Fearless Jack Cafferty Cuts through the Propaganda

Fearless Jack Cafferty Cuts through the Propaganda

Michele Bachmann: …spending that we have
seen. Rather than dissing the Tea Party, we should be praising the Tea Party in Washington.
Reporter: Leaving little time for one more wildcard to make her move.
Jim Acosta: But there are many months to go until the voting begins in Iowa next February.
Perry will now be vetted like never before, a process Bachmann and Romney know all too
well. Wolf? Wolf Blitzer: Alright, thanks very much, Jim
Acosta reporting for us. Let’s bring in Jack Cafferty right now, he’s got the Cafferty
file. Jack? Jack Cafferty: One other note… Ron Paul
finished second in the Iowa straw poll, a very strong second to Michele Bachmann. Now
that Texas Governor Rick Perry is officially a candidate for president, we thought it might
be a good idea to spin through…


  1. MrSleeps says:

    mr cafferty atleast mentioned he finished in a strong second but ron paul deserves more than that

  2. taggart64 says:

    Well done that man

  3. Kyle Hillinger says:

    I said to myself, "Good for you, Jack."

    Then I realized … he's just doing his job!

    How pathetic it is that we live in a world where doing your damn job is a cause for celebration.


  4. flik221 says:

    hahaha ron is going to win i know it!!! keep up the good work!

  5. pawel3003 says:

    RON PAUL was THE SECOND and THIS THE NEWS! I don't care about the rest
    The rest of GOP candidates are NEOconservatives (quaziconservatives and mostly nonliberals
    They want, let say capitalism and "free market" but NOT all the way!
    They didn't give up their socialist methods and they still want to decide and regulate manualy how much freedom and natural rights we are alowed to have. They don't have the true idea. They are just pragmatists. They say nice but intetions stay unclear
    Go RON PAUL!

  6. myhipsi says:

    The best, most honest hosts on network news television:

    Judge Napolitano (FOX)
    Dylan Ratigan (MSNBC)
    Jack Cafferty (CNN)

    Honorable mentions: Joe Scarborough (MSNBC), Neil Cavuto (FOX)

  7. BCC says:

    @myhipsi Keith Oberman on Current TV 8pm est.

  8. KurtR says:

    @myhipsi You forgot Lou Dobbs

  9. wdcsucks1 says:

    Paul should expose more the fact that bachmann voted for the patriot act and therefor cant be a true tea party member and even less a tea party leader!!!

  10. shenmueryu says:

    @werbelloff yup

  11. White Wolf says:

    Hahah, nicely done, Jack!

  12. im1greatman says:

    Ron Paul's going to win. It's a sure thing. We're to strong this go around and the establishment knows it. This is why the media has been trying ignore Ron Paul but we won't fold!

  13. jackster28 says:


  14. Matu1 says:

    This guy has a heart to do this, you are the fking man.

  15. Higgs666 says:

    HIlary Duff expecting a new child! Woo hoo!

  16. MJWill1 says:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Cafferty won't have his job for long if he keeps mentioning the anti establishment, pro freedom, american loving candidate. RON PAUL…ITS TIME TO SHOVE IT DOWN THEIR THROATS!…..and people think we are free.

  17. Cella81991 says:

    It's good to see people on the inside fighting with us now!

    Ron Paul 2012!
    Spread the word!!

  18. Eden Eating says:

    I guess he'll soon be joining Lou. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  19. NO_EYES_ON_ME says:

    If this doesn't convince you of the main stream media being puppets, then I don't know what will convince you.

  20. dapop1001 says:

    @happilea If you say so but this mornign when these # started to be passed around no station would mention his name. This afternoon he is on every channel with them asking him if he feels like he has been ignored. Something made a difference. Ive gotten good response all day to my post so I think WE made a difference. Until someone can prove that it wasnt the phone calls jamming their lines all day WE will feel proud that WE made a difference and YES WE can do it again. Good idea though.

  21. puttefnask says:


  22. 2skullscrushing says:

    @officialusa totally. what a scandal that these news agencies can just, "not" talk about him. I even heard Gibbs this weekend say that Ron Paul was just a nuisance for the GOP. I had to write my local papers, because I'm not going to let them just skip his facts, record and views, without getting it out in other ways. I dont see how they cant be sued or something. These bitches. He's got to win this time.

  23. Jan Sapper says:

    is it possible that i like Mr. Cafferty?

  24. thedemoboy says:

    YES! well done, Jack!

  25. nineteenfourtytwo Transient says:

    Most people can't see past the talking head and see the truth.

  26. wingnut4427 says:

    lol what can they do ? Fire him & show their hand ?



  28. breezeGH says:

    If Cafferty keeps going like this constantly he will be out of a job before he says JACK. lol

  29. PaddyIrishman says:

    Yes, u watch Fox and each reporter repeats the same three names in the same order, completely ignoring Ron Paul. I don't get it, it's pretty sick. What has happened to the US? What would your founding fathers have to say about whats happened to that once great nation?

  30. Lemon8 says:

    One of the few who makes sense in the mainstream media. CNN will prolly keep him as he's their 'excuse reporter'.

  31. Carlos Guerrero says:

    It's so sad that a journalist/broadcaster reporting a bald and obvious fact makes him "fearless". This is a perfect example of why I haven't owned or regularly watched a TV in over a decade. Boycott FOX. They don't serve the public interest, and they don't speak for me.

  32. timberwolves100 says:

    I've heard a couple of people call in to local radio today asking why Ron Paul is being marginalized. It was amazing and shows how strong the message is getting.

    They just said the same corporate line of "Well I think they don't believe he has a chance to win." Well coming in First and Second at every Straw Poll CLEARLY shows that he has TONS of support. They are screwed ahah

  33. SiNgHayStyle says:

    Jack Cafferty is a true patriot

  34. Rebel Alliance Media - Society of The RAM says:

    i remember watching jack cafferty in nyc chanell 11 when i was a young boy.

  35. Douchie McGee says:

    Oh Damn! That's what I'm talking bout.

  36. A Simpleton says:

    Thank you Mr Cafferty. He has always been friendly and fair.

  37. myhipsi says:


    I knew a forgot somebody ­čÖé

  38. nagasako7 says:

    MSNBC = Ignoring Ron Paul
    CNN = Ignoring Ron Paul
    Fox News = Ignoring Ron Paul
    Right Wing Talk Radio = Ignoring Ron Paul

    America is a joke. Ron would be a top contender in any other country with a free media.

  39. hunam says:

    @nagasako7 the problem is – there is no country with FREE media…

  40. MuhLogan says:

    LOL Jack didnt get the memo

  41. 616MGT says:

    Jack is ol' school & still has an ounce of journalistic integrity. Good to know.

  42. Sean Donovan says:

    Let FoxNews know what you think because they're literally asking for your comments and feedback:

    foxnews.com/story/0,2933,77538 ,00.html

  43. Curtis B says:

    VERY NICE Mr CAFFERTY! Its very refreshing to see honesty in the media!

  44. songforamericans says:

    YES….the "Money Changers" and their "Main Stream Media" picks who they want to run against their Chosen 1…..And IGNORES The Rest….
    Proof???…..ask 20 people whos names where on the ballot in 08…..i did…..
    Dr. Ron Paul 2012……He Is The Peoples Choice……
    not the choice of this globally rigged system.

  45. dick butterton says:

    0:45 austin powers 4

  46. dapop1001 says:

    @Lawyer2Junkie Thanks

  47. Jerry says:

    Thank you Jack!!!!

  48. jackpontiac52 says:

    @dannyland1 Russian tank drivers already drilled in her Oilfield. 'Who's nailin Palin' A Larry Flint Production

  49. MrAlecaf says:

    wow love this guy

  50. Gen1:29 says:

    "yeah, had to mention that, otherwise we would look like we were totally ignoring Ron Paul, and that would not be fair." What a bunch of loosers. Ron Paul will win if reg. citizens like us get off our butts, and make some signs and make some noise. Tell all your friends, otherwise they will not hear it. Most of the people I have talked to knew nothing so far.

  51. wodahsking says:

    PAWNED Wolfy! …..Ron Paul wins! He has supporters EVERYWHERE!

  52. HighOnHI says:

    The establishment candidates are running scared. Notice the issues that they are starting to speak of now. They are the issues that RP has been speaking about for many moons!! Its just to bad that they haven't the slightest clue about them. RP2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!┬ş!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fcuk the rest!!

  53. Crank Shaft says:

    as far as the MSM is concerned, the 2nd place did not exist in Iowa poll. Mich was 1st and TPaw was 3rd, thats it !! they are trying their best to ignore Ron Paul just like last time. If only they were unbiased, many more sheeple would wake up.

  54. slublu says:

    Boo ya!!

  55. radakat says:

    Good on Jack.

  56. BC says:

    Let's vent our anger to the coroprate media shills about the Ron Paul media blackout. If we can get enough people to email some of these people´╗┐ we can have an affect:

    Sean Hannity´╗┐ email: [email protected]

    Bill Hemmer email: [email protected]

    Geraldo Rivera email: [email protected]

    Bill O'Reilly email: [email protected]

    Glenn Beck email: [email protected]

    Mike Huckabee email: [email protected]

    Rush Limbaugh email: [email protected]

  57. Walter Sanchez says:

    Good job Jack!

  58. axelasdf says:

    Guess who's getting laid off next?

  59. emya098 says:

    @rockingout1018 Great Idea! Will do in the morning!

  60. Evongelo says:

    at least some one does. they know hes gaining steam so the media has to do what if can to diminish ron paul.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!

  61. rmr355 says:

    Respect for Cafferty, up 6 percent.

    Ron Paul

  62. emperorvoid says:

    @Slavestothesystem No that was your Mom!

  63. Altair Zielite says:

    Jack should seriously get a one hour prime-time show!

  64. Slavestothesystem says:

    @emperorvoid nice comment did you make that up yourself,if you spent more time goin to the gym ,washing ,and shaving that bum bluff off your face you would be better off .You have the iq of a flip flop.

  65. realomon says:

    did jack just told to cnn┬┤s management to fuck off?

  66. septenarycentersbalancing says:

    I love this man

  67. i8uNWO says:

    Looks like Jack maybe disobeying orders, good for you Jack!

  68. temudjin1155 says:

    Thank you Jack Cafferty !

  69. emya098 says:

    Yep, Jack's job is probably on the line. Thanks Jack for being one of the only brave & honest TV Commentators. The rest of you news commentators are just plain flat out lying cowards! We all need send Jack an email letting him know that we are proud of him.

  70. bushpigification says:


    Just goes to show, not all journalists are pigs

  71. borraaank122213d says:

    Jack looked in a very bad mood when he was talkin the truth and covering and backing Ron Paul. I think he knew that he would danger his job with that statement. Thank you Jack for speaking out!!!

  72. Dustin says:

    @rockingout1018 okay done.

  73. phantomcharger says:

    LOL, way to go Cafferty!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  74. brown55061 says:

    Cafferty has always been a supporter of Paul. At least there's ONE person who knows he exists.

  75. ColonizingTheSun says:

    No fear Jack ­čśÇ

  76. Yutaka Hosokoawa says:

    Love it! bachman bought her votes and still barely made it past Ron!

  77. gsus7125 says:

    Good job Cafferty, you earned some respect from the people just then.

    Thumbs up all these Ron Paul videos as much as you can, it helps get them a better placement and higher visibility on Youtube, thus increasing awareness of him. Gotta do everything we can.

  78. Padrag12 says:

    Ummm, this is a response to Jon Stewart calling them (MSM) on the bs. Jack can go suck his namesake.

  79. Curtis B says:


  80. songforamericans says:

    i long for the day this Nation will watch Dr. Ron Paul…..DEBATE Brobama Face to Face…………i bet Brobama has night mares about the same???…..

  81. UntoUChable2014 says:

    @baihbalm Well said and now is the time we need to support the fearless media members like Cafferty and Jon Stewart who reported on this news accurately and properly before Jon's well stated scathing of the rest of them…. (would love to know how many hits and how much reaction came from that video) So go out and support the numbers of the good media and boycott the rest, let them know that they will pay for being biased and unfair! God save America! Ron Paul 2012

  82. emperorvoid says:

    @Slavestothesystem At least mine got some LULZ. Your flip flop comment was lame. Quit with the ego you know my comment was funny. However to protect your insecurity and your blind idea of righteousness I am sure you will deny that mine was funny, and that yours was. I mean seriously… IQ of a flip flop? Your Mom jokes are always classic. You came out with an flip flop joke. How about you come back and try again when your IQ is no longer a double digit smartguy.

  83. mmyr123 says:

    Jack you badass! nice job

  84. TheUnsignedmusicians says:


  85. Joe Schmoe says:

    The media had better get on the bandwagon, or become even more irrelevant than they are now. RON PAUL will be our next President, period. I have never been a campaigner, but I have 3 children and I would like for them to have a future. It's high time to start calling these crooks out, and locking them up for crimes against humanity, let alone treason against their own country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The time is at hand. We either get our country back now, or prepare ourselves for absolute tyranny.

  86. madmercenary says:

    Yes Ron Paul Can!

  87. Andres Martin-de-Nicolas says:

    @MatthewSchillaci agreed. it's easier in their minds to dismiss ron paul as a fringe candidate when his supports act like extremists. Liberty should NOT be an extremist viewpoint, so do any complaining logically and rationally

  88. vdasdny says:

    Sarah Palin is smoken hot.!! I'll nail the shit out of her!!!!!

  89. mobley Mobley says:

    @vdasdny her snizz probably smells like decaying fetus

  90. doogleandalix says:

    you agree with nothing else Ron Paul has´╗┐ to say, and I agree with about 90%, his call for immediate troop withdrawl´╗┐ is reason enough to vote for him ! NO OTHER candidate has any plan to get out of the Middle East in less than another decade ! We are bankrupt – our young soldiers' lives forever altered ,many disabled or amputees -these are real people ! And they don't even know why we are STILL there – another Vietnam . Why don't people learn from history ? Reg Repub to vote in the primary

  91. strangeworth says:


    In order for Dr.Paul to win, HE NEEDS THE PRIMARY. That's the toughest part.

    IF YOU WANT TO VOTE IN PRIMARY YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If you don't switch parties in time, (3 months ahead in some states) YOU WILL´╗┐ NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!

    Switch in time democrats and indepedents! Republicans:GET TO THE PRIMARIES!! ALL OF YOU!!! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW DO IT!!

    Please help spread this message, and also thumb it up when U C these.

    Thanks 2 all those helping!!

  92. Unworthy Saint says:

    Jack is one of the few people on mainstream that I trust

    Behind Jon Stewart that is.

  93. JLai1969 says:

    @lemonlimelukey – I just hope he isn't assassinated like all the other good presidents.

  94. George Washington says:

    Jack Cafferty is awesome. That's probably why I don't see him on CNN too often, they don't want too much truth to get out.

  95. What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism? says:

    Jack Cafferty looks JUST like Dave Vonkleist

  96. bigtisas says:

    Jack is crap.

  97. Haakonson says:

    What you people don't understand is that voting has been rigged for years and years. Even if Ron Paul gets elected he will be without a doubt assassinated. Just like JFK.

  98. cavello89 says:

    @lemonlimelukey Very true indeed, yet he does lead the way in a very logical way. Ron Paul is the example for all modern politicians, i hope we get someone like Dr. Paul in the Netherlands also soon ! Because the people we dare call politicians in our country are a disgrace for the word democracy. I'm 22 years old and can't find a decent job or education. I'm a very healthy, bright, 6'4'' (1,94m) Dutchmen proud of being one, but it just seems impossible to get a decent job here *sadface*

  99. cavello89 says:

    @cavello89 Btw, we do have welfare here but it goes in against my principles, so I'd never apply for something like that. We just need more jobs, and not the crazy ''fake'' invented jobs (like callcenter stuff etc.) that can easily be replaced by an answering machine. We need jobs worthy of mastering the skill, we need educational books that learn the truth instead of teaching us useless (and sometimes even untrue) 'facts'. We got a long way 2 go, at least Dr. Paul gave us some hope !

  100. cavello89 says:

    @lemonlimelukey My grandma always said, once you're at the bottom of the pit, you can only go one way. And that way is up !

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