
help you organize and plan your email campaigns,
newsletters and subscriptions. If you use this tool to
craft, organize, schedule and measure the performance
of each email you sent. Check that out for free in
the description box below. Once you do that, you don’t have to retool your entire email marketing
strategy and begin from scratch. With a few tweaks and creativity, you can easily spin user generated content into your current email campaigns. It can also serve as a
template for future ones. Here’s some effective strategies that pushes user generated
content into your email. Number one, feature hashtags
in your email campaign. I know what you’re thinking, what? Hashtags belong on social media. Yes, so take the hashtags
that your followers are using about you and share them
in your email campaigns. When you find great
mentions of your brand, include screenshots of that feedback in your email as social proof. This will increase
engagement and instill trust. Number two, show off your
products and customers. Once you’ve jumped on the popularity of your hashtag campaigns,
you can show off your brand to satisfied customers through email. This can be in the form of
products versus generic pictures. This makes for easy and
effective advertisements for your products and social media feeds. Your customers become your ads. Number three, learn more
about your customers. Don’t forget that those who
provide you email addresses are your best leads. These can valuable areas to learn more about the type of content
they’re interested in and the type of products
that they’re willing to buy. Simply curating this
feedback from the list would enable you to create
better buying experiences and more powerful social
content in the future. The majority of marketers are still stuck in believing that social content and email marketing are
two different areas. But by simply integrating
user generated content into your email marketing strategy, you can maximize results
for both initiatives. You can easily fuel social content but secure more traffic
for your campaigns. Email and social media elements
aren’t stand alone things. This is proven to be true
by user generated content. Any of the strategies I’ve shared will drive and fuel more
engagement for you overall. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, hit the thumbs up. Comment below and of course, subscribe for more weekly videos. (upbeat music)


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    Great tips in this episode. Thank you for sharing.

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    Great ideas! I never thought of using hashtags in an email campaign, thank you for that tip!

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