Email marketing–Why list building is a must for your business and three tips about email marketing

Email marketing–Why list building is a must for your business and three tips about email marketing

HI everyone Attan here today i’m going to discuss about the why
you should have email marketing as a must in your business and i’m also gonna
give you three simple but very important tips about email marketing so stay with me i start with a confession of mine and
uh… it’s one of my biggest mistakes that i actually made that i didn’t start
to build a list earlier than i should i realized it last year when i have
eight thousand visitors to one site of mine and no sale so i decided that
the email is a must now why list building and email
marketing the first thing you have to ask yourself
is that why should i even bother doing list
building and email marketing well first of all all of the biggest
names and companies are building lists adn doing email marketing so i
think that says it all second and uh… very important is the main problem with driving
traffic to your site with seo for example and all of the social media
networks is that you have absolutely no
control over what’s going to happen tomorrow so.. building a business that you’re not in
control of is a no option now with this building you have full control
of how to manage your list how to grow your list how to market your list and when to
market your list so here is three simple but
very important tips about list building and email marketing number one get an email service
provider an autoresponder you can’t just build at list with outlook or gmail
it doesn’t work that way make sure that you have your optin forms
everywhere in your blog with some kind of a free giveaway, report, video or
whatever to attract peopleto optin to your list that way they give you permission to
send email is so you won’t have any problem with their spam complaints for
example number two Learn atleast some basic copy
writing skills the whole key is to write good copy
and an attracting headline if you have a good headline it draws the
attention and people will actually open your emails in my opinion this is a probably one of
the most important skill that every marketer should have copywriting is basically just a skill
of making words compel visitors to take a particular action make sure you get some basic copywriting
skills and last one number three send test emails before sending it to
your main list by testing i actually mean two things number one is you can and you
should test that variation of headlines copy etcetera but the most important is that send a test email to your email address to see that your links are working so
you won’t be promoting something and the links doesn’t work now thereis a lot more to be covered
here regarding email marketing and list building but i will cover it in more detail
when you subscribe to my newsletter and receive your free guide which is
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description and.. talk soon

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  1. David Arm says:

    I love looking at other YouTubers videos for tips, and I liked your video, for me currently what works well, is to send social traffic to my YouTube site and for those visitors who watch five videos and more, tend to subscribe, so using YouTube to show personality and trust work great. Great video, thanks for sharing, all the best David

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