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– [Dan] It feels like there’s
an overwhelming number of Assassin’s Creed games. Maybe you’ve been playing since
the first Assassin’s Creed, or maybe you just jumped
into the series with Odyssey. Either way, there’s a pretty small chance you’ve played them all. That’s why we compiled
this handy little list of every playable Assassin in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, where they’re from, when
they’re from, and what they did. The series constantly includes
little references and nods to protagonists from other installments, so if you feel like you’re
missing out on something, then we’ve got you covered. Word of warning, there are spoilers for every
Assassin’s Creed game in here. A lot of it is big-picture plot stuff, so there’s not too much
detail, but watch with caution if you don’t wanna know
how these games end. (tech beeping) Altair Ibn-La’ Ahad. Altair’s playable in most games. Raised to be an Assassin
by his Assassin parents, Altair becomes a Master Assassin at the ridiculously young age of 24. After he defeats Al Mualim, he becomes the new Mentor of the Order. Altaîr is the first Assassin to perform comprehensive
studies of an Apple of Eden and dramatically reforms the way the Assassin Order does business. He makes them more secretive, stops the horrible initiation tradition of slicing off one’s finger,
allows the use of poison, and even redesigns the Hidden Blade. From there, Altair travels the globe to establish many Assassin Guilds. Before he dies, Altair
amasses a massive library of knowledge, much of which
is condensed into his Codex. Ezio Auditore de Firenze. The games he’s in are The
Ezio Trilogy, of course. After his father and brothers
are hanged by a Templar plot, Ezio begins his journey from
a young, entitled nobleman to a Master Assassin. Alongside his quest for vengeance, Ezio re-unites Altaîr’s Codex with the help of his best
buddy, Leonardo da Vinci. Turns out that Ezio is the fabled Prophet, fated to open the Vatican’s Vault. He becomes Mentor of
the Italian Brotherhood, which he reforms and expands. Over his career, Ezio
liberates a bunch of republics from Templar rule,
including Rome, Florence, and the Byzantine Empire. His final official act in the Order is to unlock Altaîr’s
fabled library in Masyaf. After he retires, Ezio
helps a Chinese Assassin named Shao Jun before
passing away peacefully. Ratonhnhake:ton, aka Connor Kenway. He’s playable in Assassin’s
Creed III and Liberation. This Assassin is born and
raised in Kanatahseton, a Native American village
which guards the First Temple. After George Washington
and a bunch of Templars attack the village, Ratonhnhake:ton
takes the name of Connor and joins the Brotherhood, even
though they had essentially been wiped out by the Templars. Connor wipes out the Templars in return and rebuilds the Assassins
as a Master Assassin. Eventually, he becomes
close to Washington, who he doesn’t initially
realize destroyed his village. At the Battle of Chesapeake Bay, Connor kills the Grand Master,
who happens to be his father, and secures the safety of Grand Temple by hiding away the key. Oh, and for what it’s worth,
in an alternate timeline, he kills a Mad King version
of George Washington, corrupted by the Apple of Eden. Haytham Kenway. Even though his father
Edward was an Assassin, Haytham joins the Templars
after Edward gets assassinated during his childhood. The British Templars
send Haytham to America to find the Grand Temple. He locates it, but he’s unable to enter, so he stays in the New World, founds the American Rite
of the Templar Order, and makes himself Grand Master. The Templars become super
powerful under his rule, utterly infiltrating
the American government and exterminating all the
Assassins except for one. Haytham attempts to stir support
for the American Revolution in order to create an
independent, Templar-run country. Desmond Miles. Through his two Assassin parents, Desmond is related to every
assassin we’ve mentioned so far on this list. As a result, his genes
are ridiculously valuable to both the Assassin
Order and the Templars. Using a device called the Animus, both organizations want
Desmond to relive the memories of his ancestors so they can
locate several Pieces of Eden. At first, the Templars
are holding him prisoner, but the modern-day Assassins break him out so he can help them. After he helps find the Grand Temple, Desmond opens it and sacrifices himself to stop the second solar flare and prevent the end of the world. Too bad canceling the
apocalypse also releases Juno, a humanity-hating Isu supremacist that Minerva imprisoned long ago. Aveline de Grandpre. Aveline is playable in
Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. Well, she’s the first woman
on this list, for one thing. She’s the daughter of an African slave and a wealthy French merchant. Despite her comfortable lifestyle, Aveline joins the
Assassins at an early age to combat the oppression of slavery. To that end, Aveline
single-handedly rids New Orleans of its Templar-run
slave-trafficking trade, which also just frees a
work camp at Chichen Itza in the process. Unfortunately, the Master
Templar she has to kill turns out to be her stepmother. Edward James Kenway. He’s playable in Assassin’s
Creed IV: Black Flag. Before he ever meets the
Assassins, Edward is a pirate. At first, he works with the Templars to find a First Civilization
site called the Observatory. He occasionally crosses
paths with the Assassins around the West Indies over the years, but ultimately, Edward’s
only loyal to his wallet. Once he realizes all the destruction his ambition has caused, Edward
officially joins the Order and, eventually, secures the Observatory in the name of the Brotherhood. He then moves to London
and becomes Grand Master of the British Brotherhood of Assassins. During this time, he
conducts important research on the First Civilization,
research so important that the Templars eventually murder him in front of his child,
Haytham, because of it. Adewale. He’s only playable in Freedom Cry, but has a key role in
Assassin’s Creed IV and Rogue. Adewale is also a pirate, but he’s more noble than Edward Kenway. Adewale was born a slave in Trinidad and joins the pirates
who raid his plantation. This path eventually
leads him to join forces with Edward Kenway as his quartermaster. Adewale encourages Edward
to help the Assassins, but when Edward doesn’t budge, he abandons the captain to join
the Brotherhood on his own. Adewale thereafter captains his own ship and becomes an Assassin legend, freeing many slaves in the process. He also aids the Maroon Rebellion. Unfortunately, he meets
his end at the hands of Shay Patrick Cormac when the
Templars purge the Assassins from the Colonies. Shay Patrick Cormac. He’s playable in Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. Shay joins the Assassins at an early age. Eventually, he recovers two Pieces of Eden that had been stolen by the Templars. The Pieces of Eden point the Assassins towards a First Civilization
Temple in Lisbon, so Shay heads there to
recover its artifact. Unfortunately, the
recovery attempt triggers a catastrophic earthquake that kills thousands of innocent people. When Shay returns, he’s furious, so he tries to steal the artifact. But when the Assassins catch him, Shay gets shot and left for dead. Deeply disillusioned, Shay
defects and is inducted into the Templar Order, under Haytham. He then greatly helps the
Brits win the Seven Year War and is instrumental in wiping
out the Colonial Assassins. Shay kills several famous Assassins, like Adewale and Charles Dorian, and dedicates a chunk of his
life to hunting down artifacts for the Templars. Arno Dorian. His game is Assassin’s Creed: Unity. He also makes a cameo in Rogue,
since Shay kills his father. After Arno’s Assassin
father, Charles, is murdered, the Templar Grand Master
Francois de la Serre takes him under his wing. Then Arno gets wrapped
up in a Templar Coup, and is framed for murdering Francois. While serving time in the Bastille, Arno decides to join the Assassins and hunt down this radical
new wing of the Templars alongside his lover/adoptive
sister, Elise. They trace the coup to
the new Grand Master, who had been manipulating
discontent with the aristocracy during the French Revolution. Obviously, Arno kills the Grand Master. Afterwards, Arno keeps a Piece of Eden out of Napoleon’s hands
and eventually rises to the rank of Master Assassin. To honor Elise’s wishes,
he tries to cultivate peace between Assassins and Templars,
for a few years, anyway. Eventually, Arno saves Napoleon from a Royalist
assassination before hunting and assassinating the one responsible. Shao Jun. She’s playable in Assassins
Creed Chronicles: China. She also makes an appearance
in the short film “Embers” and sorta possesses Anatasia in Assassins Creed Chronicles: Russia. Shao Jun is a talented spy
rescued by the Brotherhood from life as an Imperial concubine. Only she and her Mentor survive
a purge of the Assassins by the Templar-friendly Emperor,
forcing them to flee west. Shao Jun trains under Ezio,
and her training pays off. When she gets back to China, she eliminates the Templar faction, stops a Mongolian invasion, and rebuilds the Chinese
Brotherhood as Mentor. As an elder assassin, she comes
up with the successful plan to finally poison the
cruel Jiajing Emperor. Arbaaz Mir. His game is Assassin’s
Creed Chronicles: India. Arbaaz’s career as an Assassin revolves around an
ultra-powerful Piece of Eden, the Koh-i-Noor. Basically, Arbaaz
becomes a Master Assassin by retrieving and/or
protecting the Koh-i-Noor from British Templars
on multiple occasions. He also marries a princess. And turns out to be a pretty bad father. Nikolai Orelov. He’s playable in Assassin’s
Creed Chronicles: Russia. Okay, Nikolai’s had it rough. He has a few high-profile
disasters under his belt. He fails to assassinate the Czar, which causes the Borki Train Disaster, and he fails to retrieve a Staff of Eden before Templar Nicola Tesla
could use it to blow things up. At least that last incident
gave him a sort of sound-vision. He does save Princess
Anatasia and a Precursor Box from the Bolsheviks’
extermination of the royal family, except the Princess starts
to think she’s Shao Jun. Assassin scientists want
to experiment on Anastasia in the hopes of extracting
Shao Jun’s memories, even if she’s harmed in the process. Nikolai then betrays the Brotherhood, saves Anatasia, and escapes to America. He has a son, but eventually
the Brotherhood catches up to Nikolai and takes him down. Jacob Frye. He’s playable in Assassin’s
Creed: Syndicate. Ever since Jacob was six, his father raised him to be an Assassin along with his twin sister, Evie. The twins move to London
at a time when the Templars had wiped out every Assassin
in the city, save for one. Jacob starts a gang, the Rooks, to weaken the Templar-backed Blighters. After weakening the Templars
with all kinds of fun stuff like street fights, Jacob
and Evie eventually kill the Grand Master. They’re then knighted by Queen Victoria. Jacob becomes Mentor to
the British Assassins and rebuilds Assassin influence
and personnel in London. He also trains Jack the Ripper
and has to deal with him when he, you know, starts
killing innocent people. Evie Frye. She’s also playable in
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. As Jacob’s twin sister, Evie
has a similar childhood. Raised as an Assassin, moves
to London, you know the story. But instead of murdering tons
of Templars in street battles like her brother, Evie sticks closer to the tenets of the Creed. She’s more focused on
recovering Pieces of Eden, particularly the Shroud of Eden. She gets her hands on the
Shroud after she and her brother assassinate the Grand Master. And yes, Evie also gets knighted. Afterwards, she moves to India
and, as a Master Assassin, hangs out with the Indian Brotherhood, but comes back to London
to help Jacob clean up that whole Jack the Ripper
mess that he created. Bayek. His game is Assassin’s Creed: Origins. When Bayek’s father was killed, he Inherited his post as Medjay,
a member of an elite force that protects the pharaoh’s interests and the Egyptian people. After Bayek’s son is murdered
by the Order of the Ancients, basically, proto-Templars,
he and his wife, Aya, systematically go after their members, assassinating them one by one. Bayek becomes Cleopatra’s personal Medjay until she aligns herself with the Order at the end of the Alexandrine Civil War. He and Aya then found an
organization called the Hidden Ones to retaliate against the
Order and defend free will. The Hidden Ones and its
tenets eventually evolve into the Assassin
Brotherhood and the Creed. Bayek works to recruit members and expands the Hidden
Ones to several cities. Aya aka Amunet. She’s in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Like her husband, Aya’s number one goal was to completely destroy
the Order of the Ancients to avenge the death of her son. She acted as Cleopatra’s right-hand women to help the young queen
ascend the Egyptian throne. But once Cleopatra got
chummy with Julius Caesar and joined the Order,
Aya split off with Bayek to form the Hidden Ones. From there, she went on to make history, stabbing Julius Caesar
herself, and years later, convincing Cleopatra to take her own life by drinking poison. Aya technically didn’t
kill Cleopatra herself, but she’s still known as Amunet, the legendary assassin who
killed Cleopatra with an asp. Kassandra. She’s playable in
Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Before she’s even born, Kassandra has an amazing
Ancient Greek pedigree. She’s the daughter of Pythagoras, and the granddaughter of King Leonidas. Since grandpa Leonidas
was a human-Isu hybrid, that makes her part Isu, too. She even wields his old Isu-made spear. Kassandra grows up to be a Misthios, and valiantly attempts to
save her half-brother Alexios from the Cult of Kosmos. Kassandra grows up to destroy the power-hungry Cult of Kosmos, seal away the city of Atlantis, and then works against
the Order of the Ancients. Eventually, she gets her hands on the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, becoming immortal and living
all the way until 2018. She finally dies when she passes the Staff along to her ancestor, Layla Hassan, urging her to destroy the Pieces of Eden as her last request. So, that’s the entire
Assassin’s Creed roster so far, but it’s only gonna get bigger when Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok comes out. Any predictions for what
the newest Viking Assassin is gonna be like? Let us know, and also
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