Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz 158. Bölüm Fragmanı

Bandit doesn’t rule the world in Chapter 158
what will happen? What is the new plan of speedometer? end of bicos? Is your boran dead? all and more in this video first of all, again, the audience of the last episode
There was a bomb-like section that locked the screen. one of the most beautiful episodes we really watch
we can say someone. action packed even though it doesn’t make many viewers happy
the scenes were really beautiful. So what will happen on the new page? recent photos that the drop was shot dead
We watched. a lot to mind
question stuck. your boran is not dead. Finally, the person who left the series was just
drop is friends. nothing happened to your borana. in the last trailer given
We thought he died when he saw what he had thrown. But nothing started your borana. seeing the real face of jasmine boran,
He will soon kill jasmine himself. the death of jasmine will be from boran
We can say. because the last conditions are true
He saw his face. bicolar’s last game is speed
outraged. and speedy security will increase new features
and will start attacking, not waiting anymore. new photos against Hızır Bicos first
he will make his move and shake the bicons deeply. new photos ilyas will fall into a big caliper. We know how brave the Elijah is. For him, İlyas will come to the new photos.
and will go to jail. However, he will go to jail in Behzat. that altan’s men are inside
we know. the members of the altas inside the ilyas and bhzat
will try to kill. ilyas and behzat as a few supports
will manage to get out of jail without anything. They will not be in jail long, friends. We think that they will come out towards the end of the episode. bicolar who learns that nasuh is alive
he plans to say this to the immediate Will begin. It is fast that learns that feyyaz is a traitor.
and flashes with revenge fire on the new screen Will scorch. The speed of losing loved ones one by one is now
look new, blindfolded Will follow. friends this much from us from our video, more
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please …

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